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Welcome to Jeanne and Bill's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of our travels. We will keep you up to date on where we are, what we are doing, and all the wonderful things we are seeing. Hope you enjoy it.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Location: USA

We have had a wonderful time in Yellowstone National Park. We wanted to stay longer but the weather wa getting scary. SNOW!!!!! We did not want to get stuck in there for the winter. Saw many beautiful sites including Old Faithful but the whole park was just an awesome place.
Yesterday we traveled down to Salt Lake City. We stopped in Fossil Butte and walked a trail up a mountain to view a fossil dig. It was very interesting and the hike was invigorating.
Further on we came upon Park City Utah. It is a huge ski area and a very busy place. Big city stuff.
We started out of Park City and went down and down and down for about 10 miles. Couldn't believe how far down we went to get to Salt Lake City. But we are now in full service campground and can get caught up on our stuff. Talk to you later Jeanne and Bill

Tuesday, 06 September 2005

Location: USA

September 6,
Today was our last day in Keystone. We went to the Gold Mine and panned for gold. No luck. Some people got a few little bitty nuggets of gold. We had fun anyway. Then we went on a train ride from Keystone to Hill City. It went through the mountains and along the river. It was very relazing. On the way home we went to The Glass Blowers. Beautiful vases and bowls but very expensive. I bought a little weather barometer made of glass.

Tomorrow we will be heading for Yellowstone. National Park for 7 days. We like staying in one place for a few days. We get to see many more things and do not feel rushed.
On our way to Yellowstone we stopped in Devil's Tower which is a humongous pillar of rock 840 ft. high. It was in the middle of nowhere.
We stayed in Ten Sleep Wyoming for the night and then traveled on to Yellowstone .
We sppotted a Wal-Mart so we stopped and stocked up on food. We arrived in Yellowstone National Park after a hary ride over the mountains. I was very good and didn't holler too much. We have been touring around Yellowstone -soo much to see and today we are in the Grand Tetons National Paark. Beautiful for spacious skys. They are just magnificent!!!!!!! So long for now Jeanne and Bill

Sunday, 04 September 2005

Location: USA

September 5, 2005
Hi Everyone,
I am very far behind on my webpage because we have been seeing so many sights along the way. We traveled across the state of South Dakota in one day. It was a very long trip and we saw mostly corn fields and soybeans and sunflowers and hay.
Fields and fields , as far as the eye could see. We stopped at different locations along the way, one being Wall Drug. It once was a small drugstore but has now grown to be a huge complex similar to South of the Border but not as chintsy. We had homemade icecream {delicious} and ambled through all the stores. We also stopped in different overlooks along the way. One rest area was locaated at the site where Louis and Clark camped along the Missouri River. It had memorabilia of their expedition down the Missouri River.
We stopped for lunch and the gas station across the street was advertizing gas for 2.95 and when we came out of the restaurant the price had changed to 3.09. Bar humbug!!!
We stopped in Mitchel, South Dakota to see the Corn Palace. It is a building With murals on the front depcting the harvesting of corn and the farmers . It is all made out of different color corn. Most amazing.
We arrived in Keystone and we can see Mt. Rushmore from our camp site. We set out for Mt. Rushmore to view the Presidents. Awesome!!! We then went to Rushmore Cave and went 420 stairs into the caves which had stalagmites and stalagtites. It was 58 degrees in the cave and 97 degrees outside.
The weather has been beautiful. It is in the 90's during the day but very dry and about 6p.m. it cools right off to the high 50's at nite. No need for the air conditioning. Today we went to Custer State Park. We saw buffalo, deer, elk, mule s, and antelope roaming about.Lots of scenic overlooks and very, windey and steep, narrow roads. Scaaarrrrey!!!!! Tonight we are going to the Lighting of Mt. Rushmre. They say it is very impressive. Bye for now Jeanne and Bill

Monday, 29 August 2005

Location: USA

This is the fourth time I have typed this and I am getting very frustrated.
We went to the ARch and went to the top in a small cable car. We viewed the city from the top and took many picures. A beautiful site. We watched a movie of how the Arch was built. Amazing!!!
Today we went to Union Station the hub for trains during the Depressiona dn the second World War. It is now a mall but the history of the train station is well preserved.
We went for a tour boat ride on the Mississippi River and saw barges being laded with goods to be shipped. Also the Arch from the water. St. Louis is a beautiful city with lots of history and things to see.
Tomorrow we are headed for Cedar Rapids , Ohio to visit with Bill's niece Robyn and her husband Mike.
Till the next internet site Bill and Jeanne

Sunday, 28 August 2005

Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Here we are in St. Louis, Missouri. We arrived about 4 o'clock. We just discovered that we should turn our clocks back. For two days we have been ahead an hour. We stopped in Vandalia, Illinois which was the capital in the early days and where Abraham Lincoln was a state representative and where he practiced law. We went through a Museum that had alot of memorabilia sp . I told you I needed a dictionary.
We are in a campground where we can see the Gateway Arch. We are going there tonight and see the city from the top of the Arch. I am getting scred already. It is very very high. Talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Location: Brookline,N.H., USA

Well, we are in the best of shape. We have internet service and cable. What more could we want. It is just beautiful out here in the country. The weather is perfect 80 degrees during the day and in the 50's at nite. Last nite we went to the rehearsal for Eric and Mary's wedding. It went very well. We had dinner at the Red Blazer {21 of us] and had alot of good food. Tomorrow is the wedding so we have to rest up for dancing and celebrating.
August 20
Wedding. All went wwell and everyone had a good time.

August 21
Left for Letchworth state Park. First stop ws Patty and Tim's. We had a good visit with them and did not even unhook.

August 22
Arrived at Letchworth Sttate Park. Beautiful park with waterfalls and scenic views . Lots of hiking trails. We had a great time doing all these things. Patty and boys Travis and Nathan came out the next day and camped on our site with their tents. They are real campers. They had been here before so they took us to places that we had missed. Next day we all went to Niagara Falls. Spectacular!!!! We all had a blast. We went on Maiid of the Mist and other trips. We had dinner in Canada and had a great day. They stayed over another nite and then we chilled out the next day .

August 26
We left at 10:30 A.m. and trveled west for 10 hours and reached Brookville Ohio at 8:30 P.M. Needless to say we were very tired of riding. We saw some beutifuo farm country along the way and lotds of scenic views. We are chilling out today and catching up on our internet stuff. The trip has gone well so far almost according to plan. Few changes along the way. Tomorrow we will be headed for St. Louis, Missouri. Another long trip but we will chill out there for a few days.

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Location: Campton, N.H., USA

August 16
Here we are in
campton, N.H. after many stops along the way. We visited with Janet and Earl and my family . David and Steve and Pauline. My brothers and their wives and nieces and nephews. We had a great time there. We went to their cottge on the lake and had a great luncg overlooking the lake.

Next day we went up to N.H. to Sue and Bill's for the Blackburn Family reunion. Many people their and lots of good food. The younger crowd had a great time playing volley baqll in Sue's new pool. A good time was had by all.
Wendy arrived on Sunday with Bryne and Bryce and we had a chance to visit with them. They live in Cal. so we don't get to see them very often.

We are now in Goose Hollow Campground in Campton N.H. just a few miles from Waterville Valley and the White Mountains. The air is clean and crisp 47degrees. We slept sooo goood. My daughters came to visit Paula and Judy and Elizabeth. Annd we cannot forget Sheila my grandaughter. We had a good visit. Liz arrived by motorcycle. Can you believe that!!!!

Tonight we are going for a ride in Marc's boat on
Squam Lake. We spent many days on Squam Lake. That's all for now. We are having a terrible time connecting to the inernet but we keep trying. We will write again soon. Jeanne and Bill

Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Location: Atlantic City, USA

We traveled on from Williamsburg to Dumfies, Virginia and stayed for three days at a very nice campground. We went swimming several times and went to Washington,D.C. We took a tour bus which was the best thing we could have done. It was a van and held 10 people. The bus driver was from Mass. and she was a very good narrator. She took us to allthe major sites and She dropped us off and went spent time at each place. If we had driven in we never would have made it.
Yesterday we traveled up t Atlantic City and went gambling. It was awesome. All the gliz and glitter. Didn't get to walk on the boardwaalk but saw it. It was pouring buckets out. Slept like a log last nite. We were out late because we couldn't find the road to the campground on the way back. Off to Janet and Earl's today. It's going to be a long ride.Talk to you again. Bill and Jeanne

Thursday, 04 August 2005

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Hello Everone,
We are having a great time so far. We are in Williamsburg arriving lat nite. We had quite a trip thru thunderstorms and areas where Bill couldn't see a thing.
Our first sto was in Daytona Beach and we went seimming and walking on the beach with son Dean. We had a good time .
Then we travelled up to Charleston, South Carolina to visit with his Daughter and family. We went hiking along the Edistro River and had a cookout. It was so nice to visit and see them after four years. The kids had grown so much.
Now we are in Williamsburg and plan to go touring old Williamsburg this afternoon. Enough for now. Jeanne and Bill

Friday, 29 July 2005

Location: Cutler Ridge, USA

Didn't sleep a wink last nite. Too excited. Lots to do today and I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow.
I think we are all ready to go-that is I am. I don't know about Bill and I don't dare to ask. He needs a long vacation. We will be on the road at 5o'clock tomorrow morning and from there on will be at the mercy of wireless internet.

Thursday, 28 July 2005

Location: Cutler Ridge, USA

2 more days to go!!!! Been packing alll day. You wouold think we were moving.

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Location: Cutler Ridge, Florida, USA

Three more days to go!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Location: USA

Hello everyone,
Four more days and then its camp time.

Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Location: Cutler Ridge, Florida, USA

I have set up this web page to let you know of our travels around the country. Hope you enjoy the entries. We will be leaving on Saturday July 30 and will be gone for three months.
I am sooo excited and hope this trip is all I expect it to be. Bill is not so excited but I hope he will enjoy himself once we get going. So- Back to packing and planning. Watch for my next entry in a week or so and I hope you enjoy them as much as I will enjoy writing of our travels. Till then Bill and Jeanne

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