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Diary Entries

Monday, 21 July 2008

Location: Luang Prabang, Laos

Well I can't believe how quickly the past 4 or so weeks have gone! We have seen more in a month than I thought possible! Right now we are enjoying the comforts of free wireless and air conditioning in our nice hotel - Dave is enjoying pringles and sattelite TV!

Outside I can hear the night market vendors packing up their wares and the sounds of tuk tuk drivers ferrying away the last of the shoppers! This town is seriously sleepy but after four weeks in 24/7 Thailand and Cambodia I quite appreciate the 11:30pm curfew here. Its lovely to wake to the soft shuffling of the monks collecting their alms and the smokey smell of the locals cooking up a breakfast of chilli paste and sticky rice.

We have had many adventures lately...maybe a few too many as I have been sick in bed for a couple of days! Thankfully all the garlic and chilli and fresh fruit is doing me wonders and I will be back on track in no time! I have uploaded a few photos for those of you who are interested and I will fill in the detail soon!

:) B

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