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For all interested in my travels, here is the travel diary of my adventures. Keep in touch and wish you were here. Don't let dreams be dreams, Burto.

Diary Entries

Sunday, 01 April 2007


All is going well in sunny England, saw my first snow a few weeks back which was cool. The days have been short, so looking forward to the long warm summer nights. Since Christmas, I moved from Bristol to London to start a job at Wimbledon Tennis Courts, working on the new stadium at centre court. The contract has just now finished, so are looking for some more work around London. Haven't been up to much since Christmas, but been enjoying the city life in London. Been staying in a share house near Wimbledon with many people coming and going, but has been fun.

I have decided to return to Australia in August some time, so am planning a few trips around Europe in summer before I return home. Really starting to miss good old Aus. and a good old BBQ! Australia Day was big in London and was an awesome day. People running around waring any thing australian (footy tops, thongs, flags) or any thing green and gold. Good times had by all.

I have finally got around to setting up some photos on the internet, it has only taken me almost a year and alot of nagging from all back home, but I have made a token effort! I have put up a range of photos from different trips and occasions so far. So enjoy!

Hope everyone enjoyed the summer back home and have a golden tan. For myself, my skin is stating to go transparent due to no bloody sun light for months, but no complain. Take care and stay well.

Will be intouch,


Monday, 11 September 2006

Location: Morocco

Hey guys,

On a new adventure through Europe to make us of the end of the summer. I know I didnt keep you up to date with the last trip, but will try this time round. Have trouble putting photos on this site so will have to go without. Here is a brief summary of each day on the trip, enjoy -

Trip length:- 6 - 7 weeks
Trip plan:- London - Morocco - Spain - France - Italy - Greece and Greek Islands - Prauge (if there is time)
Got a train pass around europe, so will travel mostly by train

August 31st 2006 - Morocco - Marakesh
Caught the train to Gatwick airport at 4:30am. Stricked with luggage on plane, so had some trouble getting through security. Arrived in Morocco - Marakesh at 11:30am and caught a taxi to our hotel. The driver didnt understand where we were going, they speak Arabic or French over here. He droped us off in the main square and point in the general direction. The small streets are just a maze, so got a local to guide us to our hotel for a small fee. The hotel was very nice with Moroccan traditional setting, and greeted with cups of mint tea. Dropped our geat off and went for a look around the surrounding area. Running on little sleep, went to bed early.

September 1st 2006 - Morocco - Marakesh
The room is very hot and hard to sleep, it is around 40 - 45 degrees during the day, every day! Spent the day looking at tourist attractions and craft shops. Friday is pray day for Moroccans as their religon is Muslim. Most things are not open until after lunch. Most things close down also between 11:30 - 2:30, so is a good time to rest and have lunch between this time. People use this time for an afternoon nap. Moroccan people love tourists and are very friendly. Problem is that they hassle you to pay them to guide you around or come into their craft shops. Can get a bit anoying after a while. In the evening the main square comes alive and had dinner at one of the food stalls. The waiters hassle you with lines like 'lovely jubely' and 'bloody good food'. The place is amazing, filled with snake charmers, accrobats, music, story tellers, food and craft stalls.

September 2nd 2006 - Morocco - Marakesh
Caught a horse drawn caridge to some more tourist stuff and looked at some more craft shops. Had a guide take us to a jewish village and synagogue, their priest was old and freaky. Got another guide to show us to another mosque, but took us to a different one and to his mates craft shop. Anything we buy there he will get some commision. Gave us dodgy directions to where we wanted to go, but got there in the end. Spent the night in the main square again with more Moroccan entertainment.

September 3rd 2006 - Morocco - Marakesh
Our accomodation ran out here but decided to stay another night. This place was booked out, so arranged a bed in the hotel next door. Spent most of the day organising a trip to Ouzazate and a train to Fes. Looked through some markets (Soukes) in the afternoon. Had dinner at a restaurant on the edge of the main square tonight.

Saturday, 09 September 2006

Location: Morocco

September 4th 2006 - Morocco – Marrakesh/Ouzazate

Had a sleep in and a late breaky, packed a day bag and left the rest at the motel. Did some shopping and odd jobs to kill some time. Caught our bus to “Ouzazate” at 5:30pm and arrived to our accommodation quite late, this place had air conditioning which was a luxury. Ouzazate is a small town, 4 hours by bus from Marakesh. The town is located a few hours from the Sahara Dessert, but don’t have time to get there. The town is well known for its movie studios which are used for various Hollywood movies.

September 5th 2006 - Morocco – Ouzazate

Caught a bus out to “Atlas Studios” in the morning, a couple of kilometres out of town. Did a tour around some of the sets of movies like:- Gladiator, Kingdome of Heavens, Jewel of the Nile and Cleopatra. Back in the town, walked down to see the Kasbah and got a tour of the old town while trying to find it. Went to a nice restaurant which had photos of the staff with movie stars. Had a nice pizza.

September 6th 2006 - Morocco – Ouzazate/Fes

A big day of travelling ahead to make it to Fes. Bus left at 8:30am for Marrakesh and saw what we drive through during the night on the way up. Some very crazy winding roads through the mountains, not for the faint hearted. Picked up the rest of our luggage from Marrakesh and caught the 3pm train to Fes. The journey was suppose to be 8 hours but arrived in Fes at 12 midnight. Was hassled by a bloke when getting off the train, asking if we wanted to stay in his hotel and use his mate as a guide the next day. Already had accommodation organised.

September 7th 2006 - Morocco – Fes

Slept in a bit and got up to have breaky on the roof of the hotel. Decided to do a walk through the “Medina” using the Lonely Planet book as our guide. The “Medina” is the old town of Fes, built inside surrounding walls. It is full of narrow streets, most leading to know where. Very hard to find things, very easy to get lost. Hassled a lot by the local Moroccans to use them as our guide and ended up seeing many carpet shops. Mainly because people offer you to go up to their balcony to take pictures of stuff, but have to go through their carpet shop to do it. Also got a tour of how they make ceramic mosaic tables etc. from a shop owner. Found a nice restaurant for tea and had vegetarian spaghetti (bit scared to eat meat here).

September 8th 2006 - Morocco – Fes

Got up early to visit the Tanneries. Got a guide to take us up to a balcony to view the dying tubs where the Moroccans dye the leather. They use a special process to get the raw skin of animals (sheep, goats, camels) to a final dyed piece of leather. There was a leather shop there and the shop attendant said that “Steve Erwin” and family had visited here before. Did another walk in the afternoon to various sites and to a lookout with a view over the city. Went to see the Jewish quarter and had a bad experience with a guide. He took us down a maze of streets and asked us for ridiculous amounts of money. Told him he was dreaming and found our own way out. Went back to the same restaurant as last night for the same meal.

September 9th 2006 - Morocco – Fes

Caught a taxi to the new part of town to organise some day trips and our ticket to Tangier. Had a nice lunch in a Italian restaurant, but my mate used their credit card to pay and they accidentally charged 100 times the amount. They didn’t know how to use the card swipper properly and took a while to cancel the transaction. Had a look through the Batha Museum in the afternoon. Went for a walk through the Medina at night to check it out and got invited into a blokes place for mint tea. He lived in a “Riad” (a certain type of Moroccan house) with his family. Got shown around and drank mint tea with him.

Sunday, 02 July 2006

Location: Ramsgate, UK

Just moved to Ramsgate in Kent! Right on the sea front with a sweet sandy beach. Just started the first week of a new job here and all is going well. Been so so busy, bare with me, will fill you in on all the details soon! Be good

Burto ;)

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From Bert
Thats awsome!! you sound like you are having a ball!! :)
Who are you travelling with?
Response: Friend from Adelaide, Kylies. Great to here that you are heading back home, hope it all goes well buddy. Be good,

From Bert
Sandy beaches hey, sounds very very nice.cant wait to hear more about your adventures.
I am moving back to adelaide in october, havent booked the boat over but it is going to happen work knows im leaving so eeek. its a bit exciting.
hope you are fabulous.
Response: Way to go buddy, everyone will be glad to see you back home again! You will be home ready for the nice warm summer, remember what warm feels like. Will keep you filled in on my travels, by email, this travel diary is very time consuming. All the best with movng back, Craig
Hey Craig sounds like you are having the best time. Its an awesome thing to do this travelling,hey! Hope all is going well and you sound like you are enjoying all the things this great world has to offer. look forward to hearing about your next lot of adventures. Take care Jody(f/v shop)
Response: Some great places over here and so so much to see! You are right about the travelling thing, so werth it. Hope all is well and your next adventure is not too far away. Say hi to everyone from TC's for me. Will try to fill you in on the trip so far soon.
Response: BERTIE!!! You should be here buddy, lots of good times. Keep grooving!!!
From Neil (from Alice)
Reminds me of my trip in 1977! The beaches haven't improved though.
Liked Italy the best!
Response: Yeh, the rocky beaches haven't washed away yet! The towns I passed through may have changed since 1977, but the best bit is that I'm sure the old buildings and statues are still the same. Look forward to talking about the places we have seen in our travels when I get home some day.
From Mum & Dad
Great to hear from you again, keep well, talk with you soon.
Look after yourself and enjoy.
Love Mum & Dad
Response: Will do and thanks for the emails,
Love Craig.
From kylies
Sounds like you had a great time, and have seen a lot : ) but totally not much sleep!! What exactly are those places you saw in Paris? I'm surprised you didn't like Pisa, me and Lulu really liked it there, and even spent an unintended night there so we could climb the tower. The pizza and gelati was great too, and the weather was gorgeous which probably makes a difference. Good luck with job hunting in London, luv Kylies
Response: Yeh, if I had the time I may have spent longer there. I couldn't sped the day there though. I will have to explain the places in Paris to you sometime, bit hard to explain in a message. Some photos might have explained things a bit though. Fingers crossed I might be earning the "pound" soon, see what crops up. Will keep in touch and go the soccer-roos!!!
From stevo and racho
hi dude,
hope you made it through your first week, without getting too drunk.
Hey guys, great to here from ya. Yeh, it is pretty hard to stay sober when all that people over here do is piss on! The first week went well, such a buzz. Hope your flight over here goes well and look foreard to seeing you guys! Once you get a mobile number over here, let me know so we can organise to catch up.