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I am off for a trip of a life time. You can follow me too, may get jealous

Diary Entries

Monday, 25 February 2008

Location: Victoria, Canada

Hi all.
So last week I treated myself to a few days in Victoria, Vancouver Island.
I have a friend Dave who lives there and he offered to take me in for a few days and show me more of the sights. (In October Trace and I visitied Dave for one night and had a great time seeing the place) So i decided to go back for more!
Arrived in Vancouver on tuesday night and stayed in down town and went out for dinner and some drinks downtown. Fun times! Good to be back in Vancouver again.
So we woke up lateish on Wednesday morning feeling a bit shady but walked down town and got some breakfast at a nice quiet place and sat there watching people go by for a while. The weather was pretty drizzly, so not much fun. We weren't feeling up to much so we hopped in the car and drove around Stanley Island (a big park, that juts out from Vancouver). It was massive and beautiful and had great views all around of the down town, and the water and the rest of the islands etc. So we got out and enjoed them. Really enjoyed that little drive and tour. Then we made our way back to the ferry to take us to the island. That was a nice boat ride and as soon as we got on the boat the sun came out and followed us all the way to the island. So beautiful! That's why I love Victoria so much!
So we just grabbed some dinner makings and headed back to Dave's house and had a quiet night watching a movie.
I fell asleep to the movie and woke to Thursday morning, another beautiful sunny 12'c day! So different from Banff... was so hot!
Off we went to secret little locations and a private beach that no one knows about near a little town called Sooke where we had a picnic and watched the WAVES OF THE PACIFIC roll in... Haven't seen that in 3 months so was very excited! Bit chilly the water was though so didn't go swimming ; ) Such a beautiful day and beautiful views, I even got a bit sun burnt... : )
Then we drove through a few more quiet towns and looked at more lovely views! I was such a tourist! I reminded myself of Mum in the car looking at everything. Hmmm maybe I really am my mum's daughter... : P
On the way home stopped at one of his friends houses and watched the hockey then back to Dave's house for a few drinks before we headed to another friends for a log fire out side. Such a clear night and had alot of fun.
Again felt a bit shady on Friday but we tried to make the most of our day, so we headed to Dave's Uni (University of Victoria) where he had to do a few things and I bought a "University of" hoodie. I've always wanted one, so I went right ahead!
Drove to a nice little rainforest place and had a walk through there along a fresh water creek/river and relaxed there.
Then we headed into Victoria propper to have the best fish and chips I've ever had, along with the best view you could ever get! Watched the hot bright sun set and had a relaxing time on the pontoon watching the seaplanes take off and the boats in the harbour.
Quickly drove back to Dave's house to get my belongings and say goodbye to his Mum and Dad and headed to the airport. We were a tad early so we went down a quiet road near the runway and watched the planes come in and take off. My favourite thing to do! Then it was my time to take off and I was off back to Calgary.
Was a quick visit to Victoria, but a jam packed one thanks to Dave driving me around and showing me everything and taking me everywhere. Such a good host!
I love Victoria, and highly recomend it to everyone for a place to visit. A beautiful clean place! Alot like home! Infact I may even move there one day!
So that's it from me for a while. Some of you may know I will back in Oz on Friday 29th for Andrew's wedding. So I am excited to see you all there! Or hear from you all on here : )
Take care peoples! xoxo

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Location: Canada

I went snowboarding for the first time ever today!!!! and i hardly fell over! i went on BLUE runs all day too!
I loved it and i am so addicted!
But i've pretty much just been working and hanging out with my house mates.
So that why i haven't written much lately.
Welll i am home in 2 weeks so i will fill you all in then!
talk to you soon!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Location: Canada

Hello everyone!
So i've been totally lazy! But not too much to report.
So i arrived here on the night of the 3rd december. A looong flight and a few gliches but i made it!
Radomly bumped into an ex-Barrenjoey-en, Marny Lemon and her boyfriend at the airport where they were picking up there friend, so i managed to get a free ride form Calgary to Banff.
It had been snowing like nothing else and had been -30 for the past week before i got there so it was a snowy night ride home but i got here ok and got my house keys and had a good sleeeep!
It was so exciting seeing Bnaff covered in snow. Absolutly beautiful! I highly recomend people to visit here!
I'm in a big share house but on my own level with my own bathroom. double bed and kitchen so it's nice when i want my own space, but then just hop up the stairs if i want company with the others.
So i'm working 2 jobs and LOVE them! Smashing Cosmetica, the makeup shop(part time) and Billabong (full time).
Working about everyday but love the work. Gets me out of the house to see the snow and enjoy the cold and i love my work mates and need the money.
It's only gotten down to -15 at the lowest and jumps up and down from that to +2 degrees. Which is really nice. Snow is beautiful! Just wear a warm jacket and it's fine. Aparently it's due to get to -25 tomoro so it's going to be interesting. My first -25!
At the moment i haven't been able to make it up the hill, due to working too much and having no money to buy a pass or rentals. BUT i will get there eventually and i can't wait. I think i will try the boarding thing. Not to be cool but to try a new thing and cos my friends who can teach me board themsleves, so i'm excited!
I'm off to Calgary on tuesday with some of my house mates so thats going to be fun times. A bit of shopping, but un-fortunalty i'll probably come back empty handed, but it will be a fun road trip!
Ummmm i think thats everything, that's why i haven't written in so long.
I'm sure alot of you know i'm due home in Feb due to some exciting family news so that will be fun times. Only home for a week though, but thats just enough as i don't want to miss out on stuff over here.
Well it's Australia Day on Saturday and it's going to be a ripper in the house here as it's full of Aussies! Gonna be fun times!
Well i'm off, so i hope i filled you all in! Thx to Mum's orders.
Take care everyone and write me messages.
Love me! xoxo

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Location: Canada

Hello everyone.
I'm here in Banff,doing fantabulous!
Needing to find time to get to internet and write a bit more, but i'm alve and having a FAB time!
love you all

Monday, 26 November 2007

Location: Varadero, Cuba

How we decided to go to Cuba?
Well one day in Banff, about 2 days before heading off to Vancouver, we bumped into a friend down the shops in Banff. She looked all burnt and peeling, and we both thought that was wuite odd as was about 0 degrees at the time in Banff.
She said she had just arrived back from Cuba the other day. Our eyes almost popped out of there sockets and thought wow what an adventure! She continued chatting about it and said there was a deal on upstairs in the travel agent, $800 all inclusive. We asked whats all inclusive and she said, return flights, hotel accomodation, 3 buffet meals a day, 24hour unlimited alcohol, snorkelling, dance lessons etc etc.... Trace and i looked at other amazed and thought sopmething had to be wrong with this, so we went and checked it out and sure enough it was true! So we booked it that day and we were off the following Monday after Vancouver.

Cuba: 5am pick-up outside our house and a 2hour ride to Calgary airport and we were off to Cuba!!!!
What a beautiful place!!!!
Well we stayed in the resort area of Cuba, Varadero. About 1 hour from Havana. We knew we weren'ty going to be in the "real Cuba", but we treated this as an extra holiday and enjoyed it very much so!
We got into our room, what they call bungalows, but didn't have the palm roof like al;ot of pictures you see. But the room was huge! Big loungeroom, massive bathroom and huge bedroom with 2 double beds. This was so nice as it was away from the 'hotel' rooms and the pool was our front door with the bar and the buffet was just behind the pool. Perfect spot! So we spent the days lounging by tbhe pool and walking on the beach, drinking eating and sleeping! So beuatiful!
unfortunatly we couldn;t so alot of the ebach activities that were on offer, such as snorkelling, becasue there happened to be a hurricane just east of Varadero. This only effected us in a small way. The sea was choppy and the sand was messed around causing the crystal clear water to be a bit foggy and couldn't swim, although i have swam in much stronger current, we obeyed the rules. Quite a bit of wind on the beach and the clouds moved rapidly with a few shady moments, BUT it was boiling hot so we appreciated the shady moments whilst we layed next to the pool drinking pina coladas and learnging how to Mambo and Cha Cha.
There were entertainers throughout the days who taught people to dance and played games near the pool, and then proceeded into the night and more entertainers came in such as bands and dancers and magic shows. This nightly entertainment was also on our resort premises just behind our room, so we didn't have far to walk to anything! Very fun times and i'll never forget it!
We managed to fit in a day trip to Havana. Loved it!! Hopped on an air conditioned tour bus with a great tour guide and off we went. First glimpses, there is obviously alot of poverty. but the architectue of all the buildings in the city is l;ovely! Reminded me of a little European city you see on all those travel shows. Cuba is still in the 50's, due to the happenings, or non-happenings with the US. There a cute buldings, and all the old school cars everywhere. The locals get by in the run down cars and low wages. I suppose they don't really know whats out there in the rest of the world, which is sad. Saw a few museams and went into a cigar shop (unfortunatly couldn't make it to factory) but still smelt strongly of cigars and i bought a few to bring home, and Yes! We did smoke one in the resort pool which was fun! So Havana was fun! Included lunch and dinner in a restaurant and then tickets to the famous out door caberet, Tropicana. This was soooooooo good! My eyes were out on stalks and i don't think i have taken so many photos in one day! The costumes were UNBELIEVABLE, pretty much better than the musical Pracilla, or Tivoli to give you a bit of an idea. Quite Mardi-gras style, BUT ON A BIGGER ANDBETTER SCALE!
So much fun had and interesting experience that day, got back at 3am! So we spent the rest of the time relaxing, eating drinking again ; ) Absolutley loved it! On the last 2 days we were there the wind died down and the seas stopped roaring and we beagan to see the clear water come back. Beautiful!
I am definatly going back!!! This time for longer and will do the resort thing again but going to stay in Hvana for a few nights and see the "real" Cuba and it's nightlife and a bit more culture etc. Great place to see! I'm even going to learn Spanish too!!
So we left Cuba which was very sad but i was soon due home to Australia, so i had more things to think about and pack all over again.
Leaving Banff and Tracy was sad as I am going to return by myself and no Tracy will be there, but exciting as i was going to see my family and friends!

So here i am! Back in town and it's already time to leave again!
Tracy came back on friday the 23rd. Her working visa is up and she is now planning to work hard over here for a while until i come back from my Canada/ America adventures and we decide to get up and go again.

Well there is going to be a slight gap on here again, sorry, but I am in process of booking ticket back over (leaving next week) and settling down with my new job in the make-up shop in Banff. So excited about this, as it is what i want to do and heaps better pay and lovely boss with a real fun and good working ethic. So unitl then i shall update you when i'm back in Banff and know whats going on with myslef!
Love Cazza

Monday, 26 November 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Hi everyone who is still looking at the page.
Well i've been super lazy and i apologise for it.
I arrived back in Sydney 2 mondays ago and have been busy catching up with friends and family and attended my best friends wedding down in Tasmania.
A beuatiful week it was in Tassy with mum and dad. Wedding was lovely of course, but typical Tassy weather...all week beautiful and sunny and warm.. then come saturday, windy, overcast, and freezing! But all in all was a fun fun time and then arrived home last tuesday.
So here i am thinking i should fill you all in on Vancouver and Cuba before i jetset back to Canada to begin wokring hard over the winter season.

Vancouver: So off we went on another greyhound across Canada.. this time only 12 hours so it was a breeze! Arrived about 9pm and quickl;y founs a cheap near by hostel. Well no wonder it was cheap.. it was quite a hole.. infact i think alot of people who are on the dole live there.. no offence to anyone but there were alot of older mexicans. But thankfully Trace and i had our own room so quickly washed our faces, got changed and went out. Fun times had and saw a bit of the Vancouver city night life. The alcohol sure made it easy to sleep in our dodgy hostel... cos all of a sudden it was morning and time to check out and find a nicer hostel.
Off we went, dropped our bags at the nice 'SAMESUN' hostel (one is in Banff so we knew ti was nice) and went shopping for the day. Well we shopped till we dropped and it was awesome! had to buy a few summer items for Cuba as i didn't really have any and we both didn't have any swimmers! So they was fun and we rested early.
Up we got next day early and hopped on a grey hound to have a day in Whistler and see what it was all about. Only 2 hurs out of Vancouver so that was good. Beautiful scenery heading up into the mountains, and then having the water to look at too. So we arrived in Whistler, quite fresh but lovely and sunny, had some lunch and walked arpund the village. Very pretty and can imagin it in winter with snow and chrissy lights everywhere, but Trace and i weren't overwhelmed with it! Though Bnaff had more to offer as it was bigger and Banff is an actual resident town, with highschools and many more community based things etc etc. So Trace and did what we did and headed home and had an early one.
Next day we were off to Vancouver Island, Victoria on the BC
Ferry. Huge car ferry, that fits around 400 vehicles on and up to 2000 staff and passengers. That trip was lovely to going in and out of the little islands along the way. Very pretty. Arrived in Victoria, and grabbed some lunch at the Spag Factory there.. woohoo... then did some sight seeing and museam to kill time before my friend picked us up and became our personal tour guide. The museum was good. We were there originally to see the Titanic exhibition but it was over : ( instead we saw the Native Indian exhibit which was really interesting and the first pioneer's exhibit, which was pretty and full of cute old things.
Our personal driver Dave picked us up and drove us around EVERYWHERE! we were very spoilt.. he was very good to us. Had some red wine on top of a small mountaiun and watched the sunset, then headed back to his family home and had some yummy dinner cooked for us and a few more reds and then headed out on the town. Welll that was so much fuin as it was a new place but with a local and we went to all the good places.
Another late one and again it was morning. Had cooked brejkky then drove around more and sore all the nooks and crannies of Victoria. I have fallen in love with the place! Its a combo of Pittwater, bayview, Doublebay...everything is so beautiful adn peaceful and relaxing. Definatly going back there! Free accomodation and chaufer, even better! Had the best fish and chips i've ever had and headed back on the night ferry as we had to catch the early early bus back to Banff next day.
very snowy on the bus back home. Ver scary and slippery, the bus actually slipped slightly as we were stopping to go down the hill on the freeway for safety, allowing each car and truck to go down individually. Scary stuff. Saw to overturned semi'trailors and about a 5 car crash on the other side of the road. All i wanted to was to get home and get to Cuba the following day!

Due to quickly booking an un-planned trip to Cuba and my time in Canada coming to an end, Vancouver had to be cut short so we could fit all our adventures in, but the time we had there was awesome and i'm definalty going back!

Tuesday, 06 November 2007

Location: Canada

ok well i haven't written in a loooooong time!
i feel bad but have been so busy!
i will soon be writing down my adventures in vancouver, and vancouver island... and CUBA! yes i know...Cuba?? you ask!!! long story which i wil soon fill you all in on!
next couple of days i promise!!
love cazza xoxo

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From wally
hi ,have you given this site away . it's now 5 months since you made an entry. come on lets know what is happening to your life. wal
Response: i'm sorry wal
Cazza Razza...thaat was wonderful...and to think I have ONLY JUST read it...and the date is 21/4!!! 8 weeks after u wrote...every one does face book these days I guess.....well still fill us oldies in via this website mmmk;))

Say hi to Dave when and if u hear or see him again...he's a nice boy! XXXOOO
From mother
Good to see you are still keeping up with the msgs...people are still wanting to read they are good diary entries as well have fun in Vancouver .....XXOO
Response: :P
From lenja
Ho Caroline,
You have been having a wonderful time by the sould of things. We have had 3 Canadians staying with us this week from Ottowa and PEI. They enjoyed the beach so much and helped celebate K's 21st.
Keep having fun!
God bless you. Lenja
Response: Why hello!!!
Good to hear from you.
Happy birthday to kieren too!
I'm sure your visitors loved the beach! I'm loving the snow! I went up the hill for the first time today!!!! on a snowboard for the first time too!!! and i linked my turns hehehe i wasn;t on my bottom all day. it was great!
well i'm home in 2 weeks for andrew's wedding so i may see you then!
thx for the message!
Hi just found your latest update. Marny Lemon was in Jane's year. I will have to tell her. Look forward to catching up at Andrew and Joanna's wedding - very exciting.
Love Jill xxx
Response: yay thx Jill! Your the best with writing me messages.
Can't wait for march.
Bumped into Mrs Standish the other day down the street. She was on holiday with here daughters and husbband. Was so random but so good to see someone from Av again!
take care, see you soon xoxo
From Gayle
Hi Caroline
We missed you the other night at your mum and Andrews birthday! I was hopeless with Xmas cards but wanted to wish you a happy new year. Glad you are enjoying your new job and hope things are going OK without Tracey there. We moove out on the 29th Jan so off on our adventures. Lots of love Gayle XXXXX
Response: hello!!!
i sure did miss out on a good party.. saw some of vanessa fox's photos.. hmmm don't know how to take in my brothers costume hehehe
wow.. can't believe your moving out soon! i'm going to miss visiting your house!
so wats going to happen in march for the wedding.. will you back for it? i hope so : (
miss you... look forward to more updates!
and have a safe and happy new year!
love always, me xoxo
hi cazza had a great party at your place to get your photos i need your e-mail address to invite you as a friend. looks like we will see you in march
Response: hi wal!
i sure will be seeing you in march!
From Jill
Hi Caroline, Merry Christmas - enjoy your white one!! And have a great New Year. Love Jill xxx
Response: thanks jill!!!1
i sure will.. im so excited!
you take care and enjy your sunny christmas
From merm...
That's our Cazza keep up the good work..... luv u lots
Response: thx lib
From Jill
Hi Caroline, I wonder where you are today? I have just had a week exploring the Great Ocean Road, which was very spectacular. Would love to be able to do some more travelling!! Make the most of your adventures. Love Jill
Response: jill!
i would love to do the great ocean road one day! would love to see photos..
i will be doing a big planet ranger very soon.. have to fill eveyone in!
From sister
carol, not ,much goss for the mo as we spoke the other day, am going up to sabras on driday, very excited to talk bootis and bubs all weekend. i have exams on tuesday wednesday then i'm free, sooooo ready to do not much. and christmas in november is coming up too, so excited for when you come play again. thats all.
Response: me tooooo sister
many a red wine to be had
From wal
how do i get to see your photos
Response: hia
you will have to have a day with mum and/or dad and they will show you another website i have called 'facebook', where all my photos are posted.
thx wal.. hope you see them soon!
From mother
Way to go little Caz.......don't fall down those falls!!!...Go on the 'Maid of the Mist' instead...Just looked at the facebook photos...they are fantastic, you were very spoilt and luvly family gathering just like u love!! Now looking at snowy ones on dad's facebook XXoooo ENJOY
Response: thx libby
From wal
thought I'D check out your site. sounds like your having fun and enjoying yourself . Keep it up. Robin had a baby boy last friday night at Wagga awgga calvery hospital. Wilma amd I went down last thursday. Alison and Tom and the girls and Tom and Ali all came dowm on sunday. Wilma has gone back with Robin and her tribe to Hilston on Tuesday. A handsome young fellow too 8lb and 52cm tall. All well here. see you when you get back.
Response: thanks for the update wal! sounds lovely! ali did tell me his name.. Noah? beautiful name! congrats again! looking forward to seeing the laurich tribe! not long now xoxo
From Kafa
Hey Mumma,

Sounds like your having a great time.

Not sure if i told you but i have been chosen to be God Parent to Aaron (Jake & Rach's brother). It is very exciting!

Hope your having fun... Stay Safe!

Love you x x x
Response: yay how exciting!!! thats such a privlage!!!!
heard there's been loits 21st.. how they been?
missing you....
From mum
Hiya Busser!!! keep earning that money so you can have a great time!!! Only about 9 weeks til Becs wedding!Also ask about who is going to be there around Chrissy and/or New Year etc never know.

We (Gayle, Delia , Iva and I)are going to Rock Eisteddfod Premier GF tomoz. Randwick look like being the winners AGAIN ....ho humm Boring....
Talk again soon, Luvya lots and more
Response: i will msg you soon for you to call me xoxo
just wait for the message
From Kafa
Just saw your post to Meatchy, We will all be together on Saturday night cause we have Tess's 21st.... Maybe we can tee up a time and we can all have a big chat then?

Love you! x x x
Response: sweet as kafa!!! i love it!!! msg my mob and ill try be there... by phone. thx lover
From Jill
Hi Caroline, Have just been reading your travel adventures - should be getting files ready for Monday though!!! You certainly are having a great time - continue to enjoy. Love Jill
Response: yay jill you found me!
enjoy! ; )
From Meatchy
Ahoy hoy mumma jugs!!!
I'm reading your stories and I am loving them! Really miss getting smashed on the sports bar dfloor with you but glad your rippin it up over there with Trace. I wish I went to the fantastic zoo you speak of. Sounds awesome. I'll most likely do like kafa and share a fedex box with her. Meet you at the old spag factory on Friday......we'll be the ones dressed as dolmio jars
Love you cazbang
Paulos says piggy is in deep deep depression without your love
Response: piggy with no love! poor thing.. tell him i say hi!
reservation made for dolmio jars!
miss you and the fun times too!
not long until i do share mona pub fun with you for a short while!
tell me all goss...!
you kids need to get together one noght and ill call you kids and put me on speaker.
let me know!
From wal
hi thought i'd open your site. looks like you are having a good time and just watch you don't get an infection in your foot.
regards wal
Response: Thanks wally! i'm glad your looking after me : )
take care wally!
From dianna
hi cazza,
try to reach you hope all is well glad i found your site will
enjoy reading about your travels love dianna{palmy}
Response: diana!!!! you found me!
oh i hope all is well..
how is good ol' palmy?
tell everyone i say hi! especially d-aniel and tracy!
love you di
From Bec
Hello Lovey!!
Wow, sounds like your having such a great time!! - except the part about your foot obviosly! - hope that feels better soon :) its only 15 days till im off on my adventure!! YAY (not that im counting or anything! hehe)
Canberra this weekend was sooo much fun! (well, the bits i remember anyway! haha) anyway, I love reading all your exciting adventures! Miss you!!
Xx Bec
Response: wowsers! 15 days.. its gonna fly!
please keep in touch with me and i wanna hear of all your advebtures! fun times all round! miss you..
canberaa looks and sounds funny! wish i was there!
From Gayle
Hi Gorgeous! Sorry to be a slack tart and not email on the real birthday but sounds like you had a great one wow 21!!!! really enjoyed reading your news but hope your foot is OK.Eric and I are off on a road trip for a couple of weeks (I am dying to take off on the long one and stop practicing) and we have been flat out getting the house ready to sell or rent.Anyway its all good .Little E is still gorgeous and we took him on a steam train yesterday which he loved and amber is settling in -dane appears to be missing in action-oh well I'm sure he will appear (he is in argentina snowboarding) Dogs are well we are well and we send our love XXXXXXXXX Gayle
Response: yay!!! so good to hear all the news!
enjoy your time off with no kids, dogs, peaople, work etc! you deserve it!
miss you and your love!
From Delia
Hello there Caroline,
Bad news about your foot.Luckily the alcohol helped numb the pain.Sounds as if you are having a ball.
Guess what >?? Libby and I are off to the GF of the Rock E on Friday 6th Sept.
The big news is Bomaderry and Monaro didn't make it to the GF !!!!!!!!
J's wedding in 10 weeks.Things are hotting up for that - all going well so far.
I'm having a skin cancer op tomorrow so I'm NOT looking forward to that.Today its freezing cold and raining.
Must be nearly as cold as when you went swimming in the cold water.Have fun and BE CAREFUL!!
Love Delia
Response: wowsers! so much news. Rocka news.. interesting! keen for the next update!
From libby
Yay that's my girl!! can u text ur friends to tell them about ur diary entries?? Nice to see Kafa reasds them...maybe she could text kids to tell them?? Love u anf go and have some more great adventures....P.S..NICE FOOT!! xo
Response: i try my hardest..
all is under control lib. they all know where i am