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hello everyoneee!!!!

well hello thar everyone!!

this is cassie and allora's page about our basic days throughout the whole life at places we go randomly

like antartica =]

love cassie and allora

Diary Entries

Friday, 28 September 2007

Location: Turkey

hello everyone!!

gosh only one message so far.. we shall have to send the link to everyone!

today we are in Turkey where we magically flew there on our fairytale wings!! its very interesting here! we have been dressing up as gypsies and danced with our awesome goat called Jubjub! we got 5 cents in total...alot of rocks aswell!!

anywayz bak to australia today im in double IT which is boring!! and i had science b4 and we played the dot game and cassie sed it was lame...i got very offended

then during recess michael kept running away from richard (voldemort) and me and belinda went sunbaking on the oval.. but since it was windy, we died...basically!!

now im even more bored coz theres no one to talk to and mr. pickham is talking! oh im meant to be doing a in class task riiiiiiggghhhttt

cassie if you read this: YOU BELONG IN A SLUT HOUSE...hha im joking coz i love you

anywayz baiii


Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Location: Australia

Hello ppl who read this me and allora set this up so we can talk to u from different countries like antarctica or the ocean.....
Anyway we are in Antarctica today its very cold and icy there are penguins everywhere!!! i call them flippers!! thats it for today but i'll be back with more news later in the week.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Location: some plc, Antarctica

hello everyone!!

well today cassie and allora had an hour and a half of english together and we spent all our time on the computers looking at our dear friend celestes page!

now i know this may sound rude but allor and cassie mainly dislike Voldemort (or richards) pervishness towards our celesteikins!! and its very creepy how he loves her too much and always follows her around.

now if cassie were here she would have alot more to say about voldemort bcoz she thinks he belongs in a sluthouse, which he does!!

and we are in antartica coz we are VERY cool!!


allora and cassie

missing whoever we havent seen today ,, aka emily!

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From Mon
G'Day mate! How are the travells so far? Met many eskimoes?

Response: oh yeshi me and cassie have! they spoke a different language so we ran away =]

ily mon!! lol your email is withheld!