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My Australian Adventure!

As you all know I'm in AUSTRALIA!! I needed a little break from these cold NH winters, and let's face it, life's short right? So I decided to go down undaaa :) I know my family and friends are going to be curious about what I'm up to, and since the time difference is so extreme, calling might be hard at times, and because I might not have time to email everyone individually, I figured this would be a good way for all of you to check out how Aussie life is going for me! Feel free to read my entries, check out my pics, and leave me a message! xoxo -Car

Diary Entries

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Location: sam's, last night.

It's my last night in Australia. It feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest the closer I get to leaving, but I know that I've truly put my heart and soul into this trip, and that's all I could ever have asked for. I am so thankful for ALL the amazing things I've experienced here...Diving in the great barrier reef, learning how to throw a boomerang (but not being good at it), Having a few good surf sessions including one with dolphins in Crescent head, (and a few less successful but humorous ones), meeting some amazing Americans, meeting some amazing AUSTRALIANS, meeting one amazing person in particular <3, Climbing the Sydney Bridge with my dad, Seeing the opera house, seeing my favorite band (kings of leon) in concert, going to the gold coast and surfers paradise, lots of beach volleyball, catching australian sunrises over the water, turning 21...the list goes on and on of things I never DREAMED of experiencing...I know deep down that I'll shed a few tears in the next week or two, actually I know I'll shed a lot of tears, but I'm trying to be positive because I know this experience is one that will forever bring a smile to my face.

I have developed a strong passion for this country, it's people, it's values, and the amazing scenery. In our last few days Sam and I also took a trip to the Hunter Valley Vineyards and went wine tasting, and took one last trip to Sydney to see Bondi Beach, which NEITHER of us had seen yet! Being here has really strengthened my sense of the beauty around me. Sam thought I was crazy at times while I was standing, mouth dropped to my feet, at the green vineyard and the "mountains" as the back drop (he called them mountains but where we come from they could have been considered large hills). I suppose he lives here so to him the scenery was ordinary, but I just found so much peace standing in the sun (again, in the middle of WINTER) at the vineyards. I suppose it's just a feeling of wanting to soak up every last ounce of this place that I can, even noticing things I may have passed by or taken for granted.

As I said aside from the scenery, people of this country are so welcoming, witty, and they really are just BEAUTIFUL human beings inside and out. Sam's mother has been so wonderful to me while I've stayed with her family for the last 2 weeks. She made me a card with a message inside that brought tears to my eyes. I've been so lucky to spend time with Sam's dad & step mom, and all of his great siblings, and everyone's had a part in making this country my home. Sam has a great group of friends, they're all a bunch of funny "blokes" :) and the girls all treat me like they've known me for ages. I can't believe my time is up here. I'm currently sitting my room, clothes in piles everywhere, puffy red eyes, packing up my suitcases.

But it can't all be sad! Sam and I have a relaxing last night planned together. We are going to pick up take out (or take away as they would say here) and come back and eat and then we are going to his dad's to hang out with the kids and say goodbye. I don't know what the future holds and I certainly have a lot ahead of me---Family and friends waiting for me at home, summer jobs, and my senior year ahead of me! I have a strong feeling, and truly hope, that this will not be my last trip to Australia, because i have absolutely fallen for this country. I'm leaving a large part of myself here, and while leaving will be very hard, I know I'll be a stronger, wiser, more worldly person!

**Sam I know sometimes you sneak onto my "plane-tranger" to have a read, so I just want you to know that I'm going to miss you HEAPS! While you're reading this I'm actually probably already missing you. You've not only been such a wonderful boyfriend, but you've been my best friend. Leaving you is going to be so hard, but we've had so many good times and SOOOO many laughs and I know we'll keep in touch and I hope to see you in the future. I'm just a plane ride away. hugs and kisses <3 XOXO


Monday, 06 July 2009

YIIIIIIIKES only one week left in OZ! One week exactly, this feels nuts! I've been living with Sam for the past week, and I've been having such a great time. I'm so glad I decided to stay an extra two weeks, because these last two weeks are turning out to be very special and memorable. I moved out of my apartment last Sunday. It's been nice living in a new environment, though moving out and saying goodbye to my room mates was sad, it was definitely bittersweet. Being in Sam's house has been so much fun so far, and it's nice being around a family again--even the little things about being around a family like eating dinner together every night or Sam's grandfather coming over every day for a chat, remind me how important my own family is to me!

I've been pretty busy this past week! Sam's Dad took us to a place called Forster. It was such a gorgeous town with a few beautiful beaches, not that there aren't a million of them here.. one in particular that Sam and I walked was the One Mile Beach, and we ate lunch on the harbor at this little seafood place called Paradise Marina. We also went into a few shops in town, and grabbed some ice cream before heading home. I also experienced my first "nude beach", it was quite interesting! I also had the chance to go to Nelson Bay for one of Sam's rugby games. Sam and I went up early before the game to check out all the boats with a few of his team mates, and while Sam was warming up for his game, his mum showed me around the bay. We went to a beach called Zenith beach which Sam's mum told me is one of the bigger surfing beaches in Nelson Bay, and it had the whitest sand and the nicest water! Sam's rugby game was so fun to watch and they killed Nelson Bay 73-10! I always enjoy watching Sam play, it makes me happy to see him playing so well, and I try my best to understand whats going on. I never get bored, I think it's such an interesting and fun sport. I've figured rugby out for the most part having watched a 6 or 7 of his games and I have to say I enjoy it a bit more than "American Football" or "Grid iron" as they call it here!

This week coming up we're hoping to go to the vineyards in hunter valley to do some wine tasting :) Mmm! And hopefully we have the chance to make it to Sydney one more time! I'd really like to see Bondi Beach and get one more glance of the Sydney Bridge and the Opera house!

The weather here in Newy is still great! Not nearly as hot as when I arrived in the Aussie summertime, but when it's 70 degrees and blue skies in the middle of their "Winter" I'm a happy camper! I laid out today and read in my bathing suit and even got a little color and found myself thinking...geeze, couldn't do this in our winter! Hope you all have had a little more sunshine at home, I've spoken to both Mom and Dad and they both said NH has had quite a big of rain this summer! Don't worry, I'll bring the sun home with me!!

Love & Miss you all (pics coming soon!!) xoxo

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Location: Australia

Wow SO much has been going on in the last few weeks I don't even know where to start. Only having 3 weeks left in Australia is a little overwhelming. For the last 5 months this place has been my home, and these people have been my family, and now I'm facing goodbyes. It's just too weird. Let's see if I can catch you all up on my life :) Because it's still going pretty amazing!

All done with Uni! Finished all my final papers last week and it felt so good to hand the last one in the drop box. It's summatime! It was father's day back at home and I really missed Dad...He sent me a picture of him sporting his new "Hardrock Surfers Paradise" shirt that I sent him and it made my day. I've actually looked at the picture a few times and it always makes me smile! Mom has really been keeping me sane out here as well...I've called her a few times freaking out about leaving and she calms me down and reminds me that I can come always come back. I never thought leaving would be such a rollercoaster! I thought I'd come out here for 4 or 5 months, get a great tan, do a little surfing, and live the single aussie life. I guess I didn't take leaving into consideration. One of my room mates, Steph, left a few nights ago and the boys who live a few apartments down from us have all left and we were all really close...that was really hard, and one of my best friends out here Michelle leaves tonight with is going to be tough, but we just keep saying it's not goodbye, it's see ya later!

Knowing that I only have 3 weeks left makes me want to spend each day a little more whole heartedly. I don't want to take a SINGLE second for granted. Last night Michelle and I watched the sun set and this morning we woke up at 6 and watched the sun rise at Newcastle Beach. Sarah, Michelle, and I were snuggled in a blanket at 6:30 am and dawn couldn't have been more beautiful. I was taking a video and a pelican swooped down and almost crashed into my head. I've already watched the video on my camera 5 times and every time I see the pelican swoop down and hear me screaming combined with all of us in hysterics, i start laughing out loud. Those are the memories that I want to last FOREVER! The ones that nobody else will understand, except for the people that were there. (but try to picture it because it was REALLY funny)

Every single night our apartment is crowded with people, and if we're not at our apartment we're at someone else's...taking as many pictures and having as many drinks and good times as we can squeeze in. Everyone else will be gone by the 30th, I'll be the last one left. It's a strange feeling but it's also a little comforting.

Last night Sam and I babysat his younger siblings and watched Marley and Me, and even though the movie was "TORTURE" (it was so sad) it was a night that will really stick in my heart. It was one of those nights where nothing particularly glamorous happened, but a night many people might take for granted...definitely one I didn't want to take for granted. Joseph, Sam's 4 year old brother sat on Sam's lap while his younger sister Allie fell asleep laying across my lap. I adore Sam's siblings. His other brother George showed me slide shows of pictures, and even though parts of it was the same picture 5 or 6 times in a row, and Sam kept telling him I didn't want to see it, I genuinely did. Nights hanging out with the kids, watching movies, playing mario kart, and wii, have become some of my favorite memories. It was also nice to have a calm night after the string of 21st birthdays and goodbye parties we've been having! This morning was a fairly relaxing day...went down to the beach with 10 or so people and had a beach volleyball game going while the sun was setting!

I'll put up some pictures so you can all see what i've been up to for the last few weeks! Hope you're all doing well & enjoying your summers

Love & Miss you all

Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Location: Australia

So I'm finally done with classes and most of my final papers! I'm sorry if I've been a little out of touch the last few weeks have been crunch time as far as finals are concerned, and even though I'm finished with class time I still have one more final paper to write. It's not due for another week though so I have a few days to relax before I get cracking on it! We've been lucking out on some gorgeous weather here in Newcastle during the past week! I've made it down to the beach a few times, though hardly tanning weather, it was nice to be at the beach again without the rain. It's warmed up a bit also which is always nice, I'm usually pretty comfortable in jeans and a tshirt, sometimes I need hoodie or some kind dof pullover, but as long as its not windy the sunshine feels good! I finally had the chance to meet the other half of Sam's family at his little brother's birthday lunch a few weeks ago! They all seemed very nice, and his younger siblings are a riot. Sam's dad also scored us tickets to the Pink concert, she was preforming at the Newcastle Entertainment Center and the concert was awesome! Sam was a good sport for missing out on watching a rugby tournament to go to the concert with me :) Last night I took Sam out to dinner for his birthday at this really nice gourmet pizza restaurant on the harbor!

While the idea of saying goodbye to all the friends I've made and leaving Newcastle does make me very sad, I'm so lucky to have to chance to stay here an extra two weeks and I'm starting to get a little homesick again! I talked to my mom at the end of last week and I talked to my dad and Peter this morning! It's been good to hear familiar voices of friends and family from home and I can't thank everyone enough at home who has kept in touch through email and through this website! I also talked to a few of my room mates at home today about our new apartment at Plymouth and made me feel a little better about coming home. This place has been my home for the last 5 months and it's going to be VERY hard to leave my apartment here in three weeks and even harder to leave Australia in five weeks!

Love & Miss you all

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Location: back in newcastle, Australia

There's nothing like Australian Rain. It's lonely, but comforting. It doesn't MAKE me feel lonely, it makes me feel comfortable, but it creates a lonely atmosphere here on campus. It's winter here to the Aussies, and they hide from the rain--it's a warm rain, to me. More like a light spring rain, the kind I like to run in. Here on Uni it becomes quite lonely in the rain because everybody ducks inside...I get crazy looks from the fellow students passing by whenever I stop in the rain...But I think it's lovely. I guess coming from the cold snowy, rainy, sleeting, New Hampshire winter, "cold" here doesn't really seem to phase me. I still find it funny when I see people walking around all bundled up. Today it rained, and I wore a dress.

The rest of my Gold Coast trip was fantastic. It still rained, still a pleasant lonely rain. I walked around the city by myself and enjoyed it, knowing despite the rain I would never forgive myself if I went all the way to Surfer's Paradise and didn't spend time at the beach. Although I didn't get to surf because the ocean was restricted due to hazardous conditions...aka really big friggen waves and a current that could probably drag my little 5 foot 6, 120 pound body back to New Hampshire, I did manage to stick my toes in the water without getting swept away. On a warmer, sunnier note, Monday was absolutely gorgeous and The girls and I squeezed in a shopping trip and ate lunch outside. Our last night In Surfers was a great one as well. We went to this bar called fishO's and drank by the harbor and danced to a live band all night.

Sam and I found ourselves counting down until we could see each other. I received a witty text in which he had calculated the exact days, hours, minutes, and seconds until I returned. It put a big "smile on my dial."

Pictures coming soon, i promise.

I'm almost finished with all my classes. I'm a little stunned that this semester flew by as quickly as it did. I feels like a week ago I was having anxieties about not knowing my way around campus and next Thursday is my last class and I'll be saying goodbye to this campus. I have two finals due Monday and one due in 2 weeks, but other than that I'm done. It's going to be really nice to be able to relax with all my favorite people, but the closer I get to saying goodbyes the more nervous I get, not even to go home really, but to be the last one left here. I'm staying until July 12th with Sam and pretty much everyone else is leaving by June 28th. Saying goodbye to all the wonderful people I've met here who will be leaving before me will be hard, but I'm glad a decided to stay 2 extra weeks.

I met Sam's dad last night and after the unexpected, hour long conversation we had in a grocery store parking lot, Sam and I both left stunned that there wasn't a single awkward silence or broken moment in the conversation. His dad and I talked almost as if we'd already known each other. I was extremely pleased with his personality, and even more pleased at how alike Sam and his dad seem. They share the same sense of Humor.

That's all for now, I have a bus to catch.
Love & miss you all,

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From Mom
I'm really rooting for you to go back
Response: Thanks mom I just now saw this :) I haven't read this in SO long and I'm slowly working my way through reading through whole thing ....Some of it isn't easy to read, but I'm going back regardless :) can't ever let what lets you go hold you back! <3 I Love you!!
From sam
I miss you too already, so much. I'm also glad you finally called it plane tranger. Talk to you soon <3
Response: yes well that IS what it's called isn't it? Thanks for changing my wii age babe! xo
From Gerry
It was so nice to hear your voice when you called about the slowsky cliffords. The latest pics are great - much quicker to view also. You're not missing great weather here at all, except for yesterday, although your Dad & Kathy are pretty warm in DC. Again, thanks for the call & enjoy your last few weeks. Love Gerry
Response: Thanks Ger it was great hearing your voice too!! I miss you guys :) Again congrats on the new internet, enjoy finally living in 2009---where cellphones, digital cameras, and high speed internet ALL exist!! Tell tommy I said hi

love the concert pics just bought the CD you know me I love loud music in the car and none in the house.
I have never been able to figure that out
write soon . I miss those letters
Love Mom
From hahaha mommy
I understand
You still have a wonderful month and lots of pictures to take
Your tans gone but your still sweet ... yuck yuck
had to get that in there
I NEED a hug a real one and I miss those.
kiss your hand(red Lipstick )
and stick it on your face OK?
thats from me . I love and miss you. We all do but enjoy every second you are there and we'll talk soon
Oh golly
Hi Sam :+)
Response: Haha mom you're a riot! I miss and love you lots xo
From Kathy
Sounds like you had adjusted very well in Australia and everyone is looking forward to seeing you back home. Luckily you have made some wonderful friends and you can stay in touch with by e-mai and who knows you might have a reunion someday in the future. Keep positive Carley thoughts for things always have a way of working out.
Pink must have been a Blast to see her performance. I like her...
Stay well,
From Kathy
Hi Carley!
It's been along time since I've said hello :) Thanks for sharing all the pics of lovely you, your beautiful friends and of paradise. Wish the best on your school work and tell Sam I said Hello :)
Love Ya,
Response: Thanks Kathy, Miss you!
From Mom
WOW incredible sky and beach. I love the pictures big sky just beautiful .
and you girls look great too.
Love and miss you .
have fun'
Love ya
Response: It was a beautiful sight mom I'm so lucky to be here! Miss you <3
From Dad
Great pics carley. Looks like it must be a cool place to be during the busy season. Did you know that Highway to Hell is about a road that the guys from AC/DC used to drive to a bar on ?
Response: I didn't know that! Well thanks to our lengthy phone sesh this morning I do! So cool =) be expecting something in the mail in the next few weeks for fathers day!
From Mom
Positive attitude you never know where that will lead you .
I think you mean improbable not impossible.
From Dad
I checked out the area you are in online...looks cool. I can't wait to see the pics.

Love Dad
Response: It was pretty amazing dad wish you could have seen it!
From Mom
ck your e-mail I'm sending you some pics
Love and miss you
Response: Thanks mom love you too!
From Mom
Hay Kiddo....
I got your card
It was the best . It came yesterday and you made my day
There was no denying who it was from
The lipstick was a dead giveway. It sounds like your out and about again and that makes me feel better . You sounded horrible .
What a beautiful picture that is of you on the rock
I miss you a lot but know that your having the time of your life say hi to Sam and the the girls . Have fun on your trip and stay safe can't wait to see these pics
Lots of love
Response: Glad you got the card! :) I thought the sealed kiss was a nice little personal touch! Miss you tons
From Christine
Hey you! Love reading your posts and seeing the pictures! You look like you're having such a wonderful time, good for YOU! I'm starting to wonder if you're ever planning on coming back here.....:)

Well, just wanted to say hello, miss you and glad you're doing well and having fun!
Christine, Mark & Nathan
(PS: Nathan wants a postcard)
Response: Hey Chrissss,

Yes having a great time! Glad you said hello and that you're reading my posts! I miss everyone a ton and I can't wait to see everyone when I come home! Email me your address and I'll send a post card! xoxo
From Mom
Thank you for the beautiful flowers.
You made this mothers day
I love you ... more Pictures pleaseeeeeee
say hi to Sam and all your friends. You must have pictures from that bridge ???
I check this every day hoping you'll write more

Response: Glad you liked them!
From Gerry
Wow, Carley, you look like a model in that red/orange bikini. Sam is "nice". The sunsets/rises reminded me of Hawaii. We're back to 60's here but things are really getting green. Sounds like you're still having a great time. Enjoy. Love Gerry (and Tommy)
Response: Aww thanks Ger! Sam is very nice, I'm very happy here! Hope the weather gets warmer! xo
From dad
Skydiving ? I remember when I had to talk you onto your first roller coaster...that's my girl !!!

Love Dad
Response: hahaha you milk that roller coaster story for all its worth dad! Love & miss u <3 Thanks for helping me out with my card, knew there would come a time when I'd need your help at home haha surprise that I lost something huh? At least I didn't need directions! love u :)
From Mom
Hey Kiddo
Your next 2 months will be incredible have the time of your life . I sent you an e-mail with a bunch of pictures.
Lifes a bitch when all you can do is hang around THAT pool . Hey How come I don't have one of those things... :~)
well take care and God bless
Hi Sam
Response: I miss you i saw the pictures you look beautiful :) You and john look so happy! Tell him I said hi <3
From Kathy
Beautiful pictures of you, the Australian horizon, beach and pool. the Blue mountains and then there is Sam. What else does a young college woman need? You go girl and I hope you get to experience skydiving, and its always enjoyable reading your updated adventures.
Response: Thanks kathy! I can't think of much more I need :) Miss u!
From Dad
Great pics of the sunset honey. You look like you're really roughing it out by the pool. Sam looks cold. It is 93 here today (4/28) and it was warm all weekend as well. I have my first softball practice tonight...and the Sox have won 11 games in a row and are in first place (Jacoby hit a HR the other day).

Love You
Response: YEAH BABBBBBYYYYY!!! I was DYING to know how the sox were doing, thanks for filling me in! :) You know Jacoby secretly hit that home from for me! haha love & miss you!
From Mom
stay out of those cars LOL
Response: haha sam always drives don't worry
From Mom
EEEEE. I'll add the rest of it on Thursday
Hows my girl . Tan, safe, sound ok ... cute ...maybe
Send me a reply will ya and more pics ...
you know what I'm looking for
Response: Hahaha mom you crack me up! I haven't had internet remember!! Dad said my new atm card is on its way and he wired money to me in the mail so I was able to buy internet! :) PHEW! I'll post more pics soon, love u!
From Gerry
Carley, loved the latest pics. The 3 sisters look so cool as well as the blue mountains. Hey, I no longer have to be jealous. Your Dad, Kathy & I hit the beach for the 1st time (here) this year. It was gorgeous & is suppose to continue like this for the next few days. Keep having fun & updating news & pics. Love Gerry
Response: Haha I HOPE IT SNOWS ON YOU ALL! Just kidding :) Glad the weather is picking up, it's gotten a bit cooler here but still mid 70's, very enjoyable! Miss u all, give everyone my love
From Mom

Hi cutie
I don't know what I clicked on but it brought up a hundred msgs from Dad and Gerry and your responses . Well If this is the way to communicate I'm all for it alls well
I loved the pictures of the 3 sisters but I liked the 3 girls better
3 sisters looks a lot like the Grand Canyon
It's 80 ...beachin it after work give me the lawn chair and beach towels and shades it's my kind of weather . I'm the only one I know that likes to get in a hot car YES!!!!
I just showed my friends at work the pics and they all think you are sooooo Pretty
I find it ironic that it was always you and 2 blonds Nat and Chelsea
This kind of looks homey haha .
The pics are great you look happy. I can't wait too see the pics in person . Hows the $$ situation coming along . I loved the one pic in particular and really just wanted to give you the biggest huggggg for doing that
Well whats your next adventure??? I loved the story about getting lost . Those are usually the moments you remember FOREVER . I howled
DUNGOG sounds like something I have mucked out of stalls LOL
Well honey here's a hug (<3 ) AND A HEART ALL MY LOVE AND I MISS YOU UP TO GOD AND BACK have lots more adventures and stay safe
... .....Mom
Response: MOOOOOM i love getting hot in the car too hahaha this message really made my day! I love hearing from you :) I miss you a ton and all is well on this end as well. Glad you like the pictures, and I knew you'd love the HI MOM one! xoxo
From Dad
Great pics of the 3 sisters (both sets). Sounds like a great time. You have "the look" thing right-on (you know me too well.

Response: hahaha I do know you too well! I just wrote you an email, I know you're an email houd so you'll prob get it before the next time you check this! Glad you liked the 3 sisters they were pretty spectacular (i know the three of us are too!) Miss you wish you could have seen the blue mountains!