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Carly's Adventure in NYC

Welcome to Carly in NYC's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my learnings and adventures for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering skills, new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: NYC, USA

Sorry for the lull in entries. It is getting down to the wire here and I am crazy busy.

Miss and love you all!

Wednesday, 03 May 2006

Location: NYC, USA

"Boom, baby. boom! I am the Midnight Bomber that bombs at midnight."

I am still recuperating from a research deadline and bad spring cold. But that won't keep me down.

I was dead most of last week. I did managed to drag myself to seminars but wasn't too lively. After a week of being stir crazy I started to venture out on the weekend.

Friday- I had lunch in Soho and went to some art galleries. Then, I saw American Dreamz, interesting is all I will say. Then got lost in Queens looking for a club that had a live act.

Saturday- I headed to Tribeca for a screening of one of the films. Driving Lessons, a British film, I met the director, producer, and two of the stars, Laura Linney and Rupert Grint (Ron from the Harry Potter movies). I wander around and found a street fair. Grabbed dinner on the upper west and did a little shopping. Then caught the midnight showing of Ghostbusters at I House.

Sunday- At the crack of dawn, awoke and headed for Starbucks. Julieta and I hopped on a charted bus and headed down to DC for the Save Darfur rally on the National Mall. (Quick soap box note: SAVE Darfur, how full of ourselves are we. When have we ever saved anyone! Self righteous grumble grumble . . .) It was great to see the support and the youth in the crowd letting their voices be heard. 4 1/2 hours each direction on the bus, 2 1/2 hour rally.

Monday- More protesting/rallying- Walked out at noon in support of immigrant rights. Then joined the larger rally at the Lincoln Center. That's right I am a flag-waving, loud-chanting, change-promoting, damning- the- man activist baby!

Otherwise I have been shackled to my computer, working on my research project. Things are going well but I am starting to have daily freak-out. For those of you that know, the eerie calm is radiating from me. And my jump drive is my precious, I have even had nightmares of misplacing it.

Well back to the grind.

"Okay, I'll be Barry and you be the Tick"

Love and miss you all!

Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Location: NYC, USA

No exciting news to update. I have been sick since Sunday. Those of you who have ever had the priveledge of being around me when I am sick, know I am being a grumpy weak-coughing blob.
I think that I am getting better.

More advenutures later.

Miss and love you!

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Location: NYC, USA

The work is very interesting. I have a deadline on Friday and my research is coming along well. I have had to shift the focus a bit and have been buried under reports and research papers.

As for the play . . . The past two weeks I have been venturing out into the city. I saw dawn Friday and Saturday nights. Sat I went to this bar/club, well actually is was a rusted out tugboat on the pier. It was great, save the occasional swaying. After 3 cocktails I had to head back to the dock when it began to sway a lot. Then we left there and had breakfast at Tom's Restaurant (the one from Seinfeld). This Friday (which is a paper deadline) a crew of us are headed to a Czech Beer Garden in Queens and then to a Latin party after.

I am really missing work. Sounds funny but true. I have spent the last two years immersing myself in the npo scene of Boulder county and it feels so odd to be detached. I just that shows I am not completely devoid of commitment, at least when it come to work.

I have set aside my shoe addiction for one of my favorite vices, the cinema. I have had a few late night runs to movies when I can't sleep or I stressed out. So far Inside Man, Take the Lead, Kinky Boots, Friends with Money, Ice Age II, The Wild (Eddie Izzard is the voice of one of the characters). I am dying to see the Notorious Bettie Page. But waiting for the weekend.

Miss and love you all!

Tea and Cake or Death?

Thursday, 13 April 2006

Location: NYC, USA

When we last left out trusty hero, she was racing to get for the . . .

Last week was another whirlwind. We had full week of seminars and then I left on Friday (before sunrise) to JFK. I arrived in Minneapolis, rented a car and drove to Madison, WI. I spent a great weekend with Taryn. We had a legendary Saturday night at the Essen Haus and other places. There were glass boots, bubbly hockey and even a dance off. After a short Sunday Funday. I headed back to Minneapolis.

The conference was held at the Mystic Lake resort. It was so reaffirming to be at the meeting. To see all the brown faces and have that Native humor. I met great new people and saw some familiar faces. Charlie Hill preformed and we all had some good laughs. It will be something I will look forward to every year.

I returned Tuesday night and am still recovering from all the excitement and information that I had. This weekend looks to a chill weekend. I have lots to do on my paper.

I hope you all are well.

Miss and love you!

Thursday, 06 April 2006

Location: NYC, USA

I can’t believe another week has past. It has been a busy one at that. Work on my research project is coming along nicely. I am traveling to Minneapolis to conduct meetings and interviews. I have a long weekend layover in Madison to see one of my girls. Yeah!!

I haven't done much city exploring this week but hope next week and during the weekend. We are nearly half way through. I can’t believe it.

My best to you all.

I miss and love you all!

Saturday, 01 April 2006

Location: NYC, USA

Well, I think my NYC experience has been completed . . . how you might ask? I was groped on the subway during Friday night rush hour. I was fuming for the next few stops.

In other news, played around SoHo and Greenwich Village on Thursday night. Had a great night with some fun girls and we sang and rocks are hearts out with a local funk rock band. Friday night, I met up with Jed and some of his architect friends at the Beer Garden in Astoria, It was an enclosed lot with 100 picnic tables, pitchers of beer, kiosaby, and tons of strangers unwinding from the week. Then I headed back to the island to meet up with some chicas for karaoke. I busted out a little stone ponies and dedicated "Different Drum" to my mom.

Today was chill, saw a movie and wandered around the upper west. I have to buckle down tomorrow and be productive all day.

Miss and love you all!

Shoe Count: 11 pairs
"Hello, my name is Carly and I am addicted to shoes."

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Location: NYC, USA

Hello my friends, family, and partners in crime,

I write to you from the computer lab at I-House trying to get some internet research done. You can see how productively that is happening.

Really though, the research is going well. I have narrowed my topic and will begin the bulk of my writing next week. I am also sending surveys to understand the relationship between and funding success rate of mainstream funders to Native organizations and Tribal projects. I am very excited by the resources and material I have been able to uncover. So that's work.

As for the playtime, took it easy this weekend. Wandered around the West Wide (Cause I am a Jet for life). I saw Det. Munch from SVU walking his dog( E and Danon- remember that move about that New York guys reliving their scout days and going camping buy then getting picked by old bullies now crooks?~he was in that) . That sighting was confirmed by other pedestrians. Unconfirmed sighting- I swear I saw John Malkovich (without crawling through a tiny door).

I managed not to purchase any shoes this past week. I will be checking on Friday though (Whahhh haahhaa, translation:evil laugh).

Love and miss you all!

Thursday, 23 March 2006

Location: USA

It's been a busy week with projects and meetings. I will write more this weekend.

New shoe count: 7 (Damn Steve Madden!)

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Location: USA

Hold on boys were playing fast and loose . . . and all that jazz,
No I'm no one's wife, but oh I LOVE MY LIFE and ALL THAT JAZZ!!!!

That's right kiddos. Just in from the Chicago starring J. Peterman (John O'Hurley) and the former Mrs. Tyson (Robin Givens). Oh it was a great show and now I can't stop with the jazz fingers. "Those aren't jazz hands, these are jazz hands!" Great music and dancing. Good times had all around.

When you're a Jet your a Jet all the way!

Love and miss you all!

P.S. New shoe count: 5 pairs

Monday, 20 March 2006

Location: USA

I survived St. Patty's Day in New York. I started the day with some reading and then headed to a luncheon. A tad bit delayed in arriving to meeting because of the parade route. After the meeting, I watched and little of the parade and made my way back uptown. Early in the evening I made my way to (what is surely to be my downfall here) the Steve Madden outlet store. I decided to grab some food and a Guinness at a local Irish pub. So apparently, Dublin House Pub doesn't serve food. SO a enjoyed the company of the St. Patty's Day crowd and had my share of Guinness for the year. I spent the rest of the weekend reading and recuperating. I hope you all had good times too!

I realized that for some reason I do not have a address book (damn cell phone and email society). I would love to send some postcards and stuff to my people, so if you wouldn't mind sending me a message with your address that would be great.

Miss and love you all!

Thursday, 16 March 2006

Location: USA

Hope all is well. I am climbing out from under my stack of research to say hi and share my current contact information.
"Should you need me for any thing, anything at all" (Labyrinth quote) . . .


Attn: Carly Hare
Center on Philanthropy
Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue, Room 5401
New York, NY 10016-4309

And I can still be reached on my cell.

Miss and love you all!

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Location: USA

Ides of March,

I have officially been in NYC for 17 days. Time has seemed to fly. We are constantly working on our papers or meeting people in the field. I feel really fortunate to have this opportunity. I will be headed to Minnesota in a few weeks for the annual Native Americans in Philanthropy meeting to do some interviews and gather direct information from people in the field. Very exciting!

And for those at you back at the office, I have managed to keep my email checking to 2 sometimes three times a day. Thankfully, I have wonderful capable people in Boulder keeping everything running.

I saw my first Broadway show last night, Barefoot in the Park. It was a great show at a beautiful theater. I am shooting for at least one show a month.

I am off to read some reports and prep fro tomorrow's meetings.

Beware today and happy St. Patty's on Friday!

Friday, 10 March 2006

Location: USA

A look at the 2006 Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy Fellows

Filiz Bickmen (Executive Director of Third Sector Foundation of Turkey) is researching the applicability of community foundations in Turkey. 100% Turkish woman who was born and educated in U.S. and lived and worked the last 7 years in Istanbul (sing along with me "Istanbul is Constantinople"). She is a fun girl and a big basketball fan.

Svetlana Chaprina(last 7 years with Togliatti Community Foundation-1000 km from Moscow) is researching success and structures of youth advisory boards. Svetlana is a sweetheart who has promised to teach me some belly dancing moves.

Jayaram Manivannan, "Mani, (One of the founders of Byrraju Foundation in India) is research feasibility of virtual leadership models as a means to increase diaspora philanthropy and expand to wider meaning. Mani is the only guy in the program and a great one to have.

Julieta Mendez(program officer at the International Community Foundation in San Diego) is researching the role of US community foundations in Mexican diaspora philanthropy. Julieta whose family is of indigenous Mexican decent and is a kind sweet girl who love to dance.

Phindile Ntethe (Program officer at the Uthungulu Community Foundation) is examining horizontal philanthropy and ways to encourage endowment giving in South Africa. Phindile has a wonderful sense of humor and has been teaching me South African signing.

So that is our motley crew. We range in age from 27 to 35. Some are married, some have children, all committed to their communities and excited about our endeavor. I am thankful to be a such a great group of people.

It is the first nice day (read: above 40 degrees) and I must take a stroll.

Miss and love you all!

Tuesday, 07 March 2006

Location: NYC, USA

Dear Gobo,
Well, adventures in academia have revived a skill, skimming. I have had over 200 pages to read and write abstracts for in the past two days. The information has been great ranging from community foundations in the U.S. and aboard and models of diaspora and remittances. I have also with guidance from the center focused my original proposal into a specific application for community foundation's role in Native Americans communities. My revised proposal is due Friday and then I will begin conducting surveys and research in the philanthropic and native organizational sectors.
All that being done since Sunday, I haven't played much this week. Hopefully I will do some sight seeing on Friday, maybe even venture off Manhattan island.
Till my next update,
Traveling Matt

Monday, 06 March 2006

Location: NYC, USA

Dear Gobo,
So my travel began, like most of my great stories, with a dumbass move. On my dash out of town, I withdrew cash for the journey. At the DIA, I reached for my I.D. and what do I notice, no ATM card. Yep, you guessed it . . . I had left it in the machine. Thanks to the great people at my bank and my sister, the problem was resolved with a quick overnight delivery.
So the journey continues . . . I arrived at LaGuardia found my massive bags(had to pay extra for my 80 lbs. suitcase) and managed to hop a taxi for the drive into Manhattan. We drove in through Harlem, I saw the Apollo and hope to get there for a show. After managing our way through traffic and construction blocking the street signage, we arrived at my new "home".
The International House is located on the upper west side, across the street from Grants Tomb and has a view of the Hudson. I have met so many people from across the world in my week at I House. What have a learned at I House, space in NYC is a commodity. My room is . . . how do you say . . .quaint. The room is too narrow to set the bed lengthways across. Makes me miss the Murphy beds from Mesa. I have unpacked and settled in.
I must be off for another adventure(read 200 pages of reading and a proposal revision). I shall try to write more on the program on my next postcard.
Your Uncle,
Traveling Matt

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Location: Boulder at my desk, USA

I am sitting at my desk, attempting to handle the last few details before my departure. In just a few short hours, I will be boarding a plane to the Big Apple. I am excited and anxious for this endeavor. I hope to use this to keep interested parties apprised of my experiences, learnings, adventures and, of course, misadventures. I look forward to see you all soon.

Thank you for all the love and support!

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Recent Messages

From Meghan
Having trouble getting started this morning at work and MISSING New York! HAd a great time there with you and Nat. Live it up before you leave, I'm sure you will. Let me know if you make it back to the Ding Dong Lounge as well. Thanks for a great trip!
Response: Thanks for coming and playing. See you at home soon!
From ebabyyy

so how was candidadia...

todays crossing of the border was brought to you by the letter "E"

truly though, thanks for the gorgeous flowers, gretch is a saint and she also picked my fave color.....


love u chiquita!
Response: Thanks for routing through my "life".
From loolita
Hey girl! sounds like you are kicking some a** and taking names. I am soooo jealous that you got to go to a gallery in NYC. and to Tribeca and rubbed elbows with the stars! I am raging my own war on the man here at home...a mean lady down the street that thinks my dogs bark too much. Shes nuts I tell you. They don't bother the other neighbors. Anywho, keep on keepin on
Response: Damn the Man. Save the EMPIRE!
Miss you!
From the trash heap
reemmmm, remmmm,

The rain in falling and my ears are growing, Mom and I are headed to Lawrence, for a weekend of debauchery, no really i mean, somebody send bail.

take care

Response: Have a great time!!! Talk to you this weekend.
Love you . . . call for bail $
From electa

it sounds like you are having a fabulous time!!

i'm very proud of you and hope that some of your creativity and work ethic will rub off on me!

chloe misses you tooo much!

when are you comin back again?
Response: I will be back June 6th. Whihc is omcing up prestty quickly.
I miss you and Chloe!
From Meghan
Carly - I'm glad you're having such a great time and BUYING so many shoes... I'm sure they all say "Carly" as well. I can't wait to see you soon... we'll have some good times. Be careful during busy times on the subway. You are IRRESISTABLE!

Miss you and see you soon!
Response: See you soon! Yeah!!!
From Aunt Carol
Hey Carly, got this cite from your mom via email at the Tribe. I'm still in DC and hope to be going home for the Graduation on May 19th, my grandson is graduating then hopefully coming up here in Maryland to go to school! Stay safe and continue to have great fun! cln
Response: Auntie Carol,
So glad to hear from you. I hoep things are well in DC. They sure are busy here in NYC. I will be home for Homecoming.
From loolita
Boy I am really missin you today! E is comin down on thurs. looking forward to that. I hope you are well
From loolita
I tell you no trip is complete until you have been groped. But groped in NYC?! That takes the cake. And you say it like its a bad thing!
love you
From Julianna
Hi doll - just sent you a fun little treat in the mail....we miss you!
From Lacy
Ah, the mind of Mr. Malkovich! I am sitting here in Boulder living vicariously through you and your fab adventure. Am wondering what the new shoes all look like, cant wait for a viewing!! As for Mojitos - chica I grew up in Little Havanna (aka Miami) - I will teach you my secret receipe!! Hope all is well and that you are absorbing as much as possible. Cant wait to see your beautiful face. Lacy
Response: I hope that you are having a great spring and that the internship is going well. See you upon my return.
From loolita
"malkovich, malkovich."
Seeing all your quotes makes me miss you so! Only you and I can have a whole conversation with only movie quotes.
Oh if you see Hugh Jackman (i think he is still playing in A BOY FROM OZ, if thats still playing, i dont know) tell him there is a girl waiting for him in Co, make me sound interesting.
love you
Response: Well it is an artform we have perfected. Imagine how much of my brain capacity is filled with movie quotes and trivia. Kind of scary!
From Auntie
How I miss you! The western slope of Colo. has never been the same since you left. Our lives have never been the same since you left. The movie quotes have been left unsaid, it's such a tradegy.
It has been snowing like crazy in the Mts. so Miss E hasn't come to visit us. We are looking forward to her visit.
Jenavieve will be one year old on the 18th of April! Can you beleive it? Here's a schocker---U B will be 65 in April!!!!! Man thats old!
Happy trails to you, enjoy your stay in the Big Apple and I can hardly wait until Pow Wow time to hear all the news thats not fit to print.
Love you always, Auntie C
Response: I love and miss you all so much!

I am ready for homecoming!
From Debbie Riley
Your Dad came by and put me on to your Diary. I'm not sure I can find it again, so maybe you'll e-mail me sometime? It's fun to see what you are up to. Sounds like you are having fun! Love Ya, Deb
From Ella
Well, thank goddess you found S.M. - I'm looking for a pair of cherry red heels... if you happen to come across a size 7 (pointy not rounded) - have you noticed he tends to run big? :)
Got your phone message, but was out of town. So glad you are having fun chica. Eat a slice for me and make sure you hit at least one club for dancing while you are there - ooohhh and don't forget to have a lechee mojito at 'Public'! Love - Ariella
Response: Found another great mojito, Cubana Cafe in SoHo. I will keep my eyes peeled for cherry pointy heels. Best part of it all, I have paid $10 for each pair!
From Granny Red (used to
I'm green with envy (St. Patty hangover). Glad you're having such an adventure in NYC. Wish I was there. Love you!
Response: SO glad to hear from you grandma!! Things here are good. The work is keeping me busy but I am still finding time for some fun.
Love you!
From Julianna
I love snail mail! I actually have an address book...tee, hee.

Electa was in for a bit today, just a great girl! All is good here...I'm Kauai bound and the support has been amazing. I wish you could be here for my Hawaiian send off party on the 17th! Josie has come up with the cutest ideas - grass skirts optional. Miss you doll!
Response: Miss you, too. The party sounds great. I will ne thinking of you both and looking forward to seeing you upon your return!!!
From Mamacita
Ah....Irish pubs........a real attraction for the Scotch Irish in us. If you make it to DC, make sure you go to the Dubliner. It's a block from Union Station. They have live Irish singing, but don't ask them to sing Take Me Back to Tulsa, because they claim it isn't Irish. Go figure. We are so proud of you! Enjoy your adventure!!!!!!!!
Response: Yeah, I hope to make it down one weekend. As for the pubs, I have had my feel of Irish beer though. You'll be proud to know that I was boasting being bred for drinking, Native and Irish.
Makes a mom proud, huh?!?
From Big Daddio aka THE
Remmmmmm, Remmmmm

All hear this, hope this find you well, and when are you going to meinneapolis, it is a place where the prairie meets the pine, tarvel slogan. The mini trash heap is home for spring break, and sleeping in like he never even left, the old adage of we haven't touch his room is all too true.
We did not celebrate saint paddy day, but sat with his nephew, Pati'o Furniture. yuk yuk.

It has finally rained we had about two inches the last two days, and it may snow today.

remmmmm remmmm

The Trash Heap has spoken
Response: You must fear and respect the Trash Heap! Love you!!
From loolita
I am sooooo intouch with you. I knew instantly who GoBo and Traveling Matt were. I loved that show!!! Makes me miss you more..tear...

From Julianna
Hello again, I don't mean to sound like a total off-the-hip-beat drip, but who are GoBo and Traveling Matt? I'm extremely confused. You know out of touch I am with Pop Culture.
Response: Sorry childhood reference. Gobo and Traveling Matt are Fraggles from Fraggle Rock (80'2 Jim Henson production)
From Lacy
Hey Miss Carly - hope all is going well and that you are having a blast. Can't wait to hear all your stories.

Stay happy, Lacy
Response: Hope that you are well and keeping CO safe for me!
From Julianna
Hi doll, ditto what Dee said, "it just wasn't the same coming to work without you." You are certainly missed my friend. I'm anxious to hear about your adventure and look forward to checking out your blog from time to time. Sounds like you're off to a good start. Enjoy!
Response: I miss everyone as well. Great people here but you guys have been my life for the past two years, sniff, sniff!
From loolita
hey baby. I will miss you so! I hope you have a great time I look foreward to hearing all the goings on!
love you
Response: Hey there honey! Busy and enjoying the city.
Love and miss you too!
From Dee
It just wasn't the same coming to our office this morning and not having you here!

Eagerly awaiting to hear of your first impressions of your new digs, the park view?, and the city!

Hugs, Dee
Response: Miss your smiling face as well! Should be posting more info today.