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Monday, 24 July 2006

Location: Bowen island, Canada

well, the weather has arrived and with it the sun!!! overnight it went from low 20's to mid 30's so no time to get used to the weather it was an all or nothing situation. think i am getting used to it by now but swims are common place off the end of the jetty during quite periods at work. work is good another kids kamp this week but this time a really awkward child who has 2 adults just to look after him!! bit crazy really but a real test of patience so i may come back a completely changed person from this!!!!
have tried to get back to vancouver as much as possible to see people but people have also come here to see me. amy, lucy tim and will come out to see me last night and we had a bbq and a couple of bottles of wine (well me and tim did with a bit of help from will), was awesome for those guys to see why i like it here so much and tim and amy have both said they are going to come try get out here more often because it is so peaceful and such an amazing setting!! been to see the chinese gardens which were so relaxing and breathtaking definately going to see them again!!! have planned to go see phantom of the opera with amy because cirque du soleil was too expensive as she hasn't been paid yet!!! planning my travels is great fun at the minute and because the time was running away with me i made myself a diary so i could keep track of busy times at work and when im off to see things. am off to seattle this weekend which is going to be an experience am driving down with a friend charlotte (met on the plane) and her best friend from home. was planning on going down this weekend anyway so worked out well that she is driving. am off to whistler for 2 days in a couple of weeks with Amy and then planning on going to vancouver island the second to last week of august which should be good only issue being 3 of us from work are going at the same time so we will have an awesome time just the kayak shop may be a little understaffed!!!!!!! alaska is booked!!! ask anyone in my family and they will say i had been raving about going to alaska for so long, and now it is booked. going to get myself a guide book so i can plan what we are going to do to make the most of the time there!!! after that i am planning to bus tour around the rockies but nothing definate yet.
not much else to report at the minute as i am just working lots and not doing a huge amount!!!

Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Location: Bowen Island, Canada

Hi all,
Just a quick one i think today!!! Since i last updated i have been biking round stanley park which has some awesome views, i have also climbed the Grouse Grind (hiking uphill basically!!) which took me 1 hr 45 mins- next time i will do it faster!!! And only other thing would be spending time on the beach and moving to Bowen Island to start work. I have moved into a house with a couple who moved here from england 30 years ago and now have my own room pretty much my own bathroom and space to unpack!!! Its so nice not living out of a bag.I think a massive parcel home will be being sent in september so my bag is a lot less full!!!!
Work started today and was awesome just a lot of lifting on kayaks which will build my muscles up great but at the min is hard work. Also my hands are toughening up rapidly!! But i can't complain as i am outdoors all day everyday and will come back with a funny but very brown tan!!!!! I am going back to the city tomorrow evening thou as it is a SWAP night out where we get to meet all the new guys!!! Then a day off on friday to help amy and lucy move into there own place and then back to work on saturday for 7 days intensive work!!!!
Right i need to get out of work cloths and sort my life out!!!

Friday, 30 June 2006

Location: Canada

Well ive just got back from one of the prettiest places i have ever been. Its an island called bowen island just off north vancouver and i have a job there at the kayak centre. However, i have no place to live so will have to start with commuting from vancouver which could be a bit soul destroying!!!!!! weather is hot hot hot about 30 degrees i think but there is a constant breeze so when you are in the breeze its ok!!!
This weekend is canada day on saturday so a massive party will be happening tomorrow which is going to be good for social life not so good on the liver i don't think!!! but still i am glad i am in vancouver for it!!! on monday people start moving on to where they are going to live and work so many people won't be around much longer which will be a shame as we all seem to get on so well!!!! but at least the people i get on with the most are staying in vancouver and have all said they will come and visit me if i move north!!!
I am planning to go skiing in whistler as well as glacier skiing is all year round so that will be exciting.
The scenery here is amazing. the ocean one side and the mountains the other side still with snow on top!!! really really beautiful.
One thing we are all trying to get used to is how money works out here. tax isnt added on so u look at the price of something and its not the really price. Also u have to pay to have a bank account and to access your own money!!!!!!! Makes no snese but thankfully have set up an account which has 2 months free and 25 transactions free a month for those 2 months so that good!! Also with my mobile i have to pay for incoming calls!!! (+16047249308 in case anyone wants to text me!!!) But at least its cheaper here which is good!!!
Anyway have to get one with finding a room to live in as living out of my bag will annoy me. just had a call from emma so planning on seeing her tomorrow which is going to be good!!!!
Right thats it for now back on next week
Love everyone and miss you all

Thursday, 29 June 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Hi All,
Well i arrived safely and have setlled in with some awesome people for company. So far havent met one person i don't like!!! Just sorting out bank, phone, place to live but may have a job sorted already which is cool.
This city is awesome so pretty but really want to see more of the country already!!!
Anyway must go into town and sort stuff out.
Love Laura

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Recent Messages

From Karen
Hey mate,
Sounds like you are having a lovely time, i am very jealous. Just think of me working in a portacabin over the next week, doing boring data entry! don't come back too brown, may not communicate with you!!
Keep having a fab time, and look forward to hearing your next installment soon.
Response: hey hey,
sorry going to warn u about the brown thing i spend all day outside i am already very brown for me so only going to be worse!!! sorry mate!!!
From lotte
hey hey thanks for the email. only writing here cos its quicker than signing into yahoo! hope the move goes well and i'll email properly tomorrow hopefully (after iv'e finally bought some bloody shoes!) cxxx
Response: hey hey,
Have just sent landline number incase you are feeling rich!!! Move was fine and work is great!!!
From Lotte
come on!!!! its boring! i refuse to be patient any longer. my jealousy is getting out of control and i want to hear that its raining and cold :) lots of love xxx ps i got a degree!!
Response: well done
now there is stuff on there and will update as much as possible.
Should really email out the address as well!!!
Canada is so cool!!!
From Lotte
put something on this page - its boring :)
Give me a chance!!