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Carlosus sans Scott

Sometime ago a small Welsh miner ventured far away from his family and friends to fulfil a long held promise... we on the other hand just need to keep him in touch with his homeland.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Location: Riverside Drive, Australia

Wednesday afternoon and we've made it to day 3 without Scotty. We have read and heard about his galavanting around and now find it imperative to have a beer!

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Recent Messages

From Still not coming bac
Oh dear, Ronnie does look like he was having a good time...
From I have cheese
You guys are very funny. Happy birthday smelly... I can't say I wish I was there, as I'm enjoying it here too much ;) Go Casey... I'll be there in a bit over 24 hours... WOOHOOOOOOOOOO.
From Raph
It's about time somebody said something about the lack of wuality information available on this blog site. No seriosuly gang. I know this site is to remind Scott how much he misses work (As if...), it's actually making me miss the office. Especially the man love.
From I am not coming home
Oh, you guys are making me cry with laughter, that is just beautiful. But wheres the pics of Leanne? I know shes the only one doing any work... that would be novel, work coming from my computer! Suze, I have looked everywhere but just cant find cheeses as good as Coon here, and if you ask for slices, they make them wafer thin, whats with that? ;)
Love you guys.