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This is a page all for you, about my trip. Hope you enjoy xx

Diary Entries

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Location: Zurich and Engelburg, Switzerland

Well my minions, it's been a while but I finally ventured out of london again. And this time it was for the wonderful city of Zurich.

I could start by telling you about our first night out, but to be completely honest, the adventure started way before that. In fact, it started before we even landed. Being the extremely clever person that I am, I was playing with the swizzle stick from my cup-a-soup and trying to snap it inside the cup... it didn't snap. Instead it went ricocheting around the plane and landed in some guy's hair. The lady sitting behind me was sprayed with soup and I can almost guarantee that the majority of passengers on that plane HATED me (and my cup-a-soup).

Moving on... Mal and I arrived in Zurich at about 9pm, so we decided it would probably be best to just have a quite couple of drinks and have a full day in town the next day. As most of you know, I am completely incapable of this, and a couple of drinks turned into a 3am return to the hotel after an entire evening on the vodka with a couple of Swiss boys we met in a bar. Hmmm, how does she do it?

The next day in Zurich was awesome - minus the hangovers of course. Mal and I took a lovely stroll along the main road in town and then across to the lake where we enjoyed a rather tasty bowl of Movenpick and soaked up some sun. All in all it was a pretty laxed day and there isn't a lot to report unfortunately.

Saturday is a different story altogether! Mal and I wanted to see a real-life Swiss village, complete with mountains and snow and cattle and everything. So we headed off to Engelberg for the day. We arrived in Engelberg at midday and had 3 hours to look around before we had to return to the bus. 3 hours people! Do you know what's in Engelberg? Sweet f**k all!! However... we did manage to entertain ourselves quite well. The town is based mainly around the monestary and it's cheese factory, so we had a nice lunch consisting mainly of cheese... and then went and visited the monestary - I know, we're so damn unpredictable! On the way back we visited Luzern for an hour and then headed back to Zurich.

And last but not least there was the zoo! We had a bit of trouble getting there, on a count of Mallory remembering zero German and no-one at the train station speaking English, but we managed it eventually. The animals were just your average every-day zoo animals, except for the Marabou Stalk. I read a book last month called 'the Marabou Stalk Nightmares' and I thought the way they described the stalk was horrible... until I saw the real thing. I don't know if any of you ever saw that movie about the cormorant, but this was even more evil. I've put a picture up so you can all have some nightmares of your own. Gee I'm so kind.

And that pretty much sums up Switzerland my dears. There were other bits and bobs along the way but I don't want to bore you with all the little details.

I hope you're all having an amazing time at home or where ever you are in the world. I miss you all like crazy and can't wait to see you all.


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Location: Bristol, UK

Hey peeps,
So I had a day free last weekend... something that doesn't often happen... and decided to treck it up to Bristol.
I wasn't there for very long so not a lot happened, but I can tell you that within the first 30 minutes of arriving I managed to bail down some stairs, stain my teeth on a blueberry smoothy and get absolutely saturated in a down-pour that lasted for well over an hour. After all that, Jody and I went to see the suspension bridge at the end of town. It's really cool and is built over a massive gorge with a river running through the middle. At the beginning of the bridge there are signs for all the people planning on jumping... strange I know, but I have devised a plan to stop the insanity. All they need to do is electrify the wires running through the railing and all would be sweet!
So, after drying off and having a lovely roast chicken with Jody and her boyfriend, we headed into town and had a few beers. Didn't have a massive night but it was good one none the less.

And the next day I came back to London. The end.

Hope everything is super at home
Love you all millions

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Location: Edinburgh and Killin, Scotland

Hey peeps! I've been to Scotland.

After 4 months of London life, with little more than a random trip out to Leighton Buzzard and a day in Oxford, I finally decided to make the treck up to Scotland to see my cousin Dennis and his wife Kat. Being a McNabb and all you can probably understand that I was super excited to see where my clan had come from and couldn't wait to get there. So, on Saturday, we all got up and made our way to Killin for the day. Being Scotland it rained for most of the morning, but we had a pretty sweet drive there anyway. I'm going to skip the part about the hotel and the drive and just go straight to the part where the MacNabs wiped out an entire clan (I think it's a bit juicier that way).

About half an hour away from Killin (Loch Tay) is Lock Earn. Back in the 1600s the MacNabs and the MacNeishes were at war. As it happened, the MacNabs absolutely destroyed the MacNeishes, forcing them to retreit to a small island (we're talking the size of a small house here) on Lock Earn, now known as Neish Island. The MacNeishes managed to commendeer all the boats on Loch Earn and would pillage all the surrounding clans, stealing their supplies and retreating back to their little island where they would be safe from all harm. One day in 1612 (around Christmas) the MacNeishes managed to ambush supplies heading for the MacNab castle back in Killin. The servant escaped and ran back to tell the MacNab chief about "those bastards" the MacNeishes. The MacNab chief was FURIOUS, especially seeing as he now had no whisky (and McNabbs don't usually have Christmas without alcohol) and called for his sons. Smooth John was the eldest (I think he was called 'smooth' because he was a quick executioner, either that or because he was hairy - the stories differ a bit) and the leader of the gang. The chief looked John hard in the face and said "The night is the night, if the lads were the lads." The boys, not wanting to disappoint their father, set out in the freezing snow (apparently there was a blizzard that night too) and, carrying a boat all the way from Loch Tay, headed for Neish Island. When they got to Loch Earn, they rowed across to the island and sunk all the MacNeish's boats. They then headed for MacNeish castle and banged on the door. All fell silent inside until the MacNeish chief yelled out for the boys to address themselves. Smooth John just yelled back "who would you least like it to be?" and then they broke the door down and proceeded to execute every member of the MacNeish clan (except for a little boy and a little girl who ran away and swam to shore). As the MacNab boys returned to Loch Tay and the MacNab castle, Smooth John yelled to his father "let fear be far from all (dread naught)". The chief came to the door and looked at John, who swiftly told him, "The night was the night, and the lads were the lads." When the chief asked to see what was in the sack that John had been carrying, john pulled the sac from his shoulder and let 7 heads fall from it, replying "balls for the bairns."

And so the story goes, that any MacNeish that lives today is decended from the small boy that escaped the wrath of the MacNabs. Cool story aye?

Anyway... after we went and visited Neish Island, we made our way to Killin and to the island where all the MacNab chiefs are buried. We also went and found where our castle used to be and then went and had haggis at a restaurant right next to the island. I know... I had haggis! It was actually just like eating black pudding, only that it had barley in it (so mum I guess you wouldn't like it). I thought it was pretty nice, but I've had a really sore stomach ever since so maybe it's not that great after all.

Saturday night was as interesting as they come. I can't really describe how funny it was, but we went to a Scottish dance thing and there was this long greasy-haired Polish guy in a quilt and sneakers who was just takng the whole thing WAY too seriously. Kat and I spent the whole night laughing at him as he tried to lock eyes with every girl as he turned them way too fast and they lost their balance. We eventually figured out that if we went the same direction as him we never had to dance with him, so we did actually end up doing a few of the dances after all. A midnight trip to the supermarket on a hunt for doughnuts and we were off to bed, ready for another exciting day in Scotland.

Sunday, I felt like crap! Not surprising considering how much I drank, but still.... We spent most of the morning getting over whatever ailments we had acquired from the night before and then headed up to Arthur's seat at the top of the hill in Edinburgh. It's so cool up there, kinda like Mount Eden, only in Scotland. After being blown away by gale-force winds we headed back down to the city and went up to the castle and the royal mile. We couldn't decide what to do with the last couple of hours before my train left, so we ended up going to the 'Camera Obscura' at the top of the mile. It's a sort of illusion gallery, where there are holographs and mirrors and all sorts of great stuff that make you forget about how much your head is hurting. I've put some sweet pics up so you can see a couple of the things in there (I'm sure you'll be super jealous).

And that pretty much sums up Scotland... Sorry I don't have more but it was only 2 days. Makes me tired just thinking about it really. Hopefully I'll get my arse into gear and go on another trip really soon (maybe St Patricks day?) so I can give you some more updates. Until then though, take care my pretties and don't forget to leave some messages.

Love you, love your work

Saturday, 06 October 2007

Location: Ios, Greece

It's nearly home time people! Nearly the end of my journey, and nearly time to put some hard core warm clothes on. 'Cos I know it's gonna be bloody freezing in London!
In the mean time though, here's what I've been up to.
Gemma and I arrived in Athens after a 12 hour day of travelling. Something that no amount of travel will ever make ok. Unfortunately we didn't enjoy Athens all that much. Mostly due to the fact that we were staying in the dodgiest part of town, with all the prostitutes and strippers, couldn't find accommodation for our second night, and stayed with the most annoying (and maybe dumbest) Americans I've ever met. Oh, and the laundry lady tried to steal half our clothes too.
But all that is now insignificant, because the Greek Islands are WICKED.
We arrived in Mykanos on the first day of our 'tour' and spent most of the rest of the day chilling on the beach, getting a rad as tan. Yes that's right my friends, I do in fact have a tan. A real one too, complete with tog lines and a darker tone of foundation. YUSSSSSSSS!
Anyway, we went out that night to dinner and went drinking in some of the bars that are still open. Greece is pretty dead at the moment, so there are only about 3 bars open on every island. That's reduced from the 100 or so bars that are normally open during the summer. On each island.
The next day Gemma and I spent the day making some friends and went into town to have a cutesy wee romantic dinner, just the two of us. Due to the fact that we are completely reversed in our drinking habits to the rest of the group, we chose this night to stay up till all hours drinking with the random people we met at the bar. Always a good way to get in the 'in crowd' with the tour group.
The next morning brought a new island, by the name of Paros. Paros was pretty coo. We went on a really awesome boat trip on the second day. Complete with a barbeque on the beach and a sweet as skipper, who was more wasted that most of the passengers on the way back to port. I told you the europeans love their water safety. I got sick somehow (completely unrelated to alcohol) and spent that night curled up in a ball in bed. It sucked. Big time. But luckily I felt marginally better by the morning, deciding to nominate the next couple of days as "alcohol-free days".
Alcohol-free days meant one thing and one thing only. The next time I drank, it got WAY out of hand...
Once again out of sync with the rest of the group, Gemma and I decided to go to the BOX bar in Santorini with our tour guide, Laura. Laura went off to put her bag in her room and never returned. Deciding that we had to take matters into our own hands, Gemma and I ordered enough alcohol to inebriate a small army and continued to drink until we had made friends with most people in the bar. After befriending the owner's wife and her two sisters, buying the bouncers jagerbombs and dancing on the bar, we arrived home and somehow I slept on top of the entire contents of my backpack.
I haven't had a drop of alcohol since and don't intend to drink for a few more weeks!
The trip to Ios the next morning was Hell on Earth. If only the boat had been silent I may have had a shred of peace. But, alas, that was not the case. We arrived on Ios at about 1pm and by the time I felt ok to join the group again it was 6pm. No people, I am not proud of the way I acted!
Ios was amazing. It had the best beaches, the best nightlife (though I enjoyed this sober) and the best people of all the islands. We were the last group through and so all the staff were partying just as hard as everyone else. It was awesome!
We didn't really accomplish a whole lot on the islands. Just chilled out and had a good time really. I'm quite looking forward to going back to London to start living normally again. Never thought I'd say that, but 2 and a half months of travelling can really take it out of you.
Don't think this website is getting any less action though, cos I'm gonna be writing about all the random stuff I get up to when I'm there.
Well that's it for now. Next week all my photos should be up to date, so keep an eye out.
Peace out minions

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From Mal B
Oi, where's the new stuff?!!
Response: I know!!! I kinda decided to leave it this year, mostly cos I ended up with nothing to tell people whenI got home... this time I have HEAPS!! I miss you mally.
From Mal B
Shit Caro, it's frikn cold back here! Luvn the story! Thanks again for being my personal tour guide... ur the best!
Enjoy working out your notice & have a way wicked awesome time travelling around again!
Mwah xxxxxx
Response: You're most welcome my friend. I had a blast. I must say I'm a little disappointed in my story telling ability this time around. Hope it's not going to continue...
From Mal H
Look at that fringe girl!! Awesome i got me one of them at the mo too...looking hot miss!!! Trip looks good too! xxxx Mis you lots! mwah!
Response: Miss you too lady! Mal showed me all the pictures you guys took before she left... all 50 of them in the one night (classic!). Hope it's not getting too cold down at the beach. Have a great week. xxxx
From Becca
Sounds like you're having a sweet time. Im pretty jealous as im living it up in the libs at the moment. Studying!! I know..Im out of control. Cant wait to see you. When will you return to the land of the long white cloud
Response: You're so crazy Becca, I hope I can keep up when I get back. Should be round October-November I think cos I'm pretty sure that's as far as my money will take me. How's the study going?
From Sarah
Carolyn, nice fringe you have going on there, it suits you! Yes sounds like you and Mal had an interesting time in Sitzerland...

Went to your sisters 21st a couple weeks ago. Adele and Rochelle sang her a song they had made up it was very cute and even made her cry..aww.
And I drunk slushy's all night and was feeling happy!

Tell me when you are coming home because a little birdie told me it was this year???
Response: Haha, little birdies have big mouths...

Should be back for Christmas hopefully. At least that's the plan for the moment. I still have Italy, southern France, Portugal and Ibiza to go (oh and a trip to Australia to see peeps I travelled with). Cam gets to Spain in October so I'm gonna try hold out that long but money is gonna be a bit of an issue. Can we say 'credit card'? Woohoo, debt!!!
From Rosco and Jolz,
Hey Carolyn, grouse photos mate, got some for you to. We are currently cruising around the states by van. We fly into Europe in 6-7 weeks, Keen to catch up when there, our plans are to hopefully see most of Europe in 3 months then pick a place to cause havock for a few years. Whats yours?

Luv from us.
Response: Thanks cuz! I think I'll be away in 6 weeks, but I'll be coming back for a weekend in late July before heading round Europe for a second time. Maybe we could coordinate our timetables and meet up in france or something. Let me know where you'll be going and I'll see if I'm going to any of those places. Hope the US road trip is going well. Talk to you soon
From Gemma
you need to update your adventures in London, the way you write ur story thoroughly amuses me!! Keep up the travelling and the excellent story telling my dear!!
Response: Thanks lady! I'll try do some exciting stuff in London so I have something to write about next time. Next weekend should be good... it's the last pulp sessions party of the season, so I'm going out to buy a new dress and everything. I'll write all about that for you, ok?
From Greggggy
awwww i wanna go to switzerlands nows....when r u off to amsterdam?
Response: This weekend! woohoo. Sure you can't come?
From annonymous
you have egg tendancies.
Response: Hmmm yes I do. But so do you mr annonymous.
From Edel
Hey you hows things...Nicola's 21st was badass so gutted you weren't there but im sure you could hear most of it when your mum rang you at work haha loved it...hope all is absolutely brill and you have a sweet time in bali with nicola so jelly she'll have an envious tan when she gets back no doubt.... thought i'd just drop you a line...loves Edelweiss
Response: Hey Edel! There were heaps of shops called Edelweiss in Zurich, I should have taken a picture for you! Yeah, I don't know what mum was thinking - apparently she wasn't even drunk. Hope you're having a good time. Miss you heaps
From rachy
Carol I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE your hair! it looks amazing. Hot fringe...I want one
Response: hehe, thanks Rachy. I love it too. I cut it myself so there has been somewhat of a progression from start to finish (I'm no hairdresser unfortunately)
From Kat
Where's Wally???
Response: Haha! Classic. I need photos of him so I can remember the sweet curves of his hot hot bod! ew, I think I'm going to be sick!
From Hayley
Hey cuz, glad you got up to Killin. Love that place! And Edinburgh is cool too.
Hope you're still loving London. Now that winter is gone it'll only get better and better.
Have a pint for me next time you're at the pub... shouldn't be too far away by the sounds of things :-)
Response: Ha, winter may be gone, but it's still freezing! Killin was wicked I loved it, it'd be so cool to build a house where the castle used to be... maybe one day I will
From Simone
So what are you doing now? More medical writing?
Response: Editing at Thomson in London. I think I prefer the medical writing though
From Mum
Carolyn, my darling, your talents are totally wasted on medical writing, you should write childrens adventure stories instead.

Response: Haha, awesome!
From Gemma
Carol!!! This is all new to me havent left a msg on here yet, just nursing a wee hang over this morning not that much fun but on the plus side im getting breakfast cooked for me. Scotland sounds like fun will have to get my arse over there again at some point. Glad ur dandy and still enjoying yourself!!! love u my wee angel!!
Response: Ahh the age-old hang-over. I mysteriously get one every Sunday and can never work out why....
From Judy Clements
Hi Carolyn Just killing some time before I go home so thought I would have a look at your site. Noticed some new pictures and a new entry on your blog site. Hope all is going well for you in London. From the pictures you have loaded sounds like you are still have a good time at least I hope you are. Havent caught up with your mum after her trip away but need to organise that in the not to distant future. How are the jobs going. Are you still teaching swimming and no doubt you are still working for Adis. Be nice to hear from you. Good to see you are getting about and seeing a bit more of the UK. According to Shaun the weather is still pretty cold. Shaun and Beth got an opportunity to go skiing in the French Alps. They left on the 22nd Feb so should just be about home again in London. We are planning a road cycle around Otago in April 150ks in 5 days staying at pubs along the way. We are going with the Struthers, Browns and Gillons so should be a bit of fun. We have had a lovely summer and it has been a long one. No doubt you will be looking forward to an English summer.
Be nice to hear from You
Thinking of you

Response: Jobs are great thanks, although a bit of an overkill at times. Just working at Thomson Scientific and coaching swimming. It started to warm up a bit this week, but then today is cold again so I'm thinking it was just a tease... figures. Hope everything is fantastic in Auckland. Have you heard much from Gemma lately?
From sarah
Hey buddy,

Well dont worry your not the only one struggling to find a job. I do like the personal training but I dont have quite as many clients as I need and to be quite honest I'm getting pretty burnt out as it is major draining trying to make fat peple thin and unfit people fit! So I would really like a part time job for some steady income and to keep me saine! I literally feel like I am going crazy! But it would seem there are not any slightly decent jobs to be had at this time of the year. So I just keep looking. The good news is it is nearly Christmas! Are you excited about having a white one??? Hope everything is cool and you find a job soon. Love Sarah
Response: My roommate said it's supposed to snow but I don't want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed. It'll be so awesome if it does though. It'll make all the cold worth-while. Don't worry about the whole job thing... I hear Santa's looking for elves and I'm thinking of applying. Maybe you should too...
From uncle simon
hey legend. i recognise that special little beach in hvar .jody and i had a few Karlovachkos there on our way to the lost city that we couldnt find. go figure. im glad you went to the places you did as they were some of my favorite spots. that beach you treked to without your togs is called Zlatni rat and is considered to be one of the top 5 beachs in the mediteranian and adriatic seas combined. it has been in a bond movie as well. not sure which one. when we were there in may we had the whole place to our selves and were able to pick any spot we wanted and also didnt have to pay for the chairs. did you go to the palace in split and rub the toe of the big bronze statue out the back. if you did thats where jody and i stayed in one of those little house around there. i hope my recomendations helped you out at least once in croatia. anna is in for a shock when she gets there when she sees how photos dont do the place justice aye. i loved it there and cant wait to go back. baba sends her love and dida sends a grunt. im sure he ment a love. and i say dont drink the water its beens through someone at least 7 times. ciao bella
Response: Hey man. Yea, it was so pretty, I wasn't expecting it to be so nice. All I'd seen before I got there were books from about 1970 and to be honest the place looked like it was stuck in the dark age. But it was awesome! I didn't see that statue... not that I would have known to rub my toe on it anyway...
From Cameron
Hey Caz looks like you are having so much fun, those beaches are beautiful, I got signed off!!! put me on a plane! say hi to gemma for me and take care of each other, Hopefully see you in the not too distant future
Response: Hey Cam, that's awesome! you better be on a plane over here soon, but come when it's a bit warmer, winter is gonna be freezing here.
From lois
thanks for the photos, my screen saver has never been more exciting.
Stuie loves them too
Response: Your welcome lady
From rachy
carol you're not gonna believe this...the Smoove outlet store has just opened in taka...I went in and had a look in your honour.
Response: Arrrgh! Why would they do this to me? 3 and a half years of loyal and devoted service and they make a new store when I leave. Luckily Camden markets has cool dresses and tops, otherwise there would be consequences and repercussions.
From dan is nice
familyguy season six!!! oh my freaken god!!!! radical stuff!!!!! boone ya!!!!!
Response: I saw the adds for it the other day. So jealous you've seen it! How's stuff at home? Your gig must be coming up soon
From Sarah
Well Greek Islands look amazing my girl. Do you have anymore scenery pictures??? When did ya start dancing and what kind - I am intrigued. I had to practice the routines for the concert yesterday as I am a bit slow on the uptake these days! But I love it. I started to do them properly and started to feel like a dancer again! Fantastic.
Response: Yea, I think so, I'll put them up next time I have some free time. Dancing was awesome, really different though which made it hard to pick up, but I'm definitely gonna go again when I get the chance
From Gemox
Hey my carol, sposed to be job search but SO OVER IT!!!!! so thought i would surprise u with a wee note even thoe u r rite next to me!! love u, c me now!
Response: Haha that's so awesome. I can see you!