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Some cool pics

hi all here are a few pics that i thought you all might like to see, im sure some of you will be in a few of them too.

Photos - Click Below


europe pics

these ones are of germany and some in italy too


more europe pics

these ones are from italy and spain


Cat's Europe pics

Instead of making my own webpage I've bombarded Carstens with pics that didn't make his cut!!!...


pommies come to town

some shots that i took up at lake louise with mates from the uk




backcountry banff

here are a few camping trips that we have done in the last couple of weeks

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Recent Messages

From Glenno
Right thats it - now I my itchy feet are really driving me mad! You guys have been to some extremely cool places - great photo gallery, keep them coming. I thrive on this stuff :)
Cheers to ya!
From sanjay
tong-WHAT national park - cant believe they name a park after a rude thing like that! pics look great so keep posting 'em! everyone here is great - went o Anna in Newcastle the other week with Em & Hem and also bumped into mary & keiron in Dublin. seeya
From nat and jimbo
hey you two, I knooooooooooow that carsten would have taken more pictures that this!!! were are they?
Response: ohl yeah he's taken shitloads! Should be adding to them again soon....
From Pecker
Come back to australia. this place is boring without you to poke fun at...
From Pecka
Hey Muns you fag - where's the pics of you popping some 360 tailgrabs like you promised me huh?

Its my birthday and you should be here drinking with me..
From the ol banffites
hello there, how are you guys enjoying ol alaska, you would not believe where we are at the moment, good ol bris vegas! will fill you in later but take lots of pictures and have a great time guys. jim and nat
From Muz
Wicked photos - had to save the one with the beard myself!