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Welcome to Chloe's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Location: Australia

For those of you who don't know, my lovely mumsy did a walk in Brazil a few years ago, which raised $3,000 for Breast Cancer (isn't she a clever girl?). Anyway, she's going one step further and is taking part in an expedition through the Himilayas in March 2007.

Just wanted to let you all know that she is hosting a fund-raising event on Wednesday 1st November at our house (Guildford). It goes from 1pm-9pm i think. It's a bit like a craft fair with lots of bits and bobs from various companys with stalls that have agreed to come along (there's even one stall that is selling jewell-encrusted bra straps!!) - but there will be everything you need there for xmas prezzies etc. All money goes towards Breast Cancer Research, so that's definitely an inccentive.

As i'm in a different hemisphere(!), i unfortunately can't be there to support her, so i'm just doing the publicity bit!!!

Best of luck, Mumsy - you are an inspiration. (Jackie too!)


Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Location: Australia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNIE!! Have a lovely day.

Love you and miss you lots,


P.s. Please thank the rest of the French crew for the lovely postcard! it came today - i love getting post, so it made my day!

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Location: Australia

Had House dinners last week! Great fun! I managed to put a costume together last mintue, using bits and bobs from people around the boarding - i managed to look the most outrageous (as per usual). Also managed to somehow win the house trophy for Quiet Achiever (not quite sure how that works!) Was a great evening though. Hope everyone is well. My flight is now booked for 12th December! Not long now! xxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Location: Australia

Wow! What a superb 2 week holiday! Was definitely jam-packed:

Day 1-5:
I stayed with Lucy Summers at her house on the Gold Coast and wound down - sunbathed, swam, went to Byron Bay (a hippy little place - a bit like Brighton in a way, just much smaller), bike-riding, boating with their friends....lots of fun.

Day 6-9:
I flew to Sydney with Lucy S and we stayed with her Auntie and Uncle in a town called Avalon (situated on the northern beaches of Sydney - about an hour's drive from the city) They live on the beach that Home and Away use!! How cool is that!!!? we didn't see any of the cast as we went on the weekend when they don't film but we saw Layton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright's house so that was rather groovy! Most days Lucy and I took the bus into the city and walked around the shops (trying to find sales!!!) Only made 2 purchases (bargains of course!) - a bikini top and a smart/casual little number- neither exceeding $30! (£12!) We went out for rather a lot of meals, including sushi (my new favourite!), thai, amoung others...definitely the cause of the hole in my pockets!! One day, we went on a ferry from Manly to Circular Quay (where the Opera House etc is). We sat outside on the top deck and it was lovely..until a mammoth wave completley saturated us!!! It was actually hilarious! We then realised why the majority of the public had situated themselves inside!! We also went and watched a jazz festival in Manly which was very idyllic.

Day 10-14:

I flew to a town called Dubbo (1 hour flight from Sydney) and stayed with my Godmother, Claire, her Partner Poss (actually called Kim, but then Possum as a nickname as he is a night owl - he's a roo shooter -apparently they are pests, as well as a sheep shearer!) They have a little 2 year-old girl called Maisy, who is adorable - we got on like a house on fire! We went to Dubbo zoo, i did a bit of sheep shearing (extremely hard!), met the majority of the suburb!! everyone is just so friendly and welcoming! I went tenpin bowling with Claire's family and that was lots of fun. Had a few moments there where i thought i could actually live there - the way of life is just lovely and simple! It was awesome to stay with my Godmother, as the last time i saw her, i was about 7!! Was definitely one of the highlights of my holiday. So much so that i even bought a 'I heart Dubbo' t-shirt - a replicar of the 'I heart New York' ones!!!!It was very sad to leave, i must say.

Day 15-16:

Back to the Gold Coast and i stayed with Katherine Livingstone for the last weekend. We sunbathed and sunbathed and swam and did some more sunbathing!! Was great fun! Also watched the whole of season one of Grey's you have it in England???? seriously the best thing since sliced bread! makes me want to be a surgeon!!! also did a lot of running that weekend (trying to burn off the afternoon tea cakes that they almost force-fed me in Dubbo!!) We stayed at the guy's beach house on the saturday night as there was a little gathering there so that was nice. anyway, i'll keep you informed more often this term - got more time on my hands! hope you are all well,
love you greatly xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 22 September 2006

Location: Australia

Helllooo! Sorry it's been a while! It's the last day of school for Term 3, which means i've only got 3 weeks more of learning!! and then 2 weeks of tests and then my ma and pa will be here, school formal, graduation, schoolies (1 week long 'piss-up'!!!!) it's all go!!
I've got a 2 week holiday now. I'm staying with my friend, Lucy S and we're going to Sydney together for a few days before i fly to a little place in the middle of nowhere called Dubbo, to stay with my Godmother - so thats rather exciting!
I hope all is well with everyone. How did the A level results go??? Everyone at uni/gap year/recoring studios (especially personalised for Hol - she's the only one who leaves me messages!!!) now?? I'm probably flying back to Engalnd for the last time (!) on 12th December, but still not finalised.
I will take lots of piccies this holiday - been a bit slack recently (had A LOT of work this term, so had no time for much apart from work really). Anyway, please please leave me a message and i will definitely reply!!
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 06 August 2006

Location: Australia

What a superb weekend.

Went out with Annie, and we went to a stand-up comedy club, called 'The Basement' on friday night, which was so good and extremely hilarious! Had hockey on saturday morning (we lost!) and got wacked in the chin by a stick - bloomin' painful if you ask me! I've got a lovely grape-like lump bruise just under my chin now, and my jaw feels like its stuck together with toffee! Had a nice stress-free afternoon and then got ready to go to Emily Cooper's gathering at her house - parents should go away more often i say! (haha! 'course i'm joking ;) ) Had a great time though. Then we taxied it to some TSS guy's party - was pretty dead! By this time all i wanted to do was go back to my lovely warm, cosey bed, but if you didn't know, annie's a pretty hard partier, so we walked another 2 miles to surfers...Annie and i ended up just clubbing together, which was actually very fun! Eventually got into bed at about 4. (Thank goodness for that!!!!) I definitely couldn't do that every weekend! (2 nights in a row - pretty intense for me!!)
Homework day today (sunday) unfortunately...lots and lots and lots of assignments. so i'd better get going.
Ta-ra xxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Location: Australia

Well, I'm back in the Merry Old Land of Oz - the last time until i come home FOREVER - how scary is that?! I've got to buckle down and work hard this term, as this term is extremely important in terms of my final overall position...I seemed to get over my jet-lag pretty quickly this time so that's good because it means that I can get stuck-in straight away. I'm playing hockey this term - had my first match this weekend and it was sooooo incredibly fun! It's my new favourite sport! I played Right-Back which is a bit like RD in Lacrosse. I get to do lots of tackling - whoo! I'm also the defence that has to sprint out to the player with the ball on short corners and i'm basically in the shooting space where i can easily get knocked out! so it is rather scary!
I went on leave with Lucy Summers after hockey, as it was her Cocktail Birthday Party. We all had so much fun - sipping pina coladas, margaritas (not too fond of them!), pimms (i brought some along to add a good old taste of Blighty), singing karaoke and cooking pancakes this morning! Definitely a superb weekend.
Anyway, i hope everyones holidays are relaxing and enjoyable. It was immense to see those of you who were around when i was home. Good luck with AS/A Level results, gap years, uni, jobs etc etc. May it all go as planned. Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 17 June 2006

Location: Australia

Howdy! This will be my last entry before i'm home! ahhhhhhh! Yes, i fly home on wednesday night and arrive thurs arvo (english time) for those of you who didn't know. I'm extremely extremely excited!!! Finished test block, so all is great! Had my hair done on friday - seriously blonde! Wasn't really intending it to be that blonde! Slightly blinding, but getting used to it...slowly! Went in at 9.45am and came out at 3pm!!! didn't even get a cut! goodness knows what they did to me! My bladder was the size of Brazil when i came out! not to mention how hungry i was! Made up for it though and had the nicest lunch - avacado and smoked salmon on rye bread!! AMAZING! We then had a girly get-togther at annie's that night. Went into surfers and we were contemplating on going on the 'Sling Shot' - an extreme ride where they shoot you into the air about 200 feet high...hmmm we thought not.
It is rather cold here at the mo - i have to wear bed-socks! Oh yes, i had to catch a bus by myself to get to the hairdressers on fri - so there's litttle me sitting at the bus stop waiting for a bus for over half an hour - turns out the bus i'm waiting for comes every 10 mins on the other side of the road...good one, chloe. Never was good with public transport - goodness knows how i manage to get from Engalnd all the way to Australia! Ooo yes, forgot to tell you all that i ate kangarroo the other night (UNINTENTIONALLY!) It was at school and i asked the lady if it was lamb and she did that nodding thing when you don't really hear someone, so yeah...i ended up eating what i thought was baby sheep, until someone goes, "Oh, Chloe - you're a true ozzy now - eating roo..." HUH??! Couldn't sleep that night! haha!
anyway, i'll leave you on that chirpy note. Anyone who wants to go clubbing in london when i get back - let me know...we can crash at my bro's flat after! I'm sure he won't mind! I'll get him to bring some uni mates along if you like! hahaha!! (just joking Ma and Pa!) ahem,
Love you muchly,

Tuesday, 06 June 2006

Location: Australia

The Sixth of The Sixth 06!!!
I've been waiting for this day all year!

Sunday, 04 June 2006

Location: Australia

Sorry i have not written for so so so so so long!! I've been a bit of a busy bee! It was my daddy's bday on 28th may, so..


Went out with Shezaroonie this weekend, and had lots of fun - looked after her 8month old niece - so so cute. For those of you who don't know, i'm coming home 2 days earlier now - so i arrive in england on thurs 22nd june now!! (NOT LONG!!) So get ready for some serious catching up!! Hope ur not ALL going to be away!! None of my friends are 18 here, so i'm craving clubbing!! (yes, i am the mummy of the group! everyone even calls me mummy!) anyway. hope all of ur exams are going well. Australian Big Brother is on here at the mo, and they're using all the twists and ideas that were used in the english one last year!! have they got no creativity?! although everyone thinks it's hilarious that there is a channel in england that u can watch big brother live 24/7!! i guess it is pretty sad! You all seen Da Vinci Code?? was ok i thought - obviously not as good as the book, as they had to squeeze it all in to 2 hours. Anyway, i'll stop rambling on. Let me know when ur all free, so we can have a good old catch up.
Love you all,

Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Location: Australia

Hellooo! Sorry i have not written for so so long. It's been rather hectic! I was planning on writing a detailed despcription for each day of the easter holidays, but alas, time caught up with me! So i hope the pictures will give you all an idea of what i got up to!
I keep on forgetting that i am in Australia, because i've been here for so long! Although it doesn't seem that long ago since i was home. I can now say that i'm coming home next month! that's pretty exciting! 6 weeks and 3 days 'til i board the plane back home! I'm having an immense time but i got a bit homesick on the weekend. But i'm over it now i think!! I'm out on leave with a friend this weekend and we're beaching it etc, so hopefully that will help de-stress me! I think i'm just emotionally drained after all of the hard work and hype of the Wizard of Oz. But it was such a fantastic experience - i could have done it over and over again! We're having the big Musical celebration party next weekend, so that will be a good 'letting hair down' moment. Spoke to my parents on sunday, and my mum told me that my brother is going to go for a job with Citigroup (the one that he is working for now as his placement, in London) after he graduates - but the one in Sydney! So that will be amazing, as it will then give me a reason to travel back to Australia, as i can visit Jake and stay with him, but then i can also go back to the Gold Coast and visit all of my lovely friends! So thats tres exciting! It's getting to a point where i'm realising that this exciting adventure is nearly over, but then i remind myself that i've got thousands of new adventures in the future (staying optimistic!) I've been thinking about uni's and courses recently. But i'm still not too sure. I was desperate to do drama, but then i started to think that so many people want to make it, and that there's such a small chance...but now i'm starting to think that why can't i be one of the ones who make it? Anything is possible. I was thinking of going to uni and doing a totally separate course from drama and then go to drama school after, but then i'll be learning for 6 years!! so i think i'm coming to the conclusion that i am going to audition for the drama schools in London that i want to go to, and if i don't get in, then at least i've tried and i know. Because if i don't, i'll always wonder. Anyway, i'll stop rambling on! Hope everyone is tickety boo.
love always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxx

Monday, 10 April 2006

Location: Australia


DAY 1:
Still on the Gold Coast, we walked all the way from Southport to Main Beach and swam in the sea! Stayed in an appartment in Surfers and went clubbing!

DAY 2:
Beach day again. Both put some more high lights in our hair!

DAY 3:
Travelled to Annie's country house. Went driving in the ute in the paddock today! 3rd gear - not bad! jogged and rode all the way to have our lunch, then jogged back with a stitch!

Sunday, 02 April 2006

Location: Australia

Got test block at the moment, which means that we only have to come to school when we have tests - so i'm up 'studying' in my boarding room! No, really i am! I've had english and maths so far and i think they went quite well. Got biology today - my worst. GREAT.
Its our last week until we break up for the easter holidays. I'm staying at my friend Annie's house, as well as Katherine's for a few days. I'm staying with Katie on easter sunday on an island called Couran Cove so thats rather exciting! Then Katie, Annie, Katherine and i are going on our ROAD TRIP to claire's house, in Moree - North Queensland ( right in the good old ozzy outback!) Her family are cotton farmers - how cool is that?! And they have a huge dam, and boats, waterskiis, doughnuts etc etc, so we're going to be very busy!
I had a really nice weekend. I had a new rowers induction training on saturday morning. We went in skulls (singles), which are rather difficult - it's really hard to balance! i fell in once! but i think i'm starting to get the hang of it...slowly! Then i studied on saturday arvo. We all went to the movies on saturday night - saw Basic Instinct 2 - anyone seen it?? i was disgusted - so graphic and couldn't get over what kind of a sick person would think of a story line like it! Made London look so dingy and sleazy! But the guys office was set in the 'gerkin' - looks soo immense inside! anyway, while we were all walking back afterwards, a car drove past and egged us! and then drove past and did it again! luckily i didn't get hit! but loads of littlies did and they were crying etc - quite a scary experience for them i guess!! Then went to the beach on sunday morn - my tan is slowly starting to show!! Oh, i don't know if uv heard about the cylcone in north Queensland?? well it wiped out the main banana plant - over $8 million worth of produce. so the price of bananas have rocketed and won't be back to normal for over a year! which means that we're not going to have bananas in boarding for the rest of the time i'll be here! how sad is that?! just some inside information for you!
anyway, i'd better get back to my studying,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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From m
hi there we re back trip ok singapore very busy but good fun, now for the washing have a good last few weeks speak soonxxxxxxxxxx
Response: love you mama xxxxx
From Cinta
Chloe! You looked stunning at the formal! It must have been so nice to have your mum and dad there!!! Have a great final week of school! Cant wait to see u in december!!! Say hi to your mum and dad for me!! lots of love xxx
Response: haha! thanks!! cosh, photos get around the world fast!!! yes, will say hi to them! looking forward to seeing you soon! xxx
From Cinta
Thank u for ur bday message chloe!! YAYYAYA! hows ur final days of school going? excited about the formal!!?!? excited about seeing ur parents?! YAYAYYAYAYA! lots of love cinta xx
From D
Hi! Looking back it's been a long time since I sent you a blog message .... so here's one now! Your hair sounds nice, look fwd to seeing it soon, and you of course. Am off to Twickenham today to see England play NZ while M does the packing! Wales drew with Oz yesterday - very exciting match, 29-29. Somewhow think England won't do so well today. Jake here again this weekend, back for the Cranleigh fireworks, see the lads etc. Always good to see him of course but hope he's not missing out on life down in Bath. You know your IT people had a thing about my emails from work? I'm not sure that even now they are letting them through ... can you poss check and let me know? 3 days to go!
BFN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From mumsy
Thanks chloe for the ad, we made £600 which is really good and we all had alot of fun.Holly and Barbara came ,nice to see them I think Holly bought a necklace.There was some lovely things but I wasnt really with it to do any shopping myself although I did buy maisy and kit to make a handbag! Speak tomorrow and I hope your hair is to your liking.xxxxxxxxx
Response: hello!! no probs about the ad and i'm glad it went so well! Yes, hair went well today! they put a few more goldeny bits in, so its not so platinum as it was last time! but very pleased with it, so thats good! feels like its in better condition as well, but it always feels like that when u come out of the hairdressers i suppose! yes, will speak tomorrow! v excited! love you xxxx p.s. before i forget, i must remind you to bring Lucy's new laptop with you to oz??
From mummy
love the trousers can i have a pair! it would be nice to have a photo of you with out the silly face....look back at photosx
Response: haha. yess, well we were in character (of mad hatters!!) xxxxxx
From The French Crew
Hi Cokes, Sorry for not leaving message, not much time. Up to our necks in mud and concrete, but good fun! Good luck with exams etc. Looking forward very much to seeing you - can't wait. Wellies
Lots and lots of love,
'The French Crew' xxxxx.....
Response: Hello!! Thanks so much for the message! Glad you like your new name!! Even though my time in Australia is coming to an end, i am so so excited about coming out to see you all!! And definitely up for getting my hands dirty and doing some lawn-mowing! Hope everyone is well. Love you all lots, xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Cinta
I GOT INNNNNN! YAYA! i spoke to rachel the other day and she said you knew more about me than she did hehe! But yes I got in! horrayy! How is school going?! ur holidays look like they were heaps fun!!! are u excited about finishing?! Not long now!!! How did your brecht go?! Bet u were amazing!!! Love cinta xxx
From Emma
Hey, really good to hear ur news, the pics of sydney really brought memories flooding back! the wave on the ferry was funny lol! yeah that jan 15th is the very last deadline as most ppl send them off around now. i expect ull want to sort it when ur home tho. my ref is my form tutor but it would prob be a good idea to get ur subject teacher to do it for u. make sure they write about how fantastic u are and all the wonderful things uve done lol. thats a toughie about whether u put aus or england, u should def get advice. the international fees will be so much more i expect. but anyway, let me know if u have any more questions xxxxxx
From hollza
hey macks!! just go ur postcard this morn thanks! Sydney sounds amazing arent u lucky to get to see all of australia! Recording is going well, im so excited cos on wed (tomoro) im recording with a live guitarist whos been learning my track to do an acoustic number. I was offered a record contract a couple of weeks ago but not sure whether il take it as the guy seems a bit of a player! Aj's enjoying bath (hmph!!) and we'll def have to visit i go every month for the weekend and he comes up quite a lot so we're just about managing altho its sooo difficult not to get jealous.So when u get back u here for quite a while right?? I thought we could do some sort of class in gford as we'll be the only ones left! Like cooking / painting / dancing?! They all start in jan anyways. Hopefully i'll be signed to some label by then. I see ur doing ucas? I didnt realise the deadline was so late, ive already sent mine off! daunting stuff eh? if u need any help re GHS stuff just email me k? but to my email not on this. miss u xxxxxxxx
Response: thanks for the lovely message! how exciting about a record contract!!! yes, the classes in gford sound fantastic - def something i'd like to do!! do you have a website for them??? anyway, i'll email you soonish. Hope you are well, lots of love xxxxx
From Emma
I think the closing date for UCAS is the 15th jan or sumthing so u should be alright. u need to apply on the ucas website and register so u can fill up a form. u need one referee (a teacher would be best) who will fill stuff in after uve done ur personal statement. They usually try to make u sound amazing and they say how good u are etc etc. wen u register u need to have a school that ur part of so would u use st. hildas or guildford high?? cos i think u need to enter a school code thingy. maybe u could get ur mum to call ghs and ask, i dunno? just check it out on and click on apply. im applying to do spanish at birmingham, exeter, nottingham, sheffield, swansea and prob cardiff. its all so daunting! but i will help u out with whatever u want when ur home xxxxxxx
Response: hey emma! thanks for all the much needed info!!! so do i need to do my personal statement before i get a referee?? and is it best if the referee is the teacher who teaches the subject that u want to study at uni or does it not matter? Yes, i've been on the website and i will apply as an individual - not through a school. however i'm uncertain if i say whether i live in Aus or England as if i say i live in england, they will ask for my a level predictions and if i say i live in Aus, then they will charge me international fees!! i think i may need to get my parents to ring them to enquire. I'm about to do a huge update - pics and diary entries!!! hope you enjoy! xxxxxx
From Emma
hey chloe! how was sydney? u must be excite/sad/scared that this is ur last term of school! i cant wait to see u tho...not too long to go! so are u gonna travel a bit before u go to uni/drama school or are u just gonna stay in england? its scary to think that u now do whatever u want really. been back at school for about 1 month now, its been really hectic with the ucas forms etc i cant wait until they just get sent off so we can forget about them (well, sort of)! anyway write soon love emma xxxxxxxx
Response: Hey Emma!! I just sent you an extremely belated birthday text!!!! i'm so sorry - i'm a very slack friend! Yes, i leave Aus on 12th Dec (very scary!!) I need to do all my UCAS stuff when i get back (it won't be too late will it??) Would you be able to help me do it,cos i don't really understand what i need to do!! Do you apply online nowadays??? and what does the referee need to say etc?! i'm very confused! I may do a bit of travelling (depending on how much money i can earn!!). What unis and courses are u applying to??? miss you lots, love chloe xxxxxxxxx
From Katherine
Hello, i thought i should look at your page cause u seem to like it! great work, so many blogs and things! hope u are having fun in Sydney. Talk soon, lots of love . xx
Response: YAY!! at sydney airport at the mo...can't wait to see you in a few hour's time!!!! WHOO! about to buy ur krispy cremes!! xx
From mummy moo
Hi there thats better get back in the habit. a ju ju has been complaining too. Have a super hol, a jean rang this afternoon to say she had a great time at Nonnies and looks vrey well. Hazey has had the op and is ok , back in the ward and chatty, we will go down over the weekend. Jake is off to Bath tomorrow to move things into the flat but does nt actually go until next weekend . Katie is off on Tues , pip is staying here for the day.......Maddy will be pleased speek soonxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: miss you mumsy
From holly
ok. its time to update again, majorly.
Response: Oh hol!! I started thinking that everyone was over my planet ranger!! But i will update especially for you! miss you xxxxx
hello lovely chloe!!! how r u?! how did QCS go?! was it hard? ur dad told me that uve started Brecht! WOOOO! ur topic sounds very interesting and is definately unique! :) best of luck! have lots of fun with it! and sorry my email didnt work...silly email i sent it to ur wackymackay thingy address! i wonder where it went! hmm anyways goodluck for ur next test block!lots of love! cinta xxx
From D
This site is in need of some fresh impetus!! Did you win your tug of war? Shame there was only one pic. Speak soon ... in fact in about an hour's time ...
D xxxxx
Response: yes, will update when i get some time to not think about my OP!!! ahaha! lovely to speak to u on mon, xxxxx
From mummy
lovely photo, you are such a beautiful girl x
Response: oh, mummy moo! i miss you xxxx
From mummy
Hi co co, cant sleep nxt door having yet another party hows it going? The phone should be back in use this sunday so you can run this holiday idea past us! Jake finished work to day they said some lovely things and gave him a bottle of bubbly to have with the boys (hes been having a few drinks in the garden also) .Off down to Rons tomorrow to help him have a clear up and see if the house is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick did ok in the end with A 's is off to Loughborough on a foundation course to do sport science havent heard from andrea so dont know how Katie did or Emma. Well may try and go back to bed now and will speak on sunday xxxxxxxxm
From D
All was OK in Bedford. Hazey just about had the all clear, will hear finally next week. GPI his usual self, started his treatment yesterday ... 6 zapping sessions over 2 weeks. Ron v pleased to see us, the house is nearly finished and ready to go on the market. M will tell you all about the rest of the visit tomorow, including my impromptu radio appearance!! Let me know whether the pics and certificate are OK.
LYL&L xxxx
Response: Radio appearance?!! that sounds exciting! Yes, the pictures are super, thank you (the certificate etc as well!). We all look sooo tiny in that class photo - makes mrs hunter look like a giant!! No weekend leave permission is needed this week - staying in to do all my work!! Tell Jacinta we're starting Brecht in drama today - she'd be excited to hear!! love you lots, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From D
Chin up Cokes. Actually the injury doesn't look too bad, hasn't impaired your looks at all. Sounds like you had a great weekend ... back to the serious stuff now eh? Got your message re 1st school day pics ... M is looking right now. Hope the grape goes soon, speak again on Sunday, after the picnin!
D xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Thanks for doing the pics. the bruise is now black! at least its under my chin!! lovely to speak on sunday. hope all is well in bedford?? love you xxxxxxx
From Emma
Hi chloe,
glad u got bk ok, was great to have our little catch up...wish it could have been longer! anyway, ive now done my d of e which was so awful in the heat but now i can enjoy the holidays! im off to las vegas soon, cant remember if i told u that. lots of shopping me thinks! anyway...i will keep looking on this page for updates! love u xxxxxxxxx
From M
Welcome home, i expect you ve found maddy up in your room and a little parcel from usa see around 6.30 xxxxxxx
From Lizzie
Hey chllooooooe! hows it going? U might be in england by the time u read this, ja?!? ring me!!! or text! we have 2 meet up! hope ur gooood xxxxxxxxx
Response: DEFFO LIZ! I'm flying home tonight!!!!! ahhhhhhhh! so so excited it's unreal!! will def ring/txt - hope ur last exams are going well. lots of love xxxxxxxxxx
From mummy moo
hi cokes, just been for loooonnng run to newlands corner cant wait to take you with us next week! It looks like we'll have serious shopping to do all sales are starting early H of F next Thurs can you get me some bits from the airport do they do Origins? Will speak tomorrow got to get the house ready for a VPI xxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: haha!! well i am a very important person! hehe. Good work with the run. Yes i shall def be joining you - better bring me trainers home then? I think they do origins at the airport. What would you like? Let me know 2morrow on the phone what u would like. Going shopping 2morrow - planning on getting jake's flip-flops, although only if katherine drops my bank card into the boarding house before hand, cos she has it in her wallet! Hope all is well. I'd better get training 2morrow morn, otherwise you'll kill me!!! love you xxxxxxxxxx