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Finally, I have left the Rat to see what else is out there.

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Sunday, 07 June 2009

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Wowzers, it's been a while, hasn't it?? You should all be raring for a nice long read, as all my blogs seem to end up being.

Well, I haven't actually done too much since my last entry in April! But I shall try and summarize what I've been up to.

Dan and I moved in with Gail, a chick/bird from netball that owns a flat just off Leith Walk. It's a new build 2 bedroom flat and it's awesome. It's about a 10 minute dawdle into town but it's an uphill dawdle and me being me I hate getting stuck behind slow walkers. I usually end up a bit sweaty by the time I get to the shops. Or the gym. Which is funny, cos I hate feeling sweaty when I get to the gym even though I'm going there to work up a sweat...

So, Dan's back in the Rat now. He's doing drafting work and seems to be enjoying it. He couldn't find work over here and we made the decision that I really wanted to see what it is like over here and he really wanted to go home to work, so for the next while we are living on opposite sides of the world. Lucky for the internet! We have Skype which makes it easier to keep in contact. Not just with him but with the rest of the family. Especially Phillipa who seems to be fascinated with sticking her eyeball up to the camera all the time. Idiot.

I'm off to Berlin in two weeks time with Gail and some other girls. It's at the same time as the Love Parade, which is the gay pride parade so the city will be going a bit mental that weekend. We are near the Tiergarten and apparently there's a bit of nude sunbaking going on there so it'll make for some interesting holiday snaps. Plus Gail wants to go for a row (well, get me to row the others) around the lake in the Tiergarten, so there might be some interesting background action going on!!

In October I'll be going with a group of netty girls (can you believe that some people over here don't know what "netty" is!! OMG.) to the World Netball Series in Manchester. It'll be my birthday weekend as well so I'm super excited. They have changed some of the rules for this series so you can shoot 2 pointers from outside the circle and everything!

It's summertime in the city and I'm struggling with lack of sleep. I know I was told that it happens but to see it happening is something different. I base my bedtime-ish on the sky getting dark but here it doesn't seem to do that til about 10pm. That's START to get dark. So by the time I realise it's 11pm, it's too late. Whoops.

"The Festival" is happening in August and I am sort of looking forward to it and sort of not. I mean the festival itself will be good but God, the people, ugh, how annoying.

Do you know that I have seen at least four American couples taking photos of each other standing in front of the Hard Rock Cafe on George Street? Why come all the way to Edinburgh to take photos of a restaurant you get in America?? So, there'll be lost of fun people like that over here in August and I'll be filled with tolerence and patience, like always.

I can see the headlines now: Psychotic Australian Attacks Festival Tourists.

I mean, I can hardly cope with the people that are here now! No one walks in a straight line or worries about anyone else here so I reckon there should be rules. And I will make them.

1. WALK TO THE LEFT, people.
2. When approaching oncoming pedestrians, DO NOT start walking on angles, walk straight and then take a step to the side to avoid shoulder charging others.
3. If there is two way pedestrian traffic, stay behind the people walking in the same direction as you when passing others.
4. If you are walking four abreast down the footpath and you have someone oncoming ONE OF YOU HAVE TO MOVE COS THERE'S NOWHERE FOR THEM TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Don't run across the road to get in front of all the other people crossing the road, only to stop as soon as you get onto the footpath. The only place we have to go is UP YOUR ARSE.
6. When looking for rugs and carpets, stopping on the path between the front entrance and the escalators in John Lewis is not a good idea. The only place we have to go is UP YOUR ARSE.
7. When leaving shops on Princes Street DO NOT walk three steps out of the shop and stop and turn around, there are so many people walking along the footpath that they will KNOCK YOU ON YOUR ARSE.
8. Let the people on the bus get off BEFORE you try and get on.
9. When catching the bus and standing at the stop for ages, get your money out then instead of waiting til you are on the bus. Ugh, I want to get up and slap all the people that do that.
10. For the woman who got on my bus three mornings in a row and asked the driver if the bus went to the same destination: THE BUS FOLLOWS THE SAME ROUTE EVERYDAY SO STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS!!!!

So, there are a few minor issues I'm having with the idiot pedestrians there are around here...

I've started going to the gym to fill in time after Dan left. I can't say it's doing anything for me but since I've paid the money to go I may as well go I reckon AND, it fills in time. Although, when I'm actually on the cross trainer I spend the hour thinking about all the couch surfing I could be doing instead. And I'm getting sick of the songs on my iPod! I'll have to do something about it.

Other than that, I'm just getting used to living as a single adult. Do you know, I've never lived out of home without Dan? Who'd've thunk. Anyway, when I'm by myself I have trouble remembering to eat proper meals, so this is a really annying lesson to learn cos I just can't be bothered cooking for myself! Making the bed is easier cos Dan's not in it but when I get groceries, taking the raw meat out of the packs and putting them into smaller bags is gross. We don't have any lawn to mow so that's something that I don't have to worry about. There is less washing to do but I have to do all the housework (well, obviously it's shared with Gail but you know what I mean). Lots of pluses, lots of minuses.

For those of you ex-Edinburgh residents, I'll make sure I get some more photos of the different areas other than the pasty people sunbaking in the Princes Street Gardens. If you have any requests, just Facebook me (I am still to get onto your last request Em).

So, it may be a bit long winded bu there's not much of interest in this blog. I'll definitely update you all after the Berlin trip as I'm sure there'll be PLENTY of stories from that week. It's the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, this year, so I'll get a few photos a la The Hoff and the height of his singing career.

Well, I shall clock off now. If there's stuff in here that doesn't make sense or is spelt wrong, too bad, I can't be bothered to proof read it!!

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Recent Messages

From Leah
Hey Catherine,

Just letting you know I too are enjoying your journey with you! You are so detailed at what you write, love it. Start to try and fill your shoes on the 2nd of Feb! Wish me luck...keep up the writing!!!
Response: Ha ha ha, you won't have time to write anything while you are over there. Who are you kidding? You'll be so busy with the wedding and catching up and checking out work opportunities. You'll have to just take lots of pictures instead.
From Sarah Davey
Hi Catherine,

I have had a flick through your journal entries and I must admit I have found them highly amusing! It's quite funny to hear the exact same thoughts that I had when I first got over here on most things. So you have now realised that they're not very good at netty over here but I'm sure you knew that already. Most of the kids I teach can't catch a ball, but the few aussies that we do have are absolute guns! Glad to hear that you found yourself some work so soon. Look forward to your next installment.
Response: Thanks Sarah, glad you like it. It is a bit of a different world over here! It doesn't help when everyone from home keeps telling me how hot it is etc. Are you ever planning on heading back? Or are you here for good?
From Mark
Nice novel you have going here ... Love it Cath, particularly the bit about Dan ogling at your Scottish Beef and Ale Pie! Don't complain too much about the weather, it is going to be 37 degs here today and 40 tomorrow !
Miss you guys xo
Response: Yeah, thanks for that Marko. I love to tell a bit of a story, you know that, and Dan loves other people's food, you know that too.

It got to 10 the other day, so it's getting warmer!!
From Wendy
Hi Catherine,
every thought of a career as a journalist or travel written, I love read your blog.

Have a great time in the UK and keep writing.

Response: Hey Wendy, I've just realised I get messages! I'm so dense sometimes. How are your travels going so far? They sound pretty hectic. Ours are pretty crazy for us but I'm sure they are what many other people have experienced before! I agree with you about the underground, it is nothing on the MRT. I reckon I've been spoilt by going there first.

Dan always hassles me about writing but I only know one way, which is the way I write my blog - if I had to do any other writing I would probably struggle!

Hope your travels are/were good (depending on when you get this). I'll keep everyone posted on my adventures!