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Bridge and Mels European Adventure!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 14 September 2006

Location: Australia


So we have a few new photo pages.. the new ones will come up soon.. followed by our GC welcome home party!!



Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Location: France

Hi Everyone!!

We are currently sitting in a gutter in paris... using a friends laptop.. we know you guys are all so eager to hear where we are right now and how great of a time we had in spain..

so here is a quick rundown on our spanish adventures:

-dancing till dawn in Barcelona and telling the DJ's they were the best ever (slurring)
-barclona graffiti
-many tapas, paella and sangria
-shopping in Barcelona!
-Cruising down la ramblas
-sleeping til 3pm in valencia
-having our friend mike suprise us in madrid and stalk us to San Sebastian
-Beach in San good to see waves...the mediteranean was more like a LAKE
-so many tapas bars in San Sebastian
-amazing fireworks displays everynight for the european fireworks championships
-buying beads with our gay friend and sitting on the beach making bracelets
-getting drunk with our busabout buddies as it was our last stop before heading back to paris and then on to Hong Kong!

-saying goodbye to our friends
-mistaking grapa for vodka in valencia and bridge paying the consequences of the mistake in the nightclub toilet

well we have one day left in paris tomorrow to do some serious shopping etc... absolutely love it here!!!

love you all, see you soon!!!!!!
prepare for the party!!!



Thursday, 10 August 2006

Location: Nice, France

Hello Everyone!!

Its been a while since our last diary entry, so i bet your all eager to hear what we have been up to :)

Well, we spent 7 nights in Nice. We had Amelia come and visit us for 4 nights which was really nice to see someone from home.. for all of you who are confused, it was not amelia ramsay!

The french riviera is amazing! Everybody is just sooo RICH!!! Well, we went on a day trip to Saint Tropez! This was a tour which included a boat cruise around billionaires bay and saint tropez for 2 hours, with all you can DRINK!!! Bridge unfortuanately was sick so she couldnt come. So only myself (mel) and amelia went..
As some of you may know.. pammy anderson married kid rock in the bay of St Tropez, this was only a few days before we went there. We were hoping to see her on the island, but we heard she was out on her boat! DEVO!!! Another famous person in town was AL PACHINO! pretty cool hey!!! so basically we got really drunk, cruising around and being shown all famous peoples houses.. it was a fantastic day! then they dropped us on Saint Tropez to wander around... this was very interesting as we had had alot of VINO!!!

Anyways im babbling on and on....we also went to Monaco, which was so amazing..we sat out the front of the casino and watched all the amazing cars drive past. We went to the prince of Monacos private car collection, which was HUGE!! and just basically walked around the shops.. We also went to Cannes one day, yes we did get up on the Red Carpet of the Film Festival hall and make people take photos of us until they pretty much had to kick us off!!! hehe

So much to tell!!!

We have just come back to Nice for one night on our way to BARCELONA!!! YAY spain finally!!! i cant wait!!!
We have just spent 5 amazing days in the SWISS ALPS!!! So amazing, it is alot of peoples FAVORITE places on the circuit! We definitely fell in love with the place!!

Will give further updates another day!!!!!

love you all...


Sunday, 30 July 2006

Location: Nice, France

Hi All!

We are in the beautiful French Riviera..we drive in through the coast along Monaco etc and it all looks so amazingly US! hehe, very glamorous cant wait to go there..

We spent 4 great nights in the Cinque Terre before heading to france.. the cinque terre is 5 small towns along the italian coast. they all resemble mini Positanos, very nice! We did some intense walking up to 8km in one day.. and we are not talking a straight path, we are talking serious hiking up massive cliffs! so proud of ourselves! Bridge has got some serious muscle definition going on in her legs!

Tonight we are getting a visitor! Yes thats right Amelia is coming to Nice to stay with us so we can all swan around Monaco, St Tropez TOGETHER...perhaps even do a little star spotting! the last busabout tour saw Jack Nicolson...!

Anyways hope all is well with everyone!!!

ps. Cloudy and alex you duds should have given us more notice about Sardinia!!!! hope you have fun there!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, 24 July 2006

Location: Florence, Italy

Hi! We are in the very lovely FIRENZE!

This place is amazing, love it!!! I think my (Bridge) new aim in life is to study art here! It is soooooo great. We arrived 2 nights ago and came into town with the rest of the Busabout group for dinner and some drinks. We had the biggest dinner ever! Four courses... the first course was really yummy bruschetta, second course was two different types of pasta, third course was steak with salad and chips, followed by very yummy gelati! YUM. We then went next door to the bar and had one of the strongest cocktails of our life! By cocktail we mean, a glass full of vodka, with a drop of lime cordial..... ewwwwww.....

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours in the Uffizi gallery, a massive art gallery full of renaissance paintings and statues. It was beautiful, Mel was looooosing it... haha We had to go have a 'time out' at the cafe half way through... We then did some shopping (no more purchases...) around the town.

Today we left our backpacker friends at the bus stop and headed down to check out Prada, Gucci, Dior, Roberto Cavalli, and more.. We contemplated eating brekky at the 'Roberto Cavalli Cafe' as the food looked AMAZING but then decided we couldn't risk being sprung sipping fabulous cappuccinos in there by our Busabout friends.....Also, it seemed like the Firenze jet set was in there eating, and Bridge's backpack was just not cutting it..

Anyways, we are trying to stay out of the heat as the heat wave doesnt seem to be subsiding any time soon...

Miss you all so much!!!! Hope all is well at home!

Love US

p.s. We are up to 531 hits on our site, and have decided that we are going to have a '600 hits' party when we get there. We have estimated that at the rate we are going it will be in NICE, France, So keep checking the site, we are really excited about the party.....and the pic from it will be great!


Friday, 21 July 2006

Location: Roma, Italy


We are in the very very hot Roma! It is 38 degrees here right now, hence why we are sitting in the air conditioned internet cafe wasting time... It makes it very difficult to do tours around the Colosseum and wait 3 hours in lines to get into the Vatican. However, we did. And it was great. In the Colosseum, we saw the most amazing things, there were lions and elephants fighting each other, and gladiators fighting to the death... Yes, this would have been true had be been there 2000 years ago. Unfortunately, we were not. However, we did each take a moment to sit and imagine... Not on seats, though, as they are gone. As is half the building. Oh well it was still interesting. In interesting fact you may not know is that the Romans used triangular bricks insead of rectangular for 2 reasons: engineering and economic. We are lucky enough to know this as the bricks are now exposed due to the lack of marble and an earthquake back in the day.

We went to the Trevi fountain and dodged flying coins, also another must see in 39 degree weather. At the fountain we did a photoshoot of bird. BIRD. And some other random stupid photos that drew a lot of attention to ourselves. As always. We know you will all await eagerly for us to post these. Lets just say, they are great.

In St Peters Bascilia, we tagged along with someone elses tour for free to save a few euros. We seem to have gotten quite good at this sort of thing. We may have even batted our eyelids when he realised there were 2 randoms at the very front of his group asking questions. We fancy ourselves quite the tour nerds. Always finding ourselves at the front of the tours raising our hands. In joy. As you can see we are slightly delerius due to the amazingly hot temperature and the excessive amount of espresso we have drunk today. It is just sooo nice. PING...


Ciao Bellas and Bruntos.

You guys probably dont know what that means, which may be a good thing... but we do still love you. Even if you are a Brunto. Yes, thats you.

Ciao Ciao

Monday, 17 July 2006

Location: Sorrento, Italy


We have just arrived in the extremely beautiful coastal town of Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. The drive in was stunning, but I (bridge) managed to sleep most of the way there... oops. I think it was the santorini wine we finished off last night...

We spent one day in Rome, in which we did some shopping (did someone say Marc Jabobs sunnies???), dyed Bridges hair BLACK, got in a fight with the campsite staff, fended off numerous pick pocket attempts, sat on the spanish steps drinking FRAPPE (apparently not a coffee here...) and got drunk with some randoms at the campsite.

Rome is truly spectacular and we cant wait to get back there in a few days to see more! Love it!!!

The rest of our greece trip was sensational! We had such a great time. Santorini was amazing, saw some fantastic sunsets, and climbed a massive volcano! We also swam in hot springs, had a picnic and went to the black beach.

Dinner in sorrento tonight, keep you all posted


Saturday, 08 July 2006

Location: Santorini, Greece

Hello from beautiful SANTORINI!!!

we havent been able to get much internet time over here..cause we have been so LAZY!!!

you wont believe we ran into LUCY GLADE-WRIGHT in ios yesterday! so we had a few TOO many drinks with her and some other girls and headed to a BIG LOUD GIRLS THAI DINNER!! it was great...we also stole our tour guides mobile phone....called amelia on it, as well as a few others and texted some really imbarrassing messages to most of the people in it before it ran out of credit..!
Very funny!!!!

We spent 2 nights in mykonos, 2 nights in paros and 4 nights in ios... we have 2 nights here before we head back to italy!

hope all is well with everyone!!!!!!!!!!
love to you all

Tuesday, 04 July 2006

Location: Mykonos, Greece


We are at the lovely CONTIKI resort in MYKONOS!!! the ferry ride from athens was EXTREMELY WINDY and rough! it is still VERY windy... we just attempted some baking and got blown away!

Heading into town tonight which will be fun...! have been eating LOTS of YUMMY greek food!!!! Cant wait - its so AMAZING HERE!!!!


Monday, 03 July 2006

Location: Athens, Greece

Well, we have arrived safely in Athens... Finally.

Venice was truly amazing. We had a fantastic time there. We stayed out of the town in a campsite with air conditioned cabins. This was the first time we actually felt like we are on a holiday!!! This was our last chance to get drunk with many of our busabout buddies as we were heading off to the Greek Islands, and everyone was doing different things. Lucking, the campsite had a good pub. And a supermarket with cheap wine....

Anyway, onto Venice. The first day we arrived and immediately got lost around the many small but beautiful streets on the main Island. This was probably the best way to see Venice as we spent hours exploring the different alleyways, bridges and canals. We ate plenty of pizza, pasta and gelati - it was fantastic! We also went to St Marco's Square and got attacked by pigeons! There were thousands of dirty pigeons in the square.. so gross. They were all over the tourists! We were running around screaming 'Bird!!' Idiots. I swear at one point someone purposely threw seeds at us just to see our reaction. Duds.

The second day we went on a lovely gondola ride! It was great! We cruised around the canals and got lots of historical information about the sites from our guide - including where Casanova lived, and also that Nicolas Cage had been in our gondola! The last night we got Extremely pissed. Extremely. There were many shots.. see photos. Italians have no concept of a 30 ml shot, they are all free poured and well over 70 ml each shot. dangerous stuff, especially when you have to catch a 6 hour bus at 8am followed by a 22 hour ferry to greece. Possibly one of the worst days of our lives. All in all a great time was had in Venice!

Sunday, 02 July 2006

Location: 20 hour ferry!, Greece

Hello All!

We are on our way to Greece! Yes on the 20 hour ferry! We left Italy yesterday and will arrive in Greece this afternoon! YAY!

So far the Greeks have been very smelly, very dirty, and very rude!!! hehe...

Well we will just give you a quick run down of our other adventures!

Salzburg was amazingly beautful, and the hills were alive with the sound of music! Yes, we did go on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg and it was GREAT!! they played the soundtrack on the bus and we definitely sung along! it was great to get out of the main city and see the other small towns nearby because they were so beautiful! we saw the von-trap house, the gazebo featured in the "16 going on 17" scence. the abbey, the do-re-me hill, steps they jusmped up....and much much more!
The Australia singlets also appear in the photos as that night was the horrible game against Italy! we watched in the square in salzburg...and later went to the local beer house to drown our sorrows with the other aussies in some 1litre beers!

We were only in Munich for one night but still had a great time! we got there in the afternoon and went to the FAN FEST, due to the Berlin one being so great!!! And it was great! we arrived just after Brazil had won their game and they were all dancing and going crazy to songs such as "la chuharacha" (dont know how to spell) anyways they were dancing and being filmed on the BIG screen so we were right in there! Mel grabbed a Brazillin flag and we danced around until we were the main attraction on the big screen! it was great! we also have pics of it that we will put up soon! We then went to see a few sights of Munich, yes the WAVE in the middle of town! what the? Then finally to the famous HOFBRAU HOUSE! full of Aussies singing walzing matilda and so on! HUGE 1 LITRE beers... biggest beer house ever! We got the traditional German meal of pork steak, sauer kraut and dumplings! very good with the beer, very filling!

Munich is pretty cool, the girls will have a great time there for OKTOBERFEST...our tickets do take us back there so we might see some more!

Then we headed to Venice...

This is where i have to stop as it is 6euro for 1 hour here!!!!!!

love you all
promise will put up photos soon!!!


Friday, 30 June 2006

Location: Venice, Italy

Hi Everybody, sorry for the lack of photos but we will be putting some more up soon..we just need to get some burnt onto a CD!

We are currently in Venice..Since our last entry we have been to both Salzburg and Munich..

Venice is beautiful!

We cant explain now as it is 5euro an hour on the NET!

love you all


Monday, 26 June 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

No seriously. Austria is really great and everyone needs to come here. xx

Monday, 26 June 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Austria - Possibly the most beautiful place we´ve been to so far. Elegant, clean, sophisticated, spectacular...


When we arrived in Vienna we were advised that the biggest wine festival of the year/europe was on. GREEEAT.

Sixteen wineries exibiting on the mountain in the Austrian Wine Region.

Four different wines to taste at each tent.

Taste size - much bigger than normal.

The look on our face when we realised we were pissed at the first tent. Priceless.

Squatting among the vines by the third tent. Hilarious.

Smashing two glasses along the way. Stupid.

The look on our tour guides drunken face when he realised he left someone in the wineries. Very Priceless.

The look on our face when our tour guide passed out among the vines whilst looking for our lost comrad. f--king priceless.

Our reaction when we found out our Busabout guide was AJ Divine´s cousin. Nothing short of spectacular.

The look on the REST of the tours face when we jumped onto the table yelling ´Do, A Deer, A Female Deer....´ in prepartion for the Sound of music tour. Horrified.

The tour seeing Bridge´s white shorts disappear into the vines followed by some suspiscious vomit noises. Fantastic.

Passing out on the way home. Fine Form.

Our tour guide spewing as we all exited the bus. Gross.

Thirteen hours of tasting Austrias finest wines. The Highlight!

That is all.

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From nikki
to bad you guys didnt drownED over there.... hahahaha erm what the????

hope you guys are well and hope your planning to come back!! miss you
ps: ill be back 1st week of jan!
Response: yay! so excited!!! xxxxx
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hahahahaha cannot stop laughin- sorry but the person who wishes you drowned is a psycho!! Keep posting photos for losers like me : (
Response: ok we will xxx
to bad you guys didnt drowned over there
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oh i'm at work and super enjoying the photo upload as they arrive! good work guys xxxxx MISSSSS YOOUUUUU
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PRESENT!!! Pllleeeeeaaaase!
Response: umm... we sent it to your old addresss... shit
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I'm GETTING SO EXCITED I COULD NEARLY BURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ahhh probably home by now hey girlies! Please remember to put more photos up on PR for your loserish Londonites that will miss this 'presentation'!! x0x0x
Response: haha... no presentations for you!! Miss you lots xxx
From meils
hello kiddies!
almost time to pack your bags for the last time and head on home! I bet your you're excited and sad!!!!
I noticed Fi is on a count down! what is the ACTUAL date that you arrive home? I would like to call and say bonjour! I haven't booked any flights cos I don't really want to see you.... HA!
hitting the clubs in Hong Kong? x
Response: oh yeah... HK clubs are the greatest ever!!! :) cant wait to get rid of the backpacks we are going to have a big BURNING ceremony!!!! we know your coming up you little bitch :) xxxxxx
From joelle & joseph
helllllo kiddies,
your photos are GREAT!!
can't wait for the stories upon your return home, BYE BYE,
Response: heeellllooo!!! i know so exciting!! see u soon xx
From drea
you two suck put more stuff up!!!!!!!!!!!! nearly home can't wait -
Response: no you suck!! we are too busy in hk right now... we are going to have a big presentation night when we get back!! xxxx
Soooooo GOOD to see you ladies last night!! Even though it was a speedy chat.. hahhaha.. Love you both so much! See you in a couple of months!! xxxxxx
Response: i know such a speedy chat.. so funny!! the bloody tube was broken on the way to the airport.. had to fight crazy people to get on a bus....!!!! xxx
From Claudia
Have a Safe trip home ladies - and a fantastic time in HK - see you on the other side very soon!! =) xxxxxxxxxx
Response: thanks cloudy! sooo good to see you too.. have safe travels lovely...! cant wait to see you back on the GC xxx
From drea
how girls not long now - sounds like spain was really fun cant wait to see you both and the photos, was out with brandy the other night, he is very worried about alll the euro men - but it was very funny stressing him out, have a blast in hong kong... - are you going to go to dragon eye again have a drink for me whil your there , yes saturday was huge wish you guys were there with us.....


Response: hellllo!!! you will have to wait until we get home for more photos...we just dont have any time!!! love you see you soon xxxx
From meils
where are Bridget and Melanie??? x
Response: we are sitting in a gutter in paris on a friends computer... bonsior xxxx
From fifi
duds. i keep checking but there is nothing new. 8 sleeps. woo hoo! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: i know... no time to get on the net... too much shopping to be done in PARIS... love it xxxxx
From ness and pop
you have got to go to the planet ranger website - we have got the feature photo!!! Killing your page now!!! x
Response: oh wow, well arent you guys the new planetranger pros!! unfortunately we havent had time to be keeping up :) xxxx
From fifi
11 sleeps!
Response: wooo hoooo
From Jules
Hey girls! Hope Valencia is good... I can imagine you're loving Spain... have you heard 'guapppa' yelled at you like a zillion times? Bet you have!! Sounds like 'whopper'... it means sexy/hot! Anyway, keep have fun!! x0x0x
Response: haha...yes the spainish people love us...san sebastian was so great...finally felt like we were on a real beach!!! xxx
From drea
hey guys - so excited you guys are nearly home cant wait. Gina is coming up tomorrow and fi gina and i are heading out into town- wish you girls were here to join us, fi and i will finally have friends again........yeah!!!

hurry up and put more photos up too - are you girls proud of me i finally got myspace and msn

Response: hello!!! so you guys had a huge night eh?? so fun...hearing great things about the nose, cant wait to see xxxxxxx
From Gina
Hey, why are you guys sweeting in the Roma picturre when you are out!!!!!!!!!!
Response: we have no idea what you mean...are you talking about the eristoff ice photo? and did you mean sweating? what the hell is sweeting.. if sweating was what you meant, you would be too in 39degrees!!!!!!!!
From drea
hello again

im so bored at work - and ive been on the computer for so many hours i think my eyes are going square.... just thought id say howdy hope your are taking lots of new photos to post up soon - love you both lots

Response: hello!! we have lots of photos! dont really have the chance to get them up on the page...wait till you see our white water rafting funny! ps. you would love barcelona, best shopping ever!!!
From The Andy Peters
hey girls just showing some luv

checking the pics there great very addictive

haha a keep up the good work great to read your stories and see what you are doing

hope all is well have some fake smirnoffs for me

ap xxx
Response: Hi Andy! We actually had some more fake smirnoffs out last night in Barcelona! Barcelona is sooo great!! Hope all is well at home.
From Drea
so i hear you've hit 700 hits congrats!!! i didnt know you guys were going to the swiss alps, how was that, amazing... oh and yes i finally have a myspace- can you believe it, my page is so shit thought... i dont know how to use everything. cant wait till you guys get back big night is already planned for us girls..... oh and yes we have heaps of new stuff at my work for you ill try and help brandy out....
love you two lots and see you soon...
ps enjoy spain
Response: Hi! Yes the swiss alps was really amazing! So beautiful, but so cold.... Spent 5 days wearing ALL our clothes... Cant wait for some new clothes, although we are hitting the shops today! Cant afford anything though :( Miss you xxxx
From meils
you're not fat! sorry. it's not even possible!
switzerland, spain, then where?? how exciting! x
sick of me yet?
Response: hehe...i could never get sick of you meilie....we just ran into lucy in NICE!!! its here birthday!!! after spain, then paris, then HK!! yay!! xx