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Chill Baby, Chill! Another New Site? Gees!

This is the 3rd time I've overhauled my website. I find it easier to manage if I can do it on my own computer and upload later but the archiving and photo thing is too hard to handle on my own. Now it's time to give Planet Ranger a go... a tool that is more dedicated to Travel Blogging than just simply blogging...

Diary Entries

Thursday, 10 November 2005

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Still in Barcelona today but tomorrow we are going Milan, Italy! I'm excited! We'll be in Milan for 3 nights and then make our way over the Venice then down the Florence and Rome.

After that I think we might go to the south of France for a week.

I have a headache right now so I'm not in the mood to write anything. I STILL haven't done any typing so still can't add anything. I'll do it soon! I will, I will, I will!!!

Tuesday, 08 November 2005

Location: Barcelona, Spain

We are now in Barcelona for the next two nights and wondering where to go next - back into the centre of Spain or over to France? We'll make a decision tonight or tomorrow.

The MotoGP ended up being really fun. I got more into it than I thought I would have. I was screaming and yelling at the motorbike riders with everyone else.

Have lots of filling in to do on this site so I won't say too much now.

Saturday, 05 November 2005

Location: Valencia, Spain

I arrived in Valencia yesterday after having MAJOR issues with my ticket. I had booked flights from Frankfurt to Munich then Munich to Valencia with Star Alliance and they didn't have any record of my booking. I ended up having to pay $800AUD to get to Valencia and with all the stuffing around with the ticket I'm going to make a formal complaint to United Airlines who issued my tickets in the first place. Idiots. I'd checked and re-checked this ticket 3 or 4 times with different United Airlines offices IN PERSON and they all assured me that it was good to go. All the United staff are hopeless if you ask me.

We are supposed to be going to the MotoGP today and tomorrow. Today is only qualifying and I think Scott has lost interest in going today - which is good for me because it really is a "guy thing".

I've managed to bum an internet connection from somewhere. My computer picked up several wireless connections and one of them worked. That reminds me... I have to secure the one at home so the neighbours don't bum off ours!

The demand for hotels in Valencia was huge for last night and tonight because of the MotoGP. Scott had looked for and tried to book several places of accommodation with no luck. In the end he was offered a hotel in the city for 91GBP (English Pounds) a night. It's a goddamn rip-off too. They don't even give you shampoo and breakfast is not included.

I am SO over being rorted. I'm so tired of travelling again. But it's not exhaustion from travelling - it's the shitty "4-star" hotels (or so they claim), the people that are out to rip you off, the crap breakfast food, the rudeness of other travellers (namely the German's) and uncomfortable beds. I just want to go back home.

Thursday, 03 November 2005

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Our time in Egypt has come to an end and I have to say that it wasn't at all what I had imagined it to be like. I've told a few people that the "IDEA" of Egypt was much better than the REAL Egypt. I'd had high hopes for an exotic adventure in Egypt and it turned out to be a place that I would be unlikely to return to again.

The Pyramids were a let down. After all the things I had learnt about them since the mid-90s when I started to become really interested in Pharoahnic history, I thought the visit to the Pyramids would be a culmination of huge emotions. What happened was nothing like that. Seeing the Taj Mahal was much more mind boggling and exhilerating than seeing the Pyramids was.

The Sphinx was like a celebrity - you always imagine them to be really big but in person they are smaller than you thought.

The best thing we saw in Egypt was, in my opinion (Scott's would probably differ), the Temple of Philae. Firstly, there was hardly anyone else on Philae Island down at Aswan which was a huge bonus. Following mass group tours around and having to wait for an entire bus load of 70 people before you can get into somewhere is a pain in the arse. Especially when you aren't on their tour. Secondly, the Temple of Philae structure is really spectacular to look at. The heiroglyphics, the architecture and the location all make for a pleasant "sight-see."

Most of the time in Egypt was spent trying to avoid being ripped off by the locals. Every single person is out to get money out of you somehow. It's a shame and a sham. A right-royal-rip-off and really doesn't put you in the mood for seeing the sights and getting to know the locals.

Today we are leaving Egypt and going to Munich for one night. Tomorrow we leave Munich for Valencia, Spain. We couldn't get a direct flight to Valencia unfortunately.

On Saturday and Sunday we will be at the Valencia MotoGP ( It's something Scott wanted to do and I'm not to keen on doing. Sitting in a grandstand with a thousand Spaniards screaming, "Ole! Ole! Ole!" is not my idea of a great time. It should be a good experience though, and I just hope I can decifer enough Spanish to understand what the hell is going on.

I'm not sure when I'll next have internet but I really have a lot of typing to catch up on. I haven't written anything at all about my trip to China or India but before it all gets too much for me I'd better start soon!

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