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German fun time with Brett guy !!!!

Yes! Hey! This is my Euro travel page! This intro was written in St. Kilda, so it's kind of a lie but keep checking this page for an honest Deutsch entry, hoi.
- Brett

Diary Entries

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Location: Berlin, Germany

New photo's posted up! See you all in Melbourne. I'm flying back on Wednesday, stopovers in Paris and Singapore, but not long enough to leave the airport. Get into Tullarmarine on Friday.
Still a few days left, just enjoying my last moments of freedom. I love holidays.
Thanks for checking out my space. Hope to see yours one day very soon. Get travelling.

Sincerely and completely inspired and blown away, Brett.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Location: Berlin, Germany

Hello all!
After a long 5 hour train ride I've reached Berlin. I've been here for two days now, heading back Sunday morning. I'm currently staying at a teachers house just 30 minutes north of the city, kind of in a forest. It's quite nice, there are lots of deer roaming around and the snow is clearing a bit. Today it is -1 so it's a bit more realistic to go outside. My bedroom is up the top of the house similar to an 'attic' style room...
To give you an idea, this teacher, Carstin, owns a piano, drums, 5 guitars, a motorbike, a wii, and the house isn't his, another friend has gone to Dubai for 6 years and so he's looking after the place. Oh, and he owns a turtle. Little bit eccentric. But still a cool guy.

I was shown around the city by his father yesterday. We also got on a tour bus for 3 hours. This city is amazing. when I first arrived at the main station (which is about 3 levels higher than Melbourne Central, or Sunshine Plaza- yes this is ONLY the train station!) I had a vibe that I would fall in love with Berlin. I hadn't seen anything, but I still got a vibe.

But touring the city with Carstin's dad, I fell in love even more. This city has history. I mean serious stuff happened in this city. There's a vibe of respect by tourists, and a vibe of hope by residents. It's not a depressing city at all, but things happened here, like, wow.

I saw the most amazing things, from a church left unrestored in the city centre after 1945's bombing, Political centre where Hitler gained his control over Germany, the Berlin wall remnants, and an american checkpoint for military crossing through the wall (checkpoint charlie), holocaust memorial, and of course who could forget the biggest shopping mall in Europe! The food court has everything from meals cooked in front of you while you wait, to kangaroo meat and bread shipped daily from France.

It's an ecclectic city, is what I'm getting at. Just beautiful. Haunting but modern and stylish. As you can see by the long blog, I was really touched yesterday.

I have a horrible internet connection at the moment, so I'll post some photos on Sunday. Watch this space.

Auf weidersehen

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Location: Ingolstadt, Germany

Gasp! I'm still alive! Have left Konstanz on a big ferry across possibly the only lake in Germany that isn't frozen. Just back in homebase Ingolstadt now. Spent the last week relaxing inside. It snowed a lot over the week, very pretty to watch. It's currently -15, apparently this year has the coldest winter germany has seen for 100 years... Good timing Brett...

Went and walked on a massive frozen lake, heard it crack under me a few times- scared the hell out of me..
Also have been to a theatre in Munich, seen a big ice and fabric sculpture that grows using water(???), and have been drinking beer every day.
I went for a tour through the Aldi factory here in Ingolstadt, which was pretty cool.

Tomorrow I'm off to Berlin, the highlight of my trip. It's a five hour train ride there, but lots of towns to see along the way. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! Only a week left until I'm back on a plane... whoosh.

Monday, 05 January 2009

Location: Konstanz, Germany

Just adding another entry because I'm near the internet. I put up some more photo's of Zurich. The city reminds me of a frozen Venice. It's very beautiful. It's well known for it's fashion and window displays. Some of the buildings were 300 years old and more. They don't build any new structures, just modify the insides of them.

Today I went tobogganing, which was actually much funner than I imagined. I felt like such a little kid, plus, these things go really fast. I found a frozen road, and me and a mate tobogganed down it together. Survived! Also surfed down on one!

Today I'm off to Konstanz, going to go to school with my friend Verena. After that, it's off to Munich again. Then to Berlin and maybe Hamburg! -6 degrees today.

Saturday, 03 January 2009

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Settling in quite well. Had a great new years eve, went to a guys house party in Ingolstadt, ate lots of Swiss food. I bought some fireworks, and so did the rest of the party. That was awesome. I got to do a countdown, in German. I was very drunk and screwed up half the numbers. The sky lit up with fireworks, it was so amazing. Check out my Ingolstadt photo page for the fireworks photo's. I'm now in Zurich, in Switzerland. Watch this space, and check my photos!
Peace for the new year all.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Location: Ingolstadt, Germany

Have arrived in Germany, in Munich. It was a pretty long flight, stop over in Singapore, then France. Singapore was humid and very much like one big casino, and golf course, on an island. France was kind of the opposite, but with a lot of attractive people.
From Munich airport I travelled with a friend to her home in Ingolstadt. It's a beautiful little town, lots of cobble stone streets and bread and sausages. With the odd McDonalds or Subway, haha. There's a bunch of photos up with Ingolstadt.

Have a happy new year everybody!

I am really, REALLY cold in Germany.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Location: Queensland, Australia

Dear diary... I'm off to Germany!
At the moment just sitting in my parents house in Queensland. My birthday is tomorrow, so that'll be thrown into the mix. Just one big crazy week.
Shoot me a message if you want, down the bottom right-hand side. Let me know what you're up to, give me stupid little dares to do in Germany, etc. I'll post up some photos when I'm there.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year all!


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