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Watch this space for details of our 7 week adventure in the UK.

Diary Entries

Monday, 31 July 2006

Location: Japan

well this is the delayed end to the seems not to have caught up with the need for lots of internet cafes. there are always queues of people wanting to get a spare computer and for those like us who are always on the move with a vengence no immediate access means "me no typey".
this is definitely the last missive in the story, im actually typing this at osaka airport while we while away 6hrs in transit.
carrying on from the last episode we set off from bath and visited
wed 19th. july bideford bloody awful digs, but you cant be choosey when its getting late.
thurs.20th. bude for coffee and cake vg wadebridge for cornish pasty great and to padstow for b&b missed rick stiens 3 restaurants fully booked.but hd a great meal anyway. listened to st. columba male voice choir on the key but they をはえtgb&#

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Location: Bath, UK

Monday 10th.July Suprised David and Moira Halliday after a gorgeous drive from Peter's through Ribblesdale then over the moors to Hawes and finally to Swaledale (Low Row). We stayed in a cootage on the farm that Dave and I started visiting on our school day holidays 56 years ago. The farmer and his wife had managed to keep the secret that we'd be visiting and their amasement on site of us left D & M gobs macked. After 4 days roaming around our old haunts we set off on our trip down to Lymm to to visit Rona Williamson another very old friend of some 56 years. Needless to say that was quite a trip down memory lane.
On the way upon attempting to photograph a particularly attractive bridge in Swaledale (Ivelet) I managed to fall in the river camera and all. 3 days of drying out the camera returned it to full working order, God was kind.
Mopnday 17th. July arrived in this beautiful city of Bath, visited the Jane Austen Centre which was terrific and managed to lose each other in the city. A very happy reunion calmed both savaged breasts and a wonderful dinner in Abbey Square was our reward. Off today to Devon type to you later.

Sunday, 09 July 2006

Location: UK

Monday July 3rd.Up at 5.30am. to be ready for 6.45am. Txi pick up to get on the Coach at Leeds enroute for Garve 20 miles from Inverness. After a suprise tour of southern Yorkshire, Bradford, Halifax and Huddesfield picking up additional trevellers we turned north for our destination 2 hours later being just 25 miles from the starting point.Thank God the coach was comfortable cos' we arrived at Garve 11hours after our departure from Leeds. A 3 course dinner and an hour of Scottish entertainment later, we expire in our very welcome and equally
comfortable bed.
Tues. 4th. Started the day with a full English breakfast, wow!! then travelled to the Isle of Skye through magnificent scenery across the Kyle of Lochalsh, lunch in Potree.Wonderful day. Dinner and entertainment and and so to bed.
Wed. 5th. Off to John o'Grouts today but the Scotch mist going north took some of the gloss off the trip but by the time we returned we saw the scenery at it's best. Great meal and entertainment again and off to the land of nod.
Thurs. 5th. Down to Inverness for shopping this morning and then to Ullapool for Fish and Chip lunch and more magnicent scenery.Lovely weather for a holiday.
Fri. 6th. Home again York and farewell to all our trip made friends and off to bed. Non-busy day other than Suduko and reading.
For £35 a couple(Aud 82.50) I just don't know how they make a profit, it really was a terrific 5 days at what was rediculously inexspensive cost.
Sat 7th. Picked up the Hire car in York, said our goodbyes to Audrey and Alan and drove over to Peter and Evelyn's at Hurst Green at 11.59am. 1 minute before the appionted time, what skill, particularly as we detoured into Clithero Market for necessary visits to the wee small room getting disoriented and requiring directional assistance to make the destination.
Peter then drove us up to Bowness, towing his caravan, to park it up for Simon, Jane and the 15month old delightful Lucy, a real charmer. We are just having a relaxing day today, looking forward to seeing Louise, Ian, Mackenzie and Madeline later this afternoon.

Sunday, 02 July 2006

Location: UK

Saturday July 1st. Met up with Bob and Beryl Cluderay for lunch at a Pub The Anchor at the village of Whixley between York and Wetherby. Got home in suufficient time to watch the World Cup debackle. They should take young Rooney to some place quiet and lopse him until he can prove he can grow up and show some restraint when provoked as Monty Python said ''he's just a naughty boy'' I've seen a few of the games and they've played mediocre opposition and managed to win but they have never played well.
We didn't cry cos' we thought defeat was inevitable.
Then we crossedto Wimbledon to see Murray beat Roddick running our watching into a WW11 army adventure capture of a significant bridge, not very good but enough to send us off to bed at 11pm. only to realise all 4 of us had forgotten that we were supposed to have gone to a Concert.
Sunday July 2nd. Aquiet day at home in York, managed to get tickets replaced and attended the concert this evening at 8pm
It was a good amateur show enjoyed the evening.
A bit of Australia on Tele John English in The Pirates of P
enzance very good. Off tomorrow to Scotland at 7am. Oh my gord!!!Talk to you all soon.

Friday, 30 June 2006

Location: UK

Tuesday 27th. Had a well earned day very relaxing day. Alan I went and met his old pal Sam in the Six Bells Pub at Strensal while the girls had an uninterrupted shopping spree at Sainsbury's.
Sam was a real old character who had spent about 19 years around the Snowy Mountain Project taking over the management position of the Government Jindabyne Fisheries for the last 15. He then left his wife in Australia for a visit to UK but as he put it he forgot to use the return half and took up a new life in Yorkshire. He and I believe his wife were both happy for the plan he'd adopted.
The girls enjoyed their freedom Beverley buying a pair of shoes, well anyone that knows her realises that she never has enough of those.
The only thing that grieved me was that she bought them out of the money that I'd saved the day earlier.
Wednesday 28th. Off to Northallerton Markets for the day and from not going to ''buy nowt'' Alan won the day by buying most.
Mind you He and I won the prize for best purchase by getting the finest Burger ever!!! we each had a Buffalo Burger 1 inch thick from locally farmed Buffalo and oh boy did they taste brilliant. I think Alan has decided to make it a regular pilgrimage from now on.
Thursday 29th.Filey was the destination for the day which we made by lunchtime for what Alan declares are the best fish and chips in the country if not in the world, (I daren't mention The Snapper Spot in Terrigal he might have a seizure). I must say they were very good Fried Haddock, chips and mushie peas, ''eeeeh reet luverly'' The fish hung over the ends of a very large plate and that included the Lemon Sole that Beverley and Audrey had.
We then visited the cliff top park, in beautiful weather to find a crowd watching and listening to a very good professional Trumpeter playing to recorded backing tracks we were so impressed we both bought a CD which we listened to on our trip back to York. He really does play some great stuff.John Barker was his name from Derbyshire.
Two quieter days but just a bit of English Magic.

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Location: UK

The weather wasn't the best but it didn't matter as everyone was hell bent on having a great time.
The Bride looked magic and so happy while the Groom resplendent in the full regalia, kilt and all, of a very happy Scottish gentle man we now know him to be.
It was wonderful to see the happiness that both Julie and Rod felt, being so obviously in love and so keen to tie the knot.
Long may their happiness endure as all of the over 70 guests are positive it will.
It really was an experience to be a part of, a totally magic affair.
Alan gave the bride away and after his speach, sang two love songs, with the guitar accompaniment of Philip, which made a terrific impression on the assembled mob.
Monday 26th. After another super Breakfast in the Knight's Room we set off for a wander down memory in Suderland for Audrey and I. We roamed around the town and visited all or old haunts, homes, schools, parks etc.Satisfied with the tour, we set off for York, stopping off at Stokesly for a pub lunch.We made it home at about 4pm. having Pork and Chicken Pies, Ham and Salad for dinner and our now usual libation of a very flavoursome bottle of Red Wine. Fell into bed around 10pm. and expired immediately.
What a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Location: York, UK

Satuday 24th. Drove from York, around mid-day and arrived at Lumley Castle the site of Julie and Rod's Wedding being held tomorrow. This is the castle where the ghost of Lilly Lumley frightened the pants off some of the Australian Cricket Team just over a few weeks ago. It is only a rumour, I'm sure, that the English Eleven are trying to coax Lilly to accompany them to OZ for the coming series. Still any help to beat the old enemy is to be explored.
Whatever the Australians think of the Castle it's a wonderful spot to have a wedding.
We had dinner to the accompaniment of a muder mystery played out between coures, naturally including Ghost Lilly to flush out any visiting Australians.
After a great night, having solved the mystery, well by some of us, we managed to make it to bed around 1am. lulled to sleep on a wave of red wine.
Sunday 25th. Wow what a way to start a day, a full and I mean full English Breakfast we actually ate for the week. The restful morning was taken, which was vital to the recovery of some of the party, I of course held myself well above the need for such

Friday, 23 June 2006

Location: York, UK

Hi folks, it's taken some time and effort but finally got the page working with a lot of help from now my mate at planet, Tim.
We left Sydney one week yesterday promptly by JAL and apart from being somewhat tightly seated in the plane, where the vast majority of small Asian people thought they had oceans of room the food and service was A1. We arrived 20 mins early at Narita where we were transported to the 5 Star Nikko Hotel near to the Airport. It turned out to be a high class transit camp as everyone staying there were in- transit.After a good relax and sleep and a terrific breakfast we booked in for our onward flight to LHR.
We arrived again 20mins. early at just after 4pm local time and were amazed how quickly we got through passport and customs 15 mins. in all. So much so that we emerged 3or4 mins. before Billy Lawson turned up as our welcoming committee. However we did take another 15 mins. to find his car in the maze that they call the car-park.At their Marlow home Anne was waiting with a lovely meal which we had outside in the garden toasting our arrival and watching the passing traffic on the Thames, what a great location to have a home.
A restful day the next day, just a walk along the banks of the Thames and dining at home, they really did spoil us.
Sunday 18th. we travelled north to York no less than First Class, as Bill had organised the tickets by phone at £20 each cheaper than the economy was on the day. We made the 180 mile trip in just 1hr 59mins and that include 2 stops on the way.
Audrey and Alan were there to pick us up and wew happily made home in quick time. More food and a cheeky bottle of wine ensured we got off to a flying start.
Monday 19th. we borrowed Audrey's car and arrived at our terrific Bed & Breakfast digs in the Derbyshire Peak District close to Bakewell a location well recommended as a base for touring this area. We explored Bakewell which was a real hive of activity and on wandering around we came across a men's group of Sword Dancers. They were great but we both worried about whether one old guy in the group how started off the performance open mouthed sucking in air for some 15 hectic minutes. I was willing to offer Beverley should mouth to mouth be required which definitely seemed to be a distinct possibility.However he did make it and Beverley heaved a great sigh of relief at not being called into service.
We had a Bakewell Tart with afternoon tea and it were reet yummy! We also bought some New Zealand apples in the market and they were yummy too.
Driving around the villages we came across a Brass Band playing outside The Red Lion Pub in Litton. So we had a day of initiation into the Peak Dist. and exposure to typical country entertainment.
Tuesday 20th. more magnificent scenery and delightful villages a\ll decked out with the most beautiful array of roses which adorned every possible available spot.
We visited the village of Flash at a height of 1518ft. the highest town in England, the church was open but the pub was closed, shame, shame I think they had got info that Beverley was coming and decided to avoid any wild activity.
Wednesday 21st. After a wee bit of rain we decided to walk from Bakewell to Haddon Hall a home of the landed gentry of years gone by which dates back to 1200. Beverley did so well and we were only defeated for the return walk by the return of the rain. it is of great note that we did about 4.5 miles by Shanks Pony in the day needless to say we expired after dinner.
Wednesday 21st. more sightseeing and a very impressive visit to Chattsworth a home of the landed gentry of the Devonshire family. The Duke and Duchess still live there inwhat is a magnificent setting.
Thursday 22nd. We finally made it to Matlock Bath and after lunch we made our way via Rotherham having visited our fiends Tom and Audrey Hall to York where a wonderful welcome greeted us as if we'd been away for a year.Really we'd only been away 5days but we had done so much we couldn't believe we'd only been away from Australia for 1week.
Friday 23rd. the girls had an appointment to have their hair done while Alan and I saw that the respective cars are in A1 condition to transport the coiffured ladies to THE wedding and celebrations over Saturday and Sunday.
That's it for now folks!! please read this slowly as I can only type very slowly with one finger which is now fair wore out.

Thursday, 01 June 2006

Location: Erina, UK

As the kids say as we near to Christmas, similarly we are saying just 12 more sleeps to Take -Off. so don't try and read anything more until around July 20th. at the earliest.
Be good to each other, well we almost always are !!!

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From David & Leonie
Hi Yous-two,
I also, just entered a typo and got kicked out of the message box - technology at its best! - Great to hear your news - we are recently back from our own travels and sad to say that the chorus didn't seem to be missing either of us - never mind - weather is now cold and wet here so enjoy the English summer at its best.
Looking forward to hearing of your travels firsty hand.
luv, best wishes and safe travels to you both
David & Leonie
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Hi, don't forget to send me your arrival details for me to collect you from the airport. So far I have got August 1, 9.55am.
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From Michelle
Hi up there ... it's so good to hear of your travels and who you're visiting. School's back now and the holidays were pretty uneventful for us with Daniel sick the first week and Amy the second. Made a change not to be driving them to their social engagements for the 2 weeks. Daniel's golf improved last week when he shot 76 then dropped back a bit to 86 the next day, while Rod's staying around the 86 mark. Have had nice sunny days and I even got a bike with good intentions of getting some exercise in the sun - I ventured out on the bike a whole two times over the 2 weeks. Now the rain's set in for a few days. Caught up with Greg and Veronica and their lovely 3 girls which was great. Have also spoken to Dodie and Aunty Cathy.
Looking forward to reading your next chapter. Missing you both and counting down till you're back. Love Michelle xx
Response: Good Oh check todays notes.
From Justin, Sue and Josh
Can you please hurry up and come home, all this talk of fine English fare is making us all very hungry and thirsty. Ps I love weddings!! rip rip rip
Response: It goes on see todays notes
From gwenda lee
Great to catch up on all your news.I gave Esma your planet ranger website,hope she is able to catch up with you.
Response: Good Oh see todays notes
From Phil Marston
Great to see you both (and everybody else) at the weekend. Glad to hear the travels are continuing well.
Response: Great to see you and Jenny. If time permits we'll make contact on the way south if not all the best and hope to see you both next time around. B&BB.
From The Lean Clan
Great to hear your adventures so far. You've certainly done heaps in your first week. Looking forward to hearing news of the wedding. We've been busy watching the goggle-box with the sport - golf, soccer and All-Blacks! Not long till Wimbledon either. Say hi to all over there from us. We're all fine - cold but at least the sun's out most days now. Shortest day's been so naturally we're noticing the longer days already (haha).
Bye for now. Love to you both - Michelle xx
From Linda Butterfield
Hope the trip is great and going to plan. We've had more rain and cold which is great. I wonder how hot the heatwave over there is compared to ours?
I have booked a week away in the school holidays - 2 nights in Jenolan Caves and 4 nights in Dubbo to see the zoo etc. Now we have something to look forward to.yeh!
Love Linda
Response: The trip sounds great give oure regards to that wonderful zoo.We wonder what the kids will think of the caves keep us upto date.Love B&BB
From Gwenda
Hi !
Hope you had a good flight.
Have a great holiday & I will beam in later.
Gwenda & Bruce xxxxxxx
Response: Hi we got your message on the 15th. but only found out how to read them today. Keep in touch. If you haven't seen the page since 15th. make sure you have a cup of coffee at hand but don't fall asleep.lOVE B&BB
From Michelle
Hi there - seeing if you get this okay. Hope you had a good flight. Look forward to reading your adventures over the next 7 weeks.
Love Michelle xx
Response: Hi we got both of your messages but a typo meant that I deleted your second message. Sooooorrreee!