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Welcome to Chantel Ens's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

(Ok, so the website figured that out for me! Ha, I think it's good enough!)

Diary Entries

Saturday, 27 November 2004

Location: Stonehenge, UK

I've got one word that can completely sum up Stonehenge:


Why is it that so many people want to see this? Don't get me wrong they are cool stones for stones but why is it so famous? Because the history is a mystery? Well, anyway, whatever the reason I've been there, seen them and taken pictures. Enough said.

Now yesterday we had an awesome adventure. Monkey World! If any of you ever come to England you have to go to Monkey World! It's an ape rescue center and it's so much fun! I felt like I was ten again, and probably looked like it too . . . but what can I say, Sonya and I were too tempted by the cool park!

This week we also went back to Lulworth and got some great pictures! They are going to turn out so well when I get them developed, which is going to be the only time that you are going to see them because I'm not going to be posting any more pictures on here.

I will see you all soon. This has been a great adventure but I can't wait to get home!

Monday, 08 November 2004

Location: Bath, UK

And the adventures continue! Well, shopping adventures anyway. Lindsay and I drove up an hour and a half to the town of Street. It's a great little place, and I spent a little money! Then when we were done shopping we drove up to Bath, which was half an hour away from that. We were trying to find the train station but ended up going down some road which lead to the University of Bath. As soon as we got down it we had these parking attendants directing us in and stuff and so we followed where they said to go and we had no idea what was going on. We got out of the van and followed the streams of people and ended up in kind of a field type thing. It turns out they were having their fireworks display! That was pretty cool. It only lasted for about 15 minutes. Then we wandered around the campus trying to look for bathrooms, which we eventually found. And THEN we went back to our lovely van and slept in there. I tell you, that's such a wonderful van, the sleeping was pretty comfy. The seats in the back all fold down to make a bed, it was quite surprisingly nice. On Sunday morning we went to the Roman baths which were AWESOME! And we also did a little bit of shopping around there.

That was my adventure in Bath. Next up . . . Stonehenge?

Friday, 05 November 2004

Location: Poole, UK

Right, so since I've been here for two months I figured I should write another diary entry, I'm going for one a month, wow, what a goal!

First of all I want to say Happy Birthday Mom! Yes, now everyone that has access to the internet and stumbles across this page will know that it is your birthday today! I promise to bake you a cake when I get home!

On to other stuff . . .

Today is Guy Fawkes Day! If you walk out our kitchen door onto the patio and look across the ocean/harbor you can see about three different fireworks displays going at once. There are thousands of displays going on across the country tonight. (Although they are not nearly as good as the ones we saw in Vancouver!) Anyway, I'm not really sure why the celebrate today like they do, Lindsay thought he was some kind of hero but I quickly gave her a brief history lesson and told her that he actually planned to assassinate the queen (those videos were educational, thanks Mom!). Right so we went to Poole to watch a few fireworks go off. It was neat, I tried to take some pictures, I think maybe two turned out, I'll put them up tomorrow if remember, if not I'll do it on Sunday.

Then we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Great stuff. I am amazed how busy it was for 9:00, I guess a lot of people eat dinner later here, I don't know if I'll ever be able to get used to it.

Tomorrow we have plans to venture out to Bath to see . . . Roman Baths! Hopefully I'll be able to take a bunch of pictures and put those up as well. And we also want to go shopping at some outlet stores. Yes, the store of my life here, shop, shop, shop, spend, spend, spend! Everything is so expensive! It hurts me to spend money!

I need to take off that picture of Lindsay that I took in Scotland, she isn't too happy about me putting that up here, so if anyone wants to see it I'll e-mail it to you! (Just kidding Lindsay, I won't, I swear!) She's always reading this thing and gets uptight whenever I mention her! Ha, ha! (I was just kidding again Lindsay, I promise!)

And finally -for all of you worried about me missing my flight home . . . don't worry! I won't! Ha, I learnt my lesson and besides, I really want to come home! As long as I get snow and bologna for Christmas that is!

Saturday, 02 October 2004

Location: London, England

Here we go . . . Four weeks into my stay in England and I am writing my first entry! You will have to excuse any typos since it is getting late here and I've had a busy weekend- which I will tell you all about.

First of all, Lindsay and I left yesterday morning and boarded a bus in Wareham at 7:50 (actually, it was two minutes early). From there we had a three and a half hour ride to London! As soon as we arrived at The Victoria Coach Station Lindsay had to use the washroom (sorry Lindsay, now the whole world can know!). Anyway, it was the strangest experiance. Not only was it a unisex washroom you also needed to pay £0.20 to get in! My theory is 20p to pee . . . but never mind that, I think I was tired.

From the coach station we walked over to Buckingham Palace. At first we thought that the whole thing was a let down but as we continued to walk we realized that we were in the back of the building! Good thing we figured that one out!

After taking pictures in the front of Buckingham Palace we walked over to Westminster Abbey which was playing that cool church music . . . You know, the kind they play in movies after the princess gets married . . . I am pretty sure they play it in Cinderella.

Not far from there we saw the Parliment Buildings which had all these people crowding around and some big processional with all these guys wearing long grey wigs (eww). We still don't know what that was! And of course right next to the Parliment Buildings we saw BIG BEN! Or rather the tower that holds Big Ben, but whatever. That was great, I've always wanted to see Big Ben- it's in all the greatest movies, like the ones with Jackie Chan!

Ok, so from Big Ben we walked to Trafalgar Square. We didn't do a whole lot there . . . hmm, we ate at Pizza Hut though!

Let's see . . . after that we took a boat cruise down Thames River. That was neat. It took us from Embankment Pier down to Tower Pier. On the way down we went by the London Eye, London Bridge ; ) and this other bridge which I can't remember what it was called that was built by all women (go girl power!) and then we ended up at Tower Bridge.

Once we got off the boat we wandered town to a train station where we sat on a train for a total of about 4 minutes before hopping off at Limehouse Station and then we walked a few block to our hotel- Holiday Inn Express Limehouse. It was so nice and so cute! The pictures were just like they showed on the website. Definitely a nice hotel. Ha, we even took a picture of our room before we messed it up! We didn't spend much time in there, we had about an hour to get ready before we took off again . . . !

This time we hopped a bus down to the theater where we watched the musical of The Lion King. I never realized how many times I have seen that movie . . . I must have picked up a lot of it when Delten went through that phase where he watched it every day because I could recite the whole movie. Anyway, it was a great show, I got pretty tired near the end but it was definitely worth seeing!

When the show was over we jumped on another bus to our hotel where we went straight to bed, it was a long day!

Now for today . . .

This morning we had a great breakfast! I think I ate way more than I should have! They even had real cheese there! Well, mild stuff, no more of this crazy gross strong cheddar cheese. Oh, and their cheddar cheese is white, it totally throws me off.

Today was a series of getting on and off a lot of different buses, thank goodness we bought a day pass! First of all we went to The Tower of London, which I learnt, has twenty towers. We spent about an hour and a half there. First we followed a tour guide and then we wandered around a little taking a bunch of pictures.

We went on to take more pictures at St. Pauls Cathedral. Unfortunetly it is getting worked on so half of it is covered in plastic stuff. But it was still neat to see.

After our picture taking was over we meandered down a freaky street to their markets. The stalls were so crowded though that we didn't even end up buying anything.

Then we once again took off . . . this time to the famous Oxford Street. We had planned on doing some shopping but the streets were more crowded then I have ever seen streets in my life! I am sure that there was the same number of people on that one street that live in all of Saskatchewan, or at least Saskatoon. As we were walking about it started to rain, and as we were getting all drenched we just decided to hop on the first bus we saw since we wanted to get out of the rain. We ended up taking a bus that took us to a very creepy part of London, so we got on the next bus that went the other way. Oh! Peter just came down here and said that Oxford Street is the busiest street in the world . . . Imagine that, that would explain a few things! Anyway, back to my story!

After we got a bus going the right way we took it to Westminster Abbey and from their we walked 45 minutes to get to Victoria Coach Station where we got on our bus back to Wareham!

And that was my adventure in London!

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