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Hello everyone, i hope you enjoy my photos from my year as an au pair in the USA. i will try to update my photos when i have new ones to add, so be sure to keep checking this page for updates. Also be sure to leave me a message because i read them all :)

Photos - Click Below



Halloween is a fun holiday. I dressed up with the girls the saturday night before and we headed into DC for the night. On Halloween itself i went into downtown Leesburg with Elena and the kids and we watched a parade. It was good fun



Karen, Mil, Sarah and i went to Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) a couple of Sundays ago for a road trip. It where a lot of important battles happened during the civil war. Veyr pretty during fall


Virgin Music Festival

I have been to a lot of concerts this year but this festival was by far the highlight of my live music year. I got to see Wolf Mother (meet them and get their autograph), The Killers, The Who, Gnarls Barkley, the Scissor Sisters, and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS! I drove it was in Baltimore at Plimico Race Course. We got there at about 12ish when the music started and didnt leave until 10:30 that night. The festival is sponsered by Virgin Mobile, one of Richard Bransons companies. i read somewhere his son started it up, its been going in the UK for a few years this is the first time they have brought it to the US and it was only for one show.


FBI Academy Continued

Here's some more pics from outside that i couldnt fit on the other page :)


FBI Academy

Ok here's another perk, my friend Sarah's host dad is a special agent for the FBI and the other weekend he took Sarah, Me, Milissa and Karen to the FBI academy in Quantico (about an hour and a half from where i am) which is on a marine base for a tour. Naturally this isn't open to the public u need to know someone to get in. So that's pretty cool :) i got to see where parts of The Silence of the Lambs were filmed.


Extra Trek Photos

Here are some more trek photos that i couldnt fit into my daily pages. i stole these ones from Alwins site.


Trek - Day 7 NYC

This was a sad day because it meant our trek had came to an end and we all had to say goodbye. I had the best time with this great group of people and was wishing it would go on forever. We decided to all meet up for dinner after the trek ended. The whole week was so much fun. i look back at the photos and laugh at all the funny moment we all had.


Trek - Day Five And Six

Most of day five was spent in the van so none of us really took any photos that day. I still enjoyed our time in the van it was nice to see the countryside and have a chat to whoever was awake at the time. Day five we woke up early and travelled about another hour and half into Boston. We checked into our hostel and then had the day free to do whatever we wanted. We then met up for dinner and went to a comedy club at night.


Day Four Continued

Niagara falls deserves two pages, i couldnt decide what photos to cut out so i didn't. That Neal took those of us who had the right visas over the border to Canada. It is a spectacular view from the Canadian side and they shine coloured spotlights on it at night which is really pretty, the photos of that didnt turn out though.
My friend Alwin has the best photos of Niagara on his site. Heres the link to it:


Trek - Day Four Niagara

One day four we went for a hike before we hit the road and drove to Niagara. Niagara falls was simply beautiful it is well worth the visit.


Trek - Day Three Bear Country

We drove from DC into Bear Country in Pennsylvania. As we were almost at the campsite it began to rain, which was the beginning of a few rainy nights for us. We stopped off at a supermarket on the way to buy ponchos coz a lot of us (including me) didnt bring rain jackets. Yes i know a Mount Gambier girl should know better.


Trek - Day Two free in DC

This was our day to do whatever we wanted in DC. We all split up into smaller groups. We all went on a tour up the Washington Monument later in the afternoon. We met back up at 4 and went to Arlington Cemetery for the changing of the guard, we also went to the Iwo Jima US Marines war memorial and then into George Town for Dinner.


Trek - Day One DC at night

Ok im trying to get all my photos organised coz everyone back home wants to see them. The Trek started in New York but the first stop was DC so I met the group in DC at the camp grounds. We had dinner at the campsite and then headed into DC to see everything lit up at night. It was all very pretty, i havent spent much time in DC at night so i enjoyed having a look around.


Random 'American' things

Ive just put a few photos on this page that didnt really fit on any other page.


Fourth of July

Hey i finally got around to posting thse photos. We had a very eventful forth of July. We went into DC early in the afternoon to get a good spot at the Capitol Concert. It was 40 degrees that day and we sat there for hours guarding our spot. Sarah was about to meet us when everyone was evacuated because of a thunderstorm. So we were running around trying to find her, we eventually met up in an museum. After the storm we then had to line up for another hour to get back into the concert. Luckliy we still managed to get a decent spot. Needles to say we weren't happy. It's funny now though. It was a good concert too.

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