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Bootsie and Lechte's Bogus Adventure

Hi everyone, this is where you can keep track of our travels and have a look at our latest photos. We've updated it with some of our older ones from last year which you can check out in the 'more' section.

Photos - Click Below


Vietnam May 09

The 3 of us girls decided it was time to sit back, relax and enjoy the humidity and slow paced lifestyle of Hoi An - Vietnam. Having said that, the shopping was anything but relaxing. Disey and Nicole, purely unstoppable in search of the best made and styled outfits. All in all it was a great break away.


Kangaroo Island SA

Feeling very bunny like, we hopped over to Kangaroo Island for some Easter fun. Narrowly missing a big kangaroo on the road, our days were fun filled and adventure packed.


Our B & W Wedding Photos

These are the shots the old fashioned way.


Vietnam - Pt 2.

We continued our journey down the coast on a sleeper train to Hue and then on to the beautiful Hoi An. We liked it here so much we stayed a bit too long - the fact that there were tailors on every street and renee was also on these streets played a role in this. We actually ended up getting the groomsmans suits for the wedding made here. We ended up flying straight to Ho Chi Minh - ancient land of many motorbike. We dodged them well enough to explore it's interesting war museums and pretty buildings.


Vietnam - Hanoi & Halong Bay

Hanoi, although still pretty hectic, had a nice feel about it and a beautiful area around it's lake. After a couple days exploring, we took off on a boat through the amazing limestone carsts of Halong Bay for a couple of days.



We spent a fantastic few days on Railay Beach, where Cousin Jamie married Manon. A great location and a great night was had by all. The rest of the time was spent relaxing by the pool and the beach with Aunts Rosa and Hellsa.


Sri Lanka

A week on the beach soaking up the sun, eating seafood, and swimming in the clear blue water of Umwatuna Beach was just what we needed. So thats what we did in Sri Lanka, and not much else.


Annapurna Circuit trek Pt 2

The second week of the trek had us ascending the high pass at Thorung La (5416m). We also had a lot more snow to contend with, freezing temps and headaches at the high altitude and and more amazing scenery.


Annapurna Circuit Trek Pt 1

For the last 15 days we've been trekking around the Annapurna Mountain range in the Nepalese Himalaya. The first week saw us head towards the north, travelling through rice terraces, over white water suspension bridges, and gaping at the amazing scenery and towering peaks.


Kathmandu & Mt Everest

We spent a few days in Kathmandu, exploring the temples of durbar square and stocking up on winter warmies for our trek. We also took the chance to go on a scenic mountain flight over Mt Everest. Here's the photos.


India - Part 2

Our India travels continue through Pushkar, Udaipur which were a a bit more laid back than our first experiences of india in Delhi and Jaipur. Very scenic too.


India - pt 1

Our adventures through chaotic India. This section covers our arrival into Delhi - notable for crooked airport taxi driver, Agra - notable for taj mahal, and Jaipur - notable for crazy traffic, indian weddings and renees birthday!.


Egypt 2

The Nile.

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Recent Messages

From ro
Hi Nayso and Davo,
Great website so easy for me to show friends our trip to Thailand! Love the aquatic shots (not) very funny captions, especially the one about trumping the wedding!

the pancake place reminds me if the night I got sick!

I'm out to lunch so will email from home

Response: thanks Ro
Weren't the aquatic ones glamour...ha
From jen
Dear Naizie

I had a good look at the photos today and they are really fabulous. Every one ha you smiling like a Scandivian model .Amazing .Some of your travels must have been exhausting but there you are smile smile .Wonderful What a great bride you''ll make Can't wait to see you .

Love Jen

And Bootsie you'll have to work on that smile to catch up with Naizie.
Response: thanks for that but think you have a case of mistaken identity! Me not model
From Bernie
Hi Backseat & Staller,

Was wondering if you were still alive after not hearing from you for a while. Must be withdrawl symptoms! As I sit in the stinky internet cafe writing this I feel really jealous of all your other travels since last seeing you in Jan! I shouldn't since we are living the dream still...speaking of which we are off to the land of the cuckoo clocks next friday for 4 days! Woo hoo! You guys actually look quite healthy..must be the sun! Yor photos are great and looks like you've had a ball! Looking forward to seeing you on the big day...just 28 days and about 26 hours of flying to go until we arrive back in Adeladie!! xx
Response: living the dream alright... you are currently in switzerland i believe! Beautiful beautiful Bernie
From Therese
Amazing trip - I can't get over the ENERGY to keep on going! You are record- breaking travellers and have persevered to see the real wonders of the world and appreciate them. Special people, you two. Love, Therese
From leechys mum
Hi David and Renae

What an amazing and wonderful journey you are both taking. Some absolutley beautiful photos and memories. Hope to see many more. Bootsie, have you now a very good selection of interesting hats? Take care and keep well. Martin and Margret
From Kath NZ
Fantastic pickies! Glad to see that India and Nepal have not changed too much! Go the Treking. lata k
From Leech
Hey Guys,
Photo's look fantatsic!! Almost 'photo of the week' worthy. If that guy is supposed to be guarding that giant sliver pot, he dosen't look that interested!! Reckon I could take him but that flimsy red string security system could be a hassle. I'd have to step over it or something. In regard to the secong set of photos, I didn't realise Bollywood had their own version of Shaft.....
From The Wsolaks
Hey Davo, the tea towel might come in handy when you remember to do the dishes.
Love the photos. Its nice and warm in Perth 33-37 degr C.
Response: Cant see tea towel if on my head. cant do dishes if cant see tea towel.
From nickers
Wow you have done so much travelling - how do you remember it all? Great pictures. Doesn't even feel like you are away.
From Therese
These photos are fabulous as well as the fantastic description of your travels - a writer and a clown! This is my first visit to this travel site as my compute is SO SLOW. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENEE, MY DARLING NIECE. Have a great day (as I know you will). Lots of love, Therese xxx
From jennifer
Arrived back at work today and looked at all your photos .Absolutely amazing How are you going to settle down is boring old Oz !

Love Jen
From Bernie
Hey Guys,

Dubai and Jordan look great. Nice to see some sun! Forgot what it is after 2 weeks of rain and crap weather! I bet you're shocked to hear that!!So jealous of you wearing t-shirts. Booked our flights back for your wedding last night. Pumped! Keep safe and happy travels xx
Response: The sun is great. Hope you guys are both well.
From Coxie
hi giis
grate fotos. dont no ubowt that skive Bootsy has on tho!!! also as a teeeecha I must drawer yor atenshon to the fak that all peepalll's nams need capetalls!!!! ha ha
yo coxy.. your photos are high necked-jumper aint no skivvy - it rocks-ie.
From robbo
Hi Ney Ney Were on holidays at moment.Doen the big driving trip n so far been down through Mt Isa to Brissie n Goldcoast to Lismore my home town then onto Syd,Cbr n now in Horsham Fionas hometown! Were getting Brody christened here on Saturday ! Kahli is with us to.Shes out of school for 6 weeks n Fionas teaching her in the car as we go!So far done 6400 kms n after here off to Adl to the wineries then Cooperpeddy n straight up the guts via Asp n The Devils Marbles n back to good old Darwin where the barra will be on the chew and just waiting for me to give em a Rex Hunt Special!! Brody got his first tooth on Monday and the very next day he crawled for the fisrt time !! Keep sending me your bogus adventures cause they keep inspiring me to oneday get to Europe!! Lots of love the Robbos p.s. will have to send you some photos of Kahli n Brody hes so cute and smiles non stop !!
From catherine, Ro's frie
Hi Renee,
I've just come back from Scotland and the Isle of Skye am looking again at your photos with Ro to see whether the bridge was the same one I saw, were you staying at Killin? It looks very similar? Loved Scotland and Skye. Cheers,

Catherine with Ro beside who sends her luv ...ooops she's an English teacher, make that love.
Howdy lovely lady!
So great to hear from you. All the photos are fantastic! My God you have travelled girlfriend! I am spewing I couldn't catch up with you both when you were in Melbourne but I can't wait to see you again when you are next home.
Talk to you soon
Love Fee
From Ro Lechte
Most impressive! My friend Catherine and I enjoyed looking at the photos. She's going to Scotland soon.
Response: yo ro - good to hear you could get around the modern technology with ease