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Welcome to catherine's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

I won't bore you with the details of what i've been up to as i've written it all in e-mails. Just to say hi and show you all some of the pics i've taken since i've been here...will update them again soon as it takes ages so i'll jus put a couple on for now of our exciting sharkdive yesterday!!...enjoy!
Love and miss you all. Xx

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Recent Messages

From kiwi head
Yo dudette, I love the photos of the huntsman. We found one in Byron & i pooed myself. They are massive. Laura was going to kill it with Sophie's flip flop but it was too big & sophie came back & went mad!! te he he! He just wandered off in the end. YUK!! Don't think I could have slept in a room with one though!! Miss u dude. Have fun xxx What are your plans now??
Response: Hey!...just saw Amie for last time in melbourne- went to big day out...sad to say bye. My plans now r to start work in a pub 2morro-wahoo! and then go to fiji for 2weeks on march 10th and nz for a month on march 24th, then i fly home april 24th!!...hope ure good. and gus too...miss u loads. Xx
From x boyfriend
you lucky bitch! i'm so jealous of your shark dive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Response: haha... thanx.
From Mum
Lovely to see the odd glimpse of my special baby !! Love the comments too !! Keep them coming . Hope u r impressed that I've actually found them . Lots of love
Mum, Mot, Taff and Gipsy !! XXXX
Response: I AM!!- very impressed...well done. haha. Lots of love to every1. Speak soon. Xx
From kiwi head
yo dude, Hope your having loads of fun!! All is well here. Am just about to out for dinner with my mum as she has got a promotion today. Glad ur loving oz. I love it too!! I can't believe u went 2 summer bay. I bet it was weird after religiosly watching for so long to actually be there... te he he!! Take care dudette xxx
Response: Hey u!...yeh it was weird-its a really beautiful beach tho. tell your mum congratulations! gona hav to find a job soon now- ive bin loving it here so much ive spent all my money haha. lots of love, speak soon.
From michelle
hmmmmmmmmmmmm , sat at a desk, veryyyyyy jealous, hope your making the most of it young lady, love you xxx
hey,...i am making most of it!- u have to come out soon tho and make the most of it too!