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Catherine's crazy trip to Oz and now South Africa

Welcome to Catherine's Travel Page. I hope you are all ok. Please enjoy my site. hopefully i will be able to keep it up to date!!!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Location: Joeburg, South Africa

hiya i cant be on for long so i cant really tell up much about my nine day trip all can say is that the west coast is the best place in Oz! i have been really crappy when it comes to this website but i have been busy! i will try and put photos on as soon as possilbe not sure when thou, im planning to day here in joeburg for maybe another week Marisas family are so lovley! will write again soon

Sunday, 02 October 2005

Location: Last day in Cairns!!!, Australia

Well im finally leaving Cairns Huray!! I fly to Perth tonight and i cant wait my so bored of Cairns now!! all i have done since i left strathburn is shop i never really thought i was a shopaholic before but starting to think i am!! its not good for me i might end up coming home early and i dont wont to do that! Tee Hee!!
not much else to say really but it would be really nice if you people could leave a message to two cos i havent had one in while!

Thursday, 29 September 2005

Location: CAIRNS, Australia

I have left Strathburn today, im now back in good old Cairns this place has become my second home. Im only here for a few days then on sunday im flying to Perth, and i cant wait to get there cos i really miss the beach that all im going to do when i get there is lie on the beach (well for a few days any way)! i havent got any plans yet so if any one knows much about Perth let me know.
Flying down from the cape was pretty horrible we had to stop at some other stations and one of the guys that had been hunting at strarthburn all week was sick and was sitting next to him, i was pretty close to been sick myself it stunk!! but i made it safely down which is the main thing.
i have put some new photos on. Marg and the kids took me to see some Crocs the other day i got to see a few. James and I seen a massive one on the bank but it was to fast to get a photo of it but at least i seen them in the wild!

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Location: Strathburn, Australia

Its my last week at Strathburn Station. The kids are getting a new home tutor tomorrow so no more school for me!! I have really enjoyed myself here i have learnt a lot and i don't think i will experience any thing like it again so my really pleased i decided to do it. I think i went on my last muster the other day it was fun but i think the horse i was riding is going to have a foul so she wasnt up to much!!
the kids have been on school holidays for past week so been doing odd jobs around the house. i kept forgetting to water the veggie garden so it as all died! so having to dig it all out now and in this baking heat its not very plesent! ive only got myself to blaim thou!
I still havent been to see any crocs so hopefully some time before i go i will see one, some of the men went fishing the other day and caught a baby croc so i have seen a dead one!!
will hopefully get some more pictures before i leave.

Thursday, 08 September 2005

Location: Strathburn Station, Australia

Three weeks to go and im starting to count the days its get to hot for me now! I have really enjoyed myself but im ready to go back to the real world. I went for a ride the other day helped greg move some cattle to another paddock it was nice to get out of the house and the kids werent their so didnt have to worry about them. and it even got me thinking about take up riding again when i get home since i have been riding here im enjoying it again.

Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Location: Strathburn, Australia

Hello, it was my birthday yesterday concidering it was my 21st i think it was my quitest birhtday yet!! the kids and marg got me a little presant and give me $100 which i wasnt expecting. two of the men went fishing and brought back a barermundi its a really nice fish so they cooked it for my birthday. i did nothing at all yesterday and been so iserlated it can be really boring!! im back to work today there is just greg and lisney to cook for so i dont have much to do while the kids are away. Greg was going to go Bull catching yesterday and he said if he and Linsey were to go i could go with them but they never went to hopefully sometime this week they might take me. i have seen a DVD about some people up here catching bulls and it looks really quite fun!!
will try and get some photos, when the kids and Marg get back they are going to have a little party for me and take me to find corc's so will hopefully get some photos then!!

Sunday, 21 August 2005

Location: Strathburn, Australia

Hiya everyone, i should be on my way to London today but im not!!! im still in the outback keeping myself busy, been mustering a couple of time this week Greg give me some spers and the horse i have been ride was alot better. Marg and the Kids have gone to town again i was going to go with them but marg has someone important coming on thursday so i have stayed behind to clean the house up. im pleased i havent had to go cos i spent to much money the last time i was in town!!
I cant beleave i have been over here nearly nine month its gone really fast it only seems like yesterday when me and Richard went around Dubbo Zoo in the golf buggy thing!!
just got over amonth left here at Strathburn, it turns out that the kids and Marg are going to be away for my birhtday so im going to be spending it with three men what fun that will be!! its defferently different to how everyone else celerbrates their 21st!! but i will party hard when i get to pirth!! and in South Africa with Marisa!!
thankyou to everyone who have sent me Birthday cards i got a few in the post on thursday but havent opened them yet.

Tuesday, 02 August 2005

Location: Australia

hiya, its really busy here at the moment cos this is best time of year to sell theit cattle so marg and Greg have been mustering alot but me and the kids have had to stay at home and its been pretty stressful trying to do school and clean the house and also cook the dinner!!! but yesterday i was let out the house and i went to help in the yards they have to brand all the young cattle, when i got to the yards a relized that it wasnt only branding that they had to do, they also had to dehorn them and cut off their balls. they use this thing that they walk in to then they pull it down on the ground any way i had to hold their leg so they didnt kick Marg when she cut them. have never seen so much blood after they cut there horns off and there balls the was blood every where at first i felt a bit sick but i got used to it!! its really full on. the cattle looked really funny cos after they had there horn cut off from the roots their would be blood coming out of the holes like water fountains and they would just walk around spraing blood everywhere!!! i think we are going to town at the weekend im really looking forward to it, been with the kids every day for nearlly two months can be really testing!

Friday, 22 July 2005

Location: Australia

Hiya, its been a little while since i was last on. Strathmay station were i went for a few days was really nice the family that own it where really good people. their kids are bit younger then the three im looking after. any way there was some other people there helping with mustering and they had there kids and it turned out that they all had head lice so we have been washing our hair with this horrible stuff for a week now!!
i went mustering again the other day it was a really long muster but my bum must be getting used to saddles again cos it didnt hert as much as the other times. school doent seem to be getting any easier i have been teach all three cos Marg as had help in the yards alot cos they have been trying to sell aload of steers. so the kids seem to fight alot more when there mums aways. i have made my mind up im never having kids and i feel so bad cos me, trish, and Ali must have put mum through hell when we were that age and i now know what its like!!!
i have only just over six weeks left im halve way its going really fast which in one way its good but in another its not cos im really enjoying it. i have booked my flights to South Africa so Marisa i will see on the 1st November i cant wait to see you.
I will hopefully have time to put some pictures on at the weekend.

Monday, 11 July 2005

Location: Australia

Hiya, it was the twins birthday on saturday, we had a nice day went to the river and had a bbq. i was going to put the pictures on but i just found out that we are all off to another Station tomorrow to help with their cattle doing mustering and stuff cos the guy who has the helicopter owns the station so they are returning the favor.. they are the naboughers (cant spell it) it takes about 2 hours to get there, we are going for three days. since school start again the job as become more stress full i really dont under stand why people want to be primary school teachers!! thats the only part of the job i dont really like. the twins got a second hand motorbike for their birthday and thats all they want to do even troy who is only six is getting it to second gear. i dont tthink many parents would let their six years ride a motorbike!!!
mum hope you got my email you wont beable to call me but see what you can do. ask them if i can get a new account, cos i think thats the only way the people will stop taking my money!

Monday, 04 July 2005

Location: strathburn, Australia

Hiya all, i went mustering again yesterday but this time we had a helicopter helping cos the area was so big. it was a really long day i think we mustered the cattle about 14ks. they give me a differrant horse to the one i had the last time. they had a few more ferral bulls and when we were having lunch one tryed to get away and it was heading in ower dirction very scary!! what they do with the bulls is pretty impressive. i dont think many people at home could do what they do.if the bull trys to get away from the mobe they chase it with dogs until it starts to tirer then they jump off there horse while galloping and grab the bulls tail, then they sit on it and cut their horns off cos when they get back up they go for the horses and i seen a horse the other day with a hugh cut down its bum. its pretty full onbut its all fun. not sure when im going again cos can only go if all the kid want to go. well school starts again tomorrow thay have had two weeks off. not really looking forward to it cos i feel like im back at school.

Thursday, 30 June 2005

Location: Strathburn (Cape york), Australia

hiya, just a quick note to let you all know that im surviving the outback. i went cattle mustering the other day, it was really fun we mustered the cattle for about 7 miles. i was lucky cos they give me a western saddle and they are so comfy. the horse they give me was an ex race horse and she was really nice to ride. hopefully i will beable to go more cos it was really like been in a western movie.
hope you all liked my pictures

Thursday, 23 June 2005

Location: Bush land, Australia

Hiya, i have been in the bush for a week now, im really enjoying it. thew work is really easy, im do everything my mum used to ask me to do but i always said no. we went for a drive to drop off some cow licks the other day and took about 7 hours thats how big it is but that was only a small part of it. i havent seen any crodiales yet but the kids go an about them all the time!! i found out that the whole farm is about 600.000 acres can you beleave it!! but everywhere is different there are loads of swamps.
i have taken some pictures so will try and put them on as soon as possilbe. but i may have to wait until i go to town which is a six hour drive!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2005

Location: The OutBack, Australia

I have arrived in the outback it took 3 1/2 hours on the mail plane!! i have never seen any thing like it. the mail route we took was about the size of england but luckier i was getting off at th sixth stop. the pilot le me have ago at flying the plane it was really quite easy!! i have been helping the kids with there home schooling, can you lot a imagen me teaching these kids maths!!
im enjoying it so far will keep you posted!

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Location: Cairns, Australia

Hello, im finally leaving Cairns tomorrow. i have found myself a job in the outback of far north queensland working on cattle sation as a nanny type person they have three children two are twins and they are 8 years old and the other one is 6., i know its really random but i think i will be really good! the lady phoned me today about how i was going to get there and the only way is to go on the mail plane thats how far out it is they get there mail delivered by a plane!!! any way the kid said hello to me on the phone and they seem really sweet.
i went sailing today with Lisa a girl i met in my hostel it was really fun cos we took part in a race with 6 other yachts and we had to pull out cos some thing brock on the boat but it was still really fun. we had a free glass of wine or two and bbq after and it only cos $10!!
im not sure if they have the internet where im going i know that my moblie wont work. but i will let you all know how im getting on soon.

Monday, 06 June 2005

Location: Cairns, Australia

Hey everyone, im finally finshed work at the hotel i cant beleave i have been there for three months! im planing to leave cairns on friday either to go banana picking or i may just go straight to Darwin. i have got a new camara now so will start taking some more pictures. i know that my site has been a bit boring but i dont think you lot are that intersted in how many beds i made today!!!
the people that i was working with give me a farewell party to day which was really nice of them it really weird cos i when i stared that job i really hated it but now its quite sad that im leaving. i will write again soon!!

Friday, 13 May 2005

Location: Cairns, Australia

hey everyone, i am a live just been busy at the hotel, and i havent really been doing much apart from working! ive only got a few weeks left at the hotel then im going off to pick bananas for a little while, cos for some reason i havent been able to save as much money as i would have liked!! thats the problem when you live in a party town!!
im planning to go over to Broome thats on the west coast to met up with Emily. then im going to go to NZ on the frist of August for a few weeks. then i might be home in september to save up for south Africa!!
any way hope you are all well x

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Location: Cairns, Australia

Hiya, im still in cairns working hard at the hotel, i moved into a share house the other day which is really nice cos im only share with one other girl and i met her a while ago in the hostel shes really nice she from NZ. i havent been up to much trying to save money so everyone who knows me well should know how crap i am at doing that!! its Carolinas last night so i think we are going to have a party, ive got the day off tomorrow so thinking about going to see the water falls if its not rainning which it hasnt stop for a week!! i cant put any pictures on my site cos my camara was pinched from the hostel i was staying in, but getting a new one soon. any way hope you are all well.

Sunday, 03 April 2005

Location: Cairns, Australia

hey everyone, sorry i havent been on the site for a while but been working really hard at the hotel! i havent been up to much but that last saturday me and Carolina went diving on the great barrier reef, it was amazing we got to see turtles and we seen nemo but we didnt see any sharks the other group did thou! the weather here has been really bad the last couple of days its raining a lot and very windy!
i have put some pictures on from when we went diving they havent come out that great but they are ok. hope you all had a good easter!

Friday, 18 March 2005

Location: Cairns, Australia

hiya everyone, sorry i havent been on my site for a while. but i ahve put some new pics on they are from different places.
have been workin at the hotel for a week now, got my first pay packet today!!!! the reson i havent been on my site is cos i havent really been doing much a part from partying and working!! it was st paddy's yesterday we went to an irish bar, it was a really good night i met some really intersting people!!! not much more to say, im planning to stay here for a while to save some money to buy a ticket to new zealand and to south africa, i have got to work hard!! i hope you all enjoy my pics!

Sunday, 06 March 2005

Location: Cairns, Australia

Hiya, i arrived in Cairns yesterday from magnetic island, me an Carolina did our PADI open waters diving course, it was really good fun. the first day was mainly in the pool (everyone from spain you know what i think about swimming pools) and in the classroom, i thought breathing underwater might be really weird but it wasnt. we had to read this manual in the evenings, i was a good girl and did my homework(can you beleave that) but Carolina decided to get drunk instead so she end up read the whole book in one night and was every stressed!!
we did our first two dives in the sea on the second day, we didnt see that much cos the visablity was really poor, but seen plenty of jelly fish. the next day we went to a shipreck witch was really good seen loads of fish some looked really scary (but no Nemos) and the corels were really colourful. that afternoon we had a test to see if we had read the manual, Carolina was really panicken about it but we both only got a few questions wrong!!
with course we got to two free dives, we could of either gone to the outer reef but we would still had to pay $120 so we decide just to go where we went when we did the course. we were going to do them just the two of us but then we relized that neither of us were very good with the compass, so a Canaden girl who works at the dive shop came with us, the visablity was really good, when we were doing the shipreck i was behind the other two and i seen about 5 or 6 massive batfish i wasnt really paying attention were i was go and i swam stright in to the shipreck i head butted a corel which really hert. on the second dive we were on a mission to find some turtles cos everyone has seen turtles apart from us, but they didnt want to come out and play. im planning to go diving on the reef here in Cairns so i can see them then!! i really like magnetic island im planning to work here in Cairns for a few months then im going to back to do im advanced diving course so i can dive the 3rd best shipreck in the world!! if you ever get the chance to dive i really reckon mend it cos its really amazing.
our first night in Carins was really good, we met up with Celelia i havent seen her for nearly two months, so we had a good night out!!!
sorry i havent put any photos on for a while, i will try and do ot soon.

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Recent Messages

From leanne and martin
hey catherine, we r now home but had a really gud time in south east asia - i'll have 2 send u some pics. Tony emailed - last i heard they were in nz. R u still in south africa or did u come home? Love us x
Response: Hiya, yer im back in the uk just got back today from south africa!! i had a really good time planning to go back later in the year!! its really good to hear from you im pleased you had a good time in east asia. i have never heard from Balj or tony!! any way if you are ever up in newcastle send me an email. Lv Catherine x x
need up dates plus pictures.
Response: all i have been doing is working so not much to say really!!!
I think that zebra liked you!!!
Response: i think it did too!! who is this by the way?
From Sarah
hi cath, hows u? south africa sounds great!!how long u planning on staying there for?? hope youre ok xxxx
Response: hiya, im good. how are you? this place is amazing, planning to find work but having a problem with visa stuff!! not sure when coming home!!! may see you at xmas maybe not! take care x x x
From leanne and martin
Hey catherine, great website. Looking forward to the safari pictures!! Hope your having a great time in south africa!!
Response: Hiya, its good to here from you! whats it like in singpore? south africa is amazing, not wanting to leave!!! take care x x
From Sarah
Hey up!! Hows things?? Things alright here. Moved into new flat at weekend!! Much nearer for work thank god! Just been sorting out council tax! god its shite!! Hate this grown up crap!!! How long u in Perth for? xxxx
Response: Hey, i know its shit!! im off on a nine day trip tomorrow, then back to perth for a couple of days then fly to south africa!! cant wait!! maybe home soon now thou see what happens. see you soon x x x
go and check out the revolving resturant, its cool. Perth has more shops than cairns so probs be seeing u soon!. Keep having fun and doing as much as poss, you dont have long left.
Response: Hey, i have changed my flights i fly into Joburg on the 19th Oct i really cant wait!! im off on a 9 day trip up the west coast on saturday! i went out on the piss for the first time in four months it was a mad night!! I think im turning into Carolina!!! tee hee!! any may back soon than expected i here you have a new car!? any way cheers for the message take care Catherine
From Crazy lady ady
Hey hey lil missy!

Great to see your picture man!! All looking good, been crazy we haven't been in touch much recently, have a new phone so will have to sort it out....although in a typical ady fashion I don't know my number yet so will have to up date you when I can. Imagine how many stories we're going to have for eachother when we see eachother's going to be crazy! Anyway babe..keep smiling and don't let tin lids get u down...speak soon special lady,
Ady xx
Response: Hey, are you back in England yet? I know its been pretty mad!! i have got about week left then im off to perth cant wait!! the weather here has been so hot its unreal. if you give me your new number i will give you phone next thursday. cant wait to speak to you Lv Catherine x x x
is that your new email address?
From Sarah
hey! oh thats good!!
iam working in a walker primary school!! bit rough!! hev and me have got a flat in heaton!! movin in there on oct 1st!! so we will have to go out in jesmond!!!
hope your ok
Response: Walker god your brave!! how bigs the flat room for one more, not sure if i could cope with living with trish again!! only joking! shit you really are moving into the really world!! tee hee! x x x
From Sarah
Sure u will be back in the real world soon Cath!! Hope the days go fast for u!!
Hope your ok
Response: Yey there, yer it might be a bit soon cos the mail plane is full on the day i want to leave so might be going a week early! i cant wait to get to south africa!! what you been up to? we will have to go out in hexham when iget back just like the old days!! see you soon x x x
From Sarah
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Catherine!! Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy 21st Cath!! Have a good one!! Behave with those old men!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Thankyou Sarah, i think i can manage that!!!
x x x x
Happy birthday, hope you have a good one. Wish i was going back to south africa.
catch you later Dicky
Response: cheers mate, im really looking forward to going! any ideas of wheres best to go?!
hope your new jobs going ok.
see you at xmas Catherine
From topsy!!
i've just been looking at your pics n news, while searching (yet again) 4 news from ross!
has any1 seen him?!
he is in griff at the min, notice u have been there 2. Great 2 hear all your news.
Take care, make the most of it.
love topsy
Response: Sorry i havent heard from him. the internet in Giffith isnt very good and its really expensive so maybe thats why you havent heard from him!!!
if you do speak to him tell him if hes ever up in north Queensland and looking for work there maybe work where i am.
nice to here from you
From Jen
Hi there
Soz havnt bn in touch for ages, still sounds like your havin fun. Glad your enjoying yourself, dunno how you can put up with three kids mind, think i'd have pulled my hair out by now! x
Response: Hiya nice to here from you, what been upto this summer? are you going on holiday? im struggling but i havent got to long to go. the school is hard and you know what i was like at school!!! the twins have to go to town to do some exams and i have got to prepare them for it!! what a laugh!!! any way take care see you at xmas Lv catherine x x
From Sarah
I am nannying again for those two delightful children!! Still looking for a 'proper' job for september. When u planning to get home? xx
Response: i think it will be mid December but it all depends on how much money i have i may be back earlier. i have desicade to work here for extra two weeks so it only gives me a month to get to perth!!! i think i will have to find a 'proper' job when i get home but this life is so much better not knowin what im going to do next!! i cant beleave i have been away for 8 months. any way you have fun see you at xamas x x x
From Vicki
Glad ur safe and well, the pics are fantastic! Where u flying out of to go to South Africa? Can't wait to hear all ur stories! Take care xxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey, its good to here from you. im flying out of Pirth. what you been up too? are still coming over? x x x x
From Sarah
Pleased youre ok Cath! Sounds like a different world!!!
Response: hey, its so different compared to any where i have been before. i had to feed about 20 horses the other night and some of them are compltly wild it was pretty scary!! what you doing this summer?
x x x x
Hi Catherine!
Sounds like your having fun! How are you coping with the kids? All well back here, KB and Jos have finally got engaged!
Keep in touch chuck XXX
Response: im coping ok, the youngist one Troy is the sweetest!! the twins can be a bit of a handful at times. i tell you some thou i really dont want any this has put me right off!! yer mum told me about kb and jos when you next see her as concratulation from me. im not planning to be back until december now!! any way got to do a computer lesson with the twins. speek to you soon Lv Catherine x x x
From emily
Wow Catherine sounds absolutly amazing 6 hours form town.What are the parents like. I am leaving my nanny job next fri to go on a trip up to broome keep in otuch thinkin g of you..Amazing picturesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: hiya its good to here from you. the parents are nice, the kids are lovely. i was going to meet you in broome but my plans have changed. hope you have a good time. i will have to come and see you at uni!! be safe lv Catherine
From Sarah
December ay!! That sounds fab!! You must be having a ball!! Good idea moving to middle of no where then!! We will have to look foward to a night on the down at Christmas then!! Double celebrations!! Nothing else exciting to report!! On here any way!!!
Hope youre ok
Response: hiya, i have been looking at prices for accommodation and stuff in South Africa its cheaper than OZ but i may be home early if i run out of money!! any way take care x x x x x
From Sarah
Hello Miss!! Thank you for the pressy! It is lovely!!! I hear u had an input into the choosing so thank you!!
You sound like u are having fun nannying!!! and in the middle of no where!!! You are mad!!!
Keep enjoying yourself!!!
Love Sarah xxx
Response: Hey there, im pleased you liked your pressy. hope you had a good night wish i could have been there but we can have night out for mine and yours!! yer im having fun, the reason i decided to move to middle of now were was cos i really want to save money so i can go to South Africa!!! so not planning to come home until december now!! any way hope your ok Lv catherinex x x
From Sarah
Hi Catherine, how are things going? You still enjoying youself? I think Ross Dickson is in Australia now. Hope youre ok xxxx
Response: i here you are having your 21st party. hope you have good night. and i hope you like your prezzy!! lv catherinex x x
Dont come back cath travel for as long as you can, nothing has changed here, i would swap you!!. Go to Darwin first cos it was good party, broome was a bit quiet when i was there. Hope your well and partying hard! Keep having fun dicky
Need some pics
Response: hey nice to here from you! im not wantting to come back!! im going banana picking in a couple of weeks should be fun! i need to buy a new camara cos my got stolen but will get one soon. hope your having fun at home take care x
From Sarah
Hey..nice to hear from you! Pleased your still having a come you havent updated this site anymore?? Uni going ok thanks...ready to finish work load but dont want to leave here tho! Having a 21st party on 18th June at Longlea. Sent your invite to your Mum...just incase you have returned!!! Hope youre ok! Be good and take care!!
Response: hey i have updated it now, its just i havent been doing much apart from working. any way im not sure im going to make it to your 21st. sorry but we can go for a drink for it when i get back!! x x x
From Vicki
If ur going banana picking, watch out for the spiders!!! Hope your okay xxxx
Response: hiya, yer i will keep an eye on them!! when are you coming over? im really good still having an amazing time i dont want to come home really!! hope you ok lv catherine x x x