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Hello to everyone Downunder from here in London. Welcome to our website - enjoy the photos and commentary... feel free to leave us messages or just browse. If you have any suggestions and/or requests (including future destinations) please let us know and we will take them into consideration!! Enjoy!!

Diary Entries

Friday, 21 July 2006

Location: London, UK

Well, here we are in the heart of London Summer and it's been record breaking heat waves this year... The heat is just unbearable and believe it or not it's nothing compared to Cape Town's hot summers. Over here, it's just sticky and hot and and unbearable. You travel on the tubes and your stuck on an underground tube reaching 47 celcuis and because the train is crowded you can't move and so you have to remain where you are between people dripping of sweat and odour. I can't wait at night to just get off this smelly train and head straight for a cold shower and just to relax... The amazing thing that i love though is that the Sun sets at around 22h00pm at night and so you have a long day to even go out with your mates and have a few drinks or just lounge around with your partner and just enjoy yourselves. Or go on picnics after work...
Myself and Denver has been doing loads of little weekend trips around London/UK. We thought we'd first cover the UK and see as much as we can, after all these people dont know what they have. Green trees and grass, except the beaches... Almost all the beaches that we've been to only has cobles on it. No sand just stones. We've even driven around two hours just to get out to Bournemouth beach too remind ourselve what it's like to be on a sandy! Now we've also been doing loads of camping. Because we both enjoy it and love it... and just great to be in the outdoors. I've been keeping count of how many camps we've done, and making sure we take loads of pics because memories are! We've done three camps so far. And believe it or not it's always been a "Camp as you go". With our first camp, we needed a tent, then after spending one nite at the camp site, we decided to head over to the nearest supermarket and bought ourselves a three man tent, (two would be too small) We also ended up buying ourselves an airbed. With our second camp was great but we realised that we needed a waterproof tent, cause the one we had just was not working for us. We spend our second nite of our second camp in a Holiday Inn, which was kinda fun. But I know as a Girl Guider you have to "be prepared" for anything... with our last camp (3rd) we ended up getting ourselves an Waterproof tent and some camping chairs. We also ended up buying a Kettle and one plate gas stove, which to be was kinda funny, but hey everyone was buying them and kinda the fashion in camping I guess. Was also kinda cute and we were able to enjoy coffee in the morning and mocha's in the evening.

We've been travelling all around the UK. We've done Wales, North Wales, Central London, East London, North West London and Bath etc. but to name a few. We will be posting some pics up of our travelling and some of the most beautiful places that we've come around.

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