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Your Big Sis's NZ-Bound Travel Diary

This site is especially designed so my Lil Sis Megan can keep tabs on whats happening in the exciting world of New Zealand while she tours the Globe! If you think visiting Canadian mountains, spotting squirrels and mooses and mountain goats is cool... Wait til you hear what happened at work in Parnell today! Oh My God...

Diary Entries

Monday, 01 January 2007

Location: New Zealand

Hiya! Long time no update. Now you're back in Canada I expect we wont get any updates on your site ...& you probly wont read this for ages either!

Xmas at Napier was great - heaps of kids, and an en-masse slaughter to unwrap all the pressies. Long hot summer days, with sleep ins and afternoon naps and late nights... doing not a hell of a lot in between, perfect!

Back in Auckland now, was onair this morning from 7-11am and panelled a live broadcast from 11am-2pm. Long day, but fun. We have Claud here for the week, and have lots planned - all the usual tourist stuff that we dont usually do - Im hoping to go to Kelly Tarltons, Rainbows End etc etc...


Happy New Year!!!
Love, Your Big Sis!!!!

Thursday, 31 August 2006

Location: New Zealand

K so you know how my hair was getting REAL long? Maybe? Well anyway I was desperate for a trim so decided to go to the cheap trimming place in Westgate, as you do, and asked for an inch or maybe an inch and a half off. Well, as all great hairdressers do, they listen, then ingnore, and proceed to cut. Well, maybe mine did listen but misheard and thought "one inch plus one and a half inches equals seven!"
Long story short, I have shoulder length hair again, which I havent had in about 4 years! Its maybe an inch or two under my chin. Which means in normal Loren circumstances, curly as hell and puffing out as boofy as possible. So now, I have to straighten my hair and keep it dry for a few days after every wash, and it doesnt look too bad straight.. but twice a week?!
Im not used to that kind of maintenance!!
Will send you or post a pic when I get one... It really is quite short...
Much loves,

Friday, 25 August 2006

Location: At Work, In Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi-de-ho. It's FRIDAY - yeha! So excited :) As I told you on the phone, I have my new regular weekend shift on The Edge now - Sundays 7am-12pm. Which is now number one in "Coolness" and "Most Exciting Thing I Look Forward To" each week, which now surpasses horse riding. Surprised? Actually horse riding has slipped to number 3 - fishing being ahead of that.

...I know! Fishing! Who'd've thought?

So far my shows - ha! I say that in plural even though I've had one so far. Maybe by the time you read this it will be up to 2! - so far they consist of teasing the music coming up, station promo liners and congratulating winners on their new CD! I'm quite excited though coz I will start having airchecks with the big boss soon, so hopefully will get trained up and I'll do "personality" onair and all!

Well, that was about all I had to write about. Except that I WISH I WAS OVERSEAS NOWWWWW AND NOT WAITING FOR ANOTHER 7 MONTHS!!! Vanessa had a 5 week trip to Europe with her hubby this year, and we've just been looking through her photos. Makes me so JEALOUS. All those cool foreign places. I just cant wait. I wonder if its worth going earlier - screw the cold, earn some pound, travel sooner????????

I WISH. Sigh. Talk to you next weekend - have a wicked trip away!
Love you heaps, miss you more,
Your Big Sis

Friday, 19 May 2006

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

So living out west ROCKS! Well, thats what I try to tell my workmates who cant comprehend why I handle it... One time in particular a workmate called me crazy for living where I do. This is why (insert dreamy music here...)
We had a powercut one night. I asked my workmate to tape Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy for me. Now this powercut, to be fair, in the history of powercuts at the Eley household, doesnt even register a 3 on the richtor scale. It went off about 645pm (luckily I already had dinner on the table) and came back on about maybe 8 or 815pm. So not bad, right?
Plus it was an excellent time for Mr Eley to test the raved-about generator, and honestly it was pretty good - we plugged in a light so we could finish eating dinner, we had the tv going for a wee while, the fire of course was pretty handy, and the sound of the generator was pretty much drowned out by the rain etc. So not a bad powercut really. (Mum, Rangi & I played Cluedo! So fun)
Next morning, power still on fine as normal thank goodness, Rangi and I left the house at abuot 615, and while driving past Whenuapai turnoff we heard on the radio a traffic report, stating a car had overturned on the causeway and was blocking two of the three lanes!
We should have turned back home and not gone to work!! It took me until 8am to get to work - having left home not long after 6!!!!!
So its understandable why they dont get the whole living-in-the-wopps thing! :)

Thursday, 04 May 2006

Location: New Zealand

So New Zealand almost had a tsunami!!! Seriously! Tonga had a massive 8-on-the-richtor-scale earthquake, and there was a tsunami warning out to the entire South Pacific, NZ included! About an hour later they cancelled it coz it seems all was safe. FOR NOW.... No really, I'm serious! I reckon we'd be sweet at our place, up on a giant hill away from everywhere. It would really annoy me if I was crossing the causeway on the Nor Western Motorway when the tsunami hit. Forget dread, or being scared, or rising panic, I'd be like: "no, listen mate, this is ridiculous, dont you think the traffic is bad enough along here? if you come now it will be 1000 times worse and I just cannot be late for work today! i mean, GEEZ!"

I jest. I'd be shitting my pants! And since 'Nothing Almost Happened' (a good way to describe I think!), I will continue. THE NZ RADIO AWARDS was on Saturday night, and it took up my entire weekend, starting from Friday when I got home from work...

I had a long bath, washed my hair, filed and buffed my nails, attempted to paint them (6 times, none were any good so I went with a-la-naturale buffed and shiny nails). Next morning spent an hour straightening my hair, went to PJ's (mate from work) and we got prettied up at 3pm - got into Skycity at 4pm to knock back a few wines before the ceremony started at 5. Wicked wicked night, caught up with so many people I never get to see or spend time with :) We went to a few bars, feet killing us in heels, ended up scoffing BK on Queen St at 4am, the only ones there in ball dresses (we're classy chicks ya know!). Got to bed at about 5am (stayed at PJ's). Didnt sleep much tho, oh no! Had about 10 texts and 2 phonecalls between 5 and 11 so ended up dozing. Spent the next several hours hung over on PJ's couch. But give us some credit here - we moved her fridge hungover, down stairs and everything! Chicks can do anything! Eventually drove home when I thought I was safe, and crashed at about 7pm!!! Slept through til Monday morning, when I thought to myself, where has the weekend gone????

Anyway that's about all from me at the moment. Will attempt to upload a photo from the awards (me and 3 girls from Static) but dont hold you're breath......

Love ya lots,
From me xx

Friday, 17 February 2006

Work is MENTAL busy, social life is too surprisingly! Have a wedding party, flatwarming and b'day party all on the same evening this weekend!

Squirrel's been sick - had a nasty wound on her back but is much better. I quite liked her on drugs, she was quiet and sitting quietly, letting you pat her while she purred very sleepily. So different to normal!

YOUR PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!! 3months and one week later to be exact :) I love the t-shirt, loved the card, love the photos, LOVE the moooooose! Havent tried the candy yet - waiting for right moment, dont wanna waste them! THANK YOU MEGS for my pressies - we are copying your photos, Im going to stick them up on the glass pane above my desk so I can see you all the time (like on my desktop, but more than one photo!)

Have been hanging with Janna Glen and Vicky a bit - and so has Rangi, which is really cool. I like it when we both go out together, didnt really realise how infrequently we actually do - not often at all! For example I dont even know if he'll be coming to the wedding thing? and its tomorrow night!

Manda got a job - reception for a recruitment company in town at about $4k less then me a year! First job and she's earning $6k more than I did in mine! And she even had to think about whether to take it! Silly girl. I think she's liking it - for her second day in anyway!

Speaking of new jobs = Rangi has handed in his notice and given 6weeks - he finishes up around the 29th March. Has been looking for vacancies as reservations in tour companies, or in retail like Dick Smiths (you know what a geek he secretly is). Keep ya posted.

Will try call you again tonight - dunno if you're working on Thurs evenings but Ive been trying each night to get hold of you to say THANKS!!!!

Miss you, love you lots

Thursday, 26 January 2006

Location: WORK, Auckland,, New Zealand

Well nothing much is new... I still watch Shortland St at 7pm weeknights when I can... Bad Girls has started up a new season - with Fenner locked in jail!! That should be interesting. Dad and the girls at work have got me keeping an eye on Coro St at the moment too, with murders and affairs and family issues. Quite good actually. Oh and good TV is soon to start - - Desperate Housewives and Lost and The OC hopefully (sad I know!) so that will be exciting...

Ed told me he broke up with his girlfriend (the one who came to your leaving party) and two days later got back together with her coz he missed her!! He's so funny, says regardless of how old he gets he always seems to go out with the 18-y-o'ish girls!! He does need to explore the field some more - and not the staff at local cafes, of course they're going to be young!

Rangi and I went tenpin bowling with Derek at Westgate the other day - the place is not in the same condition it used to be!! The lanes are run down and balls pretty crap etc... but we played a new game, rather than trying to score as many points as pos, its was called Bingo Bowling. Over 2 games you had to get each of the boxes crossed off on your card (all electronic and randomly selected) with your first bowl of each turn! So my first game had 6 strikes of the 9-piece bingo card! It was impossible! Rangi was hilarious though, he'd try and get a four or a six and get consistent strikes when he didnt need them!!! Oh, poor winner! Actually on the second game we played (yes that meant 4 x games of bowling!) he did cross off his bingo card and got to spin the wheel - and won a free game. Of course, he gloats about he was the only one who got to spin it, but then Rangi wouldnt be Rangi without behaviour of that kind!

Have started walking again with mum and kerriann and craig when hes there. Two mornings so far, and I can definately feel my muscles! Having not done much exercise in, oh I dont know, 2 months!, I am enjoying feeling my butt and thighs and even my shin muscles... Probably not as much as I would do if I went snowboarding but there ya go!

I have saved almost $3,000!! Are you proud of me? Talked with Cheryl last night, was sooo good to chat, havent really seen or heard much of eachother since we moved really. Miss her a lot. She's back in Chch. She's gunna look at my account and see whether I can make any more interest off it in another way, so I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. Moneymoneymoney! Megan here I come! ;) Rangi I hope has started to save, you may have to kick him up the bum and get him moving next time you call :)
Anyway better go and do some work! Hey, at least I update the site for ya, so you cant complain too much! ;)

Love ya lots, miss you heaps, see you soon (well, actually not for ages, but saying soon makes it feel closer!)
Your Big Sis
LOZ ;-)

Tuesday, 06 December 2005

Location: Auckland....still...., New Zealand

Hiya Lil Sis, still waiting to upload photos.... And Rangi and I are slack but will hopefully send you DVDs and maybe a CD or two soon.... though if we send it before Xmas it will be a miracle! So expect it in Jan sometime... Moving out this WEEKEND AHHHHH so close but will be good... Can call you lots from home! =)
Take care, good luck at your first proper day on the new job!
Your Big Sis xxx

Monday, 28 November 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Stay posted for details on birthday parties... and photos... and all that jazz! PS: Rangi is the best boyfriend in the world. He has been amazing this weekend... and got me the best pressie!! A fancy hair straightener! My hair looked so hot all weekend =)

Friday, 25 November 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

One-more-sleep-to-go-Cha! One-more-sleep-to-go-Cha! Birthday birthday here I come. I honestly must be the only one who gets so excited about birthdays - everyone at work thinks I am crazy - or craving attention, which Im not really. I just seem to have a knack for making my birthday last a week - like last year when I was in Hamilton and you and Amanda came to stay, then I had something fun at work and then my actual birthday (and work gave me cake!).

THIS YEAR it has been planned beautifully. I have just woken up and its 11am (sooooo gooood!) after a massive all-day-drinking fest at the Xmas party (went to an italian winery in very south auckland in middle of nowhere, was soooooo amazing - perfect wedding venue you know?). And when I finish this Im going to get my hair cut and going (to the place you went before you left) for a massage and my eyelashes tinted. Tonight is a BBQ at Ma and Pa's with Rangi and Cat and David - that should be awesome, cant wait to meet them! Plus we're having icecream cake and everything (of course!). Then Saturday is the Grey Lynn festival in the park outside my HOUSE so I am finally going to go! Then that night, a special dinner with my friends at a really lovely restaurant I've always wanted to go to in Ponsonby, then catching up with all my other friends for drinks (and wherever the night takes us!) just down the road at a lovely bar. PAR-TAY!

I've always thought how cool it would be to have a surprise party, but I dont think it's ever gunna happen coz I plan my own stuff so well! =P

Anyway cant wait to talk to you tonight, Ma said you were gonna ring! I'm hanging out for a good goss session - and to brag about the icecream cake! Im sure you dont have them over there - or if you do you dont feel like it coz its not summer!!

Love you lots. Miss you TONNES - sometimes I get a bit sad when I hear Greenday Time of Your Life. I hope thats what you are doing - having the time of your life in Canada. I cant wait to see you again and travel the rest of the world!! Rangi and I are definately moving home, so I will take advantage of the cheap calls we can make to you and discuss some ideas about those travel plans...

Have a great week!!!!!!! Lotsa hugs and kisses, Your BIGGER Sis, (almost 23 even). LOZ

PS Rangi and I have officially been together for 3 years!! I bought a bottle of champagne and some yummy chocs and wrapped it all in gold and had the first ever photo of us (from our first Christmas - the one of him offering me potatoes, smiling) on the top. I took a photo to show you it (looked real cool) so I will post as soon as we do a download. Speaking of photos we still havent got yours.

Thursday, 24 November 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Well this is the most exciting week ever - my birthday coming up! YAY! I planned it sooooo well! I have a work Christmas party today (like instead of work - TRN picking us up at 10am!! boozy lunch here we come!) then I strategically planned an annual leave day for Friday - and then Saturday is my actual birthday! ON A SATURDAY! I must have been real young the last time that happened!

Have to rush off to work (PARTY!) now so I will write later....!! =) Wish you could be here for it Meg :o)

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sweet pics you look really good at the radio awards!! pretty.... im in sayulita at the mo, going in for a cesta soon soooo hottt.... have 3 days left tomorrow!! am looking fwd to going back to fernie though, will talk to you soon
Response: Your second home Fernie! Glad you got some sun-loving amongst a year of winter!
Lots of love
From megan
hey sis,
happy birthday!!! i just spoke to you on the phone and when i looked outside it was snowing!! you must be good luck.. it came for your birthday:) told janice i was moving out on monday and she already knew... so all is good.
wish i couldve been there eating icecream cake and strawberries with you.. love and miss you lots
megan aka: lil sis
Response: Oh I miss you too! So glad I could make it snow for ya :o) Had such an awesome birthday - tho now I have a huge swollen knee in a bandage! That story another day! (no really, no idea what happened, prob from being in heels all Thurs at xmas party).
Love you sooo much, miss you heaps and heaps - Cat and David are so cool, glad you're meeting decent people! :o)
Have a good week starting work! Will post b'day photos soon! Love LOZ
From megan
hey bro, i went to wallmart yesterday!! what an experience!! was so much fun,, we spent 2 1/2 hrs in there money going to run out......
Response: I heard!! Mum told me!! Sounds like you got some good deals. Have you checked out my latest photos??
From Megan aka: lil sis
hey!! go the exercise and the good weather! im so jelous of the swimming... desperate housewives is in the second season and i get so confused with the channels here they have 100!! bit diff from 4... i wont tell you what happens but when its finished ill buy you the second season on DVD :) they dont have anythiong in fernie so we are going to go to cranbrook on thurs and get some stuff.. so ill keep a look out.. keep going with the exercise and the healthy eating!! im so proud :)
love you lots..
left my phone # and addie on my website so you can call :)

Response: Oh thanks honey! You're jealous of the sunshine, (which has been bloody awesome but I bet it wont last long!) and we're jealous of the snowboarding you'll be doing soon!

Katie, Derek, Cat and I went to a seminar evening about the big UK Europe OE.... I took every piece of paper or booklet or directory they had!! One time I will give you a call (in a while...) and go through some of the stuff... its all very exciting.

Rangi is still def keen, even if he doesnt show it! (Ever!) And his latest scheme to make money is buy stuff off trade me, then sell it for more later on trade me! Dont ask me how its meant to work... Hes nuts

Have fun babe, talk soon. Having a dressup Halloween evening on Sat night! YAY!
Your BIG SIS.... LOZ