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Welcome to Pete and Bron's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Location: Alesund, Norway

Had a great day touring this part of Norway today. Left the hotel at and returned at
First mode of transport a local bus, then car ferry, then local bus, then fjord cruiser, bus, car ferry, bus and bus!!!!!!!! Everything followed like clockwork and all were there to meet us when we arrived at each of the jump off points
Had drizzly weather all day and misty views but the Geiranger Fjord was spectacular....every corner revealed another masterpiece of geology!
It is the end of the summer tourist season so there are very few tourists which is great for us.
Very much Lord of the Rings atmosphere.

Sunday, 09 September 2007

Location: Norway

Dear everyone,
Here is an update since the last entry in Copenhagen, Denmark on 26th. We are now in Oslo Norway Saturday 8th September.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Location: Helsinki, Finland

We have just spent two fantastic days in Helsinki after two days of airline hell to get here.
What with petrol pumps at Sydney Airport breaking down and all planes having to refuel by hand, to the plane to Helsinki being 6 hours late, plus one hour in sauna-like conditions on the tarmac at Hong Kong (good training for Finish saunas, to the final straw being the non arrival of our luggage in Helsinki. The luggage finally arrived last night: it had had a wonderful trip Sydney to melbourne, melbourne to Singapore, Singapore to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Helsinki!!!! Don't suppose there is any chance of Frequent Flyer points on that?
Saturday evening we wandered around the streets of Helsinki as soon as we arrived: quiet compared to Sydney on a Saturday night but I guess that's because there are only 300,000 Fins in Helsinki and 5 million in the whole country. Lots of nightclubs with queues of of people waiting to get in.
The city has a great feel about it, clean but not sterile, buzzing but not too frenetic.
Our hotel is right in the centre of town and within easy walk of all the shops and services.
Yesterday spent the morning on a tour of the city with amade English guide doing the commentary. Then in the afternoon another Pommy Architect who works here took us on a tour of housing developments in the city: very interesting...the architecture is generally very thoughtful and well high rise to speak of and a mix of public, private and commercially owned apartments in the same development.
Went out to dinner with the group last night and sampled our first local delicacy ...... reindeer, which was washed down with some good Australian plonk.
Was still able to get up this morning and go for a brisk walk around the lake before breakfast.
Body clocks are still running on Sydney time and we were up at 4am ready to go.
Have attached a couple of photos from the trip so far. Shall keep you posted if I can keep this email thing happening.
Bron and Pete

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Three more sleeps until we leave on our study tour of scandinavia....yippee!!!!!
First trip to this part of the the globe: have dusted off the sweedish cloggs and polar fleeces and unpacked the down jacket.
Looking forward to learning how the scandinavians do things (so well) health, education and social services and transport.
The count down begins.

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From Sarah Menassa
Hello Bron and Pete,
How are you? Hope that you are having fun. Take care.
Response: Sarah, It has been rather hectic but having a ball. Now in Oslo heading out on the train to Trondheim tomorrow. Here are a few tid bits.
Peter abd Bron
From Grand pa
Ha. Ha. Bet you did not expect for this clever correspondence. Its Sunday, children behaving beautifully. As you know went to Tess's art exhibibition wexcellent Did you know she won the prize. Better go love from Meg, Graham, Ellyn Grandma a nd me. keep safe and well Bye.
From lilly
hey. hope your flight finally took off to melbourne x be safe and call us soon xx love you
Hi Lil,
Thanks for the message.
Hope you like these metal ones as yet but I'm working on it!
Take care love u
From Testing one
Hi mum and dad
Just testing that this is working
Response: Thanks kids
Looks good!!