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Bianca's Adventures 2007

Welcome to Bianca's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Location: Hughenden, Australia

Well, my birthday is over and I am now 21 (plus 6). Its funny how you make up names to start discuising your age! Today they are having a cake for me at school and last nite I had some girls take me out for a lovely counter meal at the pub. Ive been flat out teaching my new year 7 class, which I was given to teach (plan for etc) for the rest of the term which freaked me out - but now I'm ok with. So, no more travelling out to the small schools for the rest of the term (5 weeks) but I do have my own class of unique children. Its going to be real challenging but I will learn a lot about it and cant wait to get amongst it.
Im heading to Townsville on the weekend to do some shopping and go to a wedding with a friend of mine - so that will be fun. I have been doing heeps of research on what is in the stores at the moment so that I know what I want when I go in there! (Isnt technology amazing!) It is so great hearing from all of you - please keep in touch as I go along, its great!
Well, take care and peace out,
Bianc xoxo

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Location: Hughenden, Australia

Hi all,
Sorry its taken me a while to get this webpage working – I have been waiting to collect some pics from the last few weekends so I could post them with this webpage.
Things are going great in Hughenden (aka The Den), I have been keeping real busy and meeting fantastic people. One great thing about being out here is that there are so many more genuine people – the place doesn’t compare to the Goldy but is definatley where Im wanting to be for my first year teaching. I think this was a godsend.

I have a real challenging job because I cop all the attitudes that comes with a relief teacher – I remember my days as a student and I knew it was a bludge day. I cant wait until next term when I get my own class! (ps my class – grade 1/2 is the most well behaved class in the school. I cant wait)
I am really looking forward to teaching the one class on a daily basis – but in the meantime am reflecting on everyday and trying to learn from it. I have had some tough days, and some amazing days – and those amazing days out on the propertys with 7 children that are all so eager and willing to learn make my job so enjoyable. Im sure Il never get to experience life like this again so I am making the most of it.

This weekend I have a friend, Tracy organizing a little get together for my birthday which is great. I came out here thinking I was quiet and introverted, but Hugheden has proved me wrong. I have met a heep of really great people and it does wonders for your self esteem meeting new people, because you get to learn so much about who you are and where you fit in.
Anyway, there is a group of us having cocktails and heading out to the pub. Yes, I still can drink cocktails, get a spray tan and have fake nails in the bush – I just look out of place (but feel great!)

I am going to a mates property in 3 weeks to muster on horseback. I have only ever got on a horse once and fell off, so im looking forward to seeing how this goes! In 2weeks im treating myself and staying in Townsville for the weekend and cant wait to look around at the shops!

Im really enjoying living alone, and have become great mates with my neighbour Kate. She is from Toowomba and we do a lot together and often cook for each other. My love interest at the moment is my adorable but bitey kitten Saba. He come to me at 4 weeks old and wasn’t too well. I have managed to make him better and he is growing up very quickly. He is awesome company and im always dying to come home and see him of a day.

I cant wait to hear how all of you are going, you are all always in my thoughts and I cant wait to see you all again.

Love Bianc xoxo

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Location: Hughenden, Australia

Hi everyone, well this is my first diary entry! How exciting!

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Recent Messages

From Leesy
Hey Beezie,
Gret pics, it's good to see your place.. then i can picture you up there easier. Keep taking heaps more pics and adding them on for us to look at. Hope you had a good weekend... Lease out
Response: Hey Lees, yeah more pics are to come this week! Will keep you posted
From kaz
Hi sweetie,
So so proud of u. Photos r great, yr social life looks like its rockin! We miss u heaps, and charlie sends a huge hug and kiss for his aubby b.
Lv u
kaz xx
Response: Oww how lovely.. Chat soon love Aubby B xoxo
From moira
Hi Bianca,
Happy birthday, sorry it's late but you know how it gets with work. I love your diary you smart little cookie. I had a great time on holidays and I get to see them again tomorrow. Anyway enjoy your weekend and be good.
Lots of love,
From Janelle
Hey sweetness,
wow everything is going great for you, Im so sorry i missed your birthday, I knew our were close. I hope you had a fun time. Ive it the big 25 this year was a little scary. My sister flew up and suprised me which was amazing, got it all on camers (I swore my head off) I also had Kate up here aswell so we had a fun two weeks.
Ive stared seing a guy, his name is Kris I work with him and funny enought guess what he is my flat mate( Is showed you a photo of him on the goldy if you remember)
We hooked up in airlie after i saw you on the goldy, Life is great he is a amazing person and we have a awesome bond, so its a ll smiles for me at the moment!!
was great to hear from you, all the best with the teaching, you are a amazing persomn and you have alot to teach people.
will talk again soon.
Oh next time you go to townsville let me know and i will drive down and visit of stay a night, its only 3hrs from cairns and i could use another break
From Heather S
Hi Bianca
Happy Birthday!!! This is a great idea. Keep writing so we know what you are doing!! The flat looks great! and Saba is so cute! I'll be dining with your Mum and Dad this Friday night We are all looking forward to seeing them. Enjoy your new job. We are all really happy for you
Hope to hear from you soon
Heather XX
Response: Hey Heather, Im glad you like the site, I just thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with everyone. Hope you have a great time with Mum and Dad being down, they are so excited. Send my love to everyone. Love ya xoxo
From lizzie
Happy Birthday, Bianca!!!
I just spoke to your mum and she gave me the link to your website - it looks and sounds like you are having a great time, it can be a shock to the system sometimes when you move to the country, but it seems like you are fitting in fine... good on you! I hope you have a great birthday and call in and see us when you come to visit in your holidays.
Cheers Lizzie.
Response: Hey Lizzie, great to hear from you. Will definately pop in and say gday when I get back. Hope all is well there xo
From Mamma
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETY, I love and miss you...
Response: Oww mamma, thanks heeps..
From Shan
Hey B
I sent you a text message this morning (way too early) but I wanted to say Happy Birthday. I have a pressie and it is on its way (well kinda)...I thought it could be late so that you would have an extended birthday. Love you long time, Shan xo
From Stacey
Hi B,

Happy Birthday to you, have a fab day.

Love Stacey xoxoxo

P.S. Hope all is well
hey Bianca=Great to hear things are finally getting into place for you. Just said Goodnight to your Mother-she joined us for a burger and footie. (Titans lost again) Your Dad is away fishing so Sandi has a free weekend. We'll probably dine somewhere tomorrow evening and have a nice relax and a few 'drinkies'. Must away to bed now but we send our love and look forward to seeing you and hearing a lot about your new adventures when you return for hols. Jill and Ilze
From shirley
Hi Bianca,
Its so lovely to hear all about your travels and see your pictures.
You sure sound like you are fitting in!! Sounds great.
We stopped at Julia Creek on the way back from Darwin to see my nephew, David Wagner, he worked on a farm miles out of the town and worked on a station. He loved it, he actually met his wife there in Julia Creek although they didn't get together till they went back to victoria!!
Small world.!!!
The school sound good that you work at, I know the kids will love you when you get them to have each day.
Well Darling you look after yourself and I cant wait to get some more news from you.
Lots of Love and Kisses Shirleyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Ellen meagher
Hello Bianca,
Fantastic - you sound so happy and I have to say you deserve to be. Congratulations on this site. I look forward to always hearing your news, sharing your adventures and seeing the "sights" you display. I am catching up with your Mum this weekend as I have not seen her in ages and I miss her. Noel and I are moving back to Brisbane within in next 3 - 4 months for 3 years as I cannot do the commute any more. Ciao lovely lady enjoy all that is coming your way.

Love Ellen

PS only 10 weeks to go until Julies's little girl will be here.
From Lisa
Hey beezie,
What is this? I have no idea what this page is and how it works, can anyone in the world read your letters? Didn't get to call last night, had to go to dans, cook tea, eat it and then go to straight to Missy Higgins. Hoping to catch you this arvo xoxoxox
From Lisa
Hi Bianca
Great photos. OMG saba is SO cute ( for a cat ) but I know how it feels to look forward to getting home to your loved pet. Its great that you have that.
You look like you are having an absolute ball there and can see you meeting the man of your dreams and bloody staying there.
Well best get to work. New site up today!!!!!!!!!! They have loaded it without all the admin we did yesterday! You would have thought that WTF would have mentioned it so we wouldnt have added or changed anything yesterday. Whats new around here?
Anyway the boss has just arrived ( your mum ) so best look busy!
You have a great day and fab birthday!
From Shan
It is awesome - I love your pics and your little cute and homely and so you. I am stoked that you are having a great time out deserve the best experience ever. I will talk to you soon....Love you heaps, Shan xo