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Chris and Marney's World Wide Adventures

Welcome to Chris and Marney's Travel Page. Stay posted for stories and pics from our adventures around the world.

Our new contact details in New Cal are:

Address (if you post anything make sure you always use the names like this as for some reason we don't have numbers on the letter box!)

Salmon et Johnson
Residence Monin
10 Rue Monin
Orphelinat, Noumea
New Caledonia 98800

PH home: +687 25 23 66
Marney mob: +687 78 22 55
Chris mob: +687 79 01 16

Diary Entries

Thursday, 27 April 2006

Location: New Caledonia

Hello Planet ranger viewers, you have a new host for this entry. Chris, yes thats right its me. for the last 2 years this is the firts entry I've lodged.

I thought I would throw some photo's of the lagoon and some friends and I surfing on the outer reef. This particlar day was fantastic... enjoy

Next episode is a first hand encounter of a local tribe "Reehbu Nuh" commandeering our workshop and chasing us offsite with machetes and tomo-hawks. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, although they cremated a couple of trucks.

I hope you are all well

Aurevoir - Monsoier Christophe

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Location: New Caledonia

For those of you who might still check this little webpage, I’m sooooo sorry I have disappeared lately. It’s been hard to get onto a computer which has both an English keyboard and a reasonable connection! Well after a fantastic Xmas and New Year on the coast and fab little trip to Hong Kong in Jan with Chris’s Mum and Dad (see pics), we are back in our new home Noumea. We are now all set up loving having a ‘home’ again. I’ve put our new address and contact details at the top of this page in case you ever need them.

Noumea is such an interesting place. The people are incredibly relaxed for one thing (you must visit – hint, hint!). Last weekend we went to watch Les 24 Voile… hmmm. This is a little event run by one of our friends here – Thierry (aka president of the catamaran club) – where about 30 windsurfers and small hobie cats race around a circuit in the ocean for 24 hours! Now, this means you have kids on windsurfers sailing in the dead of night out into the ocean darkness…! You might think I’m being paranoid, but one actually got lost and they had to send out a search party to find him!! He was fine, so it was pretty funny, but I couldn’t believe it!

Speaking of kids, they are amazing here. They are both incredibly polite and incredibly courageous when it comes to adults. Without fail whenever you pass a child in the street or on the beach or in a shop whether they are on their own or with a parent, they will greet you with ‘bonjour madame’, every time! Can you imagine an Australian 6 or 7 year old doing that? They also have no fear with adults, probably because there really isn’t anything to fear here. For example, twice or three times now, I’ve been swimming in the Baie Des Citron – the best beach here – when really young kids have come up to me and started talking in French and then holding my hand and hugging me, sitting on my back – that type of thing. Last time, it happened, I was so paranoid a parent was going to come running out worried about their child that I told them I had to go to work to get away from them!

Anyway, I’m going to go hit the beach – hopefully all kids are at school today! Hope all is well with everyone.

Love Marney xx

Tuesday, 08 November 2005

Location: Noumea, New Caledonia

Well here we are in New Caledonia... We have now been here for about three weeks (four for Chris). It's a gorgeous place, absolutely stunning. We are currently staying at a holiday apartment at a place called the Baie Des Citron which in English means Lemon Bay. It is probably the most picturesque place in Noumea. At least in my opinion. It faces west and therefore has the most sensational sunsets. It literally looks as though someone has sprinkled drops of crystal from the sky. The water is calm and people swim right out without any fear of sharks, jelly fish or any of the other dangerous 'fish' in Aus. On the other side of the same penninsula is a place called Anse Vata. It's beautiful too, but incredibly windy. So much so that I dont think small children could actually walk along the boardwalk there some days without being knocked over. The beach is packed with kite boarders and windsurfers - it is wind seekers heaven!

The people here are so friendly, so much more so than I was expecting. I guess it's that thing about the french being rude - even though I haven't personally ever met a really rude french person. The locals have made sure we certainly never feel lonely!

We have managed to find outselves a permenant place to live but we wont be there until mid November. When we are, I'll post our address. In the meantime, our numbers are:

Marney: +687 782255
Chris: +687 790116

Will post some pics soon,
Lots of love
Marney xxxx

Monday, 17 October 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Well, after an incredible 18 months living in London and travelling through Europe, we have arrived back in Australia and are now preparing for our next adventure - Nouvelle Caledonie! Yes, we are heading to the island in the pacific to live for a couple of years and can't wait... It's hard to believe that while in the UK we managed to visit so many incredible places.. I've had to list some of them below:

New York
San Sebastian
Cinque Terre
Amalifi Coast and Capri
Lake Como
and a few more...

As you can see, it's been an amazing ride which we will never forget!!

Love Marney x

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Location: Athens, Greece

Greece is as beautful as I had imagined. Santorini is absoutely picturesque - probably more so than Croatia. Mykonos is so much fun - such a party town. I'm definitely coming back! We had a ball. Wont bore you with the details, but one of the biggest highlights would have to have been getting what they call a 'taxi' or as you might call it - a donkey to race us back up the cliff. Silly me sitting on the donkey thinking at best we (about 15 of us) will get lead up the hill at a slow pace by the donkey's owner or at worst they'll tie them all together and they will slow;y walk up the mountain one by one.. hmmm, so not what happened. Each donkey was whipped with a cane and directed to RUN yes RUN up the cliff in what was more like a horse race than a trail ride! Very funny though!

In Athens now and going back to London tomorrow. Home for good soon after that. What an adventure!

Love Marney xx

Sunday, 07 August 2005

Location: Seville, Spain

Hi all,

If anyone still treads this I bet you are glad to see I am writing this from a location other than London and therefore have a diferent map next to this entry!

I am now in Seville Spain with my Dad and his wife Kim. It is absolutely gorgeous. The archietcture (sp) is everything I have imaged it to be. I am so pleased to be here. It really is beautiful. It is 45 degrees today and it is boiling! There are not many people in the streets due to the heat and the fact it is Sunday. Europe closes down on Sundays.. Dad and Kim are big fans of the hop on hop off bus, so today we took one of those around the city. It was great. They really are a fantastic way to see any city. Went to one of the first bull fighting rings in Spain and made our way to what must be one of the royal families mpost palacial buildings. It was damn hot! We are about to for a city walk through the cathedral and I am crossing my fingers we might find somewhere to watch flamenco dancing tonight!

For anyone living in London, Seville certainly is a perfect weekend destination. The right amount of sites to see in two days... Tomorrow we head to Marbella on the coast about an hour or so away from here on the Med where we meet Chris for some fun ibn the sun. Cant wait!

Lots of love
Marney xxx

Thursday, 07 July 2005

Location: UK

Hi there
Just letting you all know we are OK and were not affected by the bombs that went off in London today. The phones are note working but we will call when we can
Love marenr

Sunday, 19 June 2005

Location: London, UK


Well, it has been a long time since I was on planetranger, but I'm back!! So much has happended since I last wrote. But this site is about travel, so here goes... since my last entry we have been on an awe-inspiring safari near Krugar National Park in South Africa, braved the $90 bottles of house wine in Oslo Norway and push biked our way around picturesque Amsterdam... WOW!

They were all amazing for thier own special ways, but I thought I would give you a bit of a highlights tour of each:

South Africa.............

The trip started in Cape Town, where we met up with Chris's parents Gary and Robyn who had flown in from the Gold Coast. It was such a relief to get there. At that stage it was April and still freezing in London. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, it was snowing the week before we left! Cape Town really is stunning - definitely a highlight. We drove around up to Table mountain, saw the Cape of Good Hope and had some fantastic steaks at a great little wine bar, which was a definitely high point considering we had not had good meat in AGES! The South Africa vinyards around the area where also great - they have fabulous wine.. Anyway we left Cape Town and headed down the famous Garden Route bound for Port Elizabeth. Stopped at Plettenberg on the way - it was beautiful. Really luscious and green. Gorgeous.

From Port Elizbeth we made our way to Londolozi Game Reserve near Krugar. All I can say is everyone should see Africa once in thier life - it was incredible! We were up at 5am every morning - woken by James the Arican security guard who brought hot chocolate for Chris and coffee for me. On Safari, we saw everything and lots of babys! The giraffes were soooooo cute - expecially the babies.. they seem so peaceful. It really was the highlight of the trip and I am so grateful for having the opportunity to have gone.. I hope one day I can go again, it was extraordinary.

From Krugar we went by light aircraft back to Jo-berg and then on to the famous casino / resort complex Sun City - WOW. Not only did we get upgraded to the Palace Hotel, which was incredible, but Chris got to go surfing in the wave pool... so lucky. Of course, as always, I was chief photographer. Although I did have a handy photography assistant in Chris's mum this time! Although her camera did keep turning itself off inadvertently!

It really was an amazing, beautiful and wonderful trip...

Oslo, Norway......................

I had just arrived back in London at 5pm the day before to get up at 4am and head off on my first trip to Scandinavia or as Chris calls it - 'Scando land'. It was boiling in London that weekend - cant say the same for Oslo but it certainly was beautiful and quite different.. We did all the usually touisty things - saw some incredibly old viking ships, visited the royal palace and took a trip up to the ski jump which happens to be planted on a mountain looking over Oslo - would you expect anything different?! But, some funny things also happened in Oslo and in testament to the honesty of the Norwegians (wegies as Chris calls them). Between the groups of us which comprised myself, Chris, Tim, Josie, Kym, Nick (everyone's fav cameraman) and Murray Fraser - we managed to loose three valuable items - one camera, one suitcase and one wallet. Should I name who lost what? Well yes I should. I lost my suitcase - typical I'm sure you would say! Tim lost his wallet - shock horror! and Murray his camera.. But - what is really funny is the way in which they were lost..

In my defense I had been trevlling for days and was absolutely exhausted, so who wouldnt leave thier suitcase out the front of thier hotel room and go for a two hour nap I ask?? I awoke to find I had no clothes to wear for dinner and was very upset. I searched the room for my bag but it was nowhere to be seen.. Chris ran downstairs to see it had been handed in and the angry women begrudingly called some of the surrounding rooms and said NO! Meanwhile back at the room, myself and Josie are listening to the sound of two women giggling away in the room opporite us - interesting.. We knock on the door and they go silent.. hmmmm this happens about four time and doesnt really change until Kym starts banging on the door and a few minutes later and very stagily looking women pops her head out the door.. obviously drunk and probably on drugs she comes out smiling with a beautifl shade of pink blush all of her face and cloths... I nicely plead with her that if she HAPPENS to come ACROSS my bag could she please gtive it back because I am Australian and I need my passport to get home!! She said Oh OK, I have not seen it but I will check with my firend (who happens to be standing behind her)... Out of hope, Chris and I head to the police station to file a report when we get a call from Josie. The women has come back to the room... again coverered in make up with her firend also covered in make up. Funnily enough her friend had found the bag and thought it was hers... hmmmm after some strange comments about my underwear they disappeared. I checked my bag - relived to have it back - interestingly, the only thing missing - was some makeup!


I am impressed if you are stillreading at this point, but here goes anyway. We went to A'dam last weekebd with Ying, Kym and Nick - also met up with Brendan Norris who was there from Paris. Well, I am so glad I went to Amsterdam - it was great. So contemporary and spilling with art and culture! Herre I was expecting the usual old fashioned European city and I was sudenly faced with probably the most modern and coolest society I have seen yet -0 set in an incredibly beautiful cancel city... It also helped that it was a gorgeous weather weekend.. of course.

We spent Saturday wondering through the streets and checking out all the cool shops, we visted the Ann Frank house which was very moving of couse and we spent the afternoon having a few drinks and some tapas at a great little bar on the canel... Sunday was spent at the Van Gogh museum - which was amazing as expected.. and cycling around the city like all the Dutch people. I managed not to fall off amazingly. But it was very very hot and I didnt bring sunglasses, so my eyes were almost burnt off by sun and wind! All in all Amsterdam was beautiful and I HAVE to go there again!

Anyway.... sorry for having fallen off the face of the planet for a couple of months.. missing home and everyone there already!

Lots of love Marney xx

Sunday, 03 April 2005

Location: London, UK Territories

Well Budapest was fantastic.. beautiful wine, magical landscape and architecture and full of history. It wasnt difficult to know you were in the former soviet union.. you can tell the locals have been through extremely hard years. They are certainly not overly friendly - at least on the surface... slightly different story after a few drinks! We spent our first day there, which also happened to be Chris's 26th birthday.. exploring the famous city park in Pest (that's right half thre city is called Pest and the other half is Buda), where we stumbled upon an amazing castle, which looked like something Dracula would haved lived in in Transylvania. Funnily enough, Transylvania was once part of Hungary! After that we headed to the castle district, a part of Buda, which has always been home to more wealthy hungarians.. it was gorgeous. Like a fairytale.. I have posted some photos to show you... standing there looking out of Budapest you could almost imagine yourself with one of those long wizard hats living as a queen in the middle ages!! ALMOST! We spent Saturday night (and some of Sunday morning) at a little place called Moe's bar dancing the night away with the funny hungarians who frequent the place.. it was great!

One highlight was thr fasmous medicinal baths.. You could not get more relaxed than spending the day in outdoor Hungarian thermal baths... at a toasty 38 degrees, it was enough to defrost ourselves from a London winter. We spent most of Sunday there... so relaxed after we could hardly speak!

Back in London all week and getting excited about doing some more travlling this summer.. but most of all about going to south africa to see Chris's parents in a few weeks.. cant wait!

Lots of love
Marney x

Monday, 21 March 2005

Location: London, UK

Hi again finally!

Sorry for the delay in posting a message. Have been really busy at work (as always!)... Well things are looking up in London. Saturday was the first time the sun has come out in ages and it was fantastic... I never realised how it felt to feel the sun on your skin for the first time after months of grey darkness.. not to mention grey freezing darkness!

Addy left just over a week ago. It was so great to see him.. I miss him so much already. We had a fantastic two weeks, mostly spent in shops and restaurants both here and in Paris, but it went by way too quickly. Paris was fun, we met up with Ben (our cousin) who live not too far away in Lyon. We had a fab night - out in the Marrie district at a cool little pasta bar, then to a gay club, called HOT SHOWER...

Other highlights of the past couple of weeks have been some seriously intense dress shopping - looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress for Nova's wedding. Not as easy as it sounds... the unfortunate thing as that although the stores are full of the most stunning dresses for spring/summer, they are all really patterned - we need plain of course. But anyway, before I bore the very few males who may view this page, I will move on and fill you in when we finally find something...

We are all very excited here at the moment because we are off to Budapest for Easter (&Chris's b'day) on Friday.. should be fanatastic. We have heard only good things about it and cant wait to go. Thing only get better after that with a trip to South Africa to meet up with Robyn and Gary (Chris's parents), we cant wait!

Anyway, guess I better get to bed... not having to get up until 8 for work makes me really nocturnal!

Lots of love

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From elf
that train thing was so not funny...

ok, you got me back with that pic. now we're even!

(lucky no one still checks this page but me) :P
Response: yes it was! I wouldn't be so sure of that elfie! see you in a couple of days! x
From yingy
see pics? what pics???
Response: they're coming!!!!!
From Carey & Kel
Hi Chris & Marney!
Now back in London and will both soon start the great job-hunt! Great to see your long-awaited update and we can't wait to see some photos! How is August looking?
Love you both,
Carey & Kelly.
Response: Hi guys
August is looking really good! We can't wait to see you. Good luck with the job hunting!
Love Chris and Marney x
From jojo
Hey there. thanks for your message on my page, and sorry if you're still checking it as I'm way behind. Leaving Mongo in three weeks and heading to Europe for a month and then home. What are you doing in NC? Can't quite work it out, expect that you're going to the beach! Well, hope to maybe make a trip out there when I'm home. Thinking of you, jojo
Response: Hey Jo Jo,
Great to hear from you too! What's your email????
Lots of love xx
From Josie
Hello - so good to speak to you this morning! Sorry my phone cut out - is much cheaper with the calling card so will be able to call you much more often. Make sure you send me your new postal address and you should really post a new entry here soon xo send my love to chris - i miss being called the outlaw
Response: hey jose,
miss you so much... writing an entry now
love m xx
From jojo
What are you guys doing in New Caledonia? You really are the jet setters! Will have to make a trip out when I return to Oz. Take care jojo
Response: hey jo jo
its been too long since i was on here _ where r u?? love marney moo
From Chris
Hi Marney and Chris,
Having a busy, but wonderful experience in France working on the sail yacht.
You guys have sure been 'getting around'. South Africa is on my to do list now after your rave review! Do you stil have plans for Biarritz? Keep in contact as I may be able to get over there for a weekend while you're there. Let me know.
Hope you're well and that no one you know was caught up in the London explosions. Relieved to read that you guys are fine.
Response: Hi Chris
Great to hear from you. All are OK in London which is good. As a matter of fact we are actually heading back soon so wont be able to make Biarritz... bit sad! So gkad to hear you and Tiny are enjoying your travels. Will check out your page. M x
From jojo
Hi Marney,
Seems like you are busy - no up-dates for a while. Things are going really well in Mongolia. Have started work, started to settle in, and can't believe I'm nearly been gone for two months - time flys when you're overseas. Thinking of heading to Europe in December, so hope that you'll still be around. Chris is venturing to Mongolia in October - can't wait to see him. Hope you job is going well and you are happy. Love jojo
PS Look on Chris's web page as tiny is 'lookin' good'!
Response: Hey Jo Jo - good to hear from you. I cant believe you are inj Mongolia - hope you're having fun! It sounds amazing! M XX
From yingy
i went down to snapper rocks and took pics of the surf for crispy and put them on planetranger :)
Response: Awwwww
From yingy
i've posted my itinerary up on for you guys to have a look... PLEASE come!!!!
Response: FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Yingy.. had a look - looks great. Dad's here start of July, but I'm definitely in for Morocco! Will try to convince Chris too! M x
From yingy
HAPPY BURFDAY CRISPY!!!!!!!!!!! lots of love coming from this side of town and have a drink for me :) can't wait to see you guys when i get there. Paying for flights tomorrow and will send confirmed itinerary then. WHOOHOO!!! ps. adam's in town on the coast and he says happy bday and so does Mrs J
Response: Thansk Yingy, ad and Lyn!!
From Kelly
Hi Marney, and FINALLY how are you? I can't belive it has taken me so long to write to you, but I guess it's better late than never! I have just read and viewed the entire contents of your travel page, & it has made me SOOO excited about coming over! Hope you & Chris are both really well and planning plenty more fabulous adventures!Will write a real e-mail to you soon.
Love Kelly
PS I hope work is going well, have you changed jobs? oh,I am currently working on my first private design job!
Response: Hi Kel!
So great to hear from you.. We are all great, how are you. I'm still at the same job but leaving soon I think; cant wait to see you over here soon - still got the same plans?

Congratulations on the job!

Love Marney x
From Robyn
How beautiful Marney. Please take your camera to work so we can see snow in London. Love from us, Robyn
Response: Hello.. as it so happens I have been taking my camera to work... I have been a bit lazy with putting photos up, but will be putting loads up this week.. lots of love
From Joanna
Hi Marney,
Just wanted to let you know I got the job in Mongolia. Will be heading there in early April for a year to work for World Vision.
Chris will also be heading to France at the same time, so you guys will have to catch-up.
I might be in UK in September for a wedding.
Take care, jojo
Response: Hey JoJo

Congratulations! I cant believe you are going to Mongolia - it will be such an amazing experience! Will drop you an email this week, I want to hear all about it..
Tell your Chris to email us, we would love to see him over here.. M x
From Carey
How did the mini surfari to Ireland go? Heard the swell was meant to have been HUGE!!
Response: Hey mate,
The surf was massive. Kevie and I could have handled it but we didnt want the girls to get worried. Not, it was cyclonic. Awsome fun to see Kev and Sinaed. Look like the waves back home have been pumping. Speak to you soon/
From fiona
Hope you guys are well. Rob sent me your web site and it seems that you are having a ball!
Hunter and Cooper are growing fast and keeping me on my toes! Keep safe - love fiona xxxx
Response: Hi Fiona,
Thanks for checking out our site, it's great to hear from you. We're having a fantastic time... Chris went surfing in the freezing cold Irish waters last weekend and today it snowed.. feels very Englandish now.. x
From Carey
You da man sanchez!! awesome effort at tough-guy. what was coady's excuse?
Response: coads said the corse was to short...
wasn't to bad, just really really cold. going to see big kev next wkend, hopefully we will score some waves. hope all is well with you, kell and the gang.
From Robyn
Hi sweetie,
Lovely to see photos of you here, seems ages since you left. We have just had lunch (Sunday 30th)and saw Warwick we need to know how the 'Tough Man?' went. He muttered something about electric cattle prods. Please tell me it wasn't like that. Take care now, Lots of Love, Robyn
Response: Hi Robyn,
Dont worry, we had tough man today and it was OK... Chris survived! We will call you to tell you about it..
M x
From yingy
TOUGH MAN?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That's so funny it's ridiculous... did chris see the pics on my planetranger of that night that we went to safari and elsewhere (7th Jan Antics)?? Ass is so funny and his boots are even funnier :D I'm working on an itinerary and should have one to you in the next week or so.. I hope you're still committed!
Response: Hey Yingy! Yes still committed, although will be more motivated when you send the itinerary (I so cant spell)! YES, we saw the pics! Strangely, Chris made no comment xx
From Sylvia
Hi Marn

Merry Xmas and happy new year to you and Chris!

Hey big news. Mike and I have booked our flights to Prague! We're leaving on 1 august and will be staying for a year so you guys will have to come and stay.

Will email you with more details...soooo excited!!

Love Sylv

Response: That's fantastic news Sylve!! I'm so excited for you...! I cant wait to see you on this side of the world very soon!! Keep me up to date with your plans... M x
From rajeev james
Response: Hey - who's this?
From Robyn
Hi Marnes,
Couldn't get the photo of you at your Bollywood party. Very disappointed. Just waiting to see you guys, we're holding our breath here. Merry Xmas Ying. Loads of Love, Robyn
Response: Hello!
We are so excited too... only two more days of work and we are on a plane.. meant to be pn a plane to Milan right now, but I missed the flight - poor Chris... See you very soon, love Marney
From yingy
hi guys!
so i got a little heart twinge when i saw your pics in paris. i love that city so much. i won't be here to see you guys either when you arrive in oz :( lots of love and christmas cheer to the johnsons and salmons!
Response: Hi Yingy!
Maybe we will see you when you get back from your trip - we dont leave until the 10th of Jan! Have to pick up where we left off at Music on the Rocks!!!
You have a wonderful Christmas too and give our love to Ling and your parents xxx
From Jojo
Hi Moo,
Hope you're well. Been thinking of you lately and hoping all is going well - sounds like it is. Work @ my end has been extremly busy as well, but really enjoyable.
Recently went to Chris's parents farm, which was a nice break, but can't wait to Christmas. This year it is at my house in Sydney with the family - very exciting!
Well, again, your travels sound amazing and make me extremly jealous. Still waiting to see about my oversea job in Mongolia, but if I don't get it I think I'll be joining Chris in France in Sept and coming to Ireland for a wedding. So might see you then! Don't worry 9 months will fly! Love jojo
Response: Hi Jo Jo
I really really miss you!!! I hope you get your job, but secretly I would rather have you here! Love you lots Marney
From Nikki
Hi Marney & Chris, I have just found you on mum and Johnnos computer,(how slow am I!!) great to catch up on what you have been up to sounds like you are having a ball. Things here are good very busy with 4 kids! We are renovating our bathroom at the moment so staying here we came for a weekend about six weeks ago and still look like being here for anouther two weeks its been a nightmare( the reno that is) Sebastian is great smiling his head off and sleeping through. Ned is great and loves his new brother, the girls are busy with dance concerts etc and keeping us very busy will send you some photos soon...lots of love, miss you Nikki xoxox.
Response: Hi Nikki!
Thanks for the update.. I cant wait to see you all... especially the new edition - we bought him his Christmas present today - very exciting!
Lots of love Marney