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CC & Daryl In Thailand

Welcome to CC & Daryl's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. We will be spending our first few days in Bangkok, then heading out to Kanchanaburi and Krabi for a few days of sightseeing. After this we will spend the remainder of our trip in Sisaket located in the Northeast of Thailand, where we will be teaching English at the Sisaket Business Administration College. We would love for you to keep us company on our trip by sending us messages on our page. We will respond as often as possible while we discover new places and meet new people!!!!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Location: USA

We are finally back to the states and over our jet lag!!! We had an incredible two months in Thailand and would both love to go back again!! Thank you so much for checking out our page and sending us messages! Checking our planet ranger page for messages was one of our favorite things to do! We cannot wait to show everyone more pictures in person, share our endless stories from Thailand.

We've been back for a week and a half now and we are starting to get back into the swing of the real life. We visited friends and teammates at Holy Cross for a weekend, visited the JFK Museum in Boston, and practiced our Thai cooking skills for CC's family in Portsmouth. Now, Daryl is on his way back home to Atlanta and CC will start working on Monday.

Thank you again for checking out our website so often! We cannot wait to fill everyone in on more stories!

Daryl & CC

Monday, 17 August 2009

Location: Si Saket, Thailand

We are back in Thailand after our trip to Cambodia with Dad Decha (the owner of SBAC) and his wife Khun Kai. We have already put a few albums up of our trip to Cambodia and there are still a few more to come!

We learned and saw so much in just a few days! We will put more information up about the places we visited and the history of Angkor, Cambodia, and the Khmer Rouge as soon as we can. So keep checking back for more information, blogs, and pictures of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom Bayon!!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Location: Si Saket, Thailand

We have been in Sisaket teaching at SBAC for two weeks now and things are going great! Our students are very shy and get embarrassed easily when speaking English in class. However, since going on the field trip to Phu Jong Nayoi National Park with a few of our classes, more students are coming up to us to say hello and ask how our day is going. Most of our students are good at reading and writing English, but lack confidence in speaking English. We are working on getting our students to feel more confident in speaking up in class and approaching “farang” (foreigners). Thai students often have a hard time pronouncing R’s and L’s….which makes Daryl sound something like Dawee. As a solution Daryl has been asked to introduce himself as Darren and we have both been given Thai nicknames. In Thailand everyone has a nickname (often having nothing to do with their real name) and there is always a happy meaning behind the nicknames. Daryl’s nickname is Mesaa. In Thai, the month April (Daryl’s birthday is in April) is pronounced “deun mesaa yon” (deun means month, mesaa is April, and yon means there are only 30 days in the month). April is a highly anticipated month of the year because the beloved Songkran Festival takes place in April (we are still learning about why this festival is so loved). CC’s Thai nickname is PiMi (pronounced Pee My). CC’s birthday is December 21st, close to the New Year, which in Thai is called PiMi. Just as Thais love Songkran, they also love celebrating the New Year. Piggy, one of our English speaking Thai friends picked these nicknames for us so Thai people would immediately link us with very happy times in the year. Our students love that we have Thai nicknames almost as much as they enjoy listening to us attempt to speak Thai.
So far we can count to 999 in Thai pretty easily, we’re still working on the bigger numbers…we always forget the words that mean thousand, million, and so on. We have also learned the Thai words for please, thank you, spicy (Thai food is pretty spicy), water, the days of the week, months of the year, our favorite foods, animals that are everywhere in Thailand, like buffalo (kwai) and dog (ma),”where is the bathroom”, phrases that are useful in the classroom like very good (geng mak), ready (prah may yang), and a bunch more. Our host father, Dad Somporn (pronounced Some Pone) is not that great at English, so after dinner we usually sit with our phrasebook and quiz each other on different English and Thai words. Dad Somporn’s grandson, Heart, who is 6, thinks it is hysterical to listen to us try to pronounce the Thai words correctly.
Along with learning new words we are also learning a lot about different foods here in Thailand. For the first week and a half we pretty much tried anything Dad Somporn ordered for us at restaurants or cooked at home. Since he does not speak a lot of English we did not usually know what we were eating. After a trip to the grocery store and seeing that one of the things we had tried was congealed blood…we have started making sure to find out what was on our plates. Among other things we have tried that don’t quite make our list of favorite foods are silk worms, flies, chicken liver, durian (a spiky looking fruit that we are not fans of), and lots of vegetarian food. However, for all the things we have tried and not liked there are twice as many things we have loved. Topping the list would be Singha Beer (the official beer of Thailand), Royalgo (a Cambodian beer), and Asahi (a Japanese beer)….what can we say, shaking off the college lifestyle is harder than we thought it’d be. We are also fans of Mangostein, Mango, Guava, Guava juice, duck, pig leg/feet, cream filled salampow (Daryl eats about 5 almost every morning, we even have a picture of him eating one in the Phu Jong Nayoi album), moo klop (white rice, pork, and a sweet sauce), kow makang (white rice, steamed chicken and a spicy sauce), Thai fried chicken, and countless other Thai foods.
We are working on internet access at Dad Somporn’s house. Once we get that up and running we will be able to update our blog just about daily! We have some videos that we will be trying to put up soon, we are not sure if our internet connection will be good enough to do it though. We will keep you posted! Thanks for all the messages!! We LOVE checking them and hearing from you all!

Kawp Kun Krop (thank you from Daryl) & Kawp Kun Kaa (thank you from CC)!!!!!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Location: Si Saket, Thailand

Thank you everyone for sending us all the messages this past week and a half that we have been in Thailand. We did not know how to check the messages on our page at first, but now that we have figured it out we will be able to check them and respond much quicker!

For the first week and a half our internet access had been sporadic. But now that we are in Si Saket at the Si Saket Business Administration College (SBAC), which is where we are teaching for the next seven weeks, we will have internet access almost every day.

Our first week here at SBAC, we will be teaching the students, as well as many of the professors, how to pronounce common greetings in the U.S. Our first day of teaching was yesterday and we had a great time! The students and faculty here are very nice and constantly show their appreciation for us coming to help them with their English.

This week we will cover formal and informal greetings that are common in U.S. culture. Every class, including the class for the professors, has asked us to sing them an American song, so yesterday we sang them "The Hokie Pokie Song" hahaha. Please feel free to give us some more song suggestions!!

We miss and love you all!!! Thank you for continuing to check out our blog and keep us company on our trip!!! :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The first diary entry!!! It's crazy to think that a few months ago a trip to Thailand was just a fun idea that we tossed around with no clue that it would soon be a reality.

But, in less than one day it will truly be a reality as we will travel to Thailand for two months. With our departure time (8:18 AM, 7/15) rapidly approaching, in true form, we still have to handle a few last minute details.... like packing. As you all can see, we should be packing this very minute, but instead we chose to update our travel blog haha.

We leave tomorrow morning with a few stops before we reach Thailand. We'll fly from Boston to Chicago, Chicago to Tokyo, and finally Tokyo to Bangkok. Our estimated time of travel, including layovers, will be 27 hours and 32 minutes. Our longest flight will be the 13 hours it will take to get from Chicago to Tokyo.

We'll be posting blogs, pictures, and videos of our experiences in Thailand throughout our trip!!! We'd love for you to post messages on our blog and we'll try to respond as often as possible.

Dit dor mah na!!!! (Keep in touch!!!!)

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Recent Messages

From pam
hi...i know...maybe somtime u miss thai food
From pam
miss you ....
From pam
hello....i'm sad to join in english camp but i keep good memory so long time...misss
From Aunt Donna
Welcome Home!

I'm sorry I am out of town, but look forward to seeing you both real soon.

Aunt D.
From Mo
BTW...Izzy the mice slayer is coming to Boston for a few days!! Hope that is ok with you! And...I hope ItMS is up for the challenge. LOVE!!
Response: hahaha no problem! I hope she does a great job! And I hope she doesn't make you sneeze too much!
From Mo
WOW! This is all so amazing! I am so glad that you two were able to have this experience. It looks like you've seen and done SO much and made some great new friends along the way. I hope you're having a great last few days, have a SAFE flight home and we can't wait to see you at Logan!!!!


Response: Can't wait to tell you all of our stories!!!!!!!!!! Love you! See you in a couple days!!!!!
From John and Jennifer
Hey guys...
Saturday night, here at the ranch, two weeks into our Calverton adventure. You, nearing the end of yours... for now. My guess is that we both share that satisfying feeling of a job well done. The pictures you took, the stories, the descriptions, have all been wonderful. I am sure that you made a huge impact on your new Thai friends. We are happy for you and proud of you for taking the risk. We love you!!!
Response: We can't wait to see the new house and tell you all of our Thai stories!! We leave tomorrow...crazy! We love you too!!
From Mom
Love the English camp photos...Daryl you look great in an apron who would have thought yellow and pink were your colors. Did the students like spaghetti and meatballs? What did you end up using for "meat" balls?
Response: Yea it was a fun day! We ended up using ground pork. They tasted great! See you soon!!!!! I love you!
From Mark
Last I knew spaghetti was Italian. You should have had hot dogs. If you really wanted some great "American" food you should have had scrapple and hoagies with soft pretzels for dessert. Bet you never realized what delicacies you were eating on all those trips to Philadelphia. This Sunday the Eagles start the drive to the Super Bowl. I love you. Dad
Response: Can't wait to eat all those delicacies when we are in Philly in November! Are you running the marathon with Mo too?!?!?!?!?! I can't wait to see you! I love you!
From Dad
I saved the cat from being eaten alive by the West's dog today....I should have my head examined. Good news though NFL Football starts today. Counting the days down until you get home.
Love Dad
Response: WHAT?! how did the West's dog get close enough to even smell her?! The count down is shorter for me because I'm 11 hours ahead and I can't wait to see you!!!!!!
From Aunt Donna
I hope your English Camp went well. I will miss hearing about your trip. Thank you both for sharing this experience after with all of us back home.

Aunt Donna
Response: The English Camp was great!! I cannot wait to see you!!!! Love you! CC
From Mom
Hi CC,
I love the new pictures they are great. I tried to chat to you today via facebook but for some reason my chat is not working properly. The count down is really on one week from tonight and you will be here in NH!!!! I can't wait. Please be sure to thank your host family for me for taking such good care of you. They are welcome at our home any time. Love you Mom
Response: Yea I got your message but we were teaching. For English camp, I taught how to make spaghetti and meatballs, Daryl taught how to make sandwiches, and the SBAC English teachers taught how to make Milk shakes and fruit punch with recipes we gave them. It all went great!!!! Then last night Daryl and I made apple pie for all the teachers at SBAC and we will make another one tonight for our host family!

See you very soon!!!! :) I love you!
From Jenny/Tootie
Hi C.C and darly pants:)
I can't beleive you guys are having this AMAZING expirience!!! Aren't you loving it? Our fam did too. we are sooo happy for you (maybe even wishing we snuck into your suitcases ;] ) the house inMD is awesome! You have to visit. Cant wait to see you at thanksgiving-or hopefully earlier! I miss you and have boatloads of fun.

PS do you like Tamarins
Response: Jenny from the Block!!!!! Yes, we are definitely loving it!! And we wish you had snuck into our suitcases too!!! We're glad to hear the MD house is AWESOME! CC is hoping to visit with Mark and Marian on Columbus Day. It will probably take Darlypants a little longer to make it to the MD house. We miss you too Jenny! Tamarins are pretty good....but they don't beat mangostein!!!! :)
From harry thomas
HC won its first game vs G-town. I will be in Worcester this weekend for the next game. But I envy you both your time in Thailand. It's an experience you cannot beat. Hope you get to meet Amb. John.
Response: We have surely enjoyed our trip to the "Land of Smiles!" We're hoping our schedule can match up with Amb. John's as well! Enjoy your trip to HC!
From banderson
Well guys this has been amazing for me so i can just imagine your feelings. We miss you and looking foward for you to be stateside. Talk soon, Aunt Bev
Response: We love Thailand, we can't wait to get home! Talk to you soon Aunt Beverly
From Aunt Donna
It is hard to believe that you guys will be heading back to the states in only a week. We can't wait to see all the pictures and hear the stories.

Travel safely!
Love ya,
Aunt D.
Response: It's crazy to say....see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Mom
Hi There CC and Daryl,
How was the weekend trip. Did you make it to Laos??? Hope it was exciting. Did you find all the recipes you need for your student celebration next week? Only 9 more days until you are home!!
Have a great last week.
Love Ya, Mom
Response: Hi!
We made it to Laos and back! We didn't see much of Laos we stayed in a casino right on the Thai-Laos border. We did get to drive over the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge 2. We'll try to get pictures up soon. They are not that great because we had to take them while driving, but we'll put them up.

And "English Camp" tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure it while be something. See you SOON!!!!!!!!
From Chris
hey cc and daryl! it was great reading about your travels...sure brought back memories.
and in response to your facebook post cc, maryland is actually going pretty good right now. (for some reason i cant write on your wall)
when do you guys get back?
Response: Woohoooo MD is great!!! That is fabulous news!!!! I think I will be down there to visit for Columbus Day weekend. I can't wait to see all of you, the school, and the house!!! I messed with my security settings on my facebook page while applying to jobs and it has screwed up what people can see on my page. I just haven't had time to fix it while being here.

We leave Si Saket this Saturday, September 12, fly out of Bangkok Sept 15, and arrive in Boston Thursday, Sept 16. Tell everyone we say hello and we're glad to hear MD is treating you well!! We miss you!
From Uncle Jim & Aunt Tam
As Tammy will attest, I do not spend much time sending messages on the computor, but I enjoyed looking at your pictures so much, just had to try and let you know. It certainly looks like you are making the best of your time at work and play. In the short time you both are there, you certainly have had the opportunity to see a lot more of that part of the World than I ever did. Look forward to hearing more stories when you return. Love Uncle Jim
Response: Thank you so much Uncle Jim! I cannot wait to show you more pictures and fill you in on all of our stories when I get back! I hope you've had a great summer!!!! Love you!!!
From Aunt Donna
Thanks for the updates> Great Photos! Daryl looks like that monkey is pretty fond of you!
From Lizzy
Hello you guys!! I can't believe it's almost time for you to go. Time FLYS! Looks like you had an amazing time. What an awesome expirience!! Can't wait to hear all about it first hand. Love you two!!
Response: Can't wait to see you! Want to go out in Portsmouth with us?! Or at HC? I'll call you when I'm back!!!!! Love you!
From mark
Hello again, Dying for more pictures. Where have you been, what are you doing, etc.etc. I love you, Dad
Response: We finally have more pictures up!!! Sorry it took awhile. We have been very busy. Since we leave soon we are trying to get all sorts of things done! Next week we have a day of English camp where we will teach how to make some American foods and then be the judges on what students made the best food!

What are the plans for Friday, Birthday Boy?!?!?! See you soon! I love you!

From mark
Hi Again, Back from our trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto. I bought a Toronta/Canada baseball cap to add to my collection. Made in China. Anyway, the trip was great, probably not as great as Thailand but great none the less. Right now I'm hiding from Mom before she finds something for me to do. Hope you're having a great time and can't wait to see you. I love you, Cinderella - I mean Dad.
Response: hahahaha I'm glad you had a great trip! Thank goodness you go back to work soon, so you can start to relax. haha I love you! See you very soon!!!
From Aunt Donna
Uncle Mel played his own version of Tick, Tick, Boom last week, except the tick that bit him wasn't a lot of fun. He was a sick Puppy. Yeah, even more then usual. So I do not recommend his version of the game. I think there were a couple points when he would have rather been blown up.

Hope you guys are still having fun!

Love you,
Aunt Donna
Response: Oh no!! Feel better Uncle Mel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Marian
Hi CC and Daryl,
Looked like you had a nice visit with you friends family. I am glad they are protecting you from the sun.;-) I love seeing all the things that you are doing and places that you get to visit. I can not believe it is the end of August. I start school on Monday that means that you only have about 2 more weeks in Thailand. What are the plans for getting back to Bangkok? Can't wait to hear from you.
Love Mom
Response: Good luck with the start of school!! I hope all your little kids didn't forget everything over the summer!

We will be taking an overnight train from Si Saket to Bangkok (I think leaving Sisaket Sept 12) and then staying at the Marriott in Bangkok. Daryl's aunt got us a reservation! Then we fly out late September 15. I love you! Can't wait to see you!