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Bin in Germany!

I'm an au-pair in Germany with an unreal family who look after me heaps and are pretty much the best people i have met, EVER! The kids are fun, the parents a luvly and the extended family couldnt be better! lucky me!

Also when not playing volleyball with the nana and the dad on the weekends I do some trips and see the local germans :) really amazing place to live!

I love German supermarkets, they have the most gross food in jars i have ever seen...

Diary Entries

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Location: athens, Greece

Hey guys!

yep were in Greece at the really nice and warm! Yea! soo good because we were in Italy and it was SOOO cold for a few days and windy and raining...but other then that-luvly!

We've been to Venice and couldnt afford a Gondolas 100Euro for a ride-rip off!! But we did save our money because our hostel gave us dinner..yum free pasta!!

We also saw Davids rude! And froze on top of a whooper of a hill looking out to the city of pretty!

Rome is absolutly amazing! Loved it! Did some tours and found out history of the Colosseum (friggen huge!) and the old roman building that are partly still standing...amazing! Also checked out the Popes country...he wasnt home but St Peters is pretty impressive. Got a tour there too-lucky otherwise we would have know nothing!! Our guide was a funny bugger who was always asking if we understood what he was saying...he was Italian and could speak faster than me!

Right now we are in Greece at Athen and going exploring tomorrow...pretty excited!! We will hit a Greek Island in a few day for a realax on the good! Also had a night ferry from Italy to Greece last night...loved the boat ride over-soo much better then trains!!

Well hope your all good and look forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Location: madrid, Spain

so it is now spain time and we have some from Paris (did too stay in the getto of paris) but the eifel tower has a lovly view...but not for us-we were told to beat the tourist and get there asap in the morning but bugger me it was an over cast day and we couldnt see shit-not joking!! it was white EVERYWHERE! but funny that went all that way and couldnt see anything. we saw some trucks that were right below us from the very top of the tower but that was it! corker! but its the thought that counts right??

so did all the tourist things in paris and now we are in madrid and heading to barcelone tomorrow night- bring on the beaches!!! yep were going for a dip no matter what the weather is like! madrid is really clean! loving it!

ok so that the place we have been i guess...lots of sights to see and people to meet , top shelf really! hope your all having a fabulous time!
miss you all heaps and keep me posted!
see you in a flash :)

Saturday, 06 October 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

ok just a quick one to say where we have been/

sez and i hit budapest which is actually split by a river into buda and pest by the way...who knew! good as hot saunas there! and bloody good views of the city from the top of a mountain!

we went onto venice and then salzberg in austria which we hit the sound of music tour and sung to the hills!

then went onto switzerland within the country and the SNOW AND SNOW FIGHTS AND THEN

WENT SKYDIVING INTHE SWISS ALPS FROM A CHOPPER?!!!! mad and unreal and we did it and it was great and would do it again enven if i have to get shoved out the chopper again!!

then we meet ash in munich and hit the okctoberfest after visiting kat and loved living ith her family and ocktoberfest was amazing! bloody heavy those muss glasses..

now in netherlands and must go but missing you all and cant wait to see you again but were having a ball and loving every second!!

see you soon!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Location: Turku, Finland

Hey hey!

Ok at the moment were in finland after arriving in a FREE FERRY! Too right it was free! Didnt get our eurorail passes stamped so free night stay in the boat over from Sweden :)

So after leaving Denmark (which was really pretty and awesome and loved seeing and playing with Megs!) We went to Sweden into the hills for a few days living in a little red house with white windows! Real cute! We got to go hiking in the rain during the day and cook up fests at night because we were the only two in the whole 12 person house!

Next it was to the city of Stockholm, which we now relise that you need to book ahead with accomodation when there is a confrence with an extra 22 000 doctors in town on the night you wish to stay... in other words we had to sleep in the train station! HA! Well that was the plan but then we saw the station closed at midnight so we thought it would be a great idea to stay out on the town until it opened at 5am the next day...then found a shit tin of places close at 3 am...hmm . So lets say we had a great night out, ate some really great kababs and now are locals at the all night maccas... where even inside is freaking freezing on the coldest night in Stockholm in yonks!! Heck!

But on the bright side we had crazy hot showers at the station the next day and ended up in a boat hostel the next night-marvellous! Yep it was on the water and was a hostel! Did feel it going up and down a bit, but thats part of the fun!

Stockholm was beautiful and i love it! The old town area with all the smaller streets is beautiful and the buildings are amazing! Loved it!`

Today we were on a lunch island boat ride with lots of raw fish to eat on the buffet ie. we are both offically vegans now... until tea time...when the cow comes home! yum steak!

Tomorrow we go to Helsinki and spend few days there before our flight to Budapest! Exciting stuff this travelling bizzo!

But we're having a blast and loving almost every second of crazy naked europain countries! Hope your happy happy chappy's too!

much love and high 5s all round!
miss you all heaps

Friday, 07 September 2007

Location: South England, UK

Firstly the Scots and fantastic! Mega friendly unless your trying to get theough a crazy big crowd to the toilet!!
But we stayed with some mate in Edinburgh and stayed the extra night to see some amazing fireworks!

Yes the stories are true..we meet the one and only KENNY and got free ticket to the movie that night! He loved having a chat with us! But the castel was amazing too!

London was really good, staying in Piccidilly Circus which was a really cool area! Sez and i are taking advantage of the free tours they run in different cities...but we are nice and give a tip.

We were soo lucky to stay with Dads cousin Pete and his family down the south of England and they took us out for tea and to CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! Which was absolutly fantastic musical show! We loved it! So good to meet family over here :) And got to meet Grandmas sister who was such a hoot!! Loved her humour!
The family is great and feel really welcome so lucky we got in touch!

So loved Scotland and England too! Yes the Queen was even nice enough to give us a cup of tea...Beats the 'traditional english breakfast we had in the hostel with a 'sasuage' that looked nasty and was pretty much half a burger! haha alwell it was cheep!!

ok love you all lots and ill try to keep this up to date ;)


p.s. i know the spelling is shocking but time is short and im not reading over this!

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Location: Germany

So i'm back in Germany after an amazing two weeks holidays!!

Yes i really loved ireland and <portugal was super pretty!

I meet some really good people in Faro and Lisbon too!
So Faro had a festival on and had a really nice beach which you needed to take a boat out of the marsh to get to it! But i didnt even get burnt so im pretty happy! Did see some sea food on a plate ready to be served that was still moving....looked like snot in a hollow stick! YUCK!

so my lesson is not to stalk random what cant talk english very well....did get very lost but then meet a chick who was staying in my hostel and trying to find it too, so things happen for a reason!

Lisbon is soo pretty! There is a castle there when you go to the top you can see the whole city and its amazing! SO many hill to get to my hostel in Lisbon! Good work out tho!

Hit the town with Italians and had the best pastry thing with salami in it! and an unreal custard tart too! yum!!

almot missed my plane back to berlin because was at the wronge terminal with a chick having coffee and had to run our hearts out as it was the final call and if it weren't for one other guy the plane was waiting for i dont think we would have made it! Ophs! try not to do that again!!
ok so i've now got unti lthe 29th withte family and then start real travel with Sez then! woohoo!!

Hear from you soon!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Location: Faro, Portugal

hey guys have made it to portugal and am alive!! woohoo! a chick help me find the hostel because i was totally lost out of my brains! lucky!

ireland was amazing! the tour was the funnest thing! got people to stay with in london, few aussie boys and possibly blike in scotland...dont know about him or not... but less then a month til hit the road!

so every night was drinking and shots and irish music and dancing and dance offs with locals and mad! loved every second! last night we went to town with the shots and when the pub close they sold us drinks so we kept going out side! unreal night! we have a theme song for the tour and we hit all the amazing spots in ireland!

can talk like an irsihman...but they dont like to say 'diddle-dee-potatoes!' soo also saw castles and beautiful towns and went north which was crazy the way there is the two sides! totally crazy! ill put some photos up next week some time :)

sez and i had a ball getting free drinks off random and making the best chocolate pancakes ever....hmmm

also saw a hurling match eith megen (sezzas sister) and some work mates and they are my new heros! must get some whopper brusies! ouch!

now in portugal about to hit the sun shine (yes putting on suncream!) and find some more makets...have been scared of one market man already! haha sucker thought i was going to buy something! unlucky!

ok i better explore!

whats news back home??

love you all and miss you all too!

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From clare
bindy yeah yeah is having an amazing time yeah yeah!
see you sooon!
From bron
u r my hero!!!
From Peg
hey gorgeous girls, so glad you're having so much fun, you won't want to stop.......see you soon, stay safe
hey bazza that call was so awsome thanks, but thats so cool u skydived,glad to hear ya havin a ball all the best, frog
From asha
hello lovely one! your adventures are nuts! i'm so jealous! we just had a big weekend at work with the grandfinals and such so now i'm chillaxing for the day at home. back to uni tomorrow! oh gosh! hope you're doing well. i'm sure you are. take care lovey and i'll keep reading you blogs on here for some excitement in my life. love ya! x
From alex martinek
hey belinda,
sounds like somebody loves travelling!
hope ya having heaps of fun
talk to you soon
love alex, lucy, heidi, merry and dave
From Alex
you two are so funny. mucking around having a ball!
just want to tell you that GEELONG wow the grand final. pretty big deal. it was the best. loved it.
i'm just on placement in benalla. its real crap.
love you
From marla
Hey Bin!
What an ace little blog site you've got going on here!
Girl, sounds like you're having an amazing time! I'm sound proud of your adventurousness :) You better be careful of those randoms... you seem to run into them a lot lol!
Keep us updated on the latest ok.
Love and miss you lots!
Love Marla xoxo
From asha
yippee. this looks like a fun site and your first journal entry sounds amazing! you are one lucky girl. hope you have a mean time in portugal! miss ya. x