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Celeste's Holiday

hey hey :D

Well I am going over seas for about a month and I've decided to set up this page. =)

Bebo would be good but not everyone has it, and this is easier than sending bulk emails.

Leave me a comment, let me know how you're all doing, and whats going on =)

love Celeste xoXox

Diary Entries

Friday, 12 October 2007

Location: CANBERRA, Australia

back in canberra! Feels so nice =p

Sorry I didn't write for awhile...jetlag was really bad...still is =(

I'll quickly write about the last few days...

On Tuesday we all took a "mini cab" to the airport. We left at 8:30am and didnt get to the airport until hour and a half driving, the traffic was so bad.

We checked in and said goodbye to my Grandma before we walked through security to the boarding lounge. She started to cry, which was sad:(

We had about an hour and a half until we needed to board, so we got a drink and sat around. We boarded the plane at around 11:30, and were meant to take off at 12:15.

However, there were delay...some people hadn't boarded, so we had to wait for another 15 minutes or so. Finally we took off, the flight was about 12 hours, and I got around an hours sleep. The Video on Demand Option didn't work at first, so they had to reboot the whole system which took around 40 minutes.

When it was fixed I watched a few movies and listened to music.

When we booked our flights, our travel agent was meant to book a vegetarian meal, but it hadn't seemed to go through for this flight. Luckily they had spare vegan one...but it was disgusting, as there was no butter for the bread, and the milk was all weird and I got this weird fruit bar instead of a chocolate bar which wasn't nice...but oh well at least I was fed baha

We stopped of at Singapore, and by that time I was so tired I felt drugged lol. In my last entry I said I hoped I hadn't jinxed myself. I jinxed myself. When they called out the announcement for boarding, mum was looking for the bags for the passports and boarding tickets. She looked up and said,

"I only have two passports."

I actually said, "I bet the missing ones mine."

They are so strict about that stuff in Singapore and mum kept repeating that it was the worst country for this to happen, which really didn't make me feel better. But at least she kept calm =p

Luckily she had a photo copy of all of them, just in case. A woman looked at the copy and checked I was Celeste, then she told me to come with her. We all stepped forward, but then she said,

"Just Celeste - you two stay here."

I was feeling so tense by then. She took me back onto the plane, to where our seats were, and we looked for it there - but it was no where. She gave me back the copy and pointed me in the direction to go back to the lounge.

When I found where we had all been standing before, Mum and Claudia were gone! I wandered around for a bit and then saw mum at a security desk. I walked over and told her the passport wasn't there.

She looked at me really excited and pretty much screeched that someone had handed in it. I was so relieved =)

So we boarded the plane and had an 8 hour flight. I slept a bit more, and when the meal came I pretended to be asleep so I didnt have to eat it haha. I wasn't hungry anyway, and I felt a bit sick.

All we could see out of the window was ocean for a few hours, and I was so happy when I saw the beach at the edge of Australia. It took another three hours to get to Sydney and Mum started cheering and clapping when we landed, so I looked away and pretended I didn't know her =p

We went to go through Quarantine, and the guy told us we had to bring our luggage through to be checked - which was not what the woman in London had told us. So we had to go back through the que to find our luggage, where mum got sniffed by a sniffer dog.

After we got through Quarantine we headed to the "Domestic Transfer" Area, where a bus took us to the Domestic terminal. We had and hour and a quarter until our next flight, and I wanted to brush my teeth, so I went to the bathroom. Mum had lost the toothpaste as well, so I went back to Claudia and borrowed some of hers. My teeth and mouth felt so good afterwards =)

When we had boarded the plane to Sydney, we were all ready to take off, but there were 15 unaclaimed baggage underneath, which they needed to sort out. That delayed us by 45 minutes!

There were hardly any people on board, so when the seatbelt sign was turned off, I moved to the seat in front of me. I had three seats to myself, a window, and because it was next to the emergency exit door, I had a lot of legroom.

As we were descending, and I could actually see the lights of Canberra, a song came on and the chorus was "I'm going home, to the place where I belong." which I thought was a bit of a coincidence =p

We arrived and departed the plane, it was so good to see my dad, and Ashleigh had also turned up =D

We then drove to my nan's house to see her, which was great, and then got home at 12:00 midnight. I went to bed at 4:00am and didnt wake up until.....

5:30pm the next day!! It was weird Cause then I went back to sleep about five hours later =p.

This morning I woke up at 5:00am, and couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up at 6 and had breakfast. It is now 6:57am and I am wide awake.

It felt a bit like a dream at first, it was weird to think that a few hours before I had been on the opposite side of the world, and now I am in a place I am so familiar with. All the other countries seem so long away, and almost like a dream themselves.

It is so good to be back, I felt so happy =)

Well thats it from me...hope you enjoyed reading this site, I enjoyed keeping it =)

Looking forward to seeing you all =D

Lots of Love, Celeste xoXox

Monday, 08 October 2007

Location: London, England

hey hey

Last full day in London!! Quite sad...but I'm looking forward to coming home :P

We started off the day by going to hospital! Claudia's toe hadnt stoped bleeding, and it was oozing out this black/red puss haha thats as much as I will say.

The nurse cleaned it and bandaged it and gave my mum special bandages for her. Apparently the cleaning was the most painful thing :S

Then we went for lunch at an Indian restaurant which was very nice. We couldnt get parking outside, so we had to park the car down the road. Claudia couldn't walk so I had to carry her on my back! My shoulders hurt now haha.

We then drove to my mum's primary school, and then her high school, to watch all the students come out. Apparently the uniform is pretty much the same except for the skirt.

Then we drove back =D

Oh and by the way...I kept meaning to mention, that the bathroom has one of those lights where you pull the cord and it turns on :P Found that pretty exiting at first =p

It's been a fantastic holiday and I've really enjoyed it =) I will definately miss all the countries I've seen, and all the people I've met, but I am looking forward to coming home. I will probaby write one more entry when I get back to Australia, just to finish it of =p. We arrive back Wednesday night (Australian time), and leave Tuesday morning (British time), so there won't be anything here for awhile.

I will write on Thursday then. =D

I'm a little bit nervous about the flight back...again I hate the thourght of being stuck on a stuffy plane for 23 hours. I'm not nearly as nervous as I was coming out here though - I hope I didnt just jinx myself :S haha I probably did =(

Ok...well I'll write later then...

See you all really soon!!

Lots of Love,

Celeste xoXox

Sunday, 07 October 2007

Location: London, England

hey =D

Today we went to a cafe for lunch with a group of my family. My aunt and uncle couldn't make it, as they had to leave earlier this morning. However, two other uncles and aunts were my two gorgous cousins.

Lunch was very nice, and afterwards mum had planned to introduce me to her best friend Virginia. Claudia could have come, but decided to stay with the rest of the family.

So I had to say good bye to more family, and it will most likely be for a few years =(

Mum and I got the tube, but some of the rail services weren't working, so we had to get a luxurious taxi to the exact spot...what a pity =p. ahh i love the taxi's here =p.

We met Virginia and her six year old son at a cafe in St. Jame's Park and had a drink and a bite to eat. Jim (Virginia's son) has the most lovely english accent ;p he sounds so proper....I loved it! He was also very smart and spoke to me about how electricity passes through metal, and recited from the nuber 20 to the number 0. When I asked what he wanted to do when he grows up, he told me he wanted to be a scientists who 'makes potions.'
He probably meant did experiments, because then he started to tell me about 'potions' he made at home - where he would put a tablet into a glass of water and watch it all fizz over the edge. He was adorable =p.

He was pretty keen to feed the squirrels, so we went outside and he got out a bag of nuts he'd brought - and the squirrels loved them.

Then we walked to Leister square, and I took some photos of him, mum and Virginia. He then looked at my mum and said,

'I know what would make a lovely photo.' (In his gorgeous accent)

my mum asked him, 'What?'

And he looked at me and said,

'Me and Celeste.'

ahhh how cute! haha so we had a photo and then went in search of China Town so we could go out to dinner.

We found it and a nice restaurant and ordered dinner. Virginia took Jim to the bathroom at one stage and apparently he told her he thought he was in love with me =p

Afterward we had to say another good bye, and Jim asked when we would be back =(

Even more goodbye's. Ergh. I hate goodbyes.

So we caught the tube back to my Grandma's place and here I am now =) The day after tomorrow I am heading home =) It feels like I've been here ages!!!

Missing you all!! See you soon!!!

Love Celeste xoxox

Sunday, 07 October 2007

Location: London, England

ahh finally I've updated my diary....there was internet access at the hotel, but only one computer, so it was often taken. I thought it might be easier to update when we got back.

SO there are a few enteries before this one that you probably havent read =p

I will write about today tonight =D

Leaving the day after tomorrow!! Get back Wednesday night...gonna be so tired =p

haha ok well 'enjoy' ttys

Love Celeste xoxox

Saturday, 06 October 2007

Location: London, England

Today was our last day in Ireland. We had breakfast in the hotel as usual, and then had to leave our luggage there, as it was check out ime. We didnt need to leave for the airport until 3:00 so we had plenty of time.

We got a taxi to the house my dad used to live in - which is really pretty!!!! and big!!!

After we got back we walked to Trinity College again, to take some photos.

Normally there are bus and taxi lanes - but we saw a horse and cart lane! And people would use them a bit like taxi's!! We were going to go on one after we got back from my dad's old house, but we didnt have time =(

We decided for lunch we would treat ourselves - and went to the same restaurant once again =p but was so nice. There was stained glass windows, velvet thrones, and it was about 2 stories =D

We got a taxi to the airport and had about 2 hours to spare, so we checked i early and all got seats together =D We took of at 5:45 and the journey was a lot more comfortable than the one going to Ireland.

We landed at around 7:15 and caught the tube to my grandma's place - which took over an hour. We didnt arrive home untill 9:30. My Aunt and Uncle was there - who I've never met before, so it was nice to meet them. But they had both had a bit too much to drink by then...and then to celebrate us arriving, they had even more!

They went to bed early, and Claudia and I headed upstairs. Whilst I was in the shower, Claudia dropped the Iron on her foot and it was bleeding so much! I wont go into details though =p

We got to sleep at around 12:30, and I didnt sleep too well =(

Love Celeste xoxox

Friday, 05 October 2007

Location: Dublin, Ireland

hey =)

We had breakfast in the hotel today and then got a taxi to a bus stop. The bus left at 11:30, and it was 11:15, so we had to hurry. (normally we would have walked.)

The bus took us on an hours drive to a place called Glendelough, which was so pretty! We bought a map and planned on going for a walk around.

We plassed through a graveyard which was so old that we could't read the wrting on some of the Stones - it had faded out. One was for a woman who had died in 1882, but there were fresh flowers laid there. Some were really sad. There was one grave, which was long and wide, where a whole family had been buried, and another which had been dedicated to a couples children - and there were about seven children that were metioned, the youngest being only thirteen years old =( Then there was one dedicated to a six year old boy, and another dedicated to two twin baby girls.

We went into the run down chapel, where some more stones had been laid, and I tried to read them - the earliest I could read dated back to 1654 I think.

We passed through and walked for over an hour, it was so pretty, a bit like a rain forest. But different...there were waterfalls everynow and again, moss on rocks, and the sun would shine through all the trees - I half exprected fairys to pop out haha.

We got the bus back and went to the same restaurant for dinner.

Love Celeste xoxox

Thursday, 04 October 2007

Location: Dublin, Ireland

First Day in Ireland =)

We woke up at around 7:30ish, had breakfast and got ready. We left the house at 9:10, and the traffic was quite bad - we didnt get to the airport until 10:15, half an hour before we were meant to board. Because of this we checked in later than we would have prefered, and were all seperated.

We flew on an Ireland air service, and before we took of it played Irish music. There was a fair bit of turbulance, the person in front of me kept putting their seat back, and the person behind me kept kicking my chair!

We arrived in Ireland at 12:30 and got onto a bus that would take us to the centre of Dublin. It dropped us of right opposite our hotel, which was conveniant =)

There were flies everywhere, as one of the windows were open, but we chased after them with our towels until they were gone, and shut the window =p

Then we walked down the road and saw Trinity College. It is beatiful and very big. They had a museum there called 'The Book of Kells' which we all went and had a look at.

We also saw their library - which seriously looked likt the one in Harry Potter. It was two stories, with and arhed roof and ladders leading up to the higher shelves.

We saw the statue of Molly Malone as was about a ten minute walk away.

We wandered for a while longer and came to this really nice cafe/restaurant and had dinner there.

We got lost trying to find the hotel again, but whilst we were looking we passed a nice looking pub and went in for abit of underage drinking =p

Joking, I had a coke and Claudia had a lemoade. =p

We finally found our way back, by following the dodgy map we had bought. We had to cross many zebra crossings, and they are awesome :P They have a green man, to cross, a yellow man to show that the red man was about to appear...I hope that made sense =D

We slept really well that night =D

love Celeste xoxox

Wednesday, 03 October 2007

Location: London, England

hey hey,

Today we went shopping at Kingston =D I went with my aunt and sister, as my mum was seeing another friend.

It is pretty big, part of it is outdoors and the other half is indoors. There was a disney shop, and a make a bear factory. You choose a soft toy and then stuff it, print of a birth certificate and buy it clothes. Claudia had a go at it...and she made a dog. She called it Fluffy - very original haha =p

There were lots of clothes and jewellery shops - I bought a top and a necklace =) in one particular shop, a woman came up to me and asked which pair of gloves I prefered. I chose, she smiled and walked of. Pretty funny =p

In another shop, I saw a lady walk past with fairy floss on a stick! I'd never actually seen that before...except in movies so I was a bit surprised =p. They were doing some sort of promotion and giving away free fairy floss, so Claudia and I had some =)

We ate lunch and walked around pretty much the whole day. My aunt organised for my uncle to pick up Imogen from school so we didnt have 'any time restrictions.'

We got back to their place at about 4:30 and had tea and biscuits again for afternoon tea =D I rekon I'll be really english when I get back =p

They are such a sweet family, when we were all sitting around they took it in turns to talk about their day, and everyone seemed really interested in what someone else had to say =)

Claudia and I stayed for dinner - we had pasta...yum...

Then Claudia and Oliver showed each other some magic tricks. One that Claudia showed was with a dice with a different coloured circle on each side. She would get a member of the audience to put the dice in a square container, with their picked colour facing upwards. She then shook it by her ears and cast her magic spell and was able to say what colour the person had picked.

They were all so confused, so I told them that when she rattled it by her ear, a voice shouted out what colour it was (which i promise is not how she did it), my cousins and uncle spent the rest of the evening rattling it near their ear and trying to 'listen for the voice.'

We played with the hamster a bit as cute!

My uncle drove us back to my Grandma's place at about 8:15, and by that time she was 'worried sick' about us. hahaha.

My mum came back at around 9 and introduced Claudia and I to her friend.

Tomorrow we are off to Ireland, so again I dont know if I will have internet access...but keep your fingers crossed ;) If I dont I'll just have to write everything down, and then type it up ;p

Hope your all having a great time!! See you soon,

Love Celeste xoXox

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From Cassie
munchkinsa and chippers quite a cute combo i know ur in canberra but still you know!!!!!!!! cant wait till monday to c all ma frieds again cept that thing wats it called oh yeah SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
luv you lotsly c u soon byeeeeeeeeeeee
Response: baha yeh they will get along really well =p

ergh, school :(

ily heaps!!!

From allora
hey celeste

sorry about taking aggeezzz to talk to you!!! i've just been at coffs harbour and the gold coast for the holidays!!

i have got major goss to tell you...well to me its major goss coz its about a guy...who've ive been hanging out with...beleive me its SO messed up....tell you mondaii

anywayz hope you had a bloody fantastic holiday!! coz ino i enjoyed mine!! got all the pics on bebo

love you long time

Response: woo thats cool!!! you have to tell me all about it!!!

I thought you werent coming back till sunday...coz thats wat trisha said lol =p


From Susannah
HEY CELESTE!!!! wow i can't believe your coming home tomorrow!! the photos of ireland are really pretty - it looks like you had stacks of fun (the lepracon is cute too :p).

You will enjoy your last day, especially knowing that you will have to spend almost a day on a plane, but you should be fine.

ok i'll leave it here and talk to you soon when you get back!!! have a safe trip

love susannnah xoxoxo
Response: I am back in Canberra now =D It feels so good! yes all the traveling on the plane added up to a bit over 24 hours...which it was so squishy and cramped...but I'm home now =D woo.

See you Monday!!!!


Love Celeste xoxoxo
From ebony
oh my god,,, i told you to STAY AWAY FROM THE LEPROCORNS. BUT NOOO. TOO GOOD FOR ME EYY (whoops cap lock) but if you "accidentally" burn something dont say i didint warn you. because i did. bye.

(im talking about the photo if your just thinking i'm crazy =])

luv lots ebony
Response: haha I know...but you said to stay away from a leprecorn called Bob...wasnt it? And that one wasnt called Bob :P

haha ok ok i wont blame you if I burn anything :P haha

see you soon!!!!


From Tara
hey hey

yay i was so happy to see another journel entry i have been looking everyday, but there had been no entries :( lol wow that makes me sounds like i have no life but i do lol i went ova jaimees on the weekened and to the movies :P

so did u like ireland? what hotel did you stay at? did u get a pic with molly malone ?? lol do u no the song hehe speaking of pictures you have to load some more up :D

did u eat balck pudding yum (and for those who dont no black pudding is made out of blood.) Yuck :P i neva did but ma dad did wbu?

Oh your poor sister? you should go into details :P for me lol :D could she walk ? is she okay now??? what a bummer to happen on holidays.

Lol you went to trinity college why did you do that u could go there here is right next to our jks :P did u go to any majour tourist attractions in Ireland like the blarney stone, or the ring of kery etc. ????

oh isent getting lost all part of the fun :P lol did u have to cross some zebra crossings that didnt make noise?? cause i did and the green man would come up and i woulnt notice :P

how sad is seeing the gravestones :( , there are many cemetries arnt there they are all very old. I saw many of my families graves when i was there very sad :'( but good to see.

oh 3 more days untill ur back in ur home country :D lucky u will have jetlag again but hopefully it will be gone by the time u get back to school :D

have u bought much stuff? i didnt when i was ova there just took lots and lots of pics :D.

so........ hehe go down

sorry i just had to do that big space for michael :P cause i no how much he just looooooves them lol ;P it was also to make up for my last very short message , oh i no it was a disgrace :P

well i g2g now hope to hear from u soon

ily <3
mwa xoxoxox

Tara :D
Response: lol! Well we were only there three days so we didn't have time to do the major attractions =( which sucked! But I loved it! I would have really liked to stay a week or so =)

We stayed at the Lynam Hotel..I think thats how you spell it =p and when we went to get a photo there was a whole group of people in front of it, like sitting on the platform bit..and it didnt look like they were gonna move any time soon =( hmph. Just our luck, so we had to go. and I do know the dad used to play it heaps =p

I've loaded some of Ireland!! Arent they showing up?!

eeew black puddin!! yuuuck!!!!! No way and I dont believe in eating any product that comes from a dead animal =p unless it's made of humans blood?! haha eeew

She's limping, which definately sux, and whenever she bangs it against something (which she does now that its hurt..) she almost cries...well not really, but she yells out =(

haha yes! Actually I did that today in London, I stood there and didnt realise people were crossing...I was totally just daydreaming, and my mums friend's son was tapping me and pointing and i was like huh?


Are some of your family buried in Glendelough? aww that must have been sad? =(

I actually dont think I completely got over the jet lag =o like, its got better, but I just dont get tired at night! but i do during the day...I spose it's kinda like that at home thoug..haha but yeh im gonna be exausted =p were you? How much time did you get off before you came back to school?

Ok, well I hope those pics are showing!!!


From shannon
it sounds like your having fun:)
u know u were right about the mermaid show it was bad. oh well. i can't believe it's already friday!! OMG i am sooo sick of little kids. i worked on wednesday and thursday and i had 2 completely opposite groups. on wed i had a group of 5 boys (never put that many 5/6 year olds boys 2gether) and when we had 2 play games they wanted 2 play football and i was like sure how do you play. anyway it got 2 hard to try and work out how to play so i decided to see if they wanted to play soccer. the game lasted about 30 seconds. 1 of the boys picked up the ball with there hands. i was soooo tired after an hour and half of yelling at them. they wouldn't listen 2 me or anyone else for that matter. when we went in the foam pit they decided to go and jump on jess and throw things at ther instead of me which was funny until they pulled me in and started attaking me!! but it was ok on thurs cause i had the custest group of kids. they were kind of boring but reasonably well behaved.
u must be soo sick of rain.
was the bus you went on a double decker? u know one of the fews things i remember about england was sitting on a double decker bus that had no roof on the top deck and it started pouring rain and everyone went downstairs except for us. mum and dad just made us put on REALLY ugly ponchose ( is that how u spell it? oh well) and sit there in the rain.

shannon xxx
Response: haha yes there are double decker buses and we went on a few of them =p

you sounded like you were pretty patient =p I would have been like arrr!!! hahahaha and boring is better than hyper haha.

Imagine being a teacher at Mackillop...and what they go through everyday =p tiring!!!!

cya soon!!

From Susannah
hey celeste :p shopping at kingston sounds fun! i would have been in the disney shop all day. yes having tea and biscuits for afternoon tea everyday...very english. have fun in ireland!!!!! how exciting :p ok i'll write soon
love susannah
Response: haha it was an awesome shop..I was tempted to buy an eeyore, but i didnt think it would fit in my suitcase on the way home =)

Ireland was heaps fun...I really liked it. Wish I could have stayed a bit longer though =(


From Mon
G'Day. How are we? Where are you going after Ireland? When you do go to Ireland please take a picture of a leprecaun for me, whether it's a toy or the real thing I don't care. You could you also record one of their voices (You don't have to let them know you're doing it, just while you're shopping flip out your phone and record them - just pretend you're talking to someone). When do you come home?

Love you heaps! Thanks for the postcard!

Response: alrighty i will do both of those things just for you =p =p only you would think that up ;)

After Ireland we're heading back to London, and then to the place i'm most excited about - australia!!! yay!! :D

no worries ;)

love you lots - SEE YOU SOON!!!!

Response: haha kingston was awesome =p pretty big! so cool though =p

From /\/\ ! c ]-[ @ e \_
hey celestE,

yes well me n tara r full dating u know :P JOKING :P if tara were so lucky *-) n omg i did not get a postcard, i mean wat is this :O just kidding even though i think u know where i live... OMG CELESTE KNOWS WHERE I LIVE IM SCARED :P i think im quaking :O :P oh n the thermus idea for the first day of term four yeh i wouldn't do that just incase it gets thrown at ur head by someone :P (i swear i wouldn't do it 8-)but trish can bring biscuits :P n fyi u dont have to remind me to dance to the wiggles :P its human nature :P which is rather sad :P n ive given up on trying to beat tara's comments :P interveiw on friday EXCITED n ummm i finally got my plan activated :D was dieing from lack of txtin :P well anyways i best get going the kettle is screaming (or boiling cause most ppl like me have an electric kettle :P) n the biscuits are currently on the cooling tray and should be reading by now :D tea n biscuits anyone? :P

catcha l8r mater
/\/\ ! c ]-[ @ e \_

Ps. since u like the gaps in comments theres one :P sorry but i had to do it even though i hate it when ppl do it, its just a waste of space leaving spaces TARA, bye celestE :P
Response: ha but its easier to read!!!!!

haha lol yeh...I wasnt really planning to - and i deleted that text with your address aaages i said before i only sent postcards to people who i had their addressed written in my diary!!! haha no other reason I promise =p

GOOD LUCK! Have you told anyone about it or am I just extremely lucky =D

haha you weirdo...are you mocking my new style of life?

let me know how it goes ok? ok.

haha jks! well... i am gonna go now....t.t.y.l

bye michael
From Tara
thats right i am winning our ridicoulus, immature game lol :D and go the spaces hehe

oh and oh yeh me and michael are totaly together didnt u no that :P geez lol

and i agree he does have a sneaky way of getting in our convo's but maybe its just cause i like talking about him :p JKS lol

and yes i did get paid for my hard work thank god lol i worked again to day but it was boaring and i didnt do as much just writting out numbers all day funnnnn :P you sounds like u did something much more intresting

well i have run out of things to say, i no its terrible and i have discrased the long comments tradition :O oh well :P heheh

talk u again soon
mwa xoxooxo

Tara <3

Response: geez tara what a short message....and what are you doing reading comments addressed to Michael??

Argh! there he his again!! I rekon you lurve him....hahahahahahah


From Susannah
hi again :p yeah my holidays have been heaps good. just relaxing and bludging and catching up with some sleep...on the weekend we went to sydney (which i was so excited about) to watch the manly vs storm grand final. the rogue traders, shannon noll, and the hodoo guroos performed which was really good. there was 81 397 people there so the stadium was packed. before the game we just walked around darling harbour, stiring all the melbourne supporters and telling them to go back to melbourne....little did we know manly would LOSE !!! i was devestated and today is probably the first day i haven't been sad about it (it's pathetic that i'm so upset - i know).

Well ireland should be interesting. are there any attractions or anything in ireland? hmm you should have a great time over there :p good to hear from you again, and i will write agin soon.

ily xoxox
Response: haha awww...but thats Karma for you Susanna =p naww but that sux =p at least you got to see it aye?!?!

Im not sure exactly what we are doing in Ireland, but hopefullythere will be internet access in the hotel so i can keep you all updated and in touch =p


feel better =p

From /\/\ ! c ]-[ @ e \_
hey celestE,

well today i saw hairspray :P it was aight the singing was like a bit too close together (like the songs :P) mmmmm i see u mentioned tea and biscuits in ur last log it must have been peer pressure because i know ur not that english aye :P u were just pressured into it but ur sister and mother so i guess thats like family pressure :P if you only have likle ummmm is it 8 days left r u just like having quick stay overs in like ur remaining destinations¿ well its really HOT well i think so i like died today at the shops :P anyways i taped a wiggles concert during the day today so i think i might go and watch it :P HAHA

catcha l8rs mater
/\/\ ! c ]-[ @ e \_
Response: haha hey....does it like make you put in an email addy for you???

yeh i was a song, 2 words and then another song! arr i was like, 'stop singing!!' actually no...belinda said that and i said, 'but its a musical!' and she said 'I know!'

yeh thats my little story of the day. ha yeh definately not peer pressure haha i just thought of that half way through the 'snack' and realised i had to put it in my blog just for you!

So i see you and tara have got quite close aye aye aye?!

I do think she is rather winning at this ridicoulus, immature game you people play these days - did that sound english or what?

Maybe im just adapting to there ways and on the first monday of term i will bring in a thermus full of tea and a packet of biscuits for everyone to share hahaha!!!

Or we could reley on trusha to bring in the biscuits =p

Yeh we only have a few days in Ireland, and scotland and spain arent happening so yeh...=(

oh well....

ok well dance and sing along to your favourite songs ok? ok.


From Tara
hey hey

well i got ur postcard today :D thank you i love it :P
you sent it on the 24/9/07 and i got it on the 2/10/07 so i think it took it about a week to get to me :D thats not that bad. How many postcards did u send?
Well it was nice to see michaels attempt at trying to beat my novel comments but i am sorry i still think i am winning, as in my comments i write usefull and intresting information unlike him , oh and fyi michael i put gaps in it to make it eaiser to read :D what do u think celeste? do u think its easier to read with gaps or no gaps ????? :P
i also dont try to write novels they just end up that way :P okay okay i have tried once or twice :P lol but i still have a life :D
But sorry michael i still think i am winning :P who do u think is winning celeste ?? :P
lol me and michael are very competitive hehe.

Anywaz i think i have talked about michael enough in this message, it is actually creeping me out how many times i have mentioned his name :P lol only joking Michael ( said it again lol) u are my .......... :P

well i didnt do anything intresting today i went to work with my mum :D i worked all day and cleaned out this room full or files i sorted them out and cleaned all the shelves and put the files all back in alpehbitical order, it took me all day but i did it :P i felt quite proud lol , i just thought i would let you no what i got up to today evan though your probebly not that intrested and what i talked about was not that intresting but ohwell lol.

so cool you went to a theme park sounds awsome, its a shame you can not go to disney land :( . Which theme park do u reckon was better the ones here in Aust. or the one u went to?? ( now think very carfullly about ur answer lol only joking)
lol i have been asking u to pick in alot of my questions this time havent i ..oh well it should make ur reply a lil eaiser to write :P
lol do u plan on having a hamster pet as well as a squirrel now ?? lol
oh and are u going to brin ur painting back home in ur suitcase or give it to a family member u have visited???

hmmm how long was i in each country, well it really depended they were all different cause on the europw trip we were in like each country from just one day to 3. In Ireland we were there for 2 weeks in America like 3 weeks i think the average was like a week to 2 weeks :P why ???

So your going to scotland on thursday it doesnt sound like u will be spending much time there :P

well i g2g now the nanny is in on hehe :P (lol michael)
well hope to hear from u again soon

luv ya & miss ya

Tara <3 xoxox
Response: haha i would love both a pet squirrel and a pet hamster aww there so gorguz but you cant get them there in auzzie grr =p ah well...

I sent everyone a postcard who's address i had in my diary =p coz i photocopied that haha so sorry to those people who didnt get one =( its coz i didnt have your address...

Yeh Im in Ireland for about 3/4 days, so not too long =(

I was so cut coz 2 of the countries we were maybe visiting got cancelled =( oh well...pretty lucky to have seen the ones i have!!!

I rekon the theme parks in australia are better...even though the one here was pretty good!!!

I prefer when the mesages have gaps in them MICHAEL!! haha and yes tara is definately winning!! baha sorry to brake it to you he has a sneaky way of entering our conversations aye?! ok enough of michael...back to US!!! haha

Did you get paid for all your hard work? I should hope so!!! bahaha i think i answered all your questions....

ILY see you soon!!!!!

From Susannah
your painting looks sooo cool!! it's a cute bird. You will have to update the photos so we can see it finished !! :) ill write agin soon :) xoxoxoxo
Response: ha lol thanks =D

I finished it yesterday, so sometime soon i may update it =D


From Susannah
hey celeste, today i got your post card :) thanks for sending me one. It sounds like you are having heaps of fun. how was climbing the tower? i would have been so scared of the height, but it would have been such a good also get to say that you climbed it as well :) ok well keep having fun, and i look forward to hearing more!! Thanks again, Susannah
Response: yay thats good..I was worried cause non one seemed to be getting them!!

The tower was the best part of Paris i think...=p

How have your holidays been??

Response: cool.....glad it was good! has stuff been sorted out with your mum?

From Mon
G'Day Mate!
Guess What?
We're the ones on holiday now so beat that!

Love ya
Response: ha i can easily beat that...Ive been on holidays for the past 2 weeks!!! haha so are you doing anything special??


Response: haha so did your friend give you a lift?

From /\/\ ! c ]-[ @ e \_
hey celestE,

OMG they have got to u :O drinks and biscuits U MAY AS WELL START DRINKING TEA AND BISCUITS im sorry but thats wat the brits do n i tell u now young lady u better not be converting :P anyway back to mmmmmm aha the whether, well yes the forecast for today was like all bright and sunny but then BAM it was windy and cold so im like grrrrrrrrrr (haha i just sed BAM n then that made me think of the add on tv the EASY OFF BAM one :P) yeh n worse im like a tad sick now with asthma and :O and btw if u havnt noticed by now im trying to compete with taras novel length comments cause im really that bored OMG i actiddently just clicked sent but dont publish that one because it wasnt finished i say i have at least another half hour of typing to do haha but unlike tara i do NOT repeat NOT (actually repeat it out loud like NOT) use gaps in my msgs i just give u a big chunk of rather entertaining stuff :P well tomorrow would appear to be monday (im not sure though because appearing could be an alusion :P spelling GOD :P) nearly forgot to close the bracket now that would not be very good because the opening bracket might get lonley :O oh my i swear if ur still actually reading this now then u must be bored HAHA because if you think about it ive just spoke about NOTHING for ummmmm 'insert number of lines here' :P OH MY i just remembered i always forget to comment on the photo u took with ur phone of the eiffle tower n im like well aha u must have used the data cable i got u hahaha well now that ive included that in one of my comments its really not the amusing :P omg im pretty sure that this is begining to beat taras novel lenth comments :P but i swear im taking the time to write this so u beta still be reading this :P jks only 10 more days aye aye aye :P (say it five times fast) and the leprecorn thingo ebony told u about i do belive she was lieing :P because ebony leprecorns dont burn things i think it is just u :P jks well i think i may start talking seriously now :D well attempt to :P well ive got nothing :P n fyi i stoped typing for about 3 minutes because i could think of nothing serious to say oh i just remembered if i was the waiter who sed 'are u thrre' i would like just laugh until u left jks but that would have been funny OMG i really dont know how tara does this i mean seriously how can u type these novel lenth comments and still maintain a social life :P jks tara i know ur my ........ :P well god the nrl final is on n melbourne r leading manly 10 to 4 :P and may i just say (again) that get jealous is a much better site thingo for a travel blog :P okay i now think i have sed everything there is to say and there is still butter that needs churning (wth :P) so im going to go and how that when you publish this comment it will be longer then taras :P

catcha l8r
/\/\ ! c ]-[ @ e \_
Response: haha ok well i axidently publihed the other one without readin this one....I was like ooh i have 2 messages from michael oops oh well

WEll i am not gonna try to beat urs coz i am not that competitive and desperate for attention =p=p

hahahahahah ok ok

wellll hmmmm

yes i used ur cable thankyou very much =D

haha ok cya soon

From /\/\ ! c ]-[ @ e \_
hey celestE,

OMG they have got to u :O drinks and biscuits U MAY AS WELL START DRINKING TEA AND BISCUITS im sorry but thats wat the brits do n i tell u now young lady u better not be converting :P anyway back to mmmmmm aha the whether, well yes the forecast for today was like all bright and sunny but then BAM it was windy and cold so im like grrrrrrrrrr (haha i just sed BAM n then that made me think of the add on tv the EASY OFF BAM one :P) yeh n worse im like a tad sick now with asthma and :O and btw if u havnt noticed by now im trying to compete with taras novel length comments cause im really that bored
Response: ha well ur not doing too well are you ?!?! and by drinks i meant tea.

ha jks jks i dont remember what drinks we had...ACTUALLY YES i think it was tea or coffee or something hahahah hilarious :P:P

haha ok soooo how have ur holidays been???

cya soon
From cassie
woooooooooh yo0h pulled through a squirell for cassie! wooooooooohhhhhh hmmmmmmm ill call it chippers how cute is that name chippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i personally dont think ma msgs are hard to read but that culd be because im writing them!!!!!!! soooo u may be feeding really cute squirells food and chippers.......(sigh) but i get jelly slice it sounds gross but mum is making it now and it smells gud!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i am so embarrassed its autumn you couldnt have let think i wasnt a fool for one minute culd you!!!!!! lol!!! well next week im going to da coast for some fun in da sun wooooooooooooooooot but still it doesnt beat having a squirell called chippers why is it that we dont have squirells over here i bet its to do with a 10 letter word call quarantine!!!!!!!! who ever invented it we go to their house and break their legs coz by now i culd have had a pet squirell! there goes 14 years of ma life wasted!!!!!!!!! dont worry chippers i will have you soon mwah mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ok bye...........................for now
dun dun dun!
bye luv yo0h
Response: hahaha ur hilariouse =p=p

man i would love a pet squirrel...I'd call mine...erm...I dunno...MUNCHKINS!!! HAHAHAHA HOW COOL!!!!

chippers and munchkins =D


see ya soon!!!

From Tara
hey hey its saturday,

well not really its sunday :P for u it might be :P i dunno the time change thingo always confueses me hehe.

yep for the caption on the photo you can put napoleons tomb :D did u go inside?? its really big and aperntly he is burried with like 8 different coffins like one in side each other and they are all made of something different. :P just a bit of knowledge for u lol

awww well arnt u sweet taking care of ur sick sister :D, do u still have the cold??

When do u got to ireland???? Are you there now? Cause ur blog still says location london. Are you going to go and kiss the blarney stone?? there are lots to do in Ireland what have you got planned???

oh and yes i did go to the changing of the gards but we got there late and it was too crowded so we couldnt get a good spot and we didnt see much :( but ohwell lol

only 10 days left wow that doesnt seem like much what day do u actually arive back in Canberra ??? Are you just going to ireland aswell or have u got other destinations planned?

Well hope to hear from you soon

Love Tara <3

p.s. I replied to ur email on bebo so u might wanna check it out :P its extremely long lol
Response: arrr we were gonna go to scotland and spain...but noooo =(

Ha well my mums not the most organised person, so i dunno what we are doing...all I know is that we are seeing where my dad used to live. But we are there for about 5 days so there must be heaps more to do!!!

I think I get back on the 10th...and i go to scotland on thursday =)

haha u smart little girl =p=p

How long were you in most countries for??

missing you


Response: haha aww...that kinda sux!

Did she give you permission though??

From Ebony.
hehehe that would have been bad sitting next to cal's dad ahahahha amybe thats where he gets it from lol. neway hope your having fun =] i am, well sorta neway im watching summer heights high on youtube hehehhe check it out its hi-larious hahahaha......

and btw if you go to ireland (its in ur map thing) stay away from a leprocorn named charlie. he made me burn things....

mmkay bye!
Response: haha ur random...where did the thing bout cals dad come bout??

ok i will stay away from leprecorns...and i will ask all of them if their names are charlie..and if they say yes i will ask if they know you...if they say yes i will run =p=p