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Anthony & Allison Boorne's TCT Bike Tour

We will be setting out in the summer of '08 to bike the Trans Canada Trail from Victoria, B.C. all the way to St. John's Newfoundland.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Location: Canada

Well, we kicked off our first wedding aniversary with a stolen bike. Mine, to be exact and I'm not too thrilled about it. Fortunately, I have a little plastic card that allowed me to go buy another one the next day. I call it Snowball 2. I miss my first's so sad. But let this be a lesson. Even if you're parking your bike within arms reach, lock it up!!! Vancouver has the highest bike theft rate in the world aparently.

Monday, 02 July 2007

Location: vancouver, BC, Canada

Another month closer. I have not been training at all, quite convinced that I don't need to do any major training for this. I'm sure I'll be proven wrong within an hour. Anthony and I need time off together to do some serious all day biking. I've discovered that my favorite past time is biking around the city at night, usuallly with a few drinks in me, and usually in a group of 4 or 5. It's going to be strange to be on the open road with no buildings and just the two of us...all alone. I'm predicting lots of old camp songs being sung. Mostly by me. Our next big purchase is the complete set of Trans Canada Trail guides per province. I forget which company has put this series out but there are 10 books, one for each province, that describe the trail in detail. I'm trying to get my hands on the BC book for now, get things rolling.

Saturday, 02 June 2007

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hopefully, within a year we will be somewhere in the praries by now. Complaining about our sore butts and taking lots of pictures. We have begun the planning stages of our trip - item checklists, towns we'll come across, researching other TCT trips, finding relatives and friends along the trail, buying all the necessary accessories including bikes, what to do with the cat for 4 months, bike repair, etc. I (Allison) am the organized one who feels the need to document every sunrise and sunset. I'm thinking we should buy one of those two seater bikes so I don't actually have to pedal, I'd just be on the back snapping photos and writing diary entries on our laptop. I'll run it by Anthony. Things are going pretty smoothly. My parents think we're crazy and have demanded supplying us with a cell phone if we actually do this thing. We are currently biking to and from work which isn't much but I'm feeling the effect already after a month.

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