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Carolyn's trip to Kenya

Hi! Please use this site to follow my trip to Kenya. Hannah, Rachel and myself are spending 4 weeks at the Walk Centre, Nakuru and I'll do my best to keep you as up to date as I can. Please keep in touch with me whilst I am away - it will be great to hear from you.

Love Carolyn

Diary Entries

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Location: Kenya

Before I start I want to say a special hello to Class 6 at Woodhouse – see you all (walking to school) next week!

Had another great day, so much happens in one day! We had a great meeting with Alex and Patricia about how they survive financially and how they hope to expand in the future. Maggie gave Alex a quick lesson on how to write a business plan and then asked him to get back to her with one! We had an early night and I got the ear plugs out – what a difference they make – future volunteers take note!

Today we went to school and helped with carrots and cabbage duty, then we played games, I did round and round the garden too many times to count and sang if you’re happy and you know it and heads and shoulders. After this we gave shoes and uniform to those that need it and they loved it. Maggie has missed her way in life, a career in Clarks would have been quite exiting for her it seems! Maggie and I dutifully checked that shoes fit properly, being a mum helps with these jobs!

After a couple of hours doing this Maggie and I got a boda boda (cushion on the back of a push bike) into town to buy clothes for Esther and first aid supplies (after a quick stop at our favourite café). Esther is tiny and her mum is not capable of caring for her, neighbours do what they can but you can easily see she is not as lucky as some of the kids. We used our best motherly instinct to buy a pretty pink tracksuit/t shirt and knickers for 6 quid. We then got a tuk tuk (3 wheeled motorbike) back to school and took Esther and Gilbert (with his sore hand) to Alex’s house. We cleaned up Gilberts hand and dressed it, telling him to keep it clean and then Margaret (the housekeeper) bathed Esther. She is beautiful and was even cuter when she was clean! The clothes fit perfectly, we were very proud. We took them back to school with some sweets (I gave Esther a piggy back) and headed into town to use the net and shop. On the way Maggie mused that Esthers mum won’t even notice the clothes!

We are so dirty it is untrue, Maggie took her sun glasses off and she had lines of dust where they touched her face! She was laughing at me as she put sun lotion on my neck as all it did was smear dust around! The kids love watching you apply sun lotion, I genuinely think that they believe this is what turns your skin white! Maggie offered some to a child on the market yesterday and anyone would have thought she was the devil going by the look she got!

This is our last blog as we will be leaving to head home tomorrow, on the way we are going boating and camping before heading to Nairobi. Maggie and I are in charge of refreshments so Jo and Mark will for sure enjoy their last weekend – they haven’t been out at all in a month!

Anyway, fingers crossed a couple of pics have uploaded, see you all soon,

Maggies Diary
Hi all, Maggie here again – as well as shoes and uniforms I also spent a bit of time with the top class doing maths as their teacher wasn’t here today. I’d taken some stickers with me, and they were delighted to get a star on their work – but I was a bit of a hard marker and only gave stickers if they’d worked hard! One lad really stood out for me – he’s called Clinton, and I don’t think it’s over the top to say he has real leadership qualities. He finished his subtractions before anyone else, and got them all right, but then he organized the rest of the class, brought me their books to mark, and generally made himself useful. At one point I was in the other class fitting shoes (my new calling in life) when I heard him shouting “Maggie Cha” he’d brought me the last few books where I’d made corrections and the children had done them again!!! (Mark Jo and Carolyn gave me a hard time for this!). Its heartbreaking to think that a child like Clinton will probably not realize his potential because of the place where he lives, but I do believe that with a bit of extra help and push – which the Walk school can give him – he’ll rise above the squalor and poverty. I also did something today that was quite a challenge for me – another lad in the top class, Gilbert, (don’t you just love their names!) has had a filthy rag wrapped round his hand for the last couple of days. I asked him to show us what the matter was and he had a really sore gash between his thumb and finger, and couldn’t move his hand. So I got some antiseptic spray and a dressing and took him back to Alexs house to clean it and dress it – captured on photo for those who don’t believe it!! I think Gilbert was braver than me, and hopefully it will heal ok. Maggie x

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Well, after yesterdays shopping trip from hell we felt the need to chill out! Mark and Jo ate with us in our hotel and had a couple of beers with us, they went home at 10pm (curfew) and we headed to bed. Didnt sleep well and was woken at 5.20am with a REALLY noisy truck outside, scared the life out of me!

We went to lake Nakuru this morning and saw lots of animals and birds, it was lovely. We've been for lunch in town to build up strength for shopping this afternoon, a matter of more shoes to buy - omg! Had chicken and cashew nuts for lunch, only they seemed to forget the cashews! We're blogging now so we dont have to drag the shopping with us later, so we'll report back on the shopping tomorrow.

This evening maggie and i are meeting Alex to talk about the future of the Walk centre, we will try to get to the bottom of why it is best to take the kids away from their families. Tomorrow we have a video to make (Rita where are you?!) on the rubbish dump.

On Friday we will go and watch the assembly for Mark and Jo as it is their last day and then we are off camping with Rufus, our safari guide - we are going on a boat trip at Naivasha and camping there, then we are going cycling (Hmm) at Hells Gate for a cycling tour - Hannah, please say a prayer for Mark and I - Maggie and Jo are going to leave us behind i think! We will then go to Nairobi so that we are close to the airport for our flight early on Sunday - it has gone so fast.

We are hearing good news about healthcare, the kids get regular checks free of charge now - maybe why they look so much better to me?

Will have more to report tomorrow, will tell you all about our meeting with alex and shoe shopping..until tomorrow.

Carolyn & Maggie

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hi all, Maggie here! having a fantastic time here - its just an amazing place, and Mike - I need you to design a certificate for Jo and Mark when they get back, they are super-heros!! (mainly based on the fact that they share a bathroom with herds of cockroaches withuot complaining). Some of you might remember my slack mum blog about buying school shoes? Well today all my shoe-buying experience came into its own!We managed to sort out shoes for the children who havent got any - first thing was to measure their feet and then keep a tally of who needed what. Then we trecked into town in the blazing sun to buy the shoes - by the time we got there (about half an hour) we were in need of a drink and a sit down. Mark treated us in a rather chic little establishment and we toasted St Patricks day with a coke! Then to the market where we entered into an Apprentice-like task to buy shoes from second-hand stalls in the sizes ( I now know that if your foot is 7" long, you take a size 28) and gender-appropriate styles. I got a bit giddy when I found Geox and Clarks shoes, and Carolyn just got giddy (too much sun) Then we divided the task with Mark and me buying boys and Carolyn and Jo getting girls- obviously Mark and I won. the prize was a coconut bun and a milk shake!! Anyway a BIG thankyou to everyone who donated money and fund raised - we got 50 pairs of shoes for 200 quid and they will be much appreciated. See you again soon, Maggie

PS - from Carolyn, they finished their apprentice like task before us but didnt complete it ! They are still some pairs missing - Jo and I got all 26 on our list so we reckon they are in the boardroom, not us! After a demanding afternoon Chris wanted to carry on shopping for clothes, we had to call a halt to the day - we were hot, dusty and tired and couldn't face more shopping whilst dragging sacks of shoes around, so we caved in and got a cab to the hotel! Mark diligently went back to school as he had promised to watch a football game, he met us town later.

Until tomorrow..

Monday, 16 March 2009

Location: Kenya

Kenya take 2!

Well, we've been here a day and there is so much to report already!

The journey from Nairobi was brill - the new road make such a difference. We spent 2 hours in the back of a car with Peace age 3 - Maggie ended up wearing some of the crisps Peace was eating and apart from a bit of kicking and spitting she was as good as gold!

We got to the hotel (very nice!) and went for lunch in town, we met Alex and he shared stories about how the Walk was set up in the first place and the progress made to date. He also shared some ideas for the future - more on that later. We left in Alex's car to go to the Walk but were delayed as a woman was run over right by us. A crowd of around 50-60 people gathered, she was picked up and put into the back of the car that ran her over to be taken to hospital. The passengers all got out to make room and then got in with Maggie and I!! Alex took them to the hospital and along the way they told us that they were on their way back from their mothers funeral! Alex made sure all was ok, the driver responsible left quickly but his passengers stayed to check she was well (and pay the bill i guess!) Alex later told us that the custom is that the offender will get beaten up and so this is why they left and Alex intervened - Maggie was considering the merits of this system versus getting points on your licence as we then made our way to school.

We arrived towards the end of the school day and visited each class. My class from last time still has a lot of familiar faces and they recognised me!! Some of them called me Rachel though! Rach - you made a lasting impression! LAter on some were really exited, they remembered that it was me that went to Lake Nakuru with them - so girls - it was money well spent, they still cherish those memories!

This bit is for Rachel and Hannah - Masai looks fab, she has put weight on, Esther hasnt grown, we saw her mum and she is ill again, friends are taking her to hospital tomorrow, they think she is pregnant. Flora looks fab too - didnt get to speak to her though, she was in lessons. You wouldnt believe the kitchen - there are chimneys and proper cooking stoves - heaven!

I cannot believe how good the kids look, they look healthier than the last time i was here - it confirms what i already knew, that the Walk Centre is doing a great job against the odds. It is so good to see progress being made.

Alex took us to the dump, we saw women trying to collect plastic as a truck dropped more trash off, there were pigs, cattle, children, storks - all in it together!

Alex seems to think the way forward is to take the kids and build a home for them, leaving their parents behind on the dump. Sounds a bit brutal but i think he believes he can help more this way. Will remain open minded for the time being..

We are going to shower and change soon and go for dinner. We're tired after a long hot day and want to be ready for our day tomorrow - cabbage chopping here we come! Mark has blisters on blisters.

Love to all at home, don't forget your spellings Luke!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Location: UK

I'm watching comic relief and am thinking it won't be long before i am experiencing life in Africa first hand. Did you see Fearne Cotton's visit to a hospital? That hospital is many times better than the one in Nakuru. I am a tad stressed, trying to finish a couple of things for work, get school uniform ready for the week ahead and pack my case - although that should be easy as its 70% full already - with your donations - thank you! Having to be stingy with the clothes!

I am so lucky to be going back to see how things are going at the Walk Centre, cant wait to see the children again - there are so many new children too.

I expect to be there by Monday lunch time (late afternoon in the UK) so check for a blog on Monday evening.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Location: The airport!!, Kenya

Well, we are waiting to board our flight in Nairobi so we've just got a few minutes to catch up.

Friday at school was great. The dancers werent really masai but they were great and the kids absolutely loved it. They had dancing competitions and kids were unbelievably good at dancing - we got lots of video footage to bring back! They got their lunch an hour late but didnt even notice!

At the end of the day there was a small leaving assembly for us and it was very sad to say goodbye to everyone. We then went into our own classes and handed out the food parcels we bought (flour, sugar, salt and some sweets) My class all gathered around me and gave me hugs. One of the lads gave me one of his three sweets. I tried to give it him back but he said that he'd miss me and he wanted me to eat his sweet - so I accepted! I am still gobsmacked at how willing they are to share their treats - they dont exactly get them that often.

Our last weekend was great. On Saturday night we went dancing and stayed out in our usual cheap hotel. On Sunday we hired a car and went to Naivasha lake. We took Rob and Russel with us and had a great time careering round crazy roads with huge pot holes in the rain (the back windscreen was loose and Hannah, Russ and I got wet!) We went out on a boat and saw Hippos - we thought we were just going for a look at the views so were like little kids when we realised there were Hippos! We found somewhere to stay very last minute and went for our best meal yet in a floating restaurant. On the way back to our lodge we were driving behind 2 giraffe - wow! They got freaked out by a guard dog and so turned round and charged past us - we thought that they would walk straight over the car at one point! Despite 5 cameras and many attempts to capture the moment we didnt! Rachel got a good shot on her phone we think.

Yesterday we drove to Crater lake and had a really chilled time. We accidentally found the poshest places in town to eat and drink - it was such a treat and so different to what we've been used to!

We then dropped the lads off to brave the matatu to Nakuru (ha ha) and we got back in the extremely dusty hire car and headed to Nairobi. Rachel did a great job with the driving and gave as good as she got in town! We found Kats house without getting lost and went for an Ethiopian meal around 10pm.

We were up early this morning to hand over the hire car and get a cab to the airport. We stopped by police twice, once Hannah and I nearly got charged for not wearing a seatbelt but we got away with it!

Well, its time to board, see you all tomorrow!

Take care, Carolyn

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Location: Kenya


Had a fab day at school, I was actually there all day - no home visits or hospital trips - yipee!

Edwins eye is looking so much better so I am pleased with my assessment and treatment of it and it didn't involve hours in hospital or any dosh!! Just hope I don't need the eye drops now I've given them away!!

We went out for an Ethiopian meal last night and followed that with some dancing in Dimples (night club). We splashed out on a hotel (4 pounds b&b) and we got exited about having a room to ourself!! It was by no means the Hilton or in fact a Travel Lodge but we loved it and got a good nights sleep in a comfy bed!!

This morning I attempted to teach my class to tell the time. We had a fab interactive session with kids getting up and drawing clocks on the board and then I gave them a worksheet to do, some got it real quick, it was really satisfying to see them learn.

After lunchtime I read 2 Winnie the Witch stories and then Snow White, they loved listening so much they demanded more after each one! At the end of the day the teacher explained that tomorrow is my last day and the kids said that they don't want me to leave! Some said that they will cry if I go - it's going to be tough day! I explained that I have a son at home that is missing me and they wanted to know all about him. When I told them he was 8 half the kids put their hands up exited that they too were 8 like him! They chanted his name many times and said that they want me to take Luke to meet them next year!!

We've got Masai dancers confirmed for tomorrow and so it will be a lively day, its a good job as we'll probably cry buckets! We've bought loads of flour, sugar and salt to make food parcels to send home to the families and we've bought sweets to give to the kids too - the plan is to fire them up on E numbers that they are not used to and then say goodbye!!

I've lined up a video interview with Kevin's father tomorrow at 9 so fingers crossed I'll get some good footage to bring home for you all to see.

I've probably got one more blog to write after today and then I shall have to wean myself off the net! I do hope that you have enjoyed reading and learning about what I've been up to.

I want to say a special thanks to those who have so far sponsored a child to go to the Prison school - we still need so many more. If you've thought about it but not done anything about it yet please do it now! I'd love to able to tell them they had the funding before we leave...

Thank you to:

Janet Sullivan
Joanne Wells
HATS (x3 kids)
Cathy McCormick
Keith Saunders
Penny Reeves (x 2 kids)
Doreen Hughes
Neil Phillips
Devi Viram
Sarah Riley + admin team
Claire Grindlay
Maggie Shannon
John Phillips
A2 Accident Solicitors
Anne Hadall
Pauline Nolan

Thanks and love to all,

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Recent Messages

From jake houlker
hi i would really like to no about how you cope out there and what is going through your mind when you see all those sick children and i am looking forward to see you again.
Response: Thanks Jake, it is really hard to see children without food, it makes you think about how much we throw away. They all have a smile though and that helps! See you soon, Carolyn
From Class 6
Thanks for wriitng back, we hope that your last couple of days go well. we have looked at the picture of Esther and don't fancy a bath outside much. We don't fancy the lion hunting much either. Will you come in and talk to us about your trip sometime?
Response: Esther didnt like it much either! Dont think she has a bath very often! Would love to come in and talk to the class, maybe you can all think of questions to ask me and i will do my best to answer them. I will bring some photos to share too,
I am in Nairobi now, the internet is much quicker - heaven! We've just had a milkshake and are going for dinner soon - the city is so busy and there seem to be no rules on the roads!
From Sue Bryan
Message for Maggie:

So impressed ! Esther has brought tears to my eyes.

No competing news from this end, but the daffodils are out and the cats are enjoying a dust bath. All well here, see you when you get back,

sue xxxx
From Hannah Reeves
Hi Carolyn and Maggie!!

Carolyn - i can't believe you are back out there! I sometimes have a re-occuring dream that i'm going back to Nakuru, i remember the smell, the dust, the heat, the smiles, the tears. Everything, just like it was yesterday. It must be so amazing to be back and seeing all the children, i'm so happy to hear they are looking better and healthier - against all the odds, that's amazing. Not nearly enough blogging update on Flora by the way, i hope you have at least got me some photos to show me of her when you come back! ;) Can't wait to hear about what you discuss with Alex... How's Peace doing, still a little minx? What's emmanuel like? Is it strange re-living the experience without the presence of the rare orange mzungu and friends?! Btw you are mad to want to cycle the hells gate safari park, it's really hard - as i'm sure you will know, cycling on sand is ney good. Wow, i bet you are loving every minute of your stay there, please can we meet up when you are back so i can hear all about it?

Maggie - so glad you are having a great experience, it's so humbling isn't it yet I found it difficult to remain sad, particularly around the children who are so energetic and can only make you smile. I can't wait to speak to you also when you are back so that I can hear all about your experience.

Take care and enjoy your remaining time at the walk. Don't forget to give the children extra cuddles from me, Hannah x
Response: Just messaged you on facebook and Flora got a mention! Wouldnt dare to come back without a pic of Flora - would have put one on here but you know how painful it is!
From Victoria Curran
Hi, You are so brave going out there! Class 6 have read all about your trip and are really looking forward to hearing more and I'm sure Luke is really missing you, we are all enjoying hearing about your trip and can't wait to hear more.
Good Luck!
Response: Great to hear from you Victoria! It is really great, maybe i'll cook you the same lunch that the children here eat one day! See you next week, Carolyn
From Jonno
Hi both

Glad you're having a good time, the sun is beating down on Manchester too! The car said 16 degrees yesterday, but we're now complaining it's too hot in the office! Ryan's just made another brew bless him, he's got the patience of a saint (You know what I mean Maggie!).

You'd be chuffed with my 8 minute miles yesterday, 2.5 miles in 20 minutes, although my legs hurt today!

Post some pictures if you can, and keep up the great work.

Response: Pics are a mare, check Jo and MArks page, they have more patience!
From class 6
We loved reading your blog, Luke learnt his spellings but they aren't marked yet! Say hello to the children from us. We are sure Luke is missing you but he's playing it cool!
Class 6 xx
Response: Great to hear from you! I will bring my photos to show you, life is so so different! Tell Luke to do his homework before i get home!!! See you all on the walking bus???

Did you know the children all walk to and from school on their own - not one mum or dad? Its a 15 minute walk through a rubbish dump and down dusty, bumpy roads - and many dont have shoes!
From luke
I am having tea at Nanna's while Daddy plays football, Lucy and Jack were here too so Nanna is having a nice sit down now! I am going to play on club penguin, miss you, see you soon, love Lukexx[love hearts]
Response: Great to hear from you, did you get my txt? Think its own clothes day on Friday, you'll need to check and let Dad know! You are supposed to take cakes/biscuits in for the coffee afternoon the week after. We went lion hunting today but didnt see any!
Love you, Mum xx
From mum
Glad to read you arrived safely and things seem better than last time for the children, take care Love from Mum and Dad
Response: Thanks, the kids look so much better - against the odds! Maggie wrote our blog today..we had an interesting shopping trip for 60 + pairs of shoes! Early start tomorrow (6.30) off on safari! Love Carrie
From Leo Neville
We have been reading all about your trip and the way that the children live. I think you are very brave to go so far away for a long time. It was really funny seeing a Woodhouse Primary School top in the photos! It will be good if you do come in to school and tell our class more about your trip. I bet Luke has REALLY missed you lots! I hope you get enough money to send all the children to prison school. See you on the walking bus soon.
Love from Leo
Response: We're just at the airport waiting to fly home. We've had a great time here and are now looking forward to getting back to our families. Thanks for reading!
From Sue Owen
Hi Carolyn
I can't believe your month is nearly over - it only seems a couple of week since you left.
Mind you you have done an aweful lot in the time you have been there and chopped about a million cabbages. I hope your last day at school is brilliant with goodbye songs, tears and kisses alround.

I bet Luke is missing you like mad and dying to see his mum so enjoy your homecoming too.
Take care.
Love Sue
Response: Yeah it was a great day thanks, getting ready for home now!
From luke
Hi Mum, I'm at Nanna's for tea and just read your diary and saw the photo's. I am really looking forward to you coming home, when you get home they want you to go into school and tell everybody about your trip. I am going to Max's party on Sunday and sleeping at Nanna Angela's. Nanna Anne bought me a dracula suit for halloween, lots and lots of love Lukexxxx
Response: Sounds like you're having a busy time! Missed you lots and looking forward to seeing you very very soon. Love mum x
From Mistee
Hi carolyn,
I have just read every diary entry. It must be amazing over there. Very sad at times. Keep up the good work on filling us in on what your up to.
From mum and dad
Was chatting to your friend in the local shop, she had lost your address so I gave it her again and when I came out I fell down the the steps outside so now have two lovely bruised knees! So could do with your extensive medical knowledge here now!!
Hope all goes well in your final few days, you have all done a sterling job. Looking froward to seeing you soonxx
Response: At least you didnt break anything!! Clumsy!
From Nic
Hi, well so far so good - I am still hear although I thought I was going into labour the other night but thankfully it was a false alarm - think it was a Braxton Hick (thought that these were painless!)

I am not surprised to hear that your blog has made the top 5 - its fantastic reading - you should write a book when you get back!

I thought you said hats didn't suit you - your safari hat looks great!

Wow - you are doing an incredible job - it all sounds such an amazing experience.

Enjoy the rest of your time, Nic x
Response: Keep your legs crossed until I'm back!! No pineapple still?

Looking forward to seeing everyone again, its gone fast but yet it seems so long since I was at work!!
From mistee
Hi, You don't no me but i was having a look through your page. Just wondering how you came to volunteer in Kenya? i would love to.
Some of your photo's are great.
Have a great time
Response: Thanks, I'll email you with more details..
From Emma b
So do you prefer ugali or cabbage? I remember the food cravings, and when this goes past the simple desire for chocolate (always present) and starts on a three course meal with mash and gravy you know you're close to the edge!!! Esther was the name of the lady whose shack we waterproofed with lino - she gave birth a few weeks after we came back (despite not actually looking pregnant!!!) but that was to her fourth I think - Alex has been saying that she has been in and out of hosp - with everything she seems to have been through I think even the best of us would have more than a few issues - it is very very sad. On the upside you got to take the children to the lake and that is totally totally fab - having a local beauty spot like that but never being able to see it is a proper injustice.
OMG!! I just flicked through the photies and Peace (that was) is now 5 times the size and has shoes!!!!
It's really nice to see that the age ranges have trimmed down and that children are progressing.
Say hi to Alex and Patty - are Christopher and Rodgers still teaching at the school???
Take care Em xxx
Response: Great to hear from you gal!! Chris and Rodgers are still here, Chris asked me to say hi to you!! Hannah and Rachel have just got back from visiting Esther so they will update their blog with the details shortly, its very sad. We're hoping to get Masai dancers to do a show for the kids on Friday - how exiting!!
From lauren teesdale
hya missin you loads love lauren xxx
Response: Hi Lauren, fab to hear from you, hope you enjoy reading about life in Kenya!! We are all very dusty - you wouldn't recognise me!
From jackie & the friday
hi read your blog hope your havin a good time . were here tonight havin as curry an a few beers, thinkin of you !!!!!hya carolin luck and ghon have gone to whales for a few days were of on holiday in 2 weeks fom lauren xx hope you have a great time there !!!!
Response: Oh I would so love a curry. I am having withdrawl from chicken!!
From Claire Grindlay
Hi Carrie
Just caught up on your diaries from day 1 (sorry the times has just flown by!), though Amber and Ian have been keeping up to date with your "adventures" so I have been hearing snippets. It sounds as though you having an unforgettable experience - not tempted to do an Angie Jolie and bring one of the children home are you? It must be so hard not to get too emotionally attached! More than happy to sponsor a child I will contact Karen and make the arrangements - it would be great if we could keep in touch with one of the children send them gifts etc but I don't ecpect they have things like postal addresses so how would that work?
Keep up the good work
Love Claire xx
Response: I am sure that we can get a contact address via the guy we are staying with, thanks so much for sponsoring one, they are so exited to go to "proper" school.
From Sue Owen
Hi Carolyn
Sounds like you are having a really busy time - and having fun too. Now that you have mentioned it I can smell that dump smell. I think Esther was the woman Emma help fund a house for when we were there. I am so envious of the Lake Nakuru trip - I bet you have the best time ever. Keep up the good hospital work.
Love Sue
Response: If its the same Esther her mum is very ill (mental illness) and her 5 kids are not being looked after. They are probably going to be taken from her, Alex is looking into it, it is so sad.
From Maria
Carolyn sorry I haven’t had chance to keep up to speed on your blog only you have been keeping me very busy!!
I take my hat off to you all I truly do, you’re doing a fantastic job by the sounds of it, and some of the experiences you mention nearly had me in tears (can you imagine that, my mum always told me that big girls don’t cry) It is moving though and makes you think doesn’t it, we don’t realise do we how much we take for granted when were sat here moaning about stupid little issues such as the photo copier jamming or the tea bags are not PG.
I showed George my better half your blog and he says you are all doing a fantastic job, George works for Marks & Spencers Logistic company and when they get returns they just log them and throw them into the generator (we are talking thousands of pounds wasted each day). Anyway George is going to ask if this could be (a) sold off at staff sales to generate money or (b) some of the items could be sent over. I will let you know the outcome...
When you return I want to arrange to sponsor a child also if I can do anything else I will, maybe we should hold a manager slave auction day too, to raise some money the staff could buy by Maggie, Guy, Stephen, David etc.... for the day
I promised I would keep you up to speed on gossip but I haven’t got any... well not that I can mention on the blog anyway!!!! Don’t worry though I will make something up before you come back. Hurry up back though I’ve had enough already (ha ha joke)
Keep up the good work, take care of yourself


your hair look good considering!
Response: Thanks for the sponsorship and fingers crossed for M&S! Glad to hear you are all busy in my absence!! Take care x
From Lee Wright
Hello Carolyn, just thought I would have a quick read of your blog as you mentioned before you went. A quick look turned into half an hour as I read all the way back to the start, its gripping stuff and very humbling. We all need to appreciate what we have a bit more. Anyway, I'd like to sponsor 5 children to go to the school. I've emailed Karen to arrange this.
Enjoy the rest of your time there. You are all doing something very worthwhile. I hope the many happy memories and friends you will make will outweigh the other aspects.
Lee (Housing Training Co.)
P.S. Enjoyed reading the HR teams gossip in their message, no wonder I can never get through to jet set Anna!
Response: Lee, it was so amazing to hear about your generosity! Thank you so much, I'll get you a photo of the kids. Thanks for reading ! Carolyn
From Sylvia
Keep up the good work Carrie. What a life changing experience. Thank goodness there are so many good people in the world, I am sure you are making so many people happy and grateful. Take care. Love, Sylvia.oxox
Response: Good to hear from you. Been on Safari today, its nice to do something relaxing on the weekend!
Love to all, Carrie
From Steph
Sorry not been in touch for a while - you know what its like at work busy, busy!! Have been keeping up-to-date with your journal though. Seems like you've found new vocations in life - medicine and teaching! Don't envy you at the hospital though!

Wonder what John will think of your new cooking skills?!

Max and Luke had fun at the weekend - Luke was with Angela and Peter and they took them both to Kiddie Chaos Sunday afternoon. I believe they had chicken pies for lunch for a change!!

Neil is working nights again this weekend so I'm escaping to Wales with Max. Will catch up with your journal when I get back.

Take care, keep writing and keep smiling!

Response: Hi, John and Luke are in Spain now, John thinks he's broken his toe! We've been on safari today and seen loads of animals, will put pics on tomorrow hopefully! x