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Stanky's Cup Runneth Over With Sambuca

Hi, I'm stanky :) feel free to go through all of my skandalous antics and leave a message!!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

well just got back to cold & wet travels have finally come to a conclusion...

Sunday, 28 May 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada

just sitting at the airport in Vancouver coming to terms that my international adventures have once again come to an end......
it's a beautiful airport airports go.
just smashed a fag & a heini in the bar waiting for my flight to San Francisco, then it's off to home sweet home Sydney....
excited to go home though....
see you guys soon

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada

so it is the second day in a row that i'm am severely hung over and my body just can't handle it like it used to...... getting old and out of practice.
since being back from salt spring island i've had cruisey days followed by crazy nights.
my days have been filled with various activities, such as shopping on Robson St with ren ren & biking virtually everywhere in vancouver. i rented a bright red cruiser (the perfect push bike for me) and have biked to Yaletown, Gastown and all around Stanley Park.
Gastown is ye olde town centre with cobblestones and various tourist attractions including a steam powered clock that tourists marvel at for their entertainment....didn't really understand what all the fuss was about. went to an awesome irish pub there called the Irish Heather for some pints and classic pub food, such as Guiness Beef pot pie (2 thumbs up!).
Stanley Park is absolutely breathtaking! heaps and heaps of squirrels.....super cute! wanna steal one..... we biked all along the seawall......awesome! vancouver is definitely a city for push bikes.
Yaletown is a more commercial part of town...... Heaps of cute cafes and restaurants. Cat & I had a girls night out at the George Lounge Wine Bar, where we proceeded to get royally smashed and have an excellent dinner. got a little too drunk in true binky fashion and at the end of the night yet another one of my credit cards has gone MIA.......oh well.
Went to the Vancouver Aquarium, which is AWESOME! watched the truly stoned out beluga whales......soooooooo fat! so so soooooo fat! and super cute too! the otters were soooooo cute too! love them! wanted to steal one.......
Last night we had quite the crazy one. Went to ren's old place for his ex-roommates party......sooooo not prepared for the barrage of gay men! Whoa! Christian, the owner of the apartment, is in love with Ren and when i was introduced to him he promptly asked me if him and his cabana boy boyfriend Florian could use my genes for their love child. sooooo funny! i don't know why, but i've found that gay men lurve me..........i got surrounded like a carcass by vulchers! "oh....girl i love your top!" "oh my god you have the best haircut, who did it for you...." bla bla bla... you know the usual camp mens talk.....sooooo entertaining! we then proceeded to take a limo to our next destination, which was this club called Odyssey. little to my knowledge we were heading to this CRAZY gay club. wow! complete with topless male go go dancer, mega butch dykes (Newtown eat your heart out) and various same sex couples making out on the dance floor.......... was not prepared for all of the hip gyrations i would be seeing. needless to say i drank WAY to much and ripped up the dance floor with my new friends and ren and cat. had an awesome night! was soooo much fun but i'm hurting today.

Monday, 22 May 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada

well my last 2 nights have been spent in a log cabin in the middle of this cute island called Salt Spring, complete with no TV, a fireplace, one bathroom shared between 8 individuals...... quite a change from what i'm used to as a lady of leisure!
ren, cat and i took a 12-seater seaplane (a la Indiana Jones style) from vancouver to salt spring island on saturday morning....the flight is about 25 minutes long.... to visit magali (cat's older sis) for her 25th burfday. we stayed at her and her boyfriend Simon's log cabing in the woods.... the day was spent strolling through the weekly island market and eating some comfort food on a grassy knoll next to some hippies smoking the gift from the earth..... salt spring is very similar to byron bay but less commercial....
cat's brother and dad were staying with them as well as cat, ren & i, so it was a very full house...... we had a BBQ that night and got a little drunk on red wine and whiskey then headed out to watch Greenlaw at this hall, which reminded me of school socials (complete with people sitting outside drinking alcohol and smoking weed).....the concert was actually really good.... and the atmosphere was like nothing i've ever experienced before.... old hippie guys with no shoes on dancing crazily at the front near the stage..... they would occasionally make their way around the hall so everyone could catch a wiff of their out of this world also thought he was the reincarnated Mr Roboto....soooo funny...... there were also hippies with glow sticks which i found very odd.... the music was really good.....a bit Erykah Badu sounding....but the lead singer played jazz flute and i couldn't stop pissing myself laughing......
on sunday we went out on a whale watching boat (which mags and her boyfriend run for a living), which is like this massive rubber ducky, we also got to wear these supremely flattering buoyancy one piece suits complete with hoods......they were awesome! i felt like the michelin man.........
we stopped at a pub on Saturna island to have some lunch and some brewskies..... ren, cat & i decided to stay another night, which was pretty much spent playing clue drinking lots and lots of red wine and whiskey
just got back to vancouver this got cold and wet, so it was great to get back and sit in front of a fireplace and have a nice long bubble bath.........ahhhhh

Friday, 19 May 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada

well i have left the big apple and am now in vancouver.... and it's a massive change...
instead of all the high strung new yorkers i'm dealing with possibly the most laid back people in the world.
i think it's compulsory for all canadians to smoke the cheeba before leaving the house and facing a new day!
when ren picked me up from the airport it was sooo cute and we both had single tears..... i love ren ren! he's the cutest younger bro anyone could ever ask for.
so i'm staying at ren's cute town house (similar to mine but WAY cuter) in west end vancouver just off robson st. i've had to be my mom's substitute and advise ren on how to correctly live on your own and sadied a bit.
went to dinner on robson st last night at Guu a really cute modern japanese restaurant complete with a tatami matt room. had awesome food (the jap food is only second in line to the real deal in nippon) and pitchers of draught (the pitchers have a special compartment in the centre for can probably imagine the smile on my face at the time......
today was spent with ren & cat (ren's on again/off again lady friend).........we started off with lunch in the gay village at this cafe cat used to work at......the art work left little to the gay imagination with oil paintings of shlongs and hairy ass cracks everywhere....quite amusing but we had to eat on the patio..... the paintings weren't very appetizing!
then we went to commercial drive and did some power walking and shopping........... i bought the kids dinner at stella, this awesome beer boutique/tapas restaurant...... after sampling their ale i can now say that i can die a happy and fulfilled human being.......AWESOME!

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: New York, USA

Okay i know i told myself i'd try to resist the tremendous shopping bug i usually get while overseas..........i mean seriously i was just setting myself for failure.......
my days in new york pretty much consisted of having brunch at a local eatery, then pounding the pavement to hit iconic new york shopping areas........the fruits of my labour include: miu miu gold heels
some strappy black heels
new black bag
2 new bikinis
and an assortment of clothes
on my last night in new york chingy and i went to this really cute little cuban restaurant in soho called cafe havana...........awesome food and service.... definitely 2 thumbs up.....and apparently lindsay lohan agrees, who was dining a table away from us with some of her unfortunate looking groupies.........complete with bodyguard and white escalade parked out front........
total number of celebs spotted in new york: 3
1. chloe sevigny
2. a guy from sex & the city (old man that is sam's neighbour when she moves to the meat packing district)
3. lindsay lohan
not not bad......... i should really look into becoming a paparazzi photographer!

Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: NYC, USA

well i finally have a lot woth writing about again.....
i'm OS!
well i'm in new york visiting chingy, addy & brent. staying at their uber trendy chelsea apartment....
lovin' it! yesterday after flying for the entire day i arrived out our lodgings at around 11pm, was rushed to get presentable in T minus 10 seconds (no time for a shower...but what else is new) because we were going out for brent's birthday!
went to this ridiculoously hip bar called "sway" in soho.........complete with morrocan themed interior, 80s music that everyone knew the words to and completed by the 80s apparel clad patrons....... i seriuously had a culture shock and felt like i was in "american psycho"....... to put the cherry on top chloe sevigny (who plays the secretary in american psycho) was there too........ hmmmmmm....coincidence....i think NOT! were treated like super stars after chingy purchased a couple of bottles of verve to help us celebrate...... had a lot of fun people watching and basking in the ambience......
today was spent wandering aroung manhattan..... went to the uni that chingy will be doing her photography course at, did some serious shoe shopping in soho and the village...... picked up to pairs of B..E..A...UTIFUL shoes..... loved every second of it..... been to shell shocked to take any photos as yet, but i promise i'll be a bit more trigger happy tomorrow.....
peace out A-town

Friday, 21 October 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

i know i've been a bit lax with my diary entries recently.....sorry (i don't think anyone is really checking this anymore though)
quick update:
went to the lawn party at the races with chingy and bonnie and a couple of other girls..... quite surprised that i didn't get anihilated.....but bonnie took one for the drunken trashbag team that day. bumped into matt man and curtis at the races and ended up hanging with them for a bit at matt man's. then it was off to the paddo rsl to meet up with some other gc kids (js and a very drunken andy peters). then it was off to the newly opened fringe bar.
watched the tigers final at the sheaf and redeemed myself by not getting intoxicated and staying very coherent throughout.
had a bbq at mine to celebrate milly's sydney arrival with chingy, gino, sterl, lou and milly
my house had become a refuge for scorned women in the meantime with lou lou staying with me and some sporadic visits from ellen.
had a sushi dinner party with sterl, milly and andrew, which was followed by drunken trivial pursuit and scattegories
had a surprise birthday party thrown for me at work on the day before my birthday, which entailed a lot of drinking at the practice and ended up with me and laura having a couple of cheeky drinks at minx (the gentleman's club next door)
the day of my 23rd birthday was spent at uni from 9 to 5, then we went and had a REALLY nice dinner at jimmy liks ( i seem to have become a very generous 23 yr old cuz i left the biggest tip EVER!)
we then went to dragonfly and had copious amounts of shots and shook our shit. then it was decided that we needed to show smells the seedy underbelly of the cross, so we went to porkies where i missed out on a spectacular live sex show while smashing a fag..... dammit! smells hurled abuse at one of the strippers and we almost found ourselves in a violent stripper turf war.... after a speedy exit we ended up at a classier men's establishment dancers cabaret..... all i remember is buying copious amounts of stripper dollars for my ladies and attempting to suss out which stripper deserved my hard earned cash the most..... ended up departing at around 4:30 am for home
other than these exciting incidents i have been working my ass off both at the med centre and at uni

Sunday, 25 September 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

Go the swannies! Battle of the Birds...
yesterday was spent in an intoxicated haze.......
started off with a VERY boozy lunch at Nick's in bondi, which included a plethora of seafood, wine and cocktails.... after which we departed for the Sheaf to watch the swannies triumph over the eagles.....
i attempted to last until the tigers game, but sadly didn't make it and had to go home early to avoid anymore foolish drunken incidents

Sunday, 18 September 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

as an ode to my kraut heritage a couple of us kids hit up the loewnbraeu at the rocks on friday night for oktoberfest...
needless to say copious amounts of german beer and schnapps was consumed. after dinner we hit up the ueberbar and continued our alcohol fuelled rampage...
after the lowenbraeu we lost some team members (jan & leila called it a night and bonnie went to meet will), but the night was still young for gino, sterl and me so we departed for the cross....
we must've looked like a sorry bunch. all i know is that i ended up leaving sapphire suite at around time flies when you're intoxicated!

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

my parents left last night after a quick visit...
my dad played the role of handyman and my mom resumed her role of gardener/ needless to say my place is doing REALLY well....
i think i know where my impulse shopping comes from, because my parents ended up buying an appartment in World Tower (in the CBD near chinatown) yesterday....
that means i will FINALLY be able to rent out our extra room again at the end of the year! yay! any takers?

Wednesday, 07 September 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

here i am at work....bored out of my brain!
after rational consideration i have concluded to spend all of september sober.
it's a novel thing for me.....and i know it will be quite hard, so fingers crossed!
i will resume my drunken stanky behaviour on Oct 1 at Springfest race day...

Thursday, 11 August 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia looks like stanky's gotten right back into the swing of things....
so after working all week at the med centre it already feels like i haven't been away....:(
i wish i was still overseas, although i'm enjoying catching up with everyone again....
had drinks with friends from verandah last night, which turned out to be quite rowdy..... ended up drinking from 5pm till 1am and getting quite sideways at the coro....old habits die hard and i'm living proof... i distinctly remember falling off my chair and lying on the floor of the coro pissing myself laughing.....whoops!
as you can see i'm all class!

Sunday, 07 August 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

i'm finally back home.....
as expected i wish i could stay away from real life as long as possible, but i'm enjoying having my own private space again..... except it's in dire need of a clean...
as soon as i arrived yesterday i had to deal with the unexpected and bring ariel (aka pretty kitty) to the vet cuz our housesitters had noticed she'd been acting a bit weird.....
well, it turns out that lillies are toxic to cats and stupid pretty kitty had been munching on a bouquet of flowers..... she has acute renal failure and i started bawling my eyes out at the vet when i saw her hooked up to a drip lying under a heat blanket.... the vet said she had a very poor prognosis and that it might come to the point where i needed to consider euthanasia..... great welcome home gift!
but i went to visit her today and she looked a lot better...
the vet said that she responded well to the treatment and that there is a possiblility that she'll pull through.... i always knew she was a tough pussy....

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From Anne
YO bINKA!! Long time no see>>> Somehow i fell into this plaNet RanGer link and saw your's and ying's photo's on her site- so i looked up your name and found ur site too!! You guys r so funny in your pic's.. anyways I hope to keep in touch. Mwah x Anne
Response: hey anne,
wow... how are you?
what are you up to these days?
From Boogie down bronx
Oh btw, I can't leave without letting you know how damn HOT you are.... It's a fricken crime!
Top photos sexylegs...

Rock it.

Response: why thank sure know how to make a girl blush
From This beat kicks...
Haha tell me about it!
I stumbled upon you and your crazy antics by complete accident. You are a wild one! Nothing new, It was always evident.

Truth is, I was looking for someone else that goes by the alias of "Bink". It's a long story!

Small world I guess

Keep on kickin' you lucky f--ker!

TJO...The jealous one!
From beats & rhymes
Alright alright, look you don't know me personally but i'm sure you know of me.
I was in your physics class way back in the med sci days.
You were known as the lecture latecomer...always rockin' up 15 min late...naughty naughty! or the blue hair chicky. Remember the days?

It's funny how i ran into you...clear cut case of trial and error......crazy shit!!
Response: okey dokey.....well that was in 2001..... wow that's just weird
how'd you find my page?
From Ghetto Kids Funk
Sure you do, it's been years though.
Let's hook up for your favourite pastime...yep you guessed it, a drink!
Response: ok...well i'm back in sydney again, so just give me a call
From Grandmaster flash
Med sucks. Try your hand at legalised drug dealin'!
We be the No. 1 partnerz in crime...right Bonnie?

Dr electro boogaloo...comin' to a ghetto near you!!!
Response: ummmmm...... i really don't know who this is....
From Funky fresssh
Schweet! See you next week then!
What's the go with uni?
Fricken truant!

Keep it rockin'
Response: i'm not at uni this year.... trying to get into med for next year though
i'm always keepin' it fresh though
When do you get back?
Response: I get back on tuesday the 30th in the morning.....
From Rock City Funk
When you re-instate your positioning in the city of Sydney, we'll catch up. Then you'll know...
Response: ohhhhh... how mysterious.......
From Don't stop the rock
The way things eventuated is a crying shame.
But, I remain optimistic in knowing that you'll make it through one day.
Your current position is a fruitful one... enjoy it!

I hope Canada and its inhabitants are treating you well...enjoy the travelling experience.

Best wishes, much love.

Rock on and don't you damn stop!

Response: hmmmmm.....still don't know who this is......
From Dr jam on it
what a damn shame....

Response: huh....? identify yourself!
what's a damn shame?
From smash
oh ren ren is starting to look more and more like Jan with the artistic growth on the chin... can you come home and get gizmo? she's kinda getting on my nerves a little... just wants attention... give ren ren big kisses from me, say howdy to cat and take more photos (you're shit with the camera.. no papparazzi for u)
Response: oh.....leave poor gizzie's not her fault she's inbred and retarded! ren's looking quite strapping ey....i'll be home soon girls...remember put the rubbish out before i get home! tuesday night = rubbish; thursday night = rubbish & recycling
love you
From chingy
oh stinky!
i miss you already and am wishing so bad tha ti could be in van as well! i went shopping all day today purchasing all the crapola that i need to parsons and spent about $500... who knew that developing film yourself was so labour and finance intensive! tell ren ren that i said hi and felt a stab of jealousy when i saw that pic with him and cat. heehee!
and adam also fully appreciates the ice compartment for the beer pitcher
Response: oh chingy..i miss you too! you should've come with me to vancouver...i couldn't have spent anymore time in the big apple with you ....had a look at my credit card statement and i managed to spend almost six grand in the 4 days with you....SHIT! talk about power shopping! love you
From dirty dave
have u got any money????
Response: only if you have any crack that we can trade for.......
From yingy
you've sunk to a whole new low... picking up on PLANETRANGER?!? HAHAHAHAH!!! can't wait to see you stinky. in san francisco at the moment and made friends with the REALLY REALLY hot bellboy who is coming to aust next year just for you ;) heehee
Response: oh chingy....hurry up & come home (sydney of course!)
i charm even transcends onto the www......
ruvs you! when do you get back?
From Joel Mapaye


Response: that thanks is a little presumptive....don't ya think?
ummm do i know you joel?
From fanjan
hi fanjan! sounds like you two are having an awesome time, missing you heaps and looking forward to a sydney rendezvous when you get back love you xxx
Response: fanjan's got a boyfriend!!!!!!
From Boon-Eye
Hello my little token asian friend...YAY your trip is almost at end...well not yay for you but yay for ME!! oh i want to be a harajuku girl!! Can you please buy me something random and funny and asian? Ohh and please try to find the chanel bronzer if you have time and duty free budget after buying 40L of vodka or whatever is legal now... god i'm demanding... loving all the hot right now, can't wait to see you xxxx
Response: sooo sorry boon eye, but i couldn`t find the bronzer anywhere....
i have nooo money anymore anyway..... time for binky to get back to work..... japan is awesome though! love it here..... wish i could have unlimited funds and go awhol shopping!
From smashed
donkey... thats a nice boulder!!
Response: i'm like an onion......many layers! hehehehehe
From Scandalous...
Wat up bithes?
I am so Jealous, you guys suck!
When are you back?
I wanna be friends with it!
Response: ummmmm.... identify yourself! is this sin?
i get back to sydney on the 6th of august
From frustrated inc.
finally had a quick squiz at the trip gals are obviously killing it!

can't make London (i know you are secretly devastated) because there are no early London-Istanbul links on Monday...rubbish planes...

spk soon
Response: hehehe..... it wasn't meant to be.... we didn't get to london until monday anyway because of the third world organisation of marrakesh airport....
but yes... i was secretly devastated....
From boon-eye
me again...

thank you so much for the bday made my day!!! Glad to hear you are still keeping up the Aussie standards of being drunk and debaucherous...i feel for chingy, i really do...We cracked open a bottle of bubbly at Pitt St in commemoration of me being one step closer to retiring age (without even really having a proper job...awesome!!) but it just wasnt the same without you..can't wait til DB, Roman and I give you a proper Mon/Tues/Thurs afternoon welcome home.. xxx
Response: ohh..... boon eye!
miss you! i'm not really being all too debaucherous though..... just very very drunk..... hehe
From thrash
miss u guys.. although am loving the free entertainment every couple of days...
Response: we LIVE to entertain, my dear!
miss all you guys too....wish you could all be on our adventures....
From Mark
pornstar bikini, cold beer brought to you at the beach and some of the worlds most amazing art outside paris...sounds like neither of us have got the hang of this backpacking trying to save money thing! Best to fiji tomorrow! Cheese and wine evening tonight! Toff toff
p.s Mum liked the postcard, you cheeky girl..oh yeah and write back woman! Glad your still havin fun...but you need to score some more! Hang out with your wang out...oh yeah, kinda impossible aye! x
Response: it was awesome!! love barcelona!
me cheeky....? hehe
very sophisticated evening for a pommie backpacker....
From chingy
ahhhh... good times, good times...
Response: of course with our travel team cranking how could we not be having good times! loves you