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Brads life in Afgahanistan

Welcome to my life in Afghanistan please send my lots of messages

Diary Entries

Sunday, 03 June 2007

Location: Afghanistan

Hello everyone it has been awhile since I wrote. I have good news my time here is done I will be home in Edmonton on the 4th and I cant wait. I figured I would be here until Aug 22 but things worked out and they are sending me home a little earler. Nothing is wrong just it is time for me to go and im not about to argue with them. I really appreciate everyone writing me it sure kept a smile on my face and when your in a war zone a smile goes along way. I will be putting pictures on this sight next week so please look at them if you want and tell me what you think. I would like to thank karyn and the kids for being so strong when I was gone and now that im back I can take the work load of them. Again thanks to everyone for showing your support and we will talk again.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Location: Afghanistan

Hello everyone I have some pics on my page so you should check them out. I am in my second part of this shitty ass tour but i do have a end date which is the 22 Aug. That means I have 90 days to go. The weather here has been very hot but i am getting pretty use to it. Please keep in touch and send some more jokes that i can read. well catch you on the flip side and remember dont eat yellow snow

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Location: Kandhar, Afghanistan

Hello everyone im back in theater and it already sucks but im soildiering on and the weather is even hotter and it is very dry here. my flight back over was long and im kind of glad that I dont have to fly back so soon cause it sucks. I put some pics on the page and there will be more to come in the near future so keep in touch and Karyn brodee and dakota I miss you already and i love you guys more then anything in the world. Also thanks dean for your help these past weeks and watch out for my family.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Hello everyone things are good at the home front and it has been a good holiday but like everything, good things have to come to a end. I am leaving for Asscrackastan in 4 days and I am not looking forward to it
Karyn has kept me busy will all the chores Ha Ha just joking but i have been going to watch soccer every day and Brodee and Dakota are doing awesome. I have seen Logan thats my second cousin and he sure is a keeper. Mary and bill are doing very good as new parents. My neighbor's cliff Lori and Isabella are doing good and Isabella is sure getting big, pretty soon she will be carrying pieces of re bar down the block. I sided my garage while I was home and Im glad that is done. I spent time with my dad and mom all so my inlaws will and laura came up from Saskatoon to see me and to be with Brodee for his 9TH birthday. Anyway I will talk to everyone soon when I am back in the dessert.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Location: United Arab Emirates

hello again i have started my trip home and i will be in edmonton on wed at 200pm and i cant wait but make sure you check the web page on friday of this week cause there will be alot of new cool pics to see. oh ya it is very hot here even hotter then asscrackastan.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Location: kandhar, Afghanistan

Hello everyone im doing good and the weather is getting hotter. I will be home in edmonton in 5 days and I cant wait. Im sure i will freeze my but off but what ever i will be on vacation for 3 weeks. Where still very busy here with convoys and things out side the wire are still the same. The people are doing good some like us and some dont but you cant please everyone. When I do get home i will be putting alot of pics on the page so keep your eyes open and check the page on a regular basis. Talk to you all later and from everyone here thanks for your support and keep it up. GO LEAFS GO next year

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Location: Afghanistan

Hello everyone it has been awhile but i have been away for a bit. I would like to say Congrats to Mary and Bill Kerr they had a baby boy and his name is Logan. Also another congrats to Desta and Chris they are ingaged to be married and desta I better be invited. Oh ya and its about time gods man I didnt think you would ever take the leap and chris good luke and welcome to the family. Its been pretty hot here i have know time to spare. I will be home in Edmonton on the 25th of this month and I cant wait but I think the hardest thing will be getting back on the air plane to come back. I have alot of cool pics to put on but i will put them on the page on the 26th of april there will be alot so make sure you check them out and on another note the ;eafs might be out of the playoffs but they beat the Habs out first GO LEAFS GO next year

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Location: Afghanistan

Check out the new Pics GO LEAFS GO

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Location: Afghanistan

Hello everyone its been just over a month since I have been gone. Im leaving camp to go and play for awhile but i will have access to my email, I think. Things are going good other then Im a shit magnet and Im convinced the enemy just want to see the fat kid run. Bullets are flying bombs are going off but were still helping the inacent ones. The weather has been hot and getting hotter, There has been a few rocket attacks on the camp and I think I even slept threw one of them. Anyway i will have more pics to go on the sight shortly so look for them GO LEAFS GO

Friday, 23 March 2007

Location: Afghanistan

Check out the pictures, Things are good here little busy but it makes my days go by fast and my days are about 18 hour days but what ever. Its starting to get hot hear so the only cure to that is beer but cause where dry i guess water will do. If anybody would like to send a letter call Karyn for my address. letters are good it feels like home when i receive letters from my home. well talk to you later and remember GO LEAFS GO

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Location: kandahar, Afghanistan

Hello everyone things are good here and the weather is getting warmer. I have not been doing much other than Vehicle maintinance. but im on duty recovery for the next few days so I should be outside the wire on a regular basis. We all now how reliable canadas vehicles are. Im counting the days down to my 3 week holiday wich i really need. I do have more pics to put on im just going threw them so i can put the best ones on. Desta still waiting to find a hot one for ya. I talk to Karyn and the kids almost every day and they are doing very well. Brodees hockey team is finished for the year and Dakota's swimming is almost done. Karyn's still working hard and taking care of the kids and the house and anything eles I left her to do and she's doing a great job. Anyway talk to you guys and gals later and remember GO LEAFS GO

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Location: Afghanistan

Check ou the Pics

Friday, 09 March 2007

Location: kandahar, Afghanistan

Well things are good here I will be home for my leave on the 25 Apr, well needed im really busy here and I guess thats good it makes the time go by faster. I see my leafs are doing okay they should make the play offs. The weather has been okay little rainy but still warm. I dont spend alot of time on the main camp most of my time is out at one of the patrol bases in the middle of no where. The locals seem to be doing all right not that I care but at least I see improvment. I have only been here for about 16 days it seems like months. I do have some more pics and i will be putting them on the page tommorow. Thanks everybody for there support it is really nice to receive messages and definitly puts a smile on my face. Take care and let the messages keep on comin. GO LEAFS GO

Monday, 05 March 2007

Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan

Hello again I have put more pics on the page called week 3. I will be away from the computer for a bit but please don't stop sending messages. Talk to you all later GO LEAFS GO

Sunday, 04 March 2007

Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan

Hello everyone again its been a couple of days since my last entre but I was out at on of our Forward observation bases in the middle of the desert but im back on the main camp for a couple of days I think. I see the Edmonton Oilers traded Smith away, hows your Oliers doing now Larry I told you they suck. Ha Ha
The weather has been good not to much rain but it still gets a little cold at night. I took some more pics i will be putting them on the sight shortly. Anyway you all take care a i will talk to you soon. GO LEAFS GO

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Location: Afghanistan

Hello again I have put some photos up to see and there is more in follow of the country side and locals

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan

Hello again just checking in Im doing good weather is rainy but Im liken my job. I am done all my tour training and now I start leaving the wire. Tin Hortens is good I have not yet tried Burger King or Subway, Pizza hut but I will try them befor I leave. Im trying to get on the phone to call people but the line ups are crazy. How are my leafs doing are they in the play offs yet well I took some pictures just putting them to gether and I will be putting them on soon. Talk to every one later GO LEAFS GO

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Location: Canada

My first day in camp has been okay, The weather was good and the Mess Hall is really good. My travel day was interesting, I left Edm at 0615am on Tuesday the 20th and than we stop in Glassglow Scotland for fuel and that was a 7 hr 45min flight. Than we flew to Germany and that was 2 hr flight. We were in Germany for 90mins and than we flew to Dubia and that was a 6 hr flight. From Dubia we flew into Kandahar and that was a 4 hr flight. Overall I was in the air for 19 hrs 45 mins and that really sucked. I have been on ground for 24 hrs and haven’t stop working. The next few days will be long ones by I guess that’s the way it goes. Tomorrow we are on the rifle range all day. Anyway ill sign off now and talk to you all tomorrow. Cheers GO LEAFS GO

Saturday, 03 February 2007

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Hello again 2 weeks before I leave and last night we had a fare well party at a local pub and it was a good night. Lots of Pics where taken and they will be on my page shortly, Here are a list of freinds that where there and thank you for showing up.
Scott G
Little D

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Hello every one I just want to give you an update about my departure day, I was suppost to leave on the 31 Jan but I will be leaving on the 20 of Feb. So my travel Pics will be a little late but I will be updating very soon.

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Recent Messages

From Uncle Mike & Aunt Ca
Hiya Bradley...What do you your bro on crack??? Me thinks it is you on that crap..being a Make-Me-Laugh fan hehe....yea, GO HABS GO!! Missing hockey, that is for sure! Say hi to Karen and the kiddies...and hugs to Bill, Mary and Logan..Have a great summer!

Uncle & Aunt HABSFAN xo
Response: I will thanks and I don't know if you heard the latest but the HABS suck
From brian
go habs go
Response: Are you on crack man go leafs go
From brian
well i guess i was late im really glad your back at home again
Response: It feels good to be home how are doing?
From brother
hey chum how are ya are you at home now or are you still there.those pictures are neat to see it was good to see trying to set up email then you can wright back.ive been applying for jobs out your way no calls yet actually i recieved a call from the pipeline in chauvin alberta just waiting to here back i guess after he checks my ref. i hope to see you sometime soon.tell your kids that i said hello.i might be going out there with the my kids in july. justin and brodee are so alike atleast i think so.shitty stanley cup ya to you again
Response: Its good to hear from you things are good i hope when you set up your email send me a message at and i will send you some more pics
From Uncle Mike & Aunt Ca
Hiya Brad...What wonderful news that you are back home safe and sound...and early!!! We prayed for your safety and glad our prayers were answered. Bill, Mary & their handsome son were here this week. We hosted a family BBQ on Sunday with about 25 people. Had a blast! Then 8 of them decided to play lawn hockey in the backyard for about 2 hours. Sure aerated our back lawn! Uncle Mike was stiff and sore for a few days. Logan sure is a keeper! And was great seeing Bill and Mary again. Take good care and give our love to Karyn, Brodee and Dakota.
Love from Uncle Mike & Aunt Carol xo
Response: I will give them your love and tell mike to quit being a wimp and suck it up. Logan is a keeper and we are all glad that he has marys looks ha ha
From mom
Hi How are you doing? We have hot weather here but not as hot as the weather there. I went and got me a Red t-shirt and we can wear them on Fridays at work . talked to my boss and he approved it . So we got lots of drivers weaaring them. Pam and I were interviewed today so could be on local T.V. tonight. Cool eh. If I can find a tape I am going to tape it. Should be good for a laugh. Don"t take a good picture. Thinking of you love ya
Response: Hi thats cool about the t-shirt what where you interviewed for?
From laura
Hi Big Guy I hope things are going okay, You say you posted some pictures but I don't knowif they are the last ones I can see let me know shat they are suppose to be. Will is really starting to get POI with the rain.,Talk to you soon stay safe Love you lots The Soks
Response: i tryed to post new ones but it did not work so i will try again soon and the rain should be good for the grass
From justin massaro
hi, its justin and my dad says hello. how are you doing.
Response: Im doing good thanks and hi back
From Alice
Hello Brad, I enjoyed the new pictures. It really shows all the shit you guys have to put up with. Think of you lots and hope you are keeping your butt down. Hope you are ready to party at the wedding. Take good care of yourself.
Response: i was born ready and yes the shit here really sucks
From Windy Wendy
B-Rad! Back to the sweat shop for you. Glad you were able to 'get away' and come home to see Karyn and the kids. How hard it must be to have to make the trip back there though. It's definitely debatable whether it is easier to stay or easier to come home and leave. Hmmm . . .

So we all know Jeff Foxworthy ~ I'd like to give you the definition of SOLDIER as seen in theRedneck Dictionary . . . sol-dier, v. and adj. to have exchanged a person or object belonging to another for money. Example: "I hope you don't mind, dude, but I soldier mother on Ebay."

Hope all is going well in your camp. Think about you often and wishing you well. And don't forget . . . Run, Forest, run!

Response: thats good i will have to tell the boys that. things are good and yes brad run brad
From Desta
Hey Brad,
I hope everything is going well. I had a good time at your place with K, Dean and the kids. But I gotta practice up on my Dance Dance Revolution!! Did I mention how tasty the Olive Garden was?? : ) Kidding!!
The house looks great...holy Maple Leaf stuff!! Quite the collection going on!
See you soon and take care.
Response: yes that is not very nice to bug me about the olive garden considering i eat stuff out of a bag. and remember go leafs go
From Lori
Hi Neighbor!
It was good to see you. All of your hard work paid off and everything looks great! Maybe I can hire you when you get back so that we can keep up with you . . .
Take care and we will be coutning down the days until your return along with everyone else.
Response: thank you and yes 90 days and counting talk to you soon
From Karyn, Dakota and Br
Hey, so the trampoline is set up and so far no injuries. The weekend ended up being okay. Saturday was shatty but Desta and Chris came up and we went to the waterpark most of the day on Saturday, then out to supper at the Olive Garden (sorry). Then on Sunday the left around noon and Dean and I set up the trampoline. It ended up turning into a pretty nice day. And today (Monday) it was kind of cool and overcast but late in the evening it started to clear up. We love you and miss you lots. XOXOXOXO
Response: well im glad desta and chris came up to visit not so happy about the olive garden but i guess we can go when i get home. the tramp was a good thing and i can wait to try it and when i do i will probaly be the first injury talk to you soon i love you guys and miss you lots
From Uncle Mike & Aunt Ca
Hiya big guy....We are glad you had a good vacation with your lovely family. It won't be long before you will be home again with them. We are watching the playoffs and now have Ottawa to cheer for. Not quite the same as the HABS, but at least, they are a canadian team. Take good care of yourself and keep are in our thoughts and prayers!
Love from Uncle Mike & Aunt Carol xo
Response: i do hope the cup comes home and your right watching the sens is nothing like watching the LEAFS
From Laura & Will
hi brad just wanted to let you know we a thinking about you everyday stay safe. will is starting to feel better on some new meds and they seem to be working love ya laura & will
Response: thats good that he is feeling better and thanks for thinking of me. it looks like i will be home on the 22nd of aug. so i have 94 days to go.
From mom
Hi there see you made it safe and sound back. was a good visit with you and of course never long enough. Doug says hi . May long weekened here and its raining and calling for it most of the weekened in Red Deer. we are not going anywhere just staying home. will probably go with Doug on sunday or monday to work with him so he can stay cought up. Auntie Trisha is wright you have all kinds of guardian angels looking out for ya. stay safe I love you and always thinking of you XOXOXO
Response: hello mom i did make it safe and i would rather have 3 days of rain then 3 days of 62 deg temp. anyway it was nice to see you to and it looks like i will be home on the 22nd of aug for good. talk to you soon luv ya
From MJ
Hey B-rad glad you got there safe now get home safe and everyone will be happy...Luke got his Learners licence and is waking Larry up at 430am to get some driving time in with his dad.....Larry is tired. haha anyway its the long weekend here and of course nothing but rain (maybe snow go figure0
Take care thinking of you
The Johanssons
Response: thats good he got his learners pretty soon he will be driving the lighting. it is pretty hot here now and it still sucks the big one but what ever this will be my last tour to this place and if not im retiring. and i will biuld house but i still wont walk on walls or do roofs but i will do everything eles. talk to you later
From brad kurylyk
hey brad it sure was great seeing you thanks again for the gift and ride to the airport. your kids are great. karen was a big help to mary,helping organise all thet baby stuff.hope everthing goes well while your over there take care auntie trish dwayne & matt say hello. did yoy get your posting confermed, hope so good luck and don't worry you have plenty of gardian angles . love ya
Response: It was nice to see you too and i have not heard about my posting yet but I have not given up. Hi to the rest of the family and im glad your thinking of me here
From Alice
So glad you had a good rest at home with Karyn ,Dakota and Brodie. Please take care of yourself and keep your head and butt down. Will keep you updated on the wedding plans. I'm sure Karyn filled you in on what's happening with Chris. Will write again soon.
Response: Yes she has and im looking forward to the wedding. my visit with karyn and the kids was awsome and i did not want to leave but shit happens and i will see them in 3 months. keep in touch
From Desta
Welcome home Big Guy!!!
Hope the trip went well. I can't wait to look at the other pics you post. When you come for your visit in S'toon...maybe we can go out for some beer? Whatcha think? Enjoy your time with K and the kids. See you soon!!
PS - Lay off the having kids big "leap" at a time buddy!!
Response: thanks alot it feels good to be home and okay i will lay off but if do come to stoon for sure beers sound good
From Darcy
Brad could you send me the rest of your truck photos. I am glad that the equipment that we sent over for you to use is better than the junky hummer that the americans constantly die in. thanks
praying for ya!
Response: I will send them to you when i arrive in edmonton this week.
From Darcy
Hi Brad
Just wanted to let you know that I work with your mom driving transit. She worries about you a little but is quite proud of what you do. She says you tore up your truck a little but you should see what we did in the terminal. we moved a bus ten feet, sent two to the body shop for about 6 weeks and the third one to the wrecker. The bus was tore up way worse than your rig. Keep up the good work and I will keep an eye on your mom. She is tiny but tough and is handling you being ogne well. Keep safe.
Response: Its nice to here from you and keep in touch but the difference between a accident and a bomb is yours could have been prevented HA HA
From Dorothy
Hello Brad, good to hear things are going well and you get to go home for a while. Enjoy your time at home with your family. Glenn and Aaron as well as myself send our Love, Dorothy
Response: thanks again and who is uncle glen cheering for this year to win the cup i think it will be the ducks and buff
From Uncle Mike & Aunt Ca
Hi Brad..I am sure that bythe time you read this, you will be home with your family. We hope that you have a wonderful vacation! We are all doing great. Went to Leonard's 40th Bday party last night...had a great time!
Here is a good one for you...
Little David was in his 5th grade class when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living.
All of the typical answers came up..fireman, policeman, salesman etc...David was being uncharacteristically quiet and so the teacher asked him about his father.
My father is an exotic dancer in a gay bar and takes off all of his clothes in front of other men. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he'll go out to the alley with some guy and make love with him for money.
The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some coloring, and took little David aside to ask him..Is that really true about your father??
No, said David.
He plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids!!!
Aw come on Brad, laugh!!
So again, hope you have a wonderful time home with your family and take good care!
Habsfully yours...Uncle Mike & Aunt Carol xo
Response: Yes it defenitly made me laugh but the leafs may not have made the playoffs but WE DEFINITLY KNOCKED OUT THE HABS ha ha take care and make sure you check the web page aroung friday because there will be alot of new pics to see
From Papa Smurf
Have a safe trip home will talk to you when you get to Edmonton
Response: Sounds good who is papa smurf?