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bonnies travel photo page two!

bon went a bit nuts with the photo page thing and already overloaded her other page so hears part two! niej and and so check it out an let me know what yu reccon!

Photos - Click Below



this is what happens when u go to the plain station 12 hours early 4 your plain! sill bonnie lear 2 read 24 hour time! thanks louren 4 playine 4 a few hours!


BARCELONA im in love with food

me an kate in spain foe four days!


Scotland tour!

macbackpackers tour they rock
we did a hop on hop off tour an exploured scotland loved it!


the new bub

aunie bon bons pics of the littlen just so beautiful


last day at killiecrankie

love the girls!


pics pics and more pics

pitlochry to london and back again


day out with sally!

a not so sunny day out in pitlochry it always clouds over on our days off!

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Recent Messages

From macie
why hello!!! having fun without me????????? im in ag doing my assignment and am dead bored!!! he he he miss ya!!!
Response: hay buba sis muss u have fun at school little shit love bon
From Lauren
Hey Aunty Bon, beautiful bub! I have a website too now! Miss ya!
Response: thanks bud an love the web page!
From georgie girl
hey everyone in tassie!
i wanna see the baby, its not fair i wana see it.
booooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!
Response: it donu wannu see u!!!!!! ha ha!!!!!!
From sally
hey bonnie, the buby is sooo cute!!! i am enjoying spain but miss u loads... scotland is beautiful hey.. but im tanning myslef up hehe take care love you!xo
Response: go the tan!!!
yep shes so beautiful an worth coming home 4! its a big deal to leave spain!!
From georgie girl!!
hey bonnie yonnie
i am at school and am in the libary doing assignments cough cough the photos are great but make sure there is a little bit of blood in your alcahol system!!! miss ya see ya on thr 21st!!
Response: aw now now kiddo yu big sis knows what shes doing cheekie think see yu on the 21st love yu mate,b.
From Muma
Dearest Bonn, I LOVE these pages - this and the phone calls make it almost bearable for me. Glad that you're having a great time - looks like it in the pics. Do you get to bring your kilt home? See you on the 21st. *hugs* MuMa.
Response: nope i left that kilt in pitlochry and ran!!!!!!
see yu soon love yu heeeeepsu,love bon.
From sayne baby
hey bon, u crazy thing...let me know when u exactly fly in cause there may be a chance that we CAN catch up 4 a drink....i fly out aug so freaking out at the mom. i dony know what ive got my self in for...arrrgh..ive got butterflies in my tummy.. :O)
Response: wow i get home on the 21st what time??????
the butterflys are the best bit!
youll have a blast love bon
From georgia and emma
hello bonnie emma thinks your armpits r feral and u r grose!!! youre missing out on the pupies and our fun weekend also say hi to ever1 and emmas in da making of sending u a letter have fun and dont have 2 many picnics c ya lub ya have fun
Response: thanks 4 all yu advice girls and ill be seeing yu soon bee good love bon