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Cathy and Ron's Asian Adventures!

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures. I'm sure there will be many ups and downs and wonderful stories to tell. Travel is certainly never know what's around the corner!! goes!!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Hi everyone!

We made it to Hanoi! We are both so tired!

Can't wait to see you all! Internet costs $1US a minute at this hotel so I will write again soon...too expensive!

We are leaving to go to Halong Bay on a boat for two days so I won't be able to get in contact until we get back. Hopefully we will still have mobile phone coverage.

Only 4 days until we fly home. The time is going so quickly! Lots of love from both of us! xxx

Friday, 30 March 2007

Location: Vietnam

Thursday 29 March

Tomorrow morning we get a taxi and drive 45 minuted to Danang then we fly to Hanoi. I wanted to avoid flying but it's 20 hours by bus or train!! We won't have many more opportunities to go on the computer so I will write a quick summary.

We did quite a bit of sight seeing in Nha Trang as well as relaxing! We sat by the beach under "palm tree" umbrellas, visited a huge Buddha and the Cham Towers (1600 year old Buddhist/Hindu worship places that are still being used), gave a young guy at a tour booking office some pronounciation lessons on 3 different occasions (he was trying to improve his English), ate great food (and some very ordinary!), visited a famous silk embroidary gallery and went shopping.

I surprised myself by agreeing to go by motorbike to Monkey Island about 15 kms away. The drivers were very experienced and had a book full of recommendations...and they had helmets. I was quite nervous as I hadn't been on a motorbike for about 33 years!! The things you do at 50! We asked the drivers to go slowly, so we travelled between 30 and 40 kilometrs per hour. It took half an hour to go 15 kms! We went through reasonably heavy traffic and then up a curvy road to the top of a big hill. It felt quite safe...but I was glad when we arrived! A 15 minute boat ride took us out to the island. We saw so many monkeys and a dog and monkey show, then back on the boat and back on the motorbikes
to our hotel. It was...what can I say...unforgettable!!

The next day, 24 March we went on a river cruise in a really old
run-down boat and saw a poverty stricken fishing village. The tour
included visiting a village and a horse and buggy ride! It was fun!

We caught an overnight local train that night to Denang. All the better trains were booked out, although there were quite a few tourists on our train. We left at 11.45pm and arrive at Danang at 10.30pm. It was quite a bit better than a train in India, mainly because there were only 4 berths in our cabin...and we booked all four (only cost about $70)!! Also the cabin had a door and we could lock it, plus the mattresses were about twice as thick! xury! But the cockroaches crawling up the walls wasn't very comforting and the toilet smelt so badly of a combination of fresh and stale urine, I thought I'd be sick. It was the worst toilet smell ever!! I had to cover my nose and mouth and hold my
breath! Cleaning my teeth was another story!

We were picked up by a taxi the hotel had arranged and driven 45
minutes to Hoi An. We are staying at the "Ancient House Hotel". The town is really old and about 4 kms to the beach (The beach here joins onto China Beach, made famous during the Vietnam War as an r and r place for the American soldiers. Our hotel is pure luxury! We have our own personal computer and their is a magnificent pool, with floating Frangipani and Bougonvillea (?) flowers from the garden, right outside our room.

Since being here we have had a swim at the beach, shopped, gone on a great eco fishing tour, eaten out, relaxed, had cocktails by the pool, gone to a music show, hired a car and visited the ancient temples of My Son (One hour away) and Marble Mountain (45 minutes away). We went to the beach late one afternoon and hired a large mat to sit on, an oil lamp and ate freshly caught garlic crab with spring rolls, with many of the local people. The oil lamps on the beach after dark looked magical.

The fishing eco tour was great! We went up the river in a nice boat with just one other couple, fished with a huge net (threw most of the fish back!), paddled a "basket" boat, Went into the thick palms growing in the water where the VietKong hid during the war, caught (and put back) crabs hiding at the base of the palms and had another magnificent seafood lunch cooked on the boat.

Today I had another massage! It was so relaxing and very professional. The other massage I had, in Ho Chi Min City, was quite dodgy! Firstly, the young girl jumped on the bed, straddled me (I was lying on my stomach) and leant all her body weight onto my upper back and "cracked" my spine. (I was sore for a couple of days) and then I realised half way through the massage that I could have paid for any "service" I wanted!! Woops! I thought it was a genuine massage place...but can guess the rest! Luckily I survived the experience and just got a massage...and thought it was all quite funny! My beliefs
were confirmed when I went to leave and (you know how I always get disorrientated) went through the wrong door. Well, the room was dimly lit and there were a lot of heavily made up and scantily clad girls standing around a bar smiling at me. I quickly exited and escaped out onto the street!! Phew!!

It is really late! So I'm off to bed! Hopefully We will have a couple
more postings...if the internet is working in Hanoi!!

Thanks for reading...hope this is interesting! Wish me luck flying
tomorrow! Until next time...

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

21 March!!! The big night!

After a short rest in our beautiful room at our hotel, "The Nha Trang Lodge Hotel" we got ready to hit the town! But before
we went out I checked my emails and the planetranger site. It was wonderful to get so many wonderful birthday wishes. It
really made my day! Thank you so much to every one!

We caught a taxi to the best restaurant in town, "The Sailing Club". We were going to have dinner at a table actually on the
beach but it was lightly raining. Instead we sat at a table under an awning only a few metres from the water and beside a beautiful pond. It was a really warm, still night and we watched the soft rain falling in the light of many small oil lamps glowing all around us, including on the beach. It was very romantic! We've never known such an atmosphere at a restaurant. It couldn't have been better...and the rain added to the ambience.

After a delicious meal I was given a wonderful surprise when the waiter came out holding a really gorgeous little birthday cake lit with candles. The icing was amazing! It had two cute monkeys on it too! Well, about 5 waiters and waitresses gathered around and all sang "Happy Birthday"!! I was overwhelmed! Then a Belgium couple came over and congratulated me and gave me a kiss.

After dinner we ordered cocktails then checked out the night club at the same place. The Belgium couple were there too! After a free 'shot' of something strong (an American girl was doing promotional work...and they had a vacancy Ryan!), the Belgium woman, who was 51, beckoned for Ron and I to follow her onto the dance floor (she couldn't speak English!). We three were the only ones dancing and there were about a hundred people there! (It was hard dancing in our walking sandles!) Then she went back to her partner and left Ron and I by ourselves!! Well would have been proud of us (or terribly embarrassed!!)! We were almost the oldest people at the night club and we danced to "techno" music all by ourselves with lots of people watching!! We would never have done this at home! We had so much fun! (Ron really got into it!! (Even I was surprised!). Then a few minutes later the dance floor suddenly filled with people...we had really started something!!!

After an hour it was time we oldies (those over 50!) went to bed! We walked back to our hotel two blocks away in the misty rain. What a night!! What a birthday!!

It will certainly be one I'll never forget....

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Location: Vietnam

Nha Trang

19 to 24 March

We had a wonderful relaxing time for 6 days at Nha Trang. The bay is so picturesque and there is a lot to do and see. There are also many tourists as this is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam.

The day before my birthday we rested, looked around, enjoyed the view from our hotel window and went shopping. Ron wanted to buy me something for my birthday, even though he had already bought me some gold earrings in Ho Chi Minh City. I bought 2
skirts and some pearl necklaces and earrings (they are really cheap here!). I was really spoilt!

I felt a little melancholy before I went to bed. I don't think I wanted to turn 50!!! It seems so old...and I was missing everyone. But then I thought age is just a state of mind and I'm so lucky to have had so many wonderful and incredible experiences in my life and I could not have had them without reaching this milestone. I also am healthy and have a wonderful partner, family, relatives and friends. What else could I ask for...

21 March!!! The big day!

We woke early, had a huge buffet breakfast and were picked up by a mini bus with other tourists at 8.30am. We spent the day on "No 4 Boat Trip". Unfortunately it was overcast and windy with a reasonable swell. The boat was packed to capacity with
about 40 tourists from all over the world and about half from Vietnam. Everyone was very happy and we soon forgot about the weather!

We met 3 young Irish guys (24 and 25 years old) who had been travelling for two years and were going back to Ireland in 9 days. They were great company...very loud and happy (they were drinking beer at 9am!). They had just been to Cambodia and one of the guys, Rob Jenkinson, who had finished a Business Degree, had had his camera and memory card, as well as his passport stolen at Sianhoukville, a coastal resort from the hostel he was staying at. This really reminded me of Brad when he had his camera, memory card, CDs, sunglasses and razor stolen from his backpack (the theif slashed his locked backpack with a knife) in Turkey. So I was able to sympathise with Rob and tell him how sorry I was and relate Brad's similar story to him. He had to stay for a week in Cambodia waiting for his passport while his two friends continued on to Vietnam. What a bitter blow! He was still upset by the incident.

One of the other guys, Paul McVeigh, is an international chef. The third guy, Keith Shevlin, is an international soccer player and he is coming to Australia to play for Sydney FC in the A League for one or two years!!! Wow! He's going to come and visit us in Newcastle and might be able to get us a ticket for one of his games!! I really hope we'll see him soon!

Our boat trip involved visiting 4 different islands, snorkelling over coral reefs, a massive seafood lunch on the boat, a visit to an aquarium, dancing and singing on the boat ( the deckhands were great musicians, playing guitar, drums and singing...the main tour guide sang "Unchained Melody" in English!), a fruit party (beautiful tropical fruit) and a "floating bar". What a day!

The two highlights for me was when the whole boat sang "Happy Birthday" to me (I nearly cried because although most people spoke different languages, everyone sang to me)! I was humbled by the experience. It was really beautiful.

The other highlight was the "floating bar". It was hilarious!! About 15 people, including us, jumped into the water, put lifebouys around our necks, all joined together (by our hands and feet) in a really strong current and drank delicious and potent grape wine, with a piece of pineapple, out of plastic cups. If you let go, which we all did, you would get carried away by the current...but only a short distance before someone would pull you back again! We were all singing and shouting out "cheers!' and "yo!" (Vietnamese for "cheers!") and "happy birthday!". (One of the young Vietnamese guys in the water with us thought I was only 40...That made my day!) We were all dragged back, as a group, into the back of the boat by a big rope while we were holding on to each other laughing and singing. It was seriously so much fun!!! I will never forget it!

After an incredible, fun-filled day we got back to the harbour at 4.30pm. And when we got back to our 4 star hotel (sorry guys!) there was a big basket of flowers on the coffee table; 9 roses and 3 big yellow flowers with bright green fronds, compliments of the hotel. They knew it was my birthday from my passport. The roses smelt like roses (not like from the florist shops at home)...strong and sweet and their perfume filled the whole room. What a beautiful surprise!!

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Recent Messages

From Bradley

Wow, it looks like you guys are having such a good time!!! I can't believe you went into a dodgy massage palour!! Hahahaha, that's so FUNNY!!!!! It's so awesome you've been riding around on motorbikes too! I'm so impressed! You guys are awesome! Anyway, I guess I'll see you both pretty soon, keep having fun, enjoy every last minute!

Love Bradley

P.S. I may have some very exciting news to tell you when you get back!
Response: Can't wait to see you all! Internet costs $1US a minute so I will write again soon...too expensive!
We are leaving to go to Halong Bay on a boat for two days so I won't be able to get in contact until we get back. Hopefully we will still have mobile phone coverage.
Can't wait to hear your news!! Lots of love mum xxx
From Bradley
About time you two posted up a message!! That's terrible you've been having so much computer trouble - they can be such a waste of time...Sounds like you had a great time a Siam Reap/Angkor! The photos are awesome! Your little holiday at Nha Trang sounds pretty good too - put up some photos if you get the chance!

Things are pretty good here - I finally got a job, although it's very boring it pays quite well and because of its proximity to a certain employer has some cool benifits.

Anyway, speaking of work, I'd better go there now! Looking forward to seeing you in just over a week!

Love Bradley
Response: Hi Bradley!
We have been so frustrated in Nha Trang with the computers. We tried every day and had little success. The system was so slow every where we went. We waisted so much time. We are really sorry as we knew everyone would be wondering what was going on. I'm trying to catch up now! Glad you like the photos! It's so hard to choose the best ones and not choose too many! They take so long to upload (or is it download?)too! We have our own personal computer in our beautiful room at the hotel at Hoi An, "The Ancient House Hotel". We are totally spoilt! We wanted to do things a bit differently than India! We are spending more money on accommodation and more time relaxing. It's been great! This is definitely a holiday as well as a travel experience.
That's great you have finally found a full time job! Send us an email with the details! Is it really a bit over a week when we will see you? Time seems to stand still when you're on holidays and every thing seems a bit unreal! Well, we'd better enjoy our last week of luxury and fun! Take care. Lots of love and hugs, mum and dad xxxooo
From Ryan
hey guys,
sounds like your haveing a top notch time :) those tunnels sound great, very interesting!! well everything is fine here. the election was yesterday. i think piper got Lake macquarie, Mathew morris got charelstown, jodie makai got newcastle and moris got NSW.
Have fun!!!
Response: Hi Ryan!
We're having a wonderful time! The Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City were great but so small, cramped and lacking air. It was pretty scary to be in them! I was so relieved when we reached the first exit 30 metres along. You kind of feel like your suffocating.
Thanks for the update on the elections! hope all is well in Eleebana! How's Scruffy? Every time I see a small fluffy dog I think of Scruff!! Take care and say hello to Bronwyn. Lots of love and hugs, mum and dad xxxooo
From gemma
hi guys - hows your leg mum! Didi you see all the other tourists with quaze on their ankles?? You are not the only tourist to fall victim to the motorbike exhaust! Nha Trang sounds just so peachy - really roughing it eh - life is so tough!! me and Alex are still coming to grips with full time work - just how are we goignt ot travel now!!
Response: Hi Gemma!
My leg is getting much better. I haven't seen anyone else with bandages on their legs but I heard it was fairly common! I was quite mad that I did it! I have had to put cream on the burn every day and bandage it up. Oh makes another good story! As long as it doesn't scar.
Nha Trang was wonderful. A touch of luxury doesn't go astray every now and then!!! I hope you're not too jealous! The hotel we're in at the moment in Hoi An is their best room. We have our own personal computer!! Dad has been great helping to download the photos. We can relax in our room or by the beautiful swimming pool right outside our door while we are waiting for the photos to download.'s a hard life!!
Hope you and Alex are'nt working too hard (you can dream!). Seriously though...the two of you have done so much travel already. Your dad and I have waited a long time! You are so young and have all your lives infront of you. I think it's going to be hard to settle back down into mundane routine life after this holiday...which I'm sure you and Alex have found after your 7 weeks away over Xmas. I guess we'll just have to plan another holiday!! Take care and get plenty of r & r! Lots of love and hugs, Mum and dad xxxooo
From Teresa & Daniel
Hi, Cathy!
Did you get my message? I sent the message on your birthday.
Response: Yes Teresa! I did get your birthday message and your email! Thank you so much!! Planetranger did not work at the last city and we were there for 6 days. We tried many times with no luck. Hopefully we can use the site again now that we have travelled further north!
Lots of love, Cathy xxx
From aki
Hi! You look have a good time in Vietnum! I stayed at foster for 3days. I really enjoyed with Bill and Val. Take care, AKI
Response: Hi Aki!
We are having a great time in Vietnam! I'm glad you enjoyed being with Bill and Val at Forster. You will have to visit them again! Love Cathy xx
From Dave
Cate... lot's of love and best wishes for your birthday. I spoke to B & V about it last night and we're all thinking of you. Have a beer for me. Trust the trip is still going well.
Big Hugs
Response: Hi Dave!
Thanks for thinking of me on my 'special day'! I guess it's hard to believe your little sister is 50!!! That makes you older!!! I will definitely have a beer or two to celebrate. we are having an amazing time! You should go on a holiday like this too! Our daily lives are so sedate compared to this! Lots of love and hugs, Cathy xxx
From Karen Phllips
Happy 50th Birthday Cathy, It sounds like you are having an amazing adventure. Have a great Birthday.
Response: Hi Karen!
How are you and your beautiful children? How is Andrew coping with his broken leg? Give him our love. He can post us a message on this site if he likes and I will answer it! We are having an amazing adventure. Every day is wonderful...well...almost every day!!Thanks for your birthday wishes! Lots of love, Cathy xxx
From Marlene Walshe
Happy happy birthday, we are all thinking of you, it may not be your birthday over there yet, but it is here.So to let you know that you are in our thoughts. It was also great to get your text message, it was quite remarkable because, Andrew had just finished talking about your phone call to him, when he had broken his leg.though patterns do travel. will definitely look forward to hearing all about your trip when you get back particularly seeing lots and lots of photos.
Have printed off all your adventures and will read carefully when I get home from work.
Must dash back to work.
take Care always


Response: Hi Marlene!
Thank you for thinking of me on my special day. That's amazing you were talking to Andrew when you got my text message! There are so many coincidences in life!
Thanks for looking up the planetranger site! It takes quite a long time to download the photos and stories but it is well worth it. Take care too and don't work too hard! Lots of love, Cathy xxx
From Teresa & Daniel
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Cathy!!
Now you are 50 years old!!
A very happy Birthday!!
Wow!! Its really great to see you and Ron.. you looks very enjoyabe your adventurous journey in Vietnam.. Daniel and I, we really enjoy to read your dramatic and interesting story.
Anyway, we hope you will enjoy this very special day in there. Once again, happy 50th birthday, and have a wonderful day!!
Loth of love, Teresa & Daniel
Response: Hi Teresa and Daniel!
Thank you so much for your really nice birthday message. It's hard to believe I will be 50! It seems so old!!! I'm glad you are enjoying our planetranger site! I hope we will see you soon. Take care. lots of love, Cathy and Ron xxx
From Bradley
HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you have an amazing day! Do something really special and unique! We're all thinking of you and we'll have an awesome party when you get back!!
Love Bradley

Response: Thanks Brad! We're going on a boat tour to 4 different islands. It should be great! thanks for your birthday wishes! Can't wait to see you all! Lots of love, mum xxx
A one message message: Cath..big day tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil' sis. Enjoy the moment, live in the 'now', lap up each mili-second of the good health and prosperity that is yours. Will be thinking of you on this most auspicious of anniversaries. HAPPY FIFTIETH mate!!
Response: Thanks Trev!! Sometimes we take for granted how lucky we are! There are so many poor people here that struggle every day just to eat! I had a wonderful birthday and was totally spoilt! Looking forward to having a beer with you all when we get back home. Lots of love, Cathy xxx
From valandbill
Hi! Sent you a message yesterday but it has gone. Aki leaves this afternoon and we'll all be crying,
hi, you look really enjoy your trip!! I had a really good time at Foster with Bill and Val! Love AKI Tomorrow will be your birthday and we would like wish you much love. We miss you very much and will be so glad when you are back home again . Take care and enjoy every last moment. Love from all of us in Blue Poles Forster. B and V and A.
Response: Hi Bill, Val and Aki!
It sounds like you had a wonderful time together in Forster!!
Thank you for your birthday wishes!! We are having lots of fun, especially in Nha Trang. We are taking care except that it's always a challenge crossing the road. The traffic goes the other way! Plus you have to weave across the road dodging the multitude of motorbikes!! Stay in touch. Lots of love, Cathy and Ron xxx
From Carol and Steve
Hi there, Your trip sounds great. I almost feel like I've been to Angkor Wat, after reading Brad's, Gemma's, Heidi's and now your description of it and seeing the photos! Continue having fun and a very Happy Birthday to Cathy tomorrow.

Love Carol and Steve
Response: Thank you for your birthday wishes! Seeing Angkor Wat is a lot like seeing the Taj Mahal. It has a magical feel and the architecture makes you stare in awe. You feel sad when you leave because you know you'll never see it again. It has such a profound effect on you. It's difficult to describe the feeling...
How are your preparations going Steve? Keep us informed...we are very proud of you and what you are doing!
So glad you enjoyed looking up our planetranger site!!
Lots of love, Cathy xxx
From Val and Bill
Aki is now with us - came @ 6.30 Sunday - now playing the organ most enthusiastically-up steps to Cape Hawk Lookout -played golf @ tennis -read your
wonderful E-mails. We all send our love and goodwishes. Keep fit!
Response: It sounds like you had a wonderful time with Aki! She really enjoyed being at Forster with you. Glad you are enjoying our emails! We are both fit and healthy...except for the burn on my lower left leg when I brushed against out tuk tuk driver's motorbike in Cambodia on 18th, just as we were about to board the plane back to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Ouchhh!!!
From gem
HI guys! Sounds awsome! I told you it would be hot hot hot!! and steep steep steep!! how brave was i!! Angkor is amust for everyone to see in their life!! i sent you a great big email! thanks for the stories and photos - i know how long it takes!!
Response: Hi Gem!
It has certainly been hot in Cambodia. We've never experienced heat combined with such extreme humidity ever before! As soon as we left our air conditioned room we broke out into a sweat. The only relief was driving along in a tuk tuk with the wind in your face!! I think we were both very brave to climb up...then down the steep steps to the top of Angkor Wat. Even Sam, the tough American/Cambodian man, that was translating for us was not game to climb up those stairs!!! Glad you like the stories and photos...but you're does take ages...and can be so frustrating when it all goes wrong.
Take care. Love, mum xxx
From The Newtons
Greetings from Down Under. Thanks for the SMS, would have replied earlier only battery was dead. Great to read your adventure to-date and see the photos. We are so lucky in Australia. All is well back here, Steph and Greg were with Scruffy on Thursday, he is fine. We have had some humid days but nothing like what you are experiencing, it rained last night and has cooled it down once again. Take care. Love the Newtons. Sunday 18/03/07
Response: Hi!
Thank you so much for looking after Scruffy! I'm glad you are enjoying our adventures!! We are having so many unbelievable experiences!! can you send me your email address? Glad all is well back home! Love Cathy and Ron xxx
From Tribe
Howdy Youse two........thanks for your sms message. Astonishing that a text can be sent from such distant places and arrive onto a blokes hip with such apparent ease. Well sounds like you're having fun. No doubt very confronting with all the memories of the war. Of all the military mistakes that this country got tangled up in (at the behest of the goddam septics as usual) the Vietnam experience has got to be the worst. But....god luv 'em, the Vietnamese won finally after a supreme effort, defeating the best in the west.....the mighty US of A. But...what a cost though!! Nonetheless, full marks to the people of Vietnam. They deserved it having endured French colonisation for decades before American invasion. Especially the grace with which the common people of Vietnam (and Cambodia) have forgotten and moved on and opened up to hordes of tourists to help bring some element of prosperity to their ravaged lands. And doubly so when you consider that you (and other Aussie tourists) are from the invading enemy country but STILL are so warmly welcomed back. Hey there are still plenty of old Aussie codgers who will never embrace anything to do with the Japanese and THAT conflagration was a lot longer ago than the Vietnam war! So on your travels let them know that there are lots of Aussies who were never in favour of that rotten war, and extend a huge "sorry" on behalf of us as an apology on behalf of the frightened, miserable conservative politicians and populace who were 'all the way with LBJ" and were so committed to halting the falling domino that was Vietnam. And tell 'em we are glad that they have learned the value of peace and tolerance from that war, because we sure as hell haven't (as evidenced by our poisoned dwarf of a PM who is this very day committing Australia to another such mistake in Iraq - as you touched on in your Mar 12 entry Ronald). Aaagghh. Anyway....good on ya for going there and spending your money in a nation that we have a special (and shameful) reason to assist in their post war recovery.

Anyway........its been stinkin' hot here too so you're not missing anything. Have fun and be careful. Tribe
Response: Thank you so much for your long message. You are so right about everything. We are leaving Cambodia tomorrow. We have only been here for 4 days and have met people between 30 and 40 years old whose parents were killed by the Khmer sad and tragic. The Cambodian people have really suffered...and so recently...mans' inhumanity to man. We can only ask "why?" It just should never have happened. Over 3 million Cambodians were killed.
Anyway...there is no way it's hotter at home than here! We've never known heat like this. For the past two days it has been about 38 degrees and impossibly humid. I have never been so "dripping" in my entire life!!!
Glad you checked out our site! Stay in touch. Lots of love, Cathy (sis!!)
From Dave
Enjoying reading your posts. All's well here. Good to see you got your little bag back.
Response: Hi Dave!
Thanks for checking out our site! It takes us quite a long time but we enjoy writing down our adventures and sharing our photos. Hope all is well with you.
Lots of love, Cathy (sis!!)
From Bradley

Wow -awesome photoes! Keep them coming, its really great to see what you're both up to! Things are good with me - the trip down the great ocean road was excellent, we had a wonderful day exploring little coves, seeing the (now) eleven apostles, going on a rainforest walk and genrally just fun in the sun! I've been working all weekend, and have a few days off to catch up on things.

Hope you're both having a wonderful time - it looks as if you certainly are. Enjoy Phnom Penh - next stop, Angkor!
Love Bradley
Response: Hi Brad!
Glad you had a great "fun in the sun" time!! It's good to have a break from the monotony of we certainly are!
Have more stories...check out our site!!
how is your job hunting going?
Lots of love, mum and dad xxooxx
From Gemma
Wow - it looks like you are having an amazing time! I'm glad you liked the Mekong! Are you coping with the heat?? The moto's are so much fun you have to ride one! Have you done any shopping?? I thought of some tips for cambodia but i'm too tired to rememberthem now!! i'll write again soon xoxox
Response: Hi Gemma!
The Mekong was great! It was so nice to be cooler on the water. The heat and humidity have been quite extreme for the past couple of days...we are dripping!!
We have bought a few sourviners but no clothes. I saw the exact same t shirt you bought for me in Cambodia for $7 US. It was red. Thought it was too expensive! How much did you pay? Do you want me to buy one for you? I could but the red one if you like! Let me know ASAP! Do you remember the tips for Cambodia?
How is uni and working? How is Alex enjoying work? Take care. Lots of love, mum and dad xxx
From valandbill
Just received yourlovely message. Wow, whataplane trip! Maree with us. Will take her on a car trip today;
Will look forward to your e mails. Muchlove VandB.
Response: Great you read our message and had a good time with Maree! You can also text us on your phone as we have Ron's mobile with us.
Having a wonderful time!
Lots of love, from us xx
From Bradley

Thanks for the sms - glad to hear you made it safely! I had a wonderful day on the Great Ocean Road, we saw the 12 (11 now) Apostles and went swimming! Have a wonderful holiday, and post up lots of photos!
Love Bradley
Response: Hi Brad
Glad you had a great day! We tried to download some photos but it didn't work. We'll try again tomorrow! Love, mum and dad xx
From Jessica

I am SO excited for you. Of the countries I have visited, Vietnam is deffinitly my favourit!

Cathy thanks for your text the other night I will get back to you soonish.

As for flying this trip is much shorter than the India one (from memory) so don't worry you'll be fine!!!!!!

Getting organised this time should be a breeze you'll be an PRO after India and at least you will have had many of the vaccinations and already have a lot of the equipment.

In other travel news. Andrew and I are planning to go to Croatia in the next 12 months and so the lonely planet has come out again and we are in full planning mode.

Can't wait to hear about your adventures :)

Response: Hi Jess!
The flight was ok...I just hate taking off and landing. The landing was terrible...the plane got caught in a cross wind as we touched down and tipped sideways. It was very scary!
Vietnam is a breeze compared to India. There are no animals...I miss the cows!!! But I don't miss the shit!! We are coping fine and don't have culture shock...not like India!! It was easier to get organised this time. This is the first time Ron and I have been away together. Croatia sounds great! Stay in touch. Lots of love, Cathy xxx