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a roaming brooke: part.2

Diary Entries

Sunday, 31 December 2006

Location: London, UK

On a night like this ...

Had Kylie Minogue welcome in NYE 2007 for me! Sooo amazing! Let me tell you, Ms Minogue puts on an awesome show! Talk about comeback tour - her costumes were gorgeous, her buff back up dancers even more gorgeous! Just such a fantastic night.

What a way to welcome in the new year ... hope yours has gotten off to a good start!

Monday, 25 December 2006

Location: Lech, Austria

A very Merry Christmas to everyone (even if it is a little belated!) I hope you had a great day whatever you got up to.

Me? I found myself skiing the Austrian alps! My first proper white Christmas.

Spent an amazing week in Lech with Benn, Esther and Michael. Lech is absolutely gorgous. They say it's the most glamorous ski resort in Austria ... and they are so right. The village is just sooo cute. Lots of gorgeous Austrian buildings. It's got a really beautiful old church there too. Just stunning. And all the ladies have the nicest fashions ... really cool designer ski gear ... and lots of mink coats! Definitely not a PETA friendly village. It is however, an apre friendly village ... and we certainly got into some of that action! Bring on the gluwine!

Christmas itself, was officially celebrated on Christmas Eve. Which was something very different for me. Had a yummy 5 course dinner ... with lots of vino ... then some schnapps ... then we went to midnight mass. Mass was spoken all in German ... so a little hard to get into it. Oh well, it was the thought that counts.

So, Christmas day was not spent eating/boozing/sweating/swimming as usual ... but skiing up on the Austrian slopes. We did go out for a lovely meal on Christmas night at a very gorgeous, very posh hotel - the Berghof. My mouth is still watering from the food there! Drool. It was very traditional too. They had this huge pine Christmas tree (real of course) with little red candles and sparklers burning on it. So cute!

The rest of the week I spent perfecting my skiing, eating schnitzel and drinking beer & gluwine. Could definitely get used to this white christmas thing!

Sunday, 12 November 2006

Location: Taba Heights, Egypt

Just got back from Egypt which was absolutely devine! Went to a place called Taba Heights which is on the Red Sea, so no pyramids or mummy's - just 100% relaxation.

The Red Sea has amazing diving so Benny and I did our 3 day Scuba course - and now have little certificates proving our scuba steve qualifications - whoo hoo! It was a bit freaky at first - you've got a heap of equipment strapped to you and its a really foreign feeling - but after nailing the whole breathing underwater thing it was great! We were able to dive to 12m so saw some amazing coral and fishies on our dives. It's just a whole other world down there. The Red Sea is teaming with different species of tropical fish - even out the front of our hotel there was heaps of amazing fishes swimming around.

Which leads me to our hotel. Stayed at the Hyatt ... sooo nice. How good is resort style living!? Perfect way to unwind after some mega stressful months at work. I feel recharged, I have a tan, I've had a vitamin D fix - all of which should hopefully get me through the winter. x

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Location: London, UK

Wow it already seems like such a long time ago that I was in Aus! Had such an amazing holiday - rocking out at Splendor and just generally being a lady of leisure doing lunches and what not and preparing for Missy's wedding.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Such a perfect day and week leading up to it. Missy thought of everything and created the most beautiful experience.

Well they say a picture speaks a 1000 words, so instead of write I've loaded all my pics ... which probably equates to about 84, 000 words so far, which I soooo can't be bothered writing right now!

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Location: Paris, France

Work took us to Paris for lunch. How spesh! Went to this really funky Parisian restaurant called Kong. It was in Sex and the City when Carrie was livin in Paris with Aleksandr. Spent the arvo cruising on a boat along the Seine and sipping champagne at Georges. Nice work if you can get it.

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Location: London, UK

Can't believe the last couple of months I've had! Germany, Denmark, Belgium, tourist in London! When this all slows down I'm going to fall into one major downer .. hehe.

So, Mum and Dad came on over to London to visit and see the sites. Only had 10 days or so with them so packed everything in as much as possible. Had a lovely time though. From yummy yummy restaurants each night, to my fave sights (The Tate, Borough markets, flower markets, spitafield markets, bricklane vintage shopping), to Hyde Park, Greenwich village and the theatre! All so much of the best of London. Way cool. Did booze pretty much everynight so I have been on a major detox since then, health kicking it and what not in preparation for my trip to Aus.

Went to Bruge with Nikki for the weekend a few weeks back too. Was a last minute trip out of the UK as part of my visa application process, and quite the pleasant suprise I must say! Such a cute little city with all the perks of Belgium (e.g. beer, chocolate and mussels!)

And now I'm heading home (only 2 days to go now). Can't wait!!! Arrive Sat morn and head straight to Byron Bay for Splendor with Michael and Eliza. Sweet!!! Then I'm in for a good week of bridesmaidly wedding stuff with Missy. So special. So excited. See you all soon!

Saturday, 24 June 2006

Location: London, UK

Went to a Poetry Slam on Saturday which I thoroughly enjoyed! Marty's school kids were performing in the final of their slam comp. The gist is these kids write some spoken verse/poetry and perform it as a group on stage. Mostly african american and muslims teens performing about issues close to them - racism, suicide, friends getting murdered, self-image etc. They were so talented, some of them really blew me away. Oh, and they had some groups breakdancing and stuff ... oh how I envy their rhythm! So cool.

Saturday, 24 June 2006

Location: Hyde Park, UK

Wireless ... again.
Went to Wireless again after work. I've been making quite the habit of ducking out of work early on a Friday .. Berlin, then Denmark, now this! Ah, summer!
Friday at Wireless went off. Saw Pharrel Williams who was uber cool. The Flaming Lips played and were the total highlight of the night. Unfortunately I missed the start of the set waiting in the mammouth lines for the porta-loo, but I hear that the lead singer came out inside this huge ball and was rolling around the crowd on it. To add to their theatrics they had about 12 guys dressed as Santa Claus on one side of the stage, and 12 girls dressed as elves on the other side of the stage. The keyboard player was dressed as a skeleton, the guitarist was dressed as superman and there were huge aliens at the back of the stage. Throughout some of the songs the lead singer was launching streamers on everyone. Then for the finalle, Do You Realise (one of my fav songs), they had huge machines launching streams of confetti on everyone. It was lovely. Everyone loved it! By far the most theatrical group I've seen since Maralyn Manson, but in a good way!
Massive Attack played last and were also amazing. They played at like 9/10 so the sun was setting and it was all dusky. Very Massive Attack. Pretty mellow.
Went to Bonny and Dimmy's going away party after the festival at Dust. Mike cranked it playin his party tunes...

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Location: Hyde Park, UK

Wireless festival.
Went to the Wireless festival at Hyde Park tonight after work. Such the novelty leaving work and walking down to a festival.
Unfotunately only caught the tail end of Missy Higgins .. then saw Violent Femmes who were awesome. I guess they pretty old now so they kinda looked like embarrasing dads in loud shirts and jeans, but their music is still way cool non-the-less. They impressed us with their array of musical instruments ... fidel, mandolin, guitars, drums, trumpets and a sea shell! They even had their mate from Pink Floyd come on and play sax. Played all the ol faves like Blister in the sun, Kiss Off, Prove my love, Add it up so I was happy...

Wasn't all that interested in the rest of the acts for the night so headed back my end of town to watch Australia battle it out over Croatia. What a wicked game! One of the best games of football I've seen in ages. And so cool watching it in a pub full of Aussies screaming at the big screens! And even cooler that we got through! Go Aussie!

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany

Picture this. Berlin. It's World Cup opening weekend in the host country. Sat in front on the Brandenburg gate in Berlin watching the huge screens erected for the games, drinking cold German beer in a scorching hot sun. It's going off!

Booked a weekend trip to Berlin quite conveniently on World Cup weekend. The whole town was alive. It was amazing. Mostly spent time doing the above ... watching games, drinkin beer. They'de all gone a bit mad with the whole world cup thing; the big telecom tower was painted like a football, all of the gardens on the side of the road had football shaped and painted trees. It was everywhere!
Rate Berlin very highly as a city visit - in fact it has succeeded in putting Germany on my radar! (much to Benn's dismay it wasn't really before.) Did a walking tour which I thoroughly enjoyed. To be honest I'm not really a modern history buff so found it really interesting to learn about it's (pretty dark) history. They been through a lot man. But it seems they've come out on top. And now they have this beautiful new city with wicked architecture and stuff.

Anyway, back to the intersting stuff. Getting into the football with thousands of other revellers on 'Fan Mile', sitting in the beatiful parks they have, sitting at pubs by the river at the park. Sooo lovely. Dig Berlin. Totally.

Sunday, 04 June 2006

Location: London, UK

Summer is here!
Finally! Woke up on Saturday morning to the most beautiful day. Quite the contrast to the past few weeks which have been the worst weather I've witnessed in London yet.
Went to brunch on Saturday with Sarah and just remember saying 'I'm so happy!' What a difference a bit of sun can do. After a lovely brunch outdoors in Angel, had to head indoors for a while. But I do have a good excuse for dissing the sun ... a tsubi sale! Yay! Got a new pair of jeans for only 45 quid and a new top for only 25. Sweet.
Spent the afternoon at Hampstead Heath which is just absolutely beautiful!!! Can't get much better than sitting in the sun at the park drinking the Veuve. Sprawled out on our newly acquired rugs, ate nibblies, played frisbee, and just all out enjoyed being outdoors and having the need to wear sunscreen. Headed over to the Spaniard's Inn when it got dark for some drinks and a nap ;)
Sunday hung out on our picnic rugs (the purchase of the weeknd I must say) at Hoxton Sq. It was nice chilling out there, but there were a few suspect characters running around in not much clothes getting it on with any other trashbag who would lock lips with them or give them a lapdance on the park bench. Quite amusing really. After a stop at Pimps and Pinups (my hairdressers) which has left me with much less hair than I normally have, wandered up to the Big Chill to drink some more bevies on our rugs. Summer rocks man.

Thursday, 01 June 2006

Location: Mean Fidler, UK

Went to the Phoenix gig last night - absolutely brilliant! Nothing like a bit of boppy poppy rock!

Monday, 29 May 2006

Location: London, UK

Ahh... the Spring bank holiday ... what a lovely excuse for a long weekend ... well apart from the fact that London is shit and it is still cold and rainy. What is going on!? This is not meant to be!
Anyway, in times like these can't let a little rain dampen our spirits. Just gotta carry on!

Caught up with mum's friend Kerry Ticehurst who's over here presenting at the Mind Body Spirit festival. She gave me a lovely spiritual reading ... nice to touch base again with the spiritual side and have someone tell me nice tid bits about myself (or past selfs). I feel my spiritual self has been quite awake of late! Nice.
Then off for a bit of culture to the matinee of a play called Breakfast with Mugabe. Loosely based on a report that Robert Mugabe was seeing a white psychiatrist back in 2001. It explored what might have happened in these sessions and perhaps gave an insight as to what motivates such a harse and scary man. Quite interesting. The play finsihed at 4:30 so it was straight off to Bunker Bar in Covent Garden for some bevies! An early start to our boozing left us needing some greese so off to Fire & Stone a yummy pizza joint in Covent Garden. More boozing ensued at Dreambags back in our hood, with our early start making us retire early to bed at 12ish.

Saturday over and Sunday was welcomed with a sore head and jaffles! After a late start, headed down to Colombia Road flower markets and checked out some galleries/vintage stores around there. Walked down to Spitafields and did some markets and more galleries there. Saw a really cool photography exhibit of this guy that went into this big homeless centre in Poland. The pictures were of where people lived (their beds rather with misc personal items around them). Each photograph had a story about how the people got to be in that situation. Very touching. Mostly alcohol related, which was just what I was about to go and consume... Met up with the crew at Big Chill, sipped mojitos and sat outside on the lane way with hundreds of other people milling around. After tiring of that and getting a little peckish grabbed a bite to eat at Viet and headed to the Elbow Room for some rounds of pool.

Monday, again was very lazy, but managed to scrumage the energy to head of to Tate modern. Was packed with the huge re-hand and exhibitions going on.
Witnessed quite a bizarre performance piece. There was this crazy asian guy with a blonde wig on (sooo looked like Mike in Raf's blond girlie wig) that was signing to Thai pop music over a loud speaker whilst selling miscellaneos plastic goods to the crowd for a £1. It was meant to represent the Thai floating markets and an idea of a level consumer market economy. Bizzare. Was cool to see all the wicked modern art though .. my fave this time was the Koons, Duchamp and Warhol room.
The crowds and need for brain capacity prompted us to depart the Tate and head off to the movies. Can't believe how much of a movie person I have become after Richmix has opened! It's just so cool, and so convenient cause it's around the corner. Anyway, saw X-men. It was sick!

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Location: London, UK

Analbeads in the East
Well, I must say I am quite ashamed of my poor effort on this page of late! It's not like I've not had anything to write about ... perhaps just lack of motivation on the rare occaision I'm chilling out at home.
Am going to back track a little and put in some diary entries so it actually looks like I'm a conscientious blogger. But here's what's been doing of late....
Went to Sarah's going away party at Blag club ( on Friday night ... oh the ironic shame! The only English friend I have over here (ok, I have friends, but it just so happens that most are aussie) is heading off to travel round south america and then move to Aus! Bugger. It seems we all drank much too much cheap vodka and although it provided a fun night out and entertaining cab ride home (I was on fire!) I must say we were all regretting it sat morning.
Did what any self-respecting hung over person would do and headed to The Diner (our favourite 50's burger joint) for some grease and to the new movie cinema that just opened up round the corner. It's no ordinary BCC type theatre with tacky carpet and over priced popcorn. The cinema east London style is way cool ... you feel like you're in a funky club or art gallery rather than cinema .. and they give you free popcorn and drinks! No extortionate prices here. Unfortunately the DaVinchi Code was a bit of a let down, but who was expecting much out of it anyway!
Couldn't really decide which party to go to on Sat night, so bailed on them both because we were much to tired, and went out in our local area instead. Found this great new brazillian bar for some (non-alcoholic) pre drinks. Then went to Drunken Monkey ( for some incredible Dim Sum. I can't beleive the amount of food we got through - a whole duck, soooo many servings of dumplings, spring rolls, sang chow bow, chilli fried squid la di di da So much food I'm almost disgusted in us.
London weather didn't quite pull out all the stops for us on Sunday so it's been quite rainy all day. Still managed to head down to Colombia Road flower markets. It's so beautiful going to a market dedicated solely to flowers. Not quite as pretty though are the market stall peeps with the cockney accents hocking off flowers with all kinds of one liners. Adds to the atmostphere though!
I like to call that a pretty typical London weekend. Lovin the east and livin at Analbeads, I mean Anlaby. Mmm, Mike has just cooked up a Moroccan chicken stew so had better get eating and settled into a new episode of Lost.

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From Cherie
No blogs for a while Brooke, don't forget to keep us up to date. 1 more sleep for 1 more year, xxxx Mum
From Cherie
Accidently hit the wrong key ---
what's happened after Val, no life photos. I miss you and this is a connection that I always check. xxxx Mum
Response: Sorry mum! Just been too busy of late!
From Michael
Hey Brooke! Paris looks amazing. Wish I was there.........

Have fun!

Response: Oh, I know! Would've been so cool if you were there with us.
Take care bro, Bx
From mads
i miss you so much! I'm extremely jealous - but moreso happy for you - of your adventures with benny! Keep having fun/yummy champas, speak to you very soon!
Response: Hehe ... yes, I am living the life!!!
(Although I do only post about the good stuff ... funny how battling the daily grind on the tube and lack of sunlight doesn't get a mention!)
From Mummsie
Great photos of you, Benn, family and friends although I'm looking forward to seeing you in the flesh soon. Paris here we come
Response: Yes ... very excited!!! Can't wait to be in Gay Paris with you guys! Booked buddha bar today ... yay!
From Sue
Hi Brooke,
I could not get an address to post you a Christmas Card, so here it is!@!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Ben from all of us in the Beck household. We hope you have a wonderful white Christmas and hope to see you next year if possible!

Love and Big hugs to you.
Norm, Sue, Amanda (& Pete), Leonie, Eliza, Zack and Liddy!
Response: Thanks Sue!!!! Hope you guys all had a brilliant time for xmas ... would've been nice with the whole family there (well minus me!) Benn and I had an awesome time in Austria ... shall post some photos and a blog soon. xoxox Brooke
From Ashley
Hey Brooke! Long (long) time no see/talk over a year. I just came across an old email w/your blog cite listed and I decided to check it out. Sounds like you've been having an amazing time continuing your Europe adventure. Wish I could go back soon! Email me sometime. We should catch up.
Response: Hey Ashley! Nice to get your message! Yes, been having much more adventures ... hope you've been well too! Def catch over email soon. x
From mads
thanks for the pic updates. new top looks hot. are they your weds night girlies? speak soon. xx
Response: Thanks Maddles! Yep .. they my little eastside crew.
Mark's going away party this Friday. *Snif* But am sure lots of pics to come from that!
Oi slacker - get blogging! I want to see more pics and hear of fun times! Not that being sick for 2 weeks would have been fun!?
xo Miss you
Response: Yup! They call me slacker! Over that awful virus now ... feeling much better. Am trying to detox - well trying!
From michael
Response: What an ingenious message ... must've taken a long time to come up with! Probably the same amount of time I've spent on this blog in the past month or two ...
From Cherie / Mum
Thanks Brooke and Benn for showing us such a good ole London time. We enjoyed it all from the picnic in Hyde Park to the jummy french dinner, Greenwich and so much more. You guys rock.
And wow the beach at Shoreditch a fun world cup day. Love Mum
Response: Glad you guys had a good time kickin it real London style!!! Was a great week and must get all your pics to load to my blog. See you on Sat x
From Mr Michael Luke
hey a!

can't wait till you come home and we party!

Response: Me toooo!!!! Splendor should be sick!!! Are you going on the Sat? Think it might be a bit too ambitious for me to head straight there. Can't wait for fun times though... Got your message the other night, sorry I missed your call, was heading back from Berlin. We'll chat soon!
Luv ya! B
From Mike
Wish u took a picture of the dude at the Tate.
Response: Actually, Benn took one on his phone.
Remember when we were at Marty's house having a cheeky marty party and you had Raph's blonde wig on? It was something to that effect!
From Missy
Hey I loved your pictures from Val D'lsere!!! Looked like you had a blast!
From Mum
Thanks for the photographic memory, it's hanging at Nana's now. Looks like you two had fun in Paris - thats my girl.
From ash
oh remember those days at juicy bits... pumpkin soup and fresh rolls... oh i miss that... and you.. love this new age of blogs.. they rock :)
Response: Ahhh... Juicy Bits, Dons. Go club sign on days! Ahh.
I've started on a new account at work targeting uni students so am having to crank the brain back to uni times! Very enjoyable!!!
From maddy
loving the pic of bennnnnny with the mo! missing you guys soooo much. loads of love xo
Response: Miss you lots to Madddyyyyy!!! Oh my Pooh!
From Dunja
HI babe!
Looks like you are having a great time in Europe! I've started school & am so jelous of your adventures! Keep in touch!
Dunja :)
Response: Hello!!! Glad you got my blog. You know, I think you wrote me an email a loooonnnggg time ago and I never wrote back! How awful of me! Anyway, sat next to Emma L at Proxi in London. How cool is that! She told me you'll be over at the end of the year so we'll have to catch up!!! x
i'm mr funtastic, i am real spastic, like mr boom bastic, my boobs are plastic.



Response: Boombastic comment my man! Keep 'em coming!!!
From auntie sandra
hi brooke
love the email & photos you are having a bll oh to be young make the most of it sorry i missed you when you where home wll send an longer email soon
love you sandra
Response: Miss you guys too. Lots of love to Graeme, Craig, Kim, Courtner and Cooper!
From Miss Whyatt
Yes that's right I definately spelt my name wrong in the last 'leave a message'. Maybe I am not the best person to tutor you for your spelling!
Response: Maybe not! I'd like to think I have very good spelling thank-you very much!
From Miss WHyat
So glad to see the photos from when you where back here.
Just to let you know that you need to keep an eye on your spelling Brooke. No need to worry about it I have a degree and a JOB!
Speak to you soon
Response: Yes Miss Whyatt!