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Maggie and Caitlin do Central America

Hola Amigos! We will be living it up in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua for the next few months, working, learning surfing and sunning. If you want to check out the place we'll be working and living at go to
We'll post pictures and updates whenever we can so keep checking back! See you in April---Adios!!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I just updated a bunch of new pictures so check those out, as they are better than any verbal update I can give..
We did go back down to John and Jonathan´s place for a few days with Tyler and a buddy from home and a few from college. Had a great time down there, played some poker, swam, saw a scorpion.. Once we got back it has just been same old, same old, lots of yoga, gardening, sleeping in the hammocks (which Maggie is now permanantly confined to since her tent fell apart and she gave it away).
We will be home in about 3 weeks but are trying to plan a few more trips out of San Juan: Granada, Laguna de Apoyo, maybe even the Corn Islands if we can fit it.. other than that, we´ll just keep puting up pics so you can see our smilin faces and we´ll see you soon!
Love Cait and Mag

Monday, 12 March 2007

we´re back in action! Getting the pictures up was enough of a challenge, I just couldn´t handle a verbal update at the same time. Our trip is going through its "transitional" phase, we said goodbye to Justin and Brett (I cried more than Maggie) and added Hannah. Its great to have a new person, and another girl makes it even better, for us, unfortunately now Tyler is cornered a bit.
I went down to Costa Rica to see Maggie and her dad for a few days and enjoyed some air conditioning and television and some family time. They did some great stuff-ATVs, boat trips, snorkling, canopy tour--the whole deal. Back at Maderas we have made some more couches and I made some new bamboo shelves, all on my own! Pics to come..
Maggie, Hannah and I went to Ometepe this weekend to see some of Hannah´s friends and party with the locals. Ometepe is the island in Lake Nicaragua and is home to two volcanoes, Maderas, which is inactive, and Conception, which as of Feb was blowing some smoke and ash. No erruptions while we were there, unfortunately. Also, although we didn´t see any boa constrictors around (Hannah told us how shewas once chased out of the bathroom by one) we did get accustomed to the sight of tarantulas scurring about. After two days at Finca Magdelena Mags and I moved on to Merida, a little town on the other side of Volcan Maderas. Unfortunately, being sunday and no buses running, we had to walk...a 10k. We arrived drenched--thank you late afternoon showers--covered in dirt and unshowered since we forgot shampoo and towels, with our stuff in plastic bags. Despite that, we met some great people there and travelled back to San Juan with a number of them today.
I think tomorrow we are heading south again to Jonathan´s project...tough life, we know.
i´ll put up some pictures of Ometepe and our adventures soon. And just think, we´re home in just over a month!
Oh, and Happy Birthday Sue, Nana and MOM!!! Miss you guys, and the cake...
Lots of Love, CAit

Monday, 19 February 2007

Location: Nicaragua

Well helloo---sorry it has been so long, it's funny but for all the lounging we do we manage to stay really busy... We have been working out at Maderas, made a bamboo couch, replanted about 80 nonis (some sort of medical plant) and painted our new barbaque.

This week it´s just me and the boys--Maggie and Brett are in Costa Rica visiting her dad, who´s down here with a friend. We spent last week down at our friend Jonathan´s place--maybe the most incredible house I´ve ever stayed in. All of us, at one point or another, said, ¨This is what I want my house to look like¨...hopefully we can afford an ocean view with two pools... We lounged out there, taking a break from our otherwise strenuous life. Tyler´s twin sister Abby was in town for a few days and although I´m not sure we showed her much else other than the fact that we love cocktail hour, I think she had a good time. She works down in DC for planned parenthood, goes to law school and babysits for John Edwards, so Maggie and I were pretty much in awe and just drilled her with questions for 5 days...

In other big news, a few days ago when Blanch and Tyler and I were just chillin the rancho after dinner, enjoying the nice evening, Blanch yells (like a girl, to be honest) and jumps up after spotting the largest spider I have ever seen. We called Manuel, the other head guy at the land, over to check it out and he confirmed our suspicion that it was a tarantula! It was honestly about 2 and a half inches long and about 1 and a half to 2 inches wide. No kidding around out here. Needless to say, we all went up to our tents feeling pretty itchy.

I´ll try to get some more pictures up, although that requires I take some more...soon. Hope everyone back East is enjoying the snow!

Lots of Love Cait

Tuesday, 06 February 2007

Location: Nicaragua

so there were supposed to be some pictures to accompany this entry but my camera battery just died...again.

deep breath.

so since our last entry we have found two more scorpions, although now it just seems like no big deal... we also went and saw baby Olive Ridley turtles being hatched! they gave us a basket of them to "set free" (they collect them during the day so the crabs don't get them). but then, when we were done with our basket and just sitting on the beach, a nest was next to us and next thing we knew like 45 babies came up from the sand! they were so cool, right off of the discovery channel. it's quite the nature preserve were in; we've also seen a deer?, a squirrel!, a few dozen howler monkeys (who sound remarkably like wild boars), some crazy crabs, a rabbit and a bunch of birds. not bad.

we've moved out to maderas and tyler's project. we're tenting and have an incredible ocean view (we'll definatley post a pic soon, its incredible.) we started working today and will be doing a bunch of planting and building a cabana--clearly they know we are stronger than we look. other than that, not much else is new, just the same old, fantastic time!

life is good but we miss you guys...xoxo c&m

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Location: Nicaragua

Hola Amigos! it´s Caitlin. I am alive and well in San Juan del Sur. After a close call in Miami I managed to jog quickly through the airport and make my flight, my bag however, did not. It should be here soon, I have faith. I joined in a homestay with Maggie, Brett and Blanchette. Blanch and I share a room that is almost entirely bed, it´s great. Our brother and sister, Kali and Williamcita are great and exceptionally good dancers, especially for their age (7 and 2). I also started some Spanish classes along with the gang and have been working hard, four hours a day in a nice beachfront restaraunt.

We are heading out to Playa Maderas later this week--hopefully Thursday in time for the full moon. Tyler--the guy who started the whole Parque Maderas--is excellent and although I haven´t seen the project yet, I´ve been assured that it is unbelievable! It sounds like we will be planting trees, and doing some gardening for awhile...then whatever else he needs to get done.

San Juan is great, Mags and I did some beach yoga the other night in the midst of the on-going sand storms. We are all constantly covered in a fine layer of sand because it is the windy season. It has been about 80-90 so far, which I don´t mind at all. Oh, this was exciting--so the first night here, Maggie and I are on our way to dinner and as she puts on her sweater she feels this bite. So she screams, strips off her clothes, only to find a nest of baby scorpions inside! They were tiny but packed a punch. Then, when we though the excitement was over and were coming through other clothes to make sure there weren´t any more, we find the mom who was a large 2 inches, burrowed into the sweater. We just ran around and screamed like a bunch of loco gringos. We must have looked like we were having a siezure or something.. Oh and also, on the way to get me at the airport, I guess they hit a monkey--in the middle of the highway! What the monkey was doing so far from home is still up in the air.

We will try and post some pictures later this week before we go to Maderas. Hasta Luego!!

Love Cait

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From Laura
Hey girls, my name is Laura i actually graduated the same class as you from UNH. i was thinking of doing a social service project in central america, so out of boredom at work one day i typed in "nicaragua" to facebook and you two popped up, so i stalkered your little journal here to learn what you were upto. what exactly are you doing for work/projects and how did you get involved? sounds awesome, i'd love some info. to start planning my own couple of months with a few friends away from the U.S! thanks and enjoy! -Laura
Response: hey laura--send me your email and ill fill you in on what we´ve been up to. also check out the site, thats my buddy tyler´s project but it gives a general overview.
talk to you soon.
From caitlin
Hi Sweetie, Love the photos.You must be having a great adventure.Go girl.I have to tell you I really miss you.Look forward to April. It has been brutally cold here,wish I was there.Do take care.Love Nana
Response: Hey Miss Nana, I miss you too! ALthough I heard you are leaving for FL tomorrow..very nice! Can´t wait to see you, I hope you guys had a wonderful March Birthday party.
Love you. Caitlin
From tess
a haiku for you:

Hello, meine "Gebäckstücke"--
this means "strudels" in german.
You's sweet, like pastry.

please note: the syllabic veracity of this 5-7-5 composition is contingent on the presumed pronunciation of 'Gebasfnjfjnakjjn' as a single uninterrupted segment of speech... humor me.
all my love- t

Response: you are the craziest person i know. miss you ladyyy, dont go to thailand, then ill be forced to send you german haikus and that would be rediculous.
muchos bessas chica xoxox
From kerry
Just read your journal and what an exciting path you are on. How did you get involved in this project? be careful , be good and have fun!
Aunt Kerry
Response: hey kerr--
it's a friend of a friend from UNH. its going really well, nicaragua is unbelievable. i hope all is well with you--no snow! miss you and love you, tell conor and marg the same!
love cait
From Dj and Becky
Hey there,

It's DJ. Just flew back in from NYC and got a chance to revisit your site. Cool stuff...Hope all is well, know that you are missed. Have a blast,

Love DJ, Becky and Emma
Response: nyc? fun stuff?
i miss you guys--tell em i said hola! im glad you checked out the pics!
see you soon- love you.

From nana
Hi Sweetie Im back from Fla and its freezing.Not too smart to leave all that warmth.Are you having fun? Take care.Love Nana
Response: Hi Nana Banana---I can't believe you actually left FL! You're nuts!
I miss you, especially during the superbowl :) see you soon, love you.

From Lindsay
Have fun and be safe. Cheers.

Response: hey babyy.. have fun in the islands, mon, isnt that soon? hope all is well a su casa.
miss you earll...see you soon