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Bonnie Scotland may 2006 till who knows when!!

travel pages from last year,

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the most amazing place. so old an so detailed too hard to put into words and imposible to photograph! just go there one day an see for yourself.




tomato fight!!!

me lauren sally jacqui an brent! five verry tomatoie people!



evidence of the scottis heat wave! an perfectly timed for out 2 weeks by the sea!!!!


t in the park-page 2

who goes to a consit with someone they met on a bilding sight 2 days b4??!! anyone for this line up! you can probly see it on


T in the Park!!!!!



royal highland show!

went last year with kate so we thought we had better give it another werl! this time we registerd at the international office an got members passes! fun! got to have a good laugh at the ugly sheep! no balls billie!


a weekend in london

had a long weekend out in london, drank plenty of cider an fosters!!! cought up with travel buddies from last year an mates from home! went to a huge foo fighters consit in hyde park unreal crowd ive never been to anything with that many people! an cruzed around a couple of markets! had lunch with my grandpas sister, was lovely a family history lesson! an cought the end of the soccer on telly just to see yu loose a real letdown after winning the first game! a good weekend in all!


kippen street fair

harry an louisa, dressed up for the kippen street fair!
was the same day louisa lernt to ride a bike all my running up an down the drive paid off! yay!


the tent named Kermet!

the new mobile home! (its called Kermet coz its green!) an some more scottish sunsets!


sunset pics

some sunset photos , ahh everyone loves a good sunset! pink sky at night sheepeds delight! ; )


city house-Country house

my first day back in scotland, over tired but the weather is too nice to sleep! got to make the most of it beacuse it is scotland sun is scarce!

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Recent Messages

From georgia

and so am i!!!!! yay
Response: yep, looking forward to seeing your uggly mug at the plainstation!!!! love yu
From sally
hey bonnie, cant believe you put those feet pictures on the net..poeple will know i mean think we dont wash very often..... lol hope your having a nice time in scotland.. miss u heaps.. lots love sally xoxo
Response: well i love to show the true side of a backpackers life! i still think there should be people at the airtport to scrub your feet as you wait in the Q! miss you too mate! happy travels,B
From georgia mae
hello bonita,
looks like you are having a fantastic time, would love to be there with you!!!! have a ball, missing you but am jelous of you at the same time!!!!
lotsa love macie mae special k!
Response: aww missie, jealous my but who just got back frim china! see yu real soon anyways! lotsu love bon
From sally
hey bon, u and your friends look pretty cool covered in tomato!! hehe
Response: sally you were there silly!
From b & t
That's more like it! How fun does that look! Wish we were there too! You've redeemed yourself Bon!
Love you! B & T
Response: ahh better late than never eh!!
am slack you know that, lotsu love bj
From Jean
Salut Bonnie!
Tomato fight looks great!
Enjoy the sun because Scotland is wet, wet, wet.
Have a great time in Morroco, lucky you!
Take care
Response: thanks will do! got to love scotland all the same!B.
From b & t
Look Bon.... I come to this page expecting to see exciting updates on what is going on over there & I have to say that this visit has left me feeling quite unsatisfied!!! Where's the photos of the tomato fest? Can i have my money back please?
Hope you are having a great time & look forward to catching up in November. Love you! B & T
Response: well cant get a net cafe that will let me plug my blody camera in so youll just have to hang out till nov!!!! lotsu fun an wish you were there so i could have thrown tomato at you! losu love bon
From georgia
i didnt even notice it was mine!!!!! wow!!!! i do have a very good eye for style like ive always said!!!!! you steala
Response: oh dobed myself in then well its a lovely scalf an well traveld i might add!
mwa! XXxx
From georgia
like your headband in the heat wave!!!!! will be borrowing it on your return!!!!
miss you
Response: well about the hed band! i borrowed it from your scalf collection! ops bustered! miss you too! Mwa!! ; )
From brookie girl
hey there friend,
ohh i am sooo cut bout that t in the park thing you went to! the pics look awesome best line up eva... hear is 4 hopin this new years line up is half as good as that ;) sorry i have not written in ages just have not been able to get to me e-mail... living in the mecca of australia aka albury/wodonga is tuff!!!!
love ya guts
Response: ah so you are still alive!!! an yes fingers Xed for a good newyears doo coz im going to have to finely come to one with you lot!!! so big city well big town life is keepen yu bizy!! top stuff, love yu guts too,Bx
From ilena
Looking forward to seeing you on the 25th babe, cant wait to do spain with you either. Should be heaps of fun.Maybe we can add some pasta with all the tomate juice that we will have on us. ha ha,
Love ya xoxo
Response: so you are comeing yay!!!! yep pasta sounds like a plan!!!! MMMMmmmmm!
From Kate Manning
Hi Bon, Sounds like you are having a blast. Rodda now has house in London with 3 others, so try to catch up with him. Am stil in NZ. Saw Jules last week and she said to say g'day to you. Enjoy!! :-)
Response: still havent seen rodda i swere that boy is avoiding me!!!!! glad to hear your still in nz!!! having a top time from what i gather!!!! love to jules too. take care love bonnie
From sally
hey bonnie, looks like t in the park would have been awesome! im so jealous!! kaiser cheifs reminds me of killiecrankie also!...
we missed out on seeing chillie peppers in derby which is only 20 mins from where we are!! dammit!!.. xoxo
Response: well, you wont mis much the wernt that good! like hell they rocked!!!! ill be sure to tell you all about is as we get pummeled with tomatoes in spain!!!
From Lauren
Hey Bon, looks like you're having a blast up there! Sal and I are living the quiet life in the bewdiful peak district, (not too quiet tho..) Looking forward to seeing you in Spain, good times and sunny skies beckon us!!
Response: oh yes looking forward to some sun you know full well what a scottish summer can be like!!!
From georgie girl
that looks like awsome fun!!!! wish i could come n visit you!!! mums in tazzie so im here batchin with dad and corrie!!!!! lotsa fun believe me!!!! have some fun for me too!!! love u!!! oxo
Response: ahhh the good old days batchen with the boys! egg in a hole an pies with tined peas!!!! white bread!!!! hope you survive, love yu heepsu XxB
From georgia
they sure are spunky swell golly gosh cool sheep!!! smuggle me one bck would you!!!!! four horns what the hell!!! bit weird but a bit cool too!!! love u n miss you lots!!!
Response: thought you would like em! alwase had weard tast you! well love yu a bit too.mwa.B
From Penelope
Very nice bonstar. Bet Tim and crew have a problem with the Fosters drinken!
Response: well its just one of the things you have to do as an aussie when your in london!!!!B.
From georgia
looks like you had a swell time!!!!
Response: oh yes, i had a real whooha of a wizzz banger!!
From emzi
hey hey great pics. yummo....mmm fosters!!! haha. yep they cost a bit for the quality of it ey??!! lol
can't believe ppl actually think that aussies really drink much of it i dunno wat i'm trying to say. but yeah.... cheers on that! catch
Response: oh yer an they all insist on byeingyou one!!!!
From georgie girl
were you by chance digging to australia the other day because i heard some scratching??? tell louisa i heard her!!!!! miss you and luv you!!!!
Response: oh yes funnely enough louisa an i were digging to aus the other day on the beech, ill try yelling down the hole next time save on phone calls!
From Betsy
Great photos Bon, looks like a pretty cool place yuore stayin in, the kids look a bit weird but you have that effect on people!hope its going well, getting out an about a bit too.Have fun, gotta go sort out paint colours for the Bets ox.
Response: no silly they dont look like that all the time they are playing dress ups!
fun painting!
love bon
From brooklyn
hey bon bon, looks funtastic.... hope your having fun

love your far away friend!
Response: aww, geethanks brookie girl! am going to see rach next weekend so no doubt there will be lots of chat about you lot! love B
From Ilena
Hey, just had a thought, any chance your family knows a family who needs a nanny?? thinking about giving cookin a rest for just a bit!! Email you a propper letter soon, lots to tell ya.Love you beautiful girl. Miss ya stacks, pubs just not the same without your good looks and sarcasim! lol. Big kisses to you my girl.
Response: you lookin after kids thats almost as bad as me looking after kids! just as long as they dont have teenaged sons eh!! XXoo
From Trish
Allo Darlin,

Those sunsets are beautiful, Love seeing all your pics its all very exciting was telling Damien all about your travels yesterday showed him the pics he was in shock that a quite tassie gal like yourself has travelled so much. He wishes you luck and lots of fun times!!! Also says those Scotland boys better treat you well..... Better go babe. Take care Love Trish
Response: hay there, i havent seen damien cince we were about 10, how funny! you could still die from boy germs back then! yuck! talk soon love bonnie
From sally
hey bonnie, hows it going? only 2 weeks now !! wohoo..but who's counting hehe cu soon
lots love sally
Response: hell yer bring on the addventures! catch yu when you get hear beautiful girl,B Xx