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I'm a Roamer.

I will try to keep this as updated as possible for everyone...I hope to get lots of emails from everyone while I'm down there.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Location: Coronado, Costa Rica

Today I went into San Jose and met up with the Poland guy I met at the airport. It was weird, to say the least. It was cool at first, because I had already been to the museum he wanted to go to, so he paid for me. He didn't really appreciate the museum though and just kind of rushed through it. Not cool in my book. Then afterwards he wanted to get a drink somewhere, but he wanted to sit outside...well first of all there are not really places to sit outside and have a drink in San Jose. He didn't get that. So we walked around a ton before I told him we were going into the Mercado and I just made him sit and we ordered juice and coffee. Also I knew the place we were at was kind of a quick-stop so we wouldn't be able to stay long...he was just complaining about everything that he didn't like. Very annoying. So eventually we left and I told him I had to leave so I could go find my bus-station before it was mobbed with people getting out of work. He wouldn't believe that I was going in the right direction. I got directions from a woman in the bank to the bus-stop and he kept saying I was going in the wrong direction (he had insisted on walking me to the bus-stop). At this point I totally just wanted to run away from him. Not to mention that he was an obvious one point he was spinning in a circle trying to find a street sign, and then started to open up his map on the street! Disaster!! I was so happy to get on the bus and say goodbye. Now I'm just working out the details of getting to Monteverde tomorrow. I'm staying at a wicked cheap hostel called Sleepers Sleep Cheaper. I'll be there two nights for sure, I made the reservation today, and then I think I'm heading to Montezuma for a few days. After that I have less than a week before I head off to work at Tortuguero. Ok, time to go see if I can help with dinner.

Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Location: Coronado, Costa Rica

Well I'm off to the big city today to meet up with the Polish surgeon I met in the airport. Should be interesting. I'll be staying here at Marcelo's again tonight, though he's leaving today, and then heading off to Monteverde tomorrow morning. WOO HOOO. Then I'll head to the Nicoya peninsula and spend some time in Montezuma. I still need to make my reservations though..I'm really such a slacker. haha. My brain is finally starting to function in spanish mode...though sometimes I forget to really listen and wind up saying something stupid. Ooops. This morning I had gallo pinto and an egg and a piece of cheese on toast. mmmmm so goood! Yesterday Marcelo and I met up with Pablo (another birder who works with Tortuguero) and had lunch. I had a casado con pollo, and I got a whole chicken! YIKES. I couldn't finish it so Marcelo helped me out. They give you sooo much food here! It was only like $3 too. Ok, well I need to be productive and try to plan what I'm going to do today. I definitely need to buy a travel guide today seeing as Marcelo isn't coming with me. haha OK, well I hope everyone's enjoying winter up there..hehehe

Monday, 03 November 2008

Location: Coronado, Costa Rica

SO I just wrote an entire entry and it got deleted. FOOEY. So I made it safe and sound to Costa Rica, finally. In the meantime I made a couple of friends, one from Amsterdam and one from Poland. Both of which I'll probably be meeting up with during my travels. YAY. Also I think Nadine, the girl from Amsterdam, will come to Tortuguero for a little bit while I'm there. Despite my overtiredness last night, I went out with Marcelo and his friends to a couple bars. We watched a cockroach crawl over the back of a man passed out at the bar, then decided to leave that place. haha Then at the next bar, I quickly learned how bad I am at Foosball. Marcelo and his friends are professionals. I was tired, so I just watched, and attempted conversation here and there. It was hard to hear people so I didn't try a whole lot. Today Marcelo and I are headed into San Jose to drop off some supplies that I brought down for another researcher. Then I don't know what we're doing. Tomorrow Marcelo leaves for El Salvador, so I will be on my ownnnn. I don't have a plan yet but I will by the end of the day.

Saturday, 01 November 2008

Location: Miami Airport, USA

So now I'm stuck in Miami. What was super day. Before we left NY, we were told anyone continuing on to San Jose would be fine. Now, they're checking everyone into hotels. Of course everyone is being stupid and just crowding the desk. Another down-side...I have absolutely nothing with me, well besides my laptop. So I suppose I'll just sit here until the crowd dies down a bit. Ugh I am soooo tired. I was just falling asleep during this flight when a little boy a few seats ahead of me started screaming, of course. The change in pressure was hurting his ears. Poor kid. BAH. I want this nightmare of a day to be over with. The good news is my spanish is doing really well so far...I've talked to a couple people and understood what they were saying, and they understood me. YAY.

Saturday, 01 November 2008

Location: JFK Airport, USA

I hate planes. Especially broken planes. I have been in this airport ALL day. My flight is now not going to leave until 7pm. BOOO I'm tired. I had to pay $8 for a sandwich and then heard the airline was providing us with meal vouchers. Jerks. Also, the gate I'm supposed to be waiting at has no internet signal. Lame. So I had to come down to this other gate to use the internet. GRRR. Ok, enough complaining for WILL get better.

Saturday, 01 November 2008

Location: Burlington International Airpt

So I'm off to a great start...not that I'll need it while I'm in Costa Rica, but I forgot my cell phone in my jacket pocket in my car. Awesome. So during my lengthy layovers I won't be able to call anyone! BOOO So I'm sorry to everybody I promised I would call today. So yeah, I'm in the airport...there's really no one else here. I'm really tired because I only slept about 4 hours last night. I wish my first flight were longer so I could have time to sleep.

haha An older couple just had a fight about going to the bathroom. The wife apparently mentioned she had to go and the hubby told her to go but I guess she's too stressed to leave the gate? So she gave him the terse "shut up!" gesture and he replied with something like, "well don't complain if you have to go later!" hahaha I love people watching.

Oh I am so tired.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Location: Salem, USA

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Delta Air Lines # 6278 Operated by: COMAIR - Please check in with the operating carrier

Burlington International (BTV) to New York John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
Departure (BTV): November 1, 10:45 AM EDT (morning)
Arrival (JFK): November 1, 12:14 PM EDT (afternoon)
Class: Economy

Seat request: 13B view/change seats
Saturday, November 1, 2008
American Airlines # 2141

New York John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) to Miami International (MIA)
Departure (JFK): November 1, 3:20 PM EDT (afternoon)
Arrival (MIA): November 1, 6:45 PM EDT (evening)
Class: Economy

Seat request: 20H view/change seats
View real-time airport conditions and traveler updates at JFK | MIA
Saturday, November 1, 2008
American Airlines # 2141

Miami International (MIA) to San Jose Juan Santamaria Intl (SJO)
Departure (MIA): November 1, 8:15 PM EDT (evening)
Arrival (SJO): November 1, 9:05 PM CST (evening)

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Recent Messages

From Kate Eaton
umm christine if you move to costa rica for good to teach spanish I might just have to cry. I might allow it durring the winter but during the summer I need you here!!!
Response: hehehe But you need a sweet place to go on vacation with the fam!
From Kate Eaton
OH christine guess what! I just had a tamale two nights ago at this place called the mexican connection in saratoga. It was good. I also had this awesome very strong margarita.... yummm yummm!
Response: WOOO We´ll have to go there sometime!! Mmmm margaritas...
From Brian
A kid named Bernal that I worked with in Lake Placid. He likes to play soccer, drink, play guitar, and listen to music. I don't know his last name or what he does there. Last I knew he was working at a youth center teaching soccer. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR RASH!
Response: Did he go to PSC a few years back, bc I knew a guy named Bernie who was from Costa Rica?
From Brian
Hey Kid,
Sorry to hear about your computer and camera... good luck in your search.
How far are you from Heredia?

Hope all is well!
Response: about 4 hours...I have a friend that lives there. Who do you know there??
From MOM
Hi sweety, How are things going? I haven't heard from you for a while so I assume you've started your bird banding. I hope the weather will be good for you. Its getting very cold here. Its in the 30's all week long. Maybe some snow on Thursday, so enjoy that warm weather for me Please email me soon. I miss you, All My Love MOM
Response: HI MOM!!!! Things are going well, though the rain is insane. Cano Palma, the Canadian Bio station was evacuated to our station, so looots of people. Other than that, having a blast!
From Dave
Yes, of course you can bum a ride back to NY. Hey does your Mom have stuff of yours that I should bring to FL?
Sue and Jean will be coming on your trip. We started planning food. Hey---how are your salt-water fishing skills?
(that's a joke)
The B. Cheese
Response: Hey sorry I didn't respond sooner...My Mom does have stuff to bring to FL, but I haven't yet told her what it is. haha. I will have to think on it and write her an email. ooooo what kind of food??? I've fished only a few times in salt water and caught jelly fish and a hopefully we won't be relying on my skills. hehe
From Dave Cilley
Hi there Beach Bum---sounds like a typical good news/bad news story----on the beach and sick. Well, In my next life I want to be a good dancer, too. It's a typical grey NOV here. Sue will probably write you--she and Jean may join us for the very first trip on the waterway---I'm calling that YOUR trip. I am hoping to start that on the 14th or 15 and be out paddling for about 9 days. Leslie may come, too. I am twisting her arm.
Brian is working for NYSSEF at Whiteface. Not sure if you got my previous messages.
Hey beach bum -- I thought you were going to be grabbing birds out of the sky---what's the deal?
The big Cheese.
Response: YAY! I am so glad I won't be heading directly back to frigid-land. Also, I did not get the FL job, so hopefully I can tag along back to NY :-)
From Brian
You know a girl named Allison Maille??
Response: Yup. She used to work at the 4-H camp with Chris, and she also went to PSC.
From Brian
Hey Kid,

Glad you made it down! Just wanted to let know know that we have some Former St. Regis Canoe Outfitters' Employees living in Florida now. Matt and Dan are living in West Palm Beach and are trying to get jobs fishing/renting canoes. Now you've got a couch to crash on when you and Cheese have finished your trips. Those two are in for a DAMMMNNNNN good time.

Hope all is well!! Good luck with that rash of yours. Sorry to hear it hasn't gone away yet.
Response: SWEET! Yeah, I forgot my anti-fungal cream...Do me a favor and if you see Chris throw a snowball at him. haha pura vida
From MOM
Hi sweety,
I'm sorry you had such a rough day flying. It was good to hear from you last night. I hope you were able to get some rest last night. Can you believ I'm able to leave this message. I figured it out last night YAY I hope your day goes much smoother .I love, and miss you like crazy already All my Love MOM
Response: Hey Mom. Your technology skills are really picking up. hehe Keep up the good work. I love and miss you bunches!
From kristina ayars
hey chris...this is pretty cool...what are you up to? looks like you've got some time off of work?
Response: Thaaanks. I'm heading down to costa rica till ended and I've been saving. I'm pretty psyched. What have you been upto?