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__**Cherry And Aoife's Adventures!!!**__

Some photos of some of our adventures round the land of oz!! enjoy!
Cherry Kisses!!! xxxxx

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Recent Messages

From Ciaran
ttttt picitydickies girls, talk to you soon!
From Ted
Youre photos are awesome!Quack quack, moo, miaow, fart.
From Niamh O'Leary
Hey girls love d pics lookin good! When u loonys comin home?
From ed-dread
hey hey. goin to work in korea! better keep in touch, what ya been up 2? working? hope ya happy hun! xx
From gill
Hello Cherry,gill here(met briefly in Melbourne,Aoifes mate from home)wicked tat you got there!Hope yourself and the Hooligan and doing well.Take care and tell Aoife I said howeya!
From Marthe
Hi cherry!
Nice Pictures!
Miss you!

Love M
From Lorna
Hey Baby!

So good to see you - even if it is only pictorial. really glad that you got with Aoife - you're a cutie and so is she! us English gals are good for the irish; we bring em up in the world (they know it they just don't admitt it!). really jelous that you are in oz still. i'm living in Dublin now (with Liam obviously). would love you and Aoife to come live here too so i had more stoners to play with but to be fair i don't recommend coming home at all. drop us a line when you get time.

loads a love.
Lorna x x x x
From brid costelloe
hi Cherry,
you don't know me. i am a friend of Aoife's. some great photos. having a fab time, wish i was there. tell that aoife one its finally good to hear from her. you can give her my new e-mail address and ask her to send me hers. nice to meet you so to speak,
From Dee
Cherry Darlin.....I guess this is our official introduction. My name is Dee, and your love is one of my oldest and dearest mates and I just wanted to say Hi and that I'm so very very happy for you both to have found each other, and that you can stay on longer in looks amazing! Some day you'll have to make it over here to SF where Im living and you little monkey's can stay here as long as ye want. Take care of my Aoifers for me (looks like you're doing a good job)
Peace, love and blessings
From jess
well heelllloooo traveller!!!

looks like you're having muchos fun!!
are you still in melbourne?

lots of hugs and kisses, jelly and icecream!!
From peter clarke
Particularly like the one of the handsome man in the hat!!!

Thanks to everyone I met in Aus, had a fantastic time.