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He is here but not Queer

Here is a way of finding out what is happening at my end from time to ime.
I will update this site when ever i find time, and i predict this to be once to twice a month.
All are welcome on this site.
Enter at your own risk.

Diary Entries

Monday, 04 December 2006

Location: lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Hello my friends,
we are now in switzerland ad having a blast with incredible views and amazingly cold temperatures. They seem to like their ceese. and breakfast is always spectacular here. ham and cheese crossaints just as good as in france.
we cauht the train o the top of lauterbrunnen to minus 9 degrees temperaues so we decided to go back down half wy to the sun and somewhat warmer temperates for snowball fights and just all round fun in the snow. beer is good here butwe are wining it up tonight with three bottles each i am proud to be australian. who else would be able to stomach that. as good as switzerland is its time for italy.
Italy my favourite place in the world at the moment with florence is our first stop. we were given leather making demonstrations and a guide to buying silver as it is the highest quality and best price in theis paradise of mine. Mrkets line the streets ad the history just falls into your lap. i got introduced to the ninja turtle. donatello, raphael, leoanardo devinchi and michaelangelo,
wit monuments of hercules and david and men with their bits. it was all too much. the best steak i have had in my life was in terrigal but the second best was in florence, labelled appropriaty the florentine staek. marinated in brine and brew some more wine before some kareoke for others i was too busy cutting up the dance floor after alot of long desreved indulgences(beer).
when you gotta go you might as well go to rome.
the best part of rome was walking around in the sunshine not always looking at the past monument like the colleseum which was brilliant, but the newer things rome has the offer like mcdonalds. kidding. ther is too much history to tell so .oh i saw the pope he waved to me.
Vatigan city the only time it rained on our wintter bus tour when we were not on the bus was going into vatigan city. we waited in the rain for an hour to go in and because everyone had umbrellas run off from one umbrelas wuld go under anothers hence me being completely saturated when i went into one of the most religious places in the world.
venice, gondola rides not so romantic when your driver is talking on his mobile phone and yelling athe the person in front of him.
best pasta i had in my life. cant remember the name of it but it was a spicy tomato and bacon kinda. anyways im going bac so ill find out then. nice gals blowing displays and some lace display thing .
austria is next

Sunday, 03 December 2006

Location: Europe, France

hello there people of the worlds,
so i guess you are wandering where i am right now and where i have been.
Well ont he 3rd of december i emabarked a magical adventure called the top deck tour. The tp deck tour is like contiki appealing to the younger crowd with exceptions here and there. First was the ferry ride to calais from brixton. Gteieng to know all of the people on the our and good start to the mornig by drinknig the first beer of the day, which some came to rgret during the long bus ride into france.
Then we arrived in paris with a bus guided tour of the renowned city of romance, as if there isnt enoughcities of romance in the world. as most of us were tired people began to all asleep on the bus as the tour continued.
On the second day of the bus tour we found ourselves walking around in small groups that we just made up as we went. We firts saw the louvre, not as impressive as i thought it would be considering how much i love the national gallry in londons trafalgar square. and then on to notre dame aslo not as good as the luch we had just outside this historical monument.
we found ourselves in a nice little bar trying some of the local bordeaux. is nice.
We then met up at the eiffle tower for champas and a spectacular lighting display that topdect promised us of which the eifle tower glissens everyour on the hour for 10 minutes. way to get us dunk before we saw that.
then on to dinner for rogs legs and snails. A certain girl in thegrroup seem to be struggling with shelling her snails so the waiter gave her and example then placed it in her mouth for her. Immediatly she tried this battle of the snails and managed to throw one all over ryan who was sitting right next to her ina white tshirt..

Sunday, 24 September 2006

Location: Prague., Czech Republic

Well it was another late on for the boys of the world.
we woke at 2pm to watse the day would be a shame. so we showeed and got ready for our Thai massage. we headed out to breakfast across the road from our intended appointment. I cruised the streets whilst my accomplices got their backs scratched. i walked back down towards the glockenspeil and over towards the palace of a thousand towers. i found an interesting sex museum but did not enter then headed back towards the massage parlour for my turn. I have never had so many ones crack in my back at any one time. she walked on my thighs and pulled my hair out. i felt like sh*t afterwards and couldnt understand wheni would feel better. . When i got out i got the chance to try some of the local traditioinal ice cream which cost me about three pence. the consistancy of sorbet but tasted like milky ice. Fot another walk through prague and sitting at a pub in praguesmost expensive street where every three minutes you see go right past you hosr drawn carts and some good conversation with the local waitstaff. Then again on to the pub and my first taste of horse not the worst meat i have evertried and had the consistncy of strganoff not to mention the dumplings. Back to the hotel for a kip. Im starting to sound like a old man. wake up at 8 and catch a taxi to the best restaurant yet. two courses and a bottle of wine for only ten quid. cheap as chips. Then on to the biggest club in central europe. five levels and five different dance clubs. amazing. i met a guy from aus cant remember where but he is travellin for 12 months. however he said that prague wasnt that amazing so he is going to give me some better travelling tips for my journey home. walked home at like 5am.

Saturday, 23 September 2006

Location: prague, Czech Republic

We got off to a late startand we thought we would head over to check out the clockenspeil the astronomiacl clock of prague. i is amazing but first we went to a budweiser budvar restaurant to order our lunch. seemed to be ok. but when it came to dessert. the waitress that looks like jess hughes not only didnt bring us the profiterroles we ordered but brough us under cooked pears in pastry prepared the week before. and then charged us for them. After threatenung to talk to a manager we got our money back cause managers dont talk to anyone. Then to another pub and a walk around the local city. we then found a thai massage parlour and made appointments for the next day. and back to coffee and cigars. . Back to a the hotel for a kip at 5 and wake up at 7. Back to another restaurant for dinner and wine.
then to Raddosk the night club with a difference. It was incredable and the women were beautifl. i met a nice local who also like s a drink and dance. Then i met some americans in the porn industry. Nice guys. We headed back t the hotel at about 4 am.

Friday, 22 September 2006

Location: prague, Czech Republic

welcome to prague,
thats pretty much all myself and two of my chef buddies toasted to each other with all of the drinks we had.
you have heard of drinking in moderation, well in europe we drink in pints! and when we arrived in the republic at 12 we started our memorble journey of drinking and fine dining. first to the pub. and the finest staropramen you will ever taste. they seem to like the head on their beer. At the very same pub we indulged in some of the local cuisine. Confit whole duck leg and sour croute with potato dumplings. another pint then we are on our way. to the coffee shop called coffee and cigars. guess what they sell. another pub for another pint or two and back to the hotel for a nappy nap. mbut not after finding another pub actually two.
Wake up after a two hour kipp and to central prague (jew) for a fancy restaurant dinner along with wine and a pint. we met a lovely waitress with the glimpse of a tatoo on her back. We asked so she showed it to us. However to our own surprise to show us the best she had to take her shirt off. Poor us.
Then we convinced her to take us out to show us some local clubs. She agreed tpo come out for one drink for five minutes. Fur hours and 8 drinks later she had to go and we started our journey back to the hotel.

Saturday, 16 September 2006

Location: london, UK

hello my people.
well have i a story for you.
last week on the monday to be exact i went to my work staff party with my room mate nick and sam a fellow collegue from the oxo tower which of whom left several days before. so we hired out a club and arrangedd for a tab to be taken at the bar. for 5 quid cover charge you got two drink vouchers champagne and a spirit or larger of your choice. however one of my work collegues endede up giving me all of the drink vouchers he couls scrounge up. all in all i had 4 glasses of champagne two vodka red bull and two largers. i felt fine leaving the club t go home. at around 1.30 am i started my journey home. at around two i called my flatmate to ask what number our flat was as he had left earlier that night. he told me. half an hour later i rang to ask what floor we were on. he told me. ten minutes later i rang to say im on the fllor. he looked out the front door and couldnt see me at all. 7am i got a message on my mobile asking how i was doing as my flatmate had fallen asleep waiting for me. i looked to see where i was and i was in camden, those of you who know london its north. i live in the north east. i live five minutes walk for the club i went out in. the thing was that camden is more north than royal oak. i was going southinto camden, get it. i got home at 9.30 am and slept til 5pm. was kinda sick all day. no more champagne for me. there is more to the story but enough for now. dont drink and walk home.

Friday, 18 August 2006

Location: london, UK

to whom this may concern.
i found a new place yesterday to my surprise. my room mate told me if we didnt find a place by the weekend we were going to go our seperate ways but i found it i did. its right around the corner from where we are. it is brand new refurbished. i thought it was th best idea i have had in a while but the numbers crunched me hard. the rental agent wants three months rent in advance and a deposit of 6 weeks. it sucks. there are also certain people in my flat share at the moment that i dont and am not too keen on moving away from. but they are also going to look at moving out in the future. work is hard and lond. 56 hour week standard is rerally taking its toll. but nothing is going to stop me from having several nights out. when i am down i miss the lounge in australia. underneath the airconditioner. ohhh airconditioning. we get brand new everything in our new place. heaters lounges. plasma screen. washer dryer dishwasher very rare in london flatshare.
i needto take a holiday and get away for a week or two. i leave here in december to start my travels home. i hope. apparently they dont give holidays in december at work so ill have to quit.
it has been six months to the day since i left aus six months to he day that i arrive home. we will see what happens next.......
da da dah.......

Thursday, 15 June 2006

Location: UK

Hey guys,
i realise it has probably been a while since i left my last update, but here is whats new!
I moved out of the damn hostel finally, i moved around the corner. In all the places in london i moved around the corner. but thats because i lie the area i live in and would recommend it to any one.
I am sharing a three bedroom flat with 7 others. im ina room with an aussie perth bloke. then there is a south african, a swedish an american and litherainian and two french.
i9 am still working in the oxo tower with aparrently use to be an oxo stock cube factory.
i am working hard and finmding it hard to find time to party.
but im doing allright.
i am trying as hard as i can to save here but you need to be in a relationship for that. get the woman to pay the bills and the food and just bank what you earn.
thats not bias is it

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Location: UK

Imagine an hour after arriving at work you are told that you are goig to work in pastry doing the job that you want to do. you are told that you can help set up for service in pastry, relevance i will get to. you are told that it is the queens birthday celebrations. the out of nowhere you look out across the river thames towards st pauls cathedral and to your suprise you see hornets flying in formation. Ahurcules flys 2 minutes behind. fa 18s pull up the rear another two minutes behind. then an american spy plane. more tactical fighters and finally englands elite red plane flying squad just outside our window start spraying anthrax or al least white powder. incredible. and i got breakfast cooked for me too.
what a mourning.

Friday, 19 May 2006

Location: UK

well, it has been an eventful trip around the world for myself.
i have been sick alot and nowi just found out that i lost my grandfather. i was ready to jump back on that plane to come home. i am trying to keep above everything here. i went into work today to tell my boss what was going on but he is in france for the weekend. so one of my associates told my 2ic and he sent me home . sad times. I was lucky enough to spend the week before i left with my grandparents. We didnt do much except hang out all day relaxing. I am planning to go to places pa would have liked and we will se what happens next.

Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: UK

Hello my friends and those pretending to be.
well it has been along time since my last message i just wanted you to keep wanting more.
i have been in london for three months now and at the oxo tower for two. i have greatly improved my work ethic and trippled my tollerance for alcohol. i now have a four bed, room to my self as the others aas well as 6 others from the hostel have moved into a flat close by. rumour has it that a freind of a friend is coming tonight and we are to hang out and vistit some sights. Megs birthday is coming up and i am trying to plan a pressie for her but i need suggestions. a couple of weeks ago i met up with joel and his girlfriend christina, people that went to school with my mate owzo. we hang out now and again, so i finally have someone to relate to. Megs freind mels is staying with me for the time beeing but i thinknshe plans to move on sooner rather than later. i will try to see as many sights as i can whilst i am here an i am after request for photos. phone booths, christian slayter atec at my restaurant a couple of weeks ago. he ordered meat balls its wasnt on the menu.
i will try to update this site more regularly.
bye for now.

Monday, 10 April 2006

Location: UK

Hey people of the world,
well another eventful week past. i have just come from six days off and doing nothing. i have had the flu and been house ridden for the entire time. spreading the love of the flu bug.
am planning a trip to italia soon enough though. will keep you updated regularly.

Wednesday, 05 April 2006

Location: UK

Hello viewers of my life style!
I am on a weeks holiday and may even think about doing some sort of travel. Work is still killing me sofly with his song. killing me softly with his song. It isnt so hard over here anymore cause i dont have time to thinka about it. When i do do some travelling i will cahnge jobs even thought the place i am working n is understaffed.
I want to do travelling for redilulous reasons. i want to go to athens and run nude through the ruins. i want to go to rome and punch someone in the collusium and i want to push over the leaning tower of piza i want to pray in the vaticgan. i want to snowbaord in france.
I want a monday to friday job.
i want my friends to be here.

Monday, 27 March 2006

Location: UK

This job is killing me.
i work a 56 hour average week and will work more when others go on holidays.F**k

Friday, 24 March 2006

Location: UK

Hello guests of my web page,
well its has been an exciting couple of weeks here in engand. I have moved into a hostel and am working full time in londons bussiest brasserie, the oxo tower. We are currently ranked with a star. The restaurant attacted is currenlty rated as the best in london and goes by the same name. It is busy and its only just spring geeze i cant wait until summer.

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Location: UK

Well its been a few days since my last entry and mum isnt pleased.
Well i have ha five job interviews and four job trials since i have arrived all on continual days. Out of these four job interviews i have three job offers. One in a private school for rich kis andntheir suped up mercedes benz. The second was in a large chain in a office building. No one actually works in hat building its just where attorneys see their clients. The job i actuaaly too and start tomorrow is at the oxo tower restaurant. It was the lowest paying of the three and a lower rank thbut the food that they prepare is divine.The view overlooks the dirty water that is london, st pauls catherdral and also the london eye. I am working in a brigade of aboyt 26 chefs and there is more inthe restaurant and prep kitchen also located in the building. I am currently located in bayswater. Seconds away from kensington park. The home of princess dianna. Dont bother going to look at the memorial fountain. The kids playlan t the entrance on the coast is way more fun and exiting.

Wednesday, 01 March 2006

Hey who ever.
Thanx for visiting my site yeah. Pukka.
I have had four job interviews and now i have to prepare for four job trials. i like how these interviews work. All of the companies i am applying for are big catering corps. and all competetors i think i said that write.
geeze i am tired. Waking up after a bottle of red wine was an effort and a half. The curry really churns your stomach.
Catch up soon.

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Recent Messages

From mum
The words are fading as there has been nothing added for quite some time you may have been kidnapped between sept and now.
Response: i have and it was very nasty too. damn gorilla monkey.
but im back and better than ever.
From april *
hey cuz!! SSOOO great to see you on msn! I am getting a headset and will be on skype in not too long....! Spoke to your fam tonight and am making plans to go see that video you made, and to drag a camera around on a wild night at the Leagues club one saturday soon!! Hope you're having fun not working too hard, and enjoying that London sun :) Speak to you soon!
Response: it was great to not only hear from you but your twin too how exciting.
well now i have put a deposit on a house or rental property anyway. we are meant to be moving in at the ned of the month. but it will take a huge hit to my bank account for the time being. i wont hav to pay rent for two months but i will have to work twice as hard to save money. i really do want to travel right now i am sick of working non stop since i got here. i think i am getting sick again. who knows and i cant get an appointment to see the doctors for two weeks. shit hey
From mum
shaun glad to hear you are starting to enjoy yourself and you finally got the pastry job. Watching those planes must have been amazing probably a once in a lifetime experience for you. You seem to have had a few friendly natives from australia come and visit that would have been great and a chance for you to do some sightseeing as well
Response: it was great to not only hear from you but your twin too how exciting.
well now i have put a deposit on a house or rental property anyway. we are meant to be moving in at the ned of the month. but it will take a huge hit to my bank account for the time being. i wont hav to pay rent for two months but i will have to work twice as hard to save money. i really do want to travel right now i am sick of working non stop since i got here. i think i am getting sick again. who knows and i cant get an appointment to see the doctors for two weeks. shit hey
From Ella
Hey Shaun!
Whats dooooooing?
Just checked out your webpage... don't get too down mate. The summer here is amazing and you will feel alot better.
Love E. xx
Response: its all good. im in my nw place now and got some friends to party with!
From motherduck
send an email to nan asking what places they visited whilst in UK
Response: what?
From motherduck
send an email to nan asking what places they visited whilst in UK
Response: what?
From Ben Brown
Hi Shaun

Thanks for the e-mail this morning (AEST). I know times are hard for you atm and I like to offer my sincere condolensces to you and your family following your Pop's passing. It does sound like you've been busy. I just remembered about your website just this minute and I'd thought I come and have a look. Having a causual study day today and looking forward to State of Origin tonight. Go the blues! C ya Shaun From the other side of the world.
Response: cheers mate, all i can do it sto make the m,ost of london before i come home to be with everyone. so tell me what happened with danny green hey
From mother dear
I really think you should go and buy that camera so everyone can get to see some pictures surely you don't live in your room the whole time. Where is all this energy you young ones are supposed to have. Definately have to live it up on your birthday as much as you can hopefully you will have a reasonably early finish time tell them its your birthday.
Response: yeah i turned up to work sick and got sent home.
From mum
Your birthday is fast approaching, so think what you can do that can make it memorable and I don't mean drink through it. Be adventurous get out and see places and do things. Who would want to live in NZ.
Response: Mother dear,
it really depends on whether or not i am working on that particular day. I am planning big at the moment but i am waiting to get both a lap top and a digital camera.
From Tracey
Heya Shauneee,
Hope your enjoying your week off from work.Yay! I wish I had a week off from uni..bleh!Do you have aby pics u can put up on here for everybody to look at? Anyways, make sure you take care! Don't do too much drinking.
Response: No
From nikki
no, no camera is not good enough! Anyways, will have to start the email sessions as of Tuesday, uni has decided to give me nothing but assignments till then. Oooh i got a job at a pet by one the puppies are going to go "missing" heheheheeeee
Response: Oh nikki your so fine your so fine you blow my mind hey nikki.
well i see that they didnt come around to your house as part of the interview process to see how you clean up after your self. Ha ha. Nikki you would love my job i started at 4pm the other day finished at 12 caught the last tube of the night which stops three short of my own, got home at 230, into bed at 350 cause i left my keys hanging out of my locker at work had to wake up my room marte to let me in sleep by 4 due to daylight savings time changing wake at six catch the tube at 6.30 start work at 8, finish at 4. start back at 5.30 finish at 12 home by 1.30 in bed by 2.30.
have fun at work
be kind to your mother
Response: Hey dad,
Mum knows best right,
well i have some in sight into what i want to grow up into now. it has only been weeks right. nut over here all you have time to do is think. i want to open my own b and b which most pwoplw know but i was contemplating either working with my father for a while to earn some cash and say earn cause i never go into something halfminded, anymore. or to rum my own cafe for a while. i only say this as i have thought it or the alcohol has told me to.
From Nikki
Heya SHaUnnnnnn!
nice to see what ur doin...take some photos!!!! I want to see london and pretend like i am there...
Response: Dearest cousin,
i do not have a camera.
i am im the midst of purchasing a laptop whioch will get me starte but i have to have a little more time will you please at least give me that.
by the way i excpect an email from you every two days.
From mum
Is the language a little different in the UK to what it is here in the land of oz or is that because the bottle of red is still floating in the head
Response: Weel you know i dont like wine.
any other spirits is fine.
I am working in a multinational kitchen and have to try to contend with at least five other countries.
most people that work there speak french which is hard for someone that doesnt but all you have to do is smile alot. Pretent everything is ok.
From mother duck
Sounds like your a young alcholic who needs to learn how to spell but when he is sober. Write about where your working and staying and what your aims are in the coming month
Response: no
From fitzy
shaun, shaun where are you? My tummy is rumbling, I need my dinner.
Response: its in the fridge labelled megans special three course meal for Fitzy. It only needs to be oven baked.
From mum
did you sit up stairs on the first plane and was it in business class?
yes i did and it was econemy. i was on the plane for 8 hours witha gap between myself and a guy that didnt speak a word of english. Yay