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Hello family and friends. This website has been created so you can all keep track of my canadian adventures. Remember to keep in touch!

Diary Entries

Friday, 18 February 2005

Location: HOME, Australia

hey hey,

just to close of my diary i thought i would write one more entry and let everyone now what i have been up to for the past 2 weeks. i arrived back to australia two days ago and its great to be home.

Just a summary
we left whistler on the 3rd and spent a night in vancouver. the next day we went to san fran via calgary. in san fran we went to alcatraz, the crookedest street in the world, the famous gay suburbs, went shopping in the 60's area and did a bike ride of the city and the golden gate bridge. it was heaps of fun but it was not a very good idea to bike ride around the 49 hills the city is built on. after 3 days in san francisco we caught a bus to LA with a scary mexican drive who we think had only driven a bus once. In LA we meet up with mum and dad which was really good. we did a walking tour of the stars houses, saw the hollywood sign, the kodak theatre (where the oscars are), the mann chinese theatre (where the stars hand prints are), walked along the walk of fame, went to venice and santa monica beach and did alot of shopping and the best of all went to disneyland. after 4 days in LA we left for Fiji. we arrived at 4am and the heat was unbelievable. we really struggled. we were so used to the cold, we thought it was hot in san fran when it was 12 degrees. we got the local bus into Nadi town and had abit of a look around before getting our boat transfer to the island, beachcomber. we stayed here for 4 nights and had a good relaxing time. we met heaps of nice people and caught up on our tans (i got so burnt its ridiculous). one night bechtel and i entered into a dance competition which we ented up winning. as the prize we won 2 tickets on a seafari, a day criuse. it was great. our destination was an island called "castaway" to go snorkelling for the day. this was the island were the film "castaway" with tom hanks was filmed. but before we got there we had to go to a neighbouring island village to ask the cheifs permission to go to castaway (make sense?) so we arrived at the village and had a welcome ceremony with the tribe leaders. we then went to a shell market on the island and visited the villages school. thats about it.

so there you go. check out some of the photos. thanks for everyone who checked this site out and left me messages.
see you when i am looking at you.....hopefully see everyone soon

over and out

Luv me xoxoxoxoxoxox

Friday, 28 January 2005

Location: WHISTLER, Canada

Hello hello hello,
Once again i am going to begin by saying i am sorry for not updating sooner.

Since last time i wrote a few things have changed in whistler. Instead of being to cold to snow it is now too hot and it just keeps raining. Its been raining for at least 2 weeks and there is almost no snow left in the village. The peaks of both mountains are getting a bit of snow but the freezing level is really high. Its been so hot here, in the last week the coldest it got was 3 degrees.

So because it has turned really bad and the forecasts predict rain for another week we figured that there is no way that we can get enough snow the rest of our time here to make it worthwhile so we are packing up early and going travelling. Myself and two of my bestfriends, Elly Daley and Jane Bechtel, have planned a trip to California! So i have quit my job, which was really sad and we leave in 4 days when our accommodation runs out. We are spending a few days in Vancouver then flying to San Fransisco for 3 days then catching a bus to Los Angeles where we are meeting up with mum and dad which will be awesome. We spend 4 days in LA before flying to Fiji to defrost before coming home on the Feb 16th. Just in time for me to pack Kate up and send her off to College and move myself into our new house before uni starts for another year.

The biggest event of the season occured this week. It wasn't the world snowboarding championships or the National Brotherhood Ski conference or Whistlers gay and lesbian week it was AUSTRALIA DAY. Whistler is know to be over populated by Australian and its true. They call us JAFA's (Just another friggen Australian)

I had heard rumors for the past two months about how good Australia day was over here, however everyone thought that due to the poor snow conditions and not too many people around, it may just be hype and not nearly as crazy as many of the stories i have heard. The Longhorn Saloon is the place to go on Australia day, and we had been told by many that you should be lining up at the door no later then 7am if you want to get in. We definitely should have listened to their advice!

Everyone woke up at 8:00am and started getting kitted up with anything australian that we could get our hands on. The guys all had "Australian Skiing Team" shirts on that we made and we littered ourselves with australian flags, tattooes and bandanas! Elly, Caro and I made shirts that said "Boggabillas bobsled team" printed on them, with jeans and toes socks with thongs. The thongs turned out to be a bit of a problem in the snow. Elly and I tobboganed down the moutain to the bus stop so our feet didnt freeze. At 8:30am we decided to set the record for the earliest beer bong in history and all the guys had two each while the girls enjoyed a glass of champagne. The bus ride into the village was sooo funny, we all sat up the back and started bellowing out our national anthem with pride. Soon enough all the girls up front joined in and we had a full chorus line of crazy aussies. I would love to know what all the other normal people on the bus thought of us..

As we rose up the steps next to the bus stop we got our first glimpse of the line outside the longhorn. The rumors rang true and the line was at least 100 metres long.. and every single person in that line was sporting a flag or anything they could find that was green or gold. As soon as we joined the back of the line we found a footy in the line and started up a game of touch in the middle of crowd which was awesome fun however somewhat short-lived as our fitness levels wouldnt allow for a longer game. We all sang some more songs in the crowd, i think i heard Waltzing Matilda at least 20 times that day. Fortunatley, Elly and I spotted my good friend Brendan Nyst almost at the front of the line, so in true aussie spirit we skipped the 1hr+ wait.

On entry everyone received a ticket for a free meat pie (was made of a grainy mince rather then gravy like the aussie ones but good none the less!) and we also discovered that the bar had imported cans of VB for day (I didnt actually have one as i am not the biggest fan of beer and they cost $6.25 per can or $40 for a 6 pack) but it made us feel at home! After half an hour, all of our friends were in (about 25 of us) and we headed straight to the dancefloor where we stayed for the remainder of the day. The played the most awesome music - started off with about 4 hours of purely australian music with the likes of AC/DC, Jet & Midnight Oil. And finished up playing the top ten of Triple J's hottest 100! When 'land down under' by men at work came on everyone went crazy and screamed out the lyrics with pride. However the highlight of the day was undoubtedly 'The Voice' by John Farnham. At that stage all our friends were on the four podiums and everyone was screaming out the song which was awesome fun and soooo funny. Altogether we have over 600 photos and video recordings of the day. Bernie, a guy i am living with, has downloaded everyones photos and we are making a huge DVD of them all.

Anyway, I must go. We have so much to do before we leave. I am actually really doing to miss this place. We have all gotten into a routine and its like leaving home again. But all the same i cant wait to get home and see everyone again.

To everyone keep safe, Have fun and i will see you on the 16th!!!!!

Luv me xox

ps. parts of the australia day memoir were taken from adams page........

Thursday, 13 January 2005

Location: Whistler, Canada

Hello Everyone,
Well I am sorry i have not written an entry for a long time but there really is not enough news to report everyday. Each day is pretty similar. Everyone either works or goes up the mountain. I have, however been posting photos...if anyone is checking them out.

The most exciting news to come out of Whistler this week is we have moved into a new house. Its actually more like an apartment. It is right on the mountain, is ski in ski out, has 4 hot tubs and pools, a playstation (that actually has not had that much use, we thought it was cool but thankgod everyone has realised that it is cooler to go snowboarding rather than playing a snowboarding game.) Anyway my point is this place is amazing and everyone is so jealous. There are 7 of us in this place that sleeps 6 but its pretty big so its not that bad.

ok where i left off. New years was pretty disappointing asusual. I worked. Which was good in the way i got paid alot. Bad in the way i could not go out. I still made it to a house party at 1.30am...Which was not bad considering there was no sign of everyone going home just yet. We stayed at this house party until 2:30ish until this underground carpark party started. So a few of us went was a very interest place. it was kind of a secret but everyone knew it was there. It was on the 4th level and as you were going down the lift you could hear the music. On the 4th level there were a few Dj's playing in the corner and everyone was just dancing. It was really fun.

Since new years it has only snowed here and there and the village has been really quite. the 2 weeks after christmas are apparently the worst two weeks of the year according to all the retail stores. We moved out of our house in Creekside and unforuntely kicked out as the lady was abit worried about 7 girls living in ther for the next 6 weeks. So we spent sometime couch surfing from friends places to places. Finally Adam scored this awesome place, using his very good arguementive skills he talked the landlord into an awesome deal for us until the end of the month. So we moved in a few days ago and have been living life to the full since.

I have just had a few days off work so i was able to try snowboarding for a day. It was a lot of fun and a good laugh until the next morning when i woke up and i felt like i had broken every bone in my body. I went back to skiing the next day b/c the guy i swapped skis with didnt like skiing as much as i liked snowboarding and decided to go back to boarding.

We had a girls day up the moutain the other day were we just decided to ski by ourselves. We went to the very peak of the mountain where is was snowing extremely heavly and we could not see a thing. It was very scary trying to ski down when you could see where you were going and you could not feel any part of your body b/c it was -20C + wind chill. very crazy experience.

I am currently at work. I have be here all day. They trust me now so i got a key to the store and my manager always takes time off now. I am really enjoying it here. I am developing a liking for all this fur which is very bad and very expensive. I get everything a reallly good prices so I am going to buy a pair of ear muffs, gloves, head warmer, and some fur shoes called Mukluks which i am sure i will get alot of use out of them back on the Goldie.

I have posted a few new photos. i still have more of me trying to snowboard so i will post them asap.

Whats news from you all at home? I am so jealous of everyone about to head to noosa. I cant wait to get home to the heat. I have struggled to handle the recent temperature decrease. Last week it dropped to -15C in the village + wind chill that can make it drop up to another 10degrees. FREEZING

Anyway keep the messages coming and i will try and keep the photos and entries coming.

Love you all.
Love me xoxoxox

Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Location: Whistler, Canada

I hope everyone had a great christmas. sorry my message is late. My christmas was pretty fun. I worked christmas eve then had a few ppl over to ours. On christmas day we opened our presents. My secret santa was emily and i got a red hat...perfect. And i also got a massage from adam and a really cool vest i wanted.
Elly, Adam and I then went to 11am mass...we didn't quite make it to the 8am one. After mass we cooked us some apple crumble and make up some salads and ventured over to "Crabapple dr" for christmas lunch and dinner. Everyone had to work at random times so the meal went for a few hours. In the afternoon we made a cricket bat out of some wood and played backyard cricket in the snow which was...interesting but hilarious. The boys were all in thongs and shorts and singlets. CRAZY.

Possibly the best part of christmas was that it snowed on christmas eve. It was so good because we were really desparate for some.

The bad point of christmas was i fell over on some ice while walking around the village and really screwed up my back. One of the guys here studying medicine said i may have slipped a disc b/c there is no external bruising or muscular damage. ITs slowing getting better but.

Not much else has been happening. I went up on the moutain today...the snow has is so much better. Yesterday I went down to Vancouver for the day for a little adventure. I went to talk to a travel agent as Elly and I are planning to do a bit of travelling at the end of out trip. so far I think we will fly to San Fran for a few days then go to La and fly out from there to fiji for 5 days to defrost before coming home. I am getting really excited bout it.

still working at the fur gallery. Can't remember if i have already written it but i sold me first coat this week. $5000 mink coat......really pushed my commission up for the week. It was so exciting all the owners in Alaska were calling to congradulate me. Still doing a bit of babysitting on the odd occation.

Anyway...must be off. I am at work so better get back to it.

Check out come of the photos from christmas.

See you soon. Have an Awesome New YEar!!!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2004

Location: WHISTLER, Canada


Monday, 20 December 2004

Location: Whistler, Canada

Hello hello hello,
I hope everyone is getting excited bout Christmas! It really does not feel like christmas here. We have organised a secret santa so we have something to open on the day but i think so many of us will be working it just wont feel the same. It has not snowed here for a while either so the winter wonderland is disappearing rather quickly. It keeps raining so the snow is melting. Last year apparently it was the same as this and everyone was really desperate for a dumb then on christmas eve it snowed....

Bechtel and I waitressed at Maggi Thornhills Christmas Party. Maggi is pretty well known in town, she is the the biggest and the best prestige real estate agent in Whistler and surrounding areas. She is now my new best friend. She was helping me find a job a couple of weeks ago and we just help her out a bit here and there. Her house was amazing. Really put us in the Christmas mood. Her house had christmas lights and decorations all over it. Her christmas tree alone had over 2000 lights on it. AWESOME (not as good as Marl's obviously!) anyway the night was really fun, free food and drinks. Turned out to be a really great night, it really put us in the Christmas mood and we got some great photos so i'll post them soon. i know i keep promising them just taking me awhile, i have to figure out how to do it.
Keep in touch.
Have fun
Merry Christmas....
Love me

Saturday, 11 December 2004

Location: whistler, Canada

hello everyone,

well its finally updated diary entry. Can't remember what i wrote last time. If i haven't told everyone already i got a job. I quit at the kids fashion place and am now working at the Alaska fur gallery and the nanny network. The fur gallery is great. The store is next to where my other friends work so we see a bit of each other and i can wear the coats out if i want. I get 10% commission or $10/hr (which is good everyone else is only getting $8.50) which ever is greater at the end of the week. I am working everyday but not till the afternoon so i can ski all day. for babysitting i get $11 per hour and for more than 2 kids it goes up ( in the busy season i get $22/hr) and they are so busy you can call up, tell them your available and be working within the hour. I also get a discounted season pass from the nanny network which saves me $800.
We moved into our new, more permenant home today. It is great. its a house that sleeps 8. We had a few problems before we moved in but got it all sorted. We have only ended up with 9 people instead of 10 because the 2 boys meant to be moving in cancelled on us at 1am the morning before the move so we had to cover their rent totalling $2000. This was interesting because we all have daily limits on our bank cards and we all had to pay our own share. Anyway its all sorted and the place is in a good location with a hot tub.
I am off to my first babysitting place now. i am not too sure where it is so i am leaving alittle early.
It sucks that straddie sucked for so many people. At least you are not in negative temperatures where it has been raining and the slightest breezing caused the temperature to drop significantly.
Anyway keep the messages coming and i promise to keep the entries coming and upto date.
Have fun
Brig xoxo

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From nina c
hey ya
dont tell me you dont know who missy higins is!!!!!!! your so crazy.
Response: i know who she is...i love her. thats so cool!
i am back home now so i will do one more diary entry and upload my final pictures so keep checking. hopefully see you soon!!! its great to be back
From ninnie
hello again
it was julliets birthday the other day
she is so cute!!!!!
she can walk now and clap
your pictures are mad!!!lol
christmas was pritty good fun the best part was talking to you on the phone hahah
hello brig
guees what MISSY HIGGINS IS OUR CUS i wanted to be the first person to tell you!!!
I miss you alot
how long will you be gone for ?
love your number one fan
Response: hey nina,
thanks for you messages. sorry i ahve not written anything for a while. what are you talking about Missy higgins?!?!?! please explain. i get back on Wed night. will probably see you sometime soon....julia and i will come visit.
have fun
From Justin
All I have to say is

OH WOW....

I don't know when and I don't know how, but Catherine and I are going to stay in that very unit.

Response: Ha ha ha
hope everyone at home is well. cant wait to see how big juliette is....
have fun
From Hayley
hey hey sugar! how are ya?? its 6pm and its sooo hot here i'm sweating! bet ur having such a good time. life is so boreing back home. claud and i are going to big day out this weekend which should be good but can't really imagine claudia blending in with the crowd :P u know its funny i rarely see u girls that often but i miss ya'll so much! When do u guys come back? send all the girls my love. Hayley xox
Response: hayley,
thanks for check out the site. Everyone says hello back. Will be back on the 17th... will catch up before Uni goes back. HAve fun
From mum and annie
we are in here in Noosa at an internet cafe - hi It is overcast but we are having a great time as usual. Lookng forward to catching up in LA
Response: Thats the way to make me jealous. Mum give me a call sometime soon to organise meeting up. Have fun tell everyone i say HI!!! and i miss them all heaps.
PS check out adams site for some more photos
Luv Me xox
From Georgie
Just got the address off mill...great photos buddy! Firstly, i'd just like to wish u a Happy New Year! look forward to hearing all about the Shenanigans and mischief u lot have been getting yourselves into...Sound like u are having a blast! Its been a fun summer on the coast, but am missing running a muck with you and all the girls. Secondly, im sorry it has taken me so long to get in contact, i have been extremely busy and didn't have any of ur email addresses...will be in touch again soon tho. In the meantime, keep up the photos, look after yourself and party like a rockstar haha (no doubt u will be making me proud). Give my best to the gang, and a big hug on my behalf! miss you all soon. Georgie xoxox
Response: Hey Georgie,
Thanks for the message. It was good to hear from you. Cant wait to get home on the jealous of you all back home in the heat. Tell everyone I say hi.
Luv you Luv me xoxo
From Carly
Finaly have gotten ahold of this website address and finally got an email from you... I was actually beginning to think you'd gone out skiing, gotten caugt in an avalanche, fallen into an underground cave like on Vertical Limit and been ravaged by alsations! It sounds like you're having an absolute ball. I'm quite aware that everyone will ready what i'm writing (cause i just did the same) so i'll leave out my questions about your scandolous gossip and instead write you an email very soon. But yep, we're all headed off to Noosa, a week of sunshine, card playing, and giant icecreams from massimos! Ha ha! seriously, we all wish you guys were going to be there. So make sure you have your own psuedo DGA night and we'll think of you while trying to catch fish at Little Cove!
All my love,
Response: Carl,
So good to hear from you. Ha ha i had forgotten bout fishing at little cove. I am very jealous. Look forward to your email.....
Speak soon
Love me xoxox
From mill
hey bwigi! yaaay! more photos! im in noosa at the moment! caught up with will and ben the other night and it was absolutely mad! ben jumped off the sheraton bridge and then we decided to go skiing at 4.30 in the morning! im scared of whats coming up next! ada gets here on the weekend and a couple of other people... if you ever want, give us a call on this number: 0754408616.
thats the number in my unit. send me a msg off adams phone if you want to call and il make sure im there! i miss you heaps and heaps! hope to talk to you soon!
luv always
milli xoxox
Response: hey Milli,
I am so jealous of you right now. How is the beach??? what has the weather been like??? If its awesome i am not sure if i want to know. Joel Brown showed up here yesterday just out of suprise. He is here with his dad until the end of Jan. We can all not wait for Al and Jay to get here is few days.
We are in the process of booking Fiji aswell. So Excited....i am so white at the moment. Thanks for the message. I will call soon
Luv you
Luv me xo
From Jennah
hey brig and co.
Just checking out your gorgeous photos- mil said they were worth a look! You guys look like ur having fun but clearly this is a g-rated family site and I'm sure the best pics didn't make it on!! hah.
Hope ur working hard and playing even harder.
love jennahhhhhhhhhhhxoxoxo
Response: Jennah,
Thanks for the message. Keep the emails coming. Check out some of the new photos
From Mum and Dad
Great photos Brig - keep them coming
Response: Just posted some more...check them out
From Marl
I feel very embarrassed Brigid that I haven,t been in contact sooner My sicerest apologies Cingratulations on your great results. I hope having the Quiet Place to study may have helped. I,m having the Morahan Christmas dinner on Thursday evening Hopefully the Daniel Morahans & Tricia & Nathan will be in Brisbane by then I have limited the shopping this year mainly because it is my off year. I am not at all popular with neighbours & friens alike because I didn,t do the big Christmas light display One woman phoned the office to find out what was wrong with me health wise The busus still drive by & so do the cars. I rathe wish I was on holidays to avoid the embarrassment I hope you have a wonderful Christmas We will miss you Much love Marl.
Response: Marl,
Hope the dinner goes well. Don't feel embarrassed bout your lights i am sure someone somewhere put up lights for the first time and will continue to for years to come. Good to hear from you. Merry Christmas!
From Laura
sounds like your having an AWESOME time!! wish i was overseas! well whats news...schoolies was the best had an awesome week. i only saw kate once but then we both went to roma party which was awesome aswell-a big all nighter! op's came out last night so everyone is talking about that alot! its so good to be finished school might see more of you now when you come back. brisbane is really hot just thought i'd let you know haha. christmas won't be the same without you! i'll write again soon
love your cousin, laura and the frisby's
Response: Hey Laura,
Congradulations on your OP thats awesome. Whats the plan for next year? We will definitely have to go out in Bris next year.
Have an awesome christmas......
From Annie
Check your hotmail...
Hows everything going? i gave claire lever this hopefullly she'll write in it soon. What MSN thing do you have? Simon was saying something about it.
Love Annie
p.s Aren't you miss popular with all these emails!
Response: There is nothing in my hotmail from you....
From Trish
Hi love,
How's things? I'm so jealous. This time last year I was ready to go. I know what you mean by expensive - even the supermarket is expensive there. Nathan's getting withdrawal symptons not skiing this year- he's trying to get a trip to Tokyo to ski in Feb - getting pretty desperate! We brought a house in Paddington - not sure if I'd told you that and moved in a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully we are finally in our own place. Take care - enjoy the skiing. You should be a master at selling fur coats coming from the sunny gold coast - talk up a storm.
talk soon.
Response: Trish,
Tokyo??? different i guess. i have heard its not bad over there though.
Yeah its actually pretty hard selling the coats considering i have no idea what half the animals are! But as the guy i work with says...just make it up.. they don't know any better. There isn't much snow at the moment so have not been up much. Heard about ur house...i'll have to come visit again soon. Hope work is going ok. thanks for the message.
From Nan
Your site is getting very filled up.We're nearly ready for Xams, and Pa and I are off to Budds next week. Stil very, very hot and uncomfortable here. Pa and I ae planning a trip to China early next year. We've never been there, and we have to go before all our grandchildren do. Love and keep safe. Has Adam arrived there yet ?
Response: Yes adam has been here for awhile and is staying the whole time. I can't believe you have never been to china! I would love to go there. Al and I have decided that our next trip will be to Thailand!
From warwick

Been away a bit and work is crazy so only got onto your site for the first time today. It sucks that my siblings kids are having such a great time in places I havn't been to yet. Get some photos up so I can get more jealous asap.

Well done with your marks. How did you go with that horrible assignment?

Response: Warwick,
I'm sorry the photos are coming. Not sure how the assignment went but I got a credit for the subject so it could not have been too bad surprisingly b/c i just threw anything together it was one of the worst assignments i have ever done. Thanks for all your help.
Thanks also for the message
From your #1 fan
hi brigid
I hope all is well.
I can smeel CHRISTMAS in the air.
but your not gonna be there its gonna be a pritty borin christamas with out you and elliot lol.
have you got plans for christmas this year in canada?
from the person who wanted you as a sponser cas you are so cool,nina
Response: Hey my number one fan...thanks for visiting my website. Keep checking it b.c i promise to put some photos up soon
From your #1 fan
hi brigid
I hope all is well.
I can smeel CHRISTMAS in the air.
but your not gonna be there its gonna be a pritty borin christamas with out you and elliot lol.
have you got plans for christmas this year in canada?
from the person who wanted you as a sponser cas you are so cool,nina
Response: I can just tell i am going to get so home sick during christmas. Its ok though b.c all my close friends are with me and its all our first christmas away, so we will help each other through it. I need a stocking like babies get for there first christmas but it should say "my first christmas...away"
Hi brig
It is me nina!!!!!!!!
What is canda like?
At least you not like elliot on the comp 24/7 lol!
Elliot says USA is cold but i cant imagin canada haha.
we have just been for a swim in the whittons pool. It was SOOOOOO hot today.
spek to you soon
from you #1 fan NiNA
Response: Nina,
It is so cold here....its crazy. I am so jealous...i miss summer! It hasn't snowed in the town for a couple of days which isn't good because its raining and windy instead and thats even worse.
Keep the messages coming
From Adelaide
Hey Brig
Its Adelaide,
I hope its nice in Canada. You are so lucky you didn't come to Straddie its was pooring the Whole week.
I hope you're a good Skier.If you want any tips,since i've been twice, i'm only a Computer away.

Love always Adelaide
Response: Hey addy,
Thanks for the offer...i have not been up on the mountain yet but i will definitely keep you in mind if i need any tips. thanks for the message!
From Martine
Hi Brig
Just saw Elliott's message and his address is incorrect!!! There is no hyphen in elliott. He hasn't written anything though - just photos.
Love Martine
Response: Yep i figured as much. There are some great photos on there. He looks like he is having so much fun. Give me some time and ill post some photos
Hey brig,
i leave for NY on the 21st and im in Nashville until then. I dont have my mobile with me but i can get some contact numbers for you. Ill get them for you in a short while.
Response: that sounds good. I'll keep u updated on our plans however i dont think i will be heading into the states until feb.
hey brig,
I"m just at work and thought i'd write you a message cause i've been pretty slack. Although i haven't got much news since i've been working everyday. Today i'm working at Moreton from 8 - 10.30 then Sunburn 11- 4/5 which is REALLY painful but at least i'm getting money. The rest of my life is very relaxing, just going to the beach and all the rest of it. anyway i better get off this and do some work - say thanks to elly and adam for wishing me happy birthday (i feel so much older) haha
p.s Kate informed me about the little email she wrote! I was going to tell you she was just more excited about it haha
Response: Thanks for the message. Kates email was pretty funny. but so long. Its good your making money. I am spending it so quickly. bout to buy skis worth $800 altogether then i have to get a ski pass worth $1000 so my money is disappearing very fast.
Speak soon
From Elliott
Hey Brig,
Its Elliott. Im in Nashville now and id like to steal the limelight by sending everyone to my site: tt Its very sketchy. Hope your having a fun trip Bidwid.
Love Elliott
Response: Elliott,
hope your trip is going well. heard bout your plane being delayed for 5 hours, that sucks. When do you come home? do you have your mobile on international roaming or an number that i can contact you on incase we make a trip into the states. keep in touch.