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Carley's Canada Adventure!!

Welcome to my page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels around Canada and maybe beyond for all of you to read. Would be great to hear from anyone back home. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Location: Bristol, England!, UK

I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada




Nova Scotia has been brilliant man. On Monday Jayne took me out on a tour round the south coast, was wicked. We went to a place called Peggys Cove which was beautiful, then we went to a place called Mahone Bay and then took a tour on the way back along the beaches which were LUSH!!

Then yesterday me and jayne went to see her freinds house who lives on the lake which was lush, then we went shopping in the mall in Bedford which was cool and had the nicest pizza ever!! Then we met kelly and her friend toni and mike in downtown halifax for some grub which was lush and then i was let loose with Toni and Kelly. We went to Kellys place for a bit, then got some booze and went to Toni'splace and drank til about 11ish and then went to a place called the Attic to see a band called the Nashville Pussys?! Random! Was like heavy guitar band but was good, different is always good. Then went for some food after even though no one was hungry and had something called a gut buster! my god that was crazy!!! the biggest amount of food i've ever seen! got a pic of it of course!!

anyway, must go......................sign of from CANADA!!!! CRAZY!!!!

Here's to Bristol...........................!!!!!!!!

BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Sunday, 17 September 2006

Location: Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada


Sorry for late updates!! Couldn't afford to get on internet in Cuba!!

Cuba was fabulous!! I did nothing all week apart from when i went to Havana during the day apart from sit on my arse by the pool or on the beach!! Lush!! On the evenings i'd either grab a few wines and watch a film on my own, or sit downstairs with Sandra and Robert (who were from Holland on Sea) who were really nice, one night after the havana trip i went drinking with a few couples, mainly Chantelle and Chris(from brighton) and then went to the club La Bamba which was actually in the hotel which was handy as didn't have to spend any money!! Was lush just to relax and do nothing, didn't realise how much i'd burnt myself out in TO!!

So last night was the film festival gala!! That was wicked!! Pablo came to the oap place with a bottle of veuve clicquot which we drank very quickly before we went out, so got a cab down about 7.15 to the roy thompson hall. It was buzzing!! Was so cool, where we had to walk in was right by the red carpet sowe went in and got a glass of champage and then stood by the red carpet and watched like the director and the leading lady come in etc, was surreal but very cool!! Then went and took our seats and listened to lots of speaches and there was lots of clapping etc and then the film, Amazing Grace, started. Was an alright film actually seeing as it was about the slave trade in england in the 1700's!! Yeah i know, a bloody english film! Anyway, after that made our way to the metro hall and walked in on a red carpet and had to be stopped to let the stars through where there were tv cameras and photographers etc - very cool !! Anywya, when we got in, it turns out cause the film was english, the whole theme of the night was english!! can you believe it!! There were dressed up beefeaters, police men etc, they were handing out british flags on your way in and they were playing old cheesy english music like madness etc!! But the best bit was the was stuff like crumpets, little sandwiches, scones and the creme de le creme was bacon and egg sarnies!! No joke! The canadians loved it but it was just so weird!! Anyway, free bar of vodka, stella or wine so drank a lot!! Pablo drank a bit too much but there you go.........

Anyway, now in Nova Scotia!! How cool is that! Mike and Jayne came and picked me up from the airport and we have had a lovely evening of lovely grub and a few drinks, is so nice here! Really lovely.

I will update more on that once i've got out and about to see halifax etc! So ciao for now!!


Sunday, 10 September 2006

Location: Varadero, Cuba


Just to say quick as have 3 minutes left!

There was entertainment last night, there is tonight too......

Tan is coming along swimmingly.................

Learning how to relax...................proving to be difficult! Always wondering what the next thing is but there isn't anything!

Ummmmmmm, that's about it! havana on Tuesday!



Saturday, 09 September 2006

Location: Varederos!!, Cuba


Well, here is what has happened so far . Landed about 9.20pm last night which was cool as we were delayed a little bit due to the computers at boarding being down, only took 3 hours. The bit of a nightmare was getting through passport control and then getting on the bus etc to get to the hotel, seeing as i landed at 9.20 and didn't get in to my room til 12am, is quite a while innit? Seeing as the transfer was only 30 mins.

Anyway, hotel is lovely, cant complain. I didn't do anything when i got here last night, i just watched tv for an hour and then went to sleep. Got up about 9.30am this morning, looked out over my balcony, the view of the pool and that (he he!) and no one was there!! Decided to skip brekkie as wasn't sure about where it was etc and got down and found me spot and sunbathed - had a lot to choose from seeing as i was the only one round the pool! Seriously! Anyway, it seems to be either young couples my age or saga aged people, saga do send people here as i have seen their rep thing etc! Quite funny. More old people!!!??

Anyway, about 1ish decided to try and get some grub. There are meant to be a few places you can eat but i think it is kinda out of season now so they are limiting what they open which is a shame. Anyway, went to the like pool bar restuarant and had a pizza! Shock i know! But that was the only decent thing really, and safe!!

Anyway, went back sunbathing again, then had the tour rep meeting at 2.30 which was just me!! Quite weird??? Anyway booked my trip to Havana on Tuesday, is a day trip thing so sound cool. Hopefully there will be some people on board it!!! There was a catamaran trip that sounded cool but am not too worried about that.

Anyway, after that, went sunbathing..................there aint gonna be a lot to report soon cause that's all i'm gonna be doing!! Then went got showered and changed about 5ish! Doesn't look like i've got colour at all as i have been too good with the sun block!! 30 all the way but sure i am catching it..........??

Anyway, about 7.30 went down to the buffet thing, sat on me todd! Had the waiter taking the mick out of me a bit as he was saying 'beef or fish' and i was saying 'neither - dont like meat! Veggie!" did not understand at all! I swear about 5 mins it was just going backwards and forwards like that! Anyway, this couple sat down on the next table and i heard him asking the lady the same thing, and she was saying 'veg-e-t-ar-ian' how us engish spell it out and i just said to here, same ere, i had that trouble! Anyway, she managed to ask for an omlette and ordered one for me which was cool seeing as i'd only had tomoto, cucumber and a bread roll!! There is that snack bar by the pool that is 24 hours but i know i'll end up eating pizza again the whole time! ah well, is what i've done for 6 monthS!!

Anyway, so got chatting to that couple a little bit, they were really nice, and now it's 9pm and apparentl;y there is no entertainment as out of season which is bit of a shame as all people are doing is either going outside with their mates, partners etc or sitting in the lobby bar. I'll go and do that but would've been cool to waste an hour or so watching some cheesey show or summat?? never mind!

Is lush here, weather is boiling, am sweating buckets just sat here, the hotel is kinda open so is only air conditioned in bedrooms - which thank god it's there but is a shame it's so hot down ere? they keep having mini power failures here which is really funny as everything goes black for about 2 seconds and then all comes back on again.!!! The money i dont get yet, but know i changed up 200 dollars, spent 15 on towel rental, and 67 on havana and have about 70 ish left so not sure what the rate is there????

Ummm, didn't get down to the beach today, but that couple said that it is absolutely stunning so am gonna head there tomorrow, there is a snack bar down there apparently that does veggie sarnies as part of the hotel so that sounds good to me!!!

Mossies are about everywhere! I did buy some repellant and i think that was the best thing. That other lady veggie has been here since thurs night and she has been bit to pieces already!! So am spraying loads!!

Anyway, gonna go now and get some more free wine!!! Then pass out i expect a bit later in my room and watch tv! It's a hard life innit!! Apart from most of the channels are in spanish! Never mind!

Bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 07 September 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada


Well i had a crazy night on Tuesday - was in bed at 9.30pm!!! Wahoooo! That's getting old, having a cold and late nights!!

Yesterday was same old same old work, plus then me and pablo decided to go out and went down to good ol philty mcnastys for a few. Mick then came and met us later and we went to the fox and then to fluid again, the place i went last week on me birthday. Was cool, wicked music in there, old school r&b man!! So go in about 3am this morning, feel like crap today!! Seems to be i always say that doesn't it??! hehe!

Anyway, last day EVER in TO, how mad is that. After all this time and it comes down to my last day in the big TO - feels weird man.......

but what was that i meant to say............oh yeah.............

CUBA TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 05 September 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada


Well, the end is near.....................all weekend i've just been saying 'ahhh, this is my last friday in Toronto......ahhh this is my last sunday in Toronto.................' mad to think it!

Umm, yeah so friday worked, no one was in the office really so meant that i had a nice easy day. Friday night went up to the boys new house to have a look, very nice. Then went out to their new local pubs for a few drinks, and then back to theirs for some more and ended up back at the oap ranch about 3-4ish i think??

Saturday i was meant to move out of oap ranch but after seeing that the boys didn't have a sofa that i could crash on, decided that i was gonna stay another night. Therefore about 1pm in the afternoon pablo came over and we started drinking! Was quite funny as we kept getting told off by the old biddies 'you're not really allowed beer in here' and 'dont put that beer too near the edge as it might fall off' etc etc. So when we'd had a few, about 3.20-4ish we made our way down to the cinema to watch the film 'snakes on a plane', was awful!! Afterwards we went to a place along queens street west called jeramiah bullfrogs where we had a fair amount of more drinks and then about 9-10ish made our way to Nick's house warming party along college street where we stayed until early hours again (neadless to say, 14 hrs of drinking, meant i was a little tipsy!!)

Anyway, so next day had to get up early -ugh! - to move out of old biddies home.The day before me and pablo had decided that we were gonna go to Niagara and do some gambling in the casino's for a different night out, however when we tried to phone the hostels etc, it being a long weekend meant that they were all booked up so that was the end of that. So because we didn't go, meant that i had no where to stay so decided to stay at the boys house for one night. So went there after i moved out and just hung around with neil and then pablo came down later on. About 4 ish we got bored again so decided to go to the beer store and do another drinking session and cinema!!! I know, bad innit, never mind! So about 7.30 me pablo and mick went to see the film 'crank' which was brilliant! and then afterwards went to a pub near by and had some more drinks til about 1.30ish am and got the last tube back. I then crashed on the boys kitchen floor for the night, but still managed to wake up at 12 lunchtime even though i was aching like hell!!

(Monday was bank hol if you were wondering - labour day!) So then went back to oap ranch for my last place of living in TO and had to wait for my room to be made so by the time i got in and ready etc, was later on in the evening, so decided just to crash in the lounge and watch tv all night.

I do have a skinking cold, have had it all weekend, so the late nights plus sleeping on a floor etc means i feel like crap today man!!! Ah well, only 3 days left of working - wahoooooo! and 3 days until CUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 31 August 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada


Well, dont i feel like crap!! Too much drinking on a school night - again!!!

Update, well tuesday night, birthday eve, i went straight from work to pick up my packages from swap office and then went to see a film called Bon Cop Bad Cop - about two cops, on from Toronto and one from Montreal, a really good film! Then afterwards i went to meet the lads on college street at a place called ein steins for a couple of beers, nothing crazy, and then retired back to me hostel ;-)

Well, yesterday! was a cool day, funny though, not being at home for my birthday and celebrating it with the girls! In work was cool, i bought about 17 bucks worth of sweets for everyone which led to lots of happy birthday emails and a few of them surrounding my desk and singing happy birthday to me, which was cool. Then last night, went after work to LCBO to get me some champers! Wahoo, the first champers i have had in 5 months!! I wanted veuve cliquot but they had sold out!!! So i ended up with Mumm instead which was jublee!! So drank that! Then went out about 10ish and met everyone in Gabbys on King Street, was really cool, it was me, Mick, Adam, Neil, Pablo, Andy, Ian, Andrew and Brian so a really nice crowd bless um. A few went home and then me, Andrew, Brian, Mick and Ian went on to Fluid lounge (not before trying everywhere else before hand!!) and was wicked!! Dont know if it was everyones cup of tea but i loved it. A proper R&B club whic meant loads of dancing! was well cool. Got home about 3-4ish i think, not totally sure to be honest ;-) HE HE! Now in work which feels like only an hour later!! Do have some nice drunken piccies which i'll put on when i have chance!

Thank you again for all the emails, cards, texts etc! Meant yesterday was a good day!


Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada


Thank you for all your cards, texts, emails and presents! Much appreciated so far from home!!


Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada


Slow on the update, busy day yesterday!!

The weekend, well, friday night did just stay in with drinks which was ok, watched turner and hooch on th tv?! Crazy!

Saturday, late start, then went to honest ed's for some flip flops (shoulda warned you this was a crazy weekend?!) only cost me $1.99 - bargin! Then got some stella in. Me and Pablo decided to start drinking at 3.30pm ( he he!) and to get half cut and then go to the cinema at 7.30pm to watch beer fest the film. Was really funny!! Prob did help that we were half cut, but was good fun. Then back to 84 for more drinks and then got bored so went to the james joyce for a couple and then to bed! The cinema was the best part of that evening!

Then sunday i packed pretty much all afternoon and then some of us went to the fox for some last night leaving 84 drinks which turned into quite a late one, and some more drinks back at the house (hence all the pictures on the webpage!) Quite a funny night though.

Then yesterday had me room inspection and moved out of 84! (boo hoo!) and into my "nice" accomodation - WHICH IS IN A RETIREMENT HOME!! Seriously!! I thought i was in the wrong place when i went in but apparently half is for old fogies, and the rest is made up of student living accomodation and the hostel!! So random?!! Sitting in the lounge on my floor and you get a little granny wandering past with her walker?! Feel to young to be staying in a retirement home already!! well, i know i'm 25 tomorrow but come on!!!?? Anyway, i wasn't sure about it when i first moved in but it is actually really nice for the money. Got my own room plus an ensuite of a toilet and sink - still have to share showers but not exactly a rush on this morning at 7.15am with the oldies!!

Mick and Ian are moving in for a few days tomorrow so will be cool having them in the same place, we'll join the fogies for bingo drinking my champagne on me birthday!!! Crazy when you get to 25 innit!! he he!

Anyway, here's to another day at work. Only 6 left after today - yey!! And heres to whatever my come of my birthday tomorrow?!!


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Recent Messages

From Kathy
Dearest Carly

I don't know where the time has gone. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Hopefully next Saturday. It doesn't seem like yesterday since you went.

Take Care.

Gob Bless

Response: Hi Kathy, i know it has zoomed by hasn't it. Yeah, cant believe it's thursday i'm back! Look forward to catching up with you then xxxx
From KEL
Happy birthday 2 ya,
happy birthday 2 ya,
happy birthday!!!
(Hope you liked my singing)
Response: Thank you lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Donna
Happy Birthday Carley! Nan sends her love, she's been reading all about you're adventure and she becoming more and more worried about the amount of alcohol you have consumed over the last few months. She's thinking of getting you a membership for the AA (and that's not the breakdown service). Hope you have a wicked day and get absolutely wasted before your first meeting. Love Sandy, Martin, Vicki, Donna & Nan x x x x
Response: Thank you!! And thank you all for the cards, got them yesterday which was great! I know, i know, does seem like that's all i do out here doesn't it!! he he! Oh well, here's to getting out of work and buying some champagne!! ;-)
Hi Nan!!! x x x x x x x x x
From The Hayward Family
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Couz!!! Hope you've had a brilliant day - i imagine it involved some drinking!! Hope you received our cards. Lots of Love, Elaine, Vernon, Shaun & Jodie xxxxx
Response: Hello!!! Thank you!! Yes i did receive them yesterday thank you, they were brilliant cards!! Still in wrok (booo!) at the moment so looking forward to getting out, buying some champers and going dancing!! Wahooo!!! Thanks again for the cards, lush when a long way from home!! xxxxxxxxx
From Mum, Dad & Tom
Happy Bithday Carley!!
It's hard to believe that our baby is 25 years old today!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Lots of Love

Mum, Dad & Tom xxxxxxxxx
Response: Thank you!! I know, quarter of a century - ahhhh i'm old!!! xxxxxxxxxx
From liz
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Carleeeeeeey,happy birthday to you! Hey darlin' just wanted to say 2 if you think turning 25 is bad...I hit 26 in Dec argh!!!! and sound like have had THE most amazing time and I love reading about it and checking out the pics..we need a chat when you get home about how you did this cos I want to now too!!! Love loads Liz xxx
Response: HEY LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lush to hear from you lady!!! Yeah i have, think it will hit me how much of an amazing time once i am home!! Yeah definately, will ave to have a little reunion when you are next down in Brissle or could come wales way!! I am a little traveller now you know!! he he!! Thanks again for making contact lady!! xxxxxxx
From Jodie
Keep smiling....when you're back in Bristol you'll wonder why you ever wanted to come back!! It's tipping down with rain....we have posted your birthday cards today so look out for them. Jodie xxxxx
Response: Yeah i know, stupid innit!! Missing sad ol Brissle!! hehe! Thank you, will definitely look out for them!! Thanks xxxxxx
From Vicki & Sandy
Hello Carley

Would have loved to see the pole dancing !! Next BBQ at ours you can demo around the washing line.
Glad to see that you have cheered up and you will be home soon and even more depressed then !!
Take care and see you soon, and have a great birthday and hope you receive your cards in time.
Kisses from Uncle Mart
Response: Ha ha! I dont reckon i'll do that ever again, bruises have just about gone from that!! Thank you, see you soon!! xxx
From Merryn
Keep your chin up and enjoy your last month, it'll fly by and then youll be back here wishing u were still there!!! Miss u loads, c u soon.
Response: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ta Merv. Yeah i know, just being a bit of a muppet is all!! xxxx
From Jodie
Hey couz, you got any pics from your pole dancing lesson....would be so funny to see!!xx
Response: Hey!!! :-) Nah, but i can take some pics of the bruises i got from it!!! Bloody killed me that did!! xx
From Donna
Hey Carley, Can't believe you've been there for over 3 months!! Just spent an hour catching up with what you have been up too and looking at your photo's, they are amazing. I'm so jealous.....It sounds like every night is a party night!!! Glad to hear you're feeling better after your turkey incident. Keep having a fab time! By the way I hear Sheraton Hotel are missing a wine glass or 2, you can take the girl out of Bristol........ xx
Response: Hey Donna! I know it's crazy innit, coming up to 4 months over ere, it has flown by!! Yeah, dont think i can ever eat turkey again, that'll teach me for ditching the veggie thing! Yeah......they might be missing a glass and a pillow or two ;-) they are fitting in lovely back in my scabby house!! Take care! nice to hear from you xxx
From Jodie
Hey couz, the brakes on your yellow beast seized up for a while so Dad had to leave the handbrake off for a while!!. Mum managed to drive it into the garage....with the handbrake on!! Had a BBQ for Liam's Bday yesterday and saw all the photos from your Mum.
Looks like your having a great time...keep enjoying yourself. Jodie xxx
Response: Oh no!!! He he!! Poor little thing, at least he got a run out- thank you!! Yeah mum said you were having a bbq, cant believe Liam is 16!!! Yeah had a great time with parents ere, not long now and i'll be back it'll seem i reckon! Anyway, lush it's friday and it's a long weekend here as a bank holiday monday - yey!! Have a good one!! xxxxx
From Linda Forty
Hello Carley,
Sounds like you are having a whale of a time. I have been to many of the places in Vancouver, would like to go again one day. Keep sending the pictures. See you when you get back. I am still at Glenside.
Response: Hey Linda!!! Lovely to hear from you. Still at glenside eh?! Fair do's. Yeah Vancouver is lovely, so pretty!! Who know's i might be back at UWE in about 2 months time!! xxx
From Sammy
Hi Woman!
Glad to hear youre havin an awesome time in good ol' T.O! Hope you've sent it my best regards! Pleased your family arrived safely and didn't take the option of flying via B.C! Hope you got nice weather and all is cool in the Sheraton - sure it is! England is same as when i left but it's kinda nice to be home. Keep in touch chick & have a drink for me!
Ta-ra Cocka!
Love, Er from The Midlands!!
Response: Hey Woman!!! Great to ere from you. All is groovy over ere, lush to be living in the Sheraton and having parents here, am moving back in to 84 on 1st Aug!! he he! Weather has just got nice today so spent all day by the pool- tough life eh?! Glad you're loving to be home, definately will keep in touch you!! Have fun duck!! xxxxxxxxx
From Andrew
Hey Carly!
Glad your enjoying the second leg of your Canadian tour. Are you coming to Toronto still? Gimme a shout 416-357-5947.
Response: Hey andrew!! Yeah, i am back in Toronto tonight actually (wednesday night). Yeah will give you and brian a shout and we'll have to meet up for some more drinks! Been on a bit of a detox on this 2 week trip, is not right!! Speak to you soon.
From Brian for Ireland
Hey Carley... just a quick not to say that im still keeping an eye on ye!Fuking hell im staying away from Seattle... which is the best city youve been to? Im working away here, its fairly easy going so Im happy out. Missing that accent of yours...innnit?

Take it easy,
Response: Hey Brian, yeah man stay away from Seattle, it's like crap innit?! ;-) Chicago is definately top of the chart at the mo but Vancouver is absolutely gorgeous!! So loving it here too. Glad all is hunky dory in good old home town Toronto, back there on Tuesday so will be in touch soon! Byesey bye for now! x
From Emma
You cow you are in New York !
Have you been to Tiffany & Co yet ??? Brilliant news about Prague, miss you mate, cant wait to see you again
Response: No, didn't get there unfortunately!! Not got the dosh this time around! he he!! Miss you too, yeah prague should be wicked!!! cant wait!! xxxxx
From Dad
Enjoy yourself, save some money for when we get over there in 10days! Ha Ha! We all look forward to seeing you on the 19th. xx
Response: Ello! Yeah am trying too, spent a little too much in new york but am gonna calm it down ere in Chicago! Yeah, cant wait to see you all xxxx
From Jodie
Hellooooo!! The pics from New York are amazing. Weather looks better than it is at's peeing down!! Good old english weather. Portugal were knocked out of the World Cup last night...ha ha!! Poor old Ronaldo was crying..awww!! Bast**d!! xxxxx
Response: Yeah was wicked ta! Yeah i know, gutted the little twat!!! xxxxxx
From Brian from ireland
Hey Carley hows life after Co-op going?? Nice pics by the way.. esp the ones of me going bald.
Response: Hey Brian!! Yeah, New York was amazing and Chicago is such a lovely city! Missing co-op life strangely but am sure will be back there soon enough. I know, loving the picture of you going bald..... he he!! Speak to you soon xxxx
From Mr Sage
Hey you,

Seems this is probably the only way I can contact you. Hope your doing good. I had a good birthday and with the world cup in full swing it seems to have been a solid piss up for about the last 2 weeks. Still Saturday should be fun when we beat portugal. Have been working hard as always which is never fun ! Still week off during my birthday so am slightly recharged. Hope your enjoying yourself. Love Mr Sage xxxx
Response: Hey you. Glad you had a good un. Know what you mean about the drinking - that's the world cup for you innit!? Bloody hope we stuff portugal, there are so many of them over ere as they have a little portugal n'all. Yeah is all good thanks, cant wait for new york on sunday! yey! Take care and have fun x
From Kel
Alrite m8?
Not sure if you've received my emails, bloody internets playing up again! Sorry but you getting tear gassed is sooo funny! You little trouble maker! Will let you know all the gossip as soon as emails sorted.
Hope you're good. Missing you loads! Take care Kel x
Response: Hey lady!!
Yeah i think i got your email. Not sure.....i replied also. Maybe still being a crao line between us somehow?!! Yeah, well funny innit! Bloody stang man!! Yeah am good, nervous about the travelling thing coming up on sunday but also cant wait!! Will speak to you as soon as poss!! xxxxxxxx
From Katarina
Hi Carley Glad to hear your having fun. Not good though when u get no sleep. Was hot in Spain also. Had a great time but picked up a cold. Sounds about right! In work at the moment but could do with going home as unable to speak. Cant belive u have had tear gas in your face!! Hope u are not too homesick. Can Andrew not help make u feel better??!!! He is tasty dont u think? KatX
Response: Hey kat! I hope you had a brilliant birthday!! I know, the tear gas thing was so funny!! Andrew.....ummmm, no! Wont say anymore than that! Am feeling the homesickness but some days are worse than others. Parents are over here in 3 weeks time anyhow and i start my travels this time next week so am onto the next phase i think!! Take care you xxxxx
From Katarina
Hi Carly, how are you? Sounds like your having fun. You must be for time to go so fast. I am at work at the moment so only a quick message. England is hot at the moment! I went to Centre Parcs at the weekend so timed it right. Where are you watching the England game on Sat? Looking forward to seeing your pics after that! I am watching it at home with friends. I am off to Spain for a week on Sunday so will write again when I get back. Its great to hear you are enjoying it. You may not even want to come back! New York will be great as well. No special news re England. Most of my gossip comes from dribbling mouths (the babies). I am looking frwd to Spain though, Elena loved Centre Parcs, so she should love our pool. Oh yes I am 31 in less than 2 wks. Do not laugh as you are speedly approaching 30 yourself!Ha Ha!. Must go. You look fab in all your pics by the way & the places look great.Big kisses KatXX
Response: Hey kat!! Thanks for the message, lush to hear from you. Yeah watched the england match, watched it at Mike & Mo's house as was 9am over ere so too early, even for me to go the pub after a heavy friday night drinking session!! Have a wicked time in Spain, will be lovely to chill out in your place over there. Cant believe that you are 31!!! That's mad!! I know, i'm 25 in August so on the downward slope to 30 after that!! madness!! Time does go so so fast, esp seeing as i have been here 2 months now! Anyway, have a great time, speak to you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From kieran
Response: Hey kieran!!