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Europen Adventure

78 days, 1 man trying to outwit outsmart and outplay the women of Europe, to be the ultimate Survivor.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 10 September 2005

Location: Vienna, Austria

3 days in Berlin.

Started Berlin with a pub crawl. Why not. Found some really nice spots to go out for the next few nights. Meet up with some cool people on our bus for the next few days. alot of people are against having fun though on this bus. We've nick named them the fun NAZIS how ironic since we are in Germany.

Had a blast here went on a day tour seen the sites met some really friendly german girls.

After Berlin we're off to Prague. Prague started with a night tour of the sites. Went to this awsome strip club. Got hit up by this pro on the street asking for suckie suckie f--kie f--kie or shakie shakie, after i told her no she offered " Lick my arse" I must admit i was very tempted but had better things on my mind. Finished off at this 5 story night club each level a different style of music. Stayed here 2 nights. Second night we meet up with some Pommie chicks we meet the night before.Went out for a quiet one bout 16 beers.

Prague to Budapest.

Budapest was awsome. Again started with a tour of the city. Found a few good sites to visit the next day including some thermal baths. Bout 40'C the water was. around the area there was saunas wirlpool baths spas and a 16'C pool. Nice and cold.
Went out for dinner got a Pizza beer and dessert for 8 euro. nice and cheap

Going to Salzberg tomorrow Update you soon

Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Location: Mykonos, Greece

6 days in the greek islands is pretty hard to take. beach parties everywhere paradise beah parties hard all night. chicks everywhere in g string bikinis dancing on podiums on the bar and in the pool at 6pm. clubs kick off at about 2 am and go all day. had a few big nights here. alot of gay people around so todd blended in nicely.
Met up with a goulburn girl randomly walking the streets. Nicole Buckley. Had a few beers with her over 2 nights. the water is very clear hardly need gogles the land is very rocky and there is no grass or trees anywhere. Going to Berlin next to start a busabout tour for 2 weeks endind at oktoberfest in munich.

Monday, 22 August 2005

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Day 2 of our car hire

I drove the first day of our trip south to Valencia. Was the only one who wasn't hung over. Going down the 120km/h freeway doing about 150km/h in our diesel Mira getting over taken by cars doing at least 180.
Went out that night to this wicked club. Drinks are about 7 euro for a Heinekin or 8 for a bourbon. best thing is though they dont measure out there shots so they'll pour you a triple no worries at all so it was obvious what i was drinking.

Day 3 of our car hire

Driving back north now we head to pamplona where they have the running of the bulls. Walked the Track which took us all of 5 mins saw the corner where alot of people get smashed and around to the finish stadium. Back in the car and off to Beautiul San Sebastian. This place was rockin there was a festival on when we got there saw the best fireworks display. Went to another awsome club drinks about 1 euro dearer.
The next day we walked up the top of the hill to the statue of christ and drank 2 euro heinys overlooking a nice harbour hundreds of yachts and the ocean Next stop madrid

Madrid was a one nighter flew to greece the next day after a 5hr delayed flight. In Greece now going to the Islands tomorrow., Tristan a guy from the gong has been with us for the last week untill tonight when he booked himself into hospital with a swollen testicle. Not sure what it is from but he is getting the hot nurses to keep an eye on it for him. I think he is using t5he time as a little detox as well. He is a little man and it takes a fair bit to keep up with a guy like me !!! Hahaha

Tlk soon

Monday, 22 August 2005

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Ok i have recovered after being robbed twice and we have hired a car to drive for 5 days around spain. Problem left hand drive vechiles wrong side of road. ask todd first 10 mins in the car by himself he has managed to clip a gutter and puncture two tyres.
He sat on the side of the road all day waiting for a tow truck which was sent to the wrong address. So we had to stay another night in Barcelona.

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, what can i say. f--kED !!!! 3 nights ago wallet stolen awsome Tonight about 1 hour ago got held up by 5 black guys with knives and they took my credit card. so i have no money no wallet no cards. but i will still go on.
if any one wants to text me leave your number on here and ill text you from my new UK number

Hope everyone is ok. talk again soon

Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Location: Nice, France

Five Hard days of smashing piss into the trip and i have layed my cards out right. Havent shagged any girls on our tour yet but tonight is the night. we have 4 americans 6 canadians 2 south africans 3 kiwis and 30 aussies majority women. nothing special amongst them not that that will stop me
Gotta fly

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Location: Wollongong, Australia

Really just a test page.
Only 20 days till departure so I'm getting fairly excited. Everyone tell others of this page and you can all leave me a message.

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From Michael Gibson
whats your email address, I lost yours when I got a new account.

Mine is now

Email me to organise when you get home.

PS Hows the tally, is the Roomie still smashing you.
From number1
hey man had a massive trucks were crazy we picked up the contract wif the monster trucks nation wide. its a wonder u didnt take up the offer of the ass licking
Response: Awsome man. I thought about licking
From Jason Bates
Dear Christopher.
Howie and i have discussed the options available and it is confirmed that you will be working at the horse stalls and at the soldiers club? We reckon that once you have handled April you will handle anything. What date are you back as that matter with steve starr is going to court? Let me know asap.
Response: How kind of you guys. April is easy to handle ive handled worse. Back on the 28th sept whenis the court hearing?
From howie
fair call i guess we are doin the monster trucks next week which will be sick.working tonite at shellys
From howie
hey bud hope ur doin good. thaught all the bashing that me and u did in mollymook over christmas would have gave u sum skills to bash them black f--ks!!!!! u wanna work bathurst this year?
Response: f--k yeah id love to work there. i tried but when they pull a knife what do you do ????
From Jason Bates
Whats doing mate? Heaps happening at home. I have moved to Bowral with Pam and the kids? Heaps of shit going on. Thought i'd trained you a bit better than that, heard about the mugging. Want me to come over and save your ass? See you soon mate.
Response: nice work. yeah might need some back up. got a good job for me when i get home ?
From chris
My mobile number is +447795994928 if anyone wants to text me
From Fantin
Hey Gurney, good to see that your back on track and having a ball, those greek chicks love it up the arse man so give it too em hard and fast.
Response: Just three words for you man ,Greasy greasy greasy
From schwat
sounds like you were the one who was outwited , outsmarted and outplayed
Response: yeah nice one schwat
From Ash
Only 5 black guys ? Thats shit maybe u should buy a gun to protect yourself form those 15 yr old pickpockets and those damn armed bandits. Where was Todd when all this was happening ? Did he get his stuff stolen too ? I gues having big muscles is no match for a knife or the pussy might have stepped up :-) anyway I hope your trip gets better. 04085188xx is my number txt me and i'll give u a call sometime.
P.S u should know the rest of my number.
Response: what do you think todd was doing? Either looking at himself in the mirror or trying to pìck up €15 suckie suckie , f--kie f--kie.
From Fantin
Gurney, whats going on man. I thought that between Todd and yourself you could take a few pick pockets on. Bad luck Gurns hopefully your luck will pick up.
Response: i was by myself man only walked 2 blocks f--ked up shit
From Daniel
how are you going?

give us an update!
Response: Im in amsterdam at the moment
What a mad place. Ill update this page when contiki is over
From Gibbo
Have you nailed one yet Gump? send some photos.
Response: You know me im not like that much !!! Ok a couple not as many as my roomie he is a man whore
From DKombi
Don't forget your mission that was set out before you left.
You're carrying the FLAG for us...
Make sure you tarp up.
Response: DaBrett
Mission is going to plan. Tarps are out and having a ball
From Ash
R U going to update the page ALF or r u too pissed to get on the net ?? Hope your having fun, send us an email when u get off the gear.
Response: Always tooo pissed. Like now haha havent had one night off it since i got here. Todd is a man whore
Hey Buddy,

Hope the night was awesome...many more to come
Dont forget to send those pics
Be good Or at least Good at it.
Response: Thanx dog hows work going? Havent missed me too much ???
From Tom
Hi squidlips hope yor trips going ok Bruno said for you to get f--ked see ou soon
Response: Thanx Tom.
Tell dog to get F.....d.
Having a ball mate
From Ash
Gurney shouldn't ur opening title say something like this ?

"78 days, 1 large man trying to outscratch, outdrink and outplay the women of Europe, to be the ultimate Scratcher."

Have fun and scratch on man we know you will !!
Think about what you are saying. You're the sick f__k who has been shagging her. Mmmm Kathy !!!!
From daniel
at least they will be able to get away from you quite easily.
walking stick boy!
Response: No more walking stick. Could run a marathon now
From Ben Fantin
Don't forget to wear a franger mate those European women aren't as clean as they say they are. Plus watch those German's they'll piss on you.
Response: Double bags for sure.
From Jason Bates
go get em tiger. hahahahaha
hope you get lots of pics for us all to look at. see you on the weekend.
From Michael Gibson
Gurney, are you going to post all the boys that you f--k over there as well. We all know if times get desperate you wont descriminate.
Response: Dont knock it till you try it