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Welcome to Bruce & Christine's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 28 April 2005

Location: Australia

Hi everyone, well at last I have got some photos posted with some comments. We've been here 5 weeks this coming Sunday and it has been flat out but hopefully will slow down a little now. Check out the photo page. We will be heading up Sunshine Coast probably tomorrow so watch this space. I understand Frazer is heading to Brisbane soon and Peter & Lynn up to the sunshine Coast. I think we may go emerald hunting if that's OK with youi Peter. We miss you all.

Monday, 18 April 2005

Location: Casino NSW, Australia

Hi from the Land of Oz,
I have a few photos to post here but am in a library in Casino which is about 100 Km south of Gold Coast and cannot load up virus laden memory sticks so no pictures.
This is a short letter for your sake & my time. Life has been hectic in dealing with tenants to my house and constant communication via Rex, my Landlord rep. Then there was a week getting Money from Kiwibank to an Oz bank. Basically was here Thursday but then it disappeared into ANZ over NZ and did not get out until Tues afternoon. one problem was it was NZ currency (I'm wise now) and banks hold it and use it but I was very releaved that from Tues am to Tues PM it picked up $900 in exchange value. Not sure Thurs to Tues how much was lost or gained but I will check up & maybe appeal.
Travel - well - we have travelled a little. Flew down from Brisbane to Sydney & bought a motorhome - seee the picture - O sorry cant see that. Now coming North and enjoying it more as time goes by and stress from House subsides. I have to log off soon. Off to gold coast tomorrow then from there to Brisbane - sometime - pick up Guitar & gold clubs etc then head North to sunshine coast. Will keep you posted. Love.
Bruce & Christine

Monday, 04 April 2005

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Hi from the land of Oz where we finally touched down on 27 March 05 touching down at 5pm local time. The first week was triggered when I found out that behind the beautiful woman who rented my house was Black Power and I decided to not let them in after I had signed the agreement. That was a battle. Thanks to Rex and also Bros and family they did not take possession.
Picking ourselves up after that, about 6 days here we decided we needed to get moving as travellers do so went searching on internet. We checked out a basic home, and felt quite excited but "slept on it" as my Dad Jack always advised and then after two sleeps was neally suprised by my complete change of my mind, call me fickle if you wish! It started with a dream then when I ground my coffee and realised without 240 volts I could not grind my coffee on the road!! Next - the coffee struck and I had to run to the lou. The bus had no toilet! It would be too inconvienient to put it mildly. So this morning I really felt there was no bus that met our requirement but this evening we have booked a flight to Sydney and have negotiated a price for a bus that we think is the bees knees - and of course includes a shower & toilet but many more features; a little more cost but well worth the investment. I may try and attach a photo but if not able will if we do buy tomorrow.
My computer possibly has a virus and this together with a 28KB connection and crashing constantly in email has made email just about unworkable. Thus this mass communication. Hey we love to hear from you and will try to keep you posted.
So we're off to Sydney and will report back to let you know how it turns out.
Bruce (the writer this time) & Christine XXOO

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Location: New Zealand

23.02.05 4.05pm
Hmmmmmmmm, well today Bruce and I are celebrating our 17month together, and sadly we are still here in good old Aotearoa. I say sadly because we had hoped to be in Australia in January, but unfortunately things have taken a great deal longer to finish than we had both anticipated. Nonetheless, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, however faint it maybe in the distance, we can still see it, so fingers crossed(and toes as well I guess), we will be winging our way over to Brisbane by about the second week in March or sooner if possible. So, yeah mate stay tuned and good on yah cobber.

Monday, 04 October 2004

Location: New Zealand

Kia ora, well I guess it's my turn to add something. I'm not as fortunate as Bruce with the luxuray of finishing work early Dec,I have to wait until the end of the school year(14.12) @1.30pm. Well we've both got our sights set on tripping around Oz for a few months. We're both excited about the new adventures that lie ahead for us.The mountain of tasks that need to be done before we depart these islands are many, so it's going to be heads down and butts up for a while at least. So stay tuned folks....Christine

Monday, 04 October 2004

Location: New Zealand

Here is what will seem very small (potu) travels but things often begin in small ways. Yesterday Christine & I got in the V8 and with the sun streaming through the roof drove an hour down to Paeroa to check a gathering and sale of Motor Homes. We got a reasonable handle on what is available & how much; I loved a $129K 9 meter Isuzu - hmmm.. too much eh. We then went on to walk round the old gold mining site & train tunnel in the Gorge, said hi to some glow worms then cruised back home.

Monday, 04 October 2004

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

We're planning to go "over the ditch" to Australia sometime in January. Bruce (that's me) will finish up at F&P 1 Dec and finish off my house to make it ready to rent - hopefully in 2 parts if I can get it through Council. We plan on going with a motorhome and are yet to decide on what & where we buy - maybe even house sit a bus initially. So that's it for now mate - good eh.

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Recent Messages

From Nash Singh
Keep it up...
Response: Hi Nash. Hope all is well with you & your family. Hope the job is going well.
Cheers, Bruce & Christine
From Emily
Oh gidday mate! Enjoy your time most; all the details will sort themselves out. You didn't mention the sun and the surf, have you done that yet? Em xxx
Response: Yep - Sun & Surf - but was Surfers before we dived in the water & it was great. Camera ran out of battery Power by then. Cheers Om.
From Min
Good on you for getting on the road. All the best with the Sydney bus - good on you and your dreams (but hard to make real coffee when your daughter has your coffee machine - and a good one it is!). Dean has an anti-virus CD - let me know if you want it.

Have fun, love Min
Response: Thanks Min. Yep - on the road again. Thanks for offer on Anti-virus - may take you up on that as I am in Cafe while my computer sits "at home" where there in connection. Enjoy the coffee - I bought a $10 perk and makes the drug well. Cheers. Bruce & Christine.
From Om
Hi Most and Christine,
I hope you got across the ditch ok; miss you already! I am sure you will have a blast - stay away from the snakes :)
LOL Em x
Response: LOL Om. Have not even seen a snake but we have seen Kangaroos, Wallabies, Dolphins, Ants & meter high ant hills and saw a fella today with his arm bandaged up from a spider bite. Cheers Om XX we miss you too.
From Min

Hip hip hooray! Have a great day and see you for dinner and wine soon xxx
Response: Oh thanks Min. Birthday greetings received with thanks. Hey that was 2 months ago - slack reply eh. Never mind eh - you understand. XXOO
From Min
Hey Guys

Good to see you are still updating your webpage. I promise I will come and get my stuff soon to get it out of the way!! Maybe Sunday? What's your email address again Dadman - it's in my address book at my other work but not here. Have fun with the renovations (ha!) and see you soon xx
Response: You know it now eh - so won't post it here lest I get hit with junk mail. Renovations - hey they seem long ago now. XX
From Nash
Hi Bruce,
Long time no see. Hope you are enjoying ur holidays? Where r u @ the moment? Ozee or somewhere around nz? Happy new year and good luck with your trip... do not tell me you are still in Papakura.. working on house...:)
Response: Hi Nash. Went to Oz March 27 th. Have at last updated our page so you can catch up with a little of our movements. Cheers.
From Emily
Dear Dad and Christine,
All the best for your last few weeks in NZ.
Em xxx
Response: Hi back - sorry late reply.
From Princess Mon
Go the matching rag-o-snot. And the young looking man- best keep running in oz aye.
Oooh, this page makes me excited about your travells; it'll be fun. And make that 2 couches (the fold out ones) and some meat in the freezer for the bbq.
Viv. xox
Response: Hi back - sorry late reply.
Love you too. Viv - is it.
From Jess
Nice Snot Rug!!!!
Though I would imagine it makes any competitor try to pass you in a hurry. Who would want to run behind that! What is its purpose Dadman??

Karl, Min, Dean and I are TRAVELLING to trier section this weekend. And then I TRAVEL to hamilton next week - see Im a traveler too!
Response: Snot rag is for sweat, gloves for cold. I see you did travel and hope was great. Cheers Jess & Karl XXOO
From Emily
Oh my goodness Dadman; the style police are already on their way - watch out (sniff!) running all all over the place! Ha ha, cryptic!
You are all muppets.
Em x
Response: You are queen Muppet and Paddington!
From Isaac
Miriam suggested a snotrag joke, however, I still can't get past the white gardening gloves, they're exceptional!
Response: I hear remarks obout my gloves - Michael Jackson, "just can't get past the gloves ducky" & my answer is that you'd want them too running through Rotorua Forest in the middle of winter. Gardening gloves, well they were cheap! NZ$1.00. Have a good day.
From Min
Love the snotrag (and it would have been such a beautiful photo!)
Response: Even with the snotrag is is soooo excellent - says I.
From Min
Hi You Two!

I took a chance to see if this was up and running, and to my delight it is! I am very excited for you about your plans - nothing like expanding your horizons (tho I hope you don't keep asking me for money as I asked you when I travelled!).

Good on ya, "Sonia"!
Response: Yep - plans are moving along & I'll let you know if I need money - maybe just draw down on one of my morgages - HA.
From Emily
Hi Dad and Christine,
Sounds like a great adventure. Make sure you settle somewhere hot and sunny and within close proximity to a beach with a spare couch and beverages in the fridge, for me of course! Take care, happy planning, have fun.
Em xx
Response: Thanks OM - I think the hot & sunny & beach & beverages are also in our plans - so see you there sometime. Thanks for the msg. Dadman XXOO