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Carlos Cafe's World Tour

Hi all, Here's a bit of a web diary for both my future use and so you can keep up to date on where/why/how/when and ofcourse what I have been up to. Enjoy !!!
fyi the basic plan for my trip at this stage is ...
London June-Sept 05
New York, Chicago, Calgary Sept 05
Drive from Vancouver to Panama Sept - Dec 05
Sth America Jan 06 - May 06
London May 06 - Sept 06
Australia Sept/Oct 06
London Oct 06 ->
also fyi the web address for home is and my email is
To see more photo's of the drive go to /brasco80

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Location: Maida Vale, London, England

Fairly well settled back into the working life.

Living in Maida Vale in West London which is great and have started working for Barclays Capital in the Commodities Division, so all is starting to fall into place.

I am still planning to update my photo's at some stage soon.

Hope everyone is well.


Sunday, 14 May 2006

Location: Notting Hill, London, UK

Well i am back !!!!

On the job hunt, catching up with everyone, and trying to get used to being back in reality !!!

Back on my old Mob's 07 985 022 420.



Sunday, 07 May 2006

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Final step on the big trip. Next stop LONDON !!!!

Just a few days in Bs As to have a final party and see a few last sights.

see ya all soon.


Wednesday, 03 May 2006

Location: Cordoba, Argentina

Have met up with Brasco here for the long weekend. Went to the World Rally Championships at the stadium to watch the final stage. Good fun, even saw an aussie come in 6th. Otherwise we have not done too much, pretty much just seeing the nightlife. All good.
Love to you all

Sunday, 30 April 2006

Location: Salta, Argentina

Stopped in Salta for a grand total of about 6 hours and slept for about 5 of them !! Off to Cordoba...

Thursday, 27 April 2006

Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Well just finished my three days in the cold !!! The Salt Plains, Lakes, Volcanic formations, hot springs, etc etc were all absolutely amazing.
Here for 1 night, hot shower etc then tomoz morning heading to Salta in northern Argentina.
love to you all,

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Location: Uyuni, Bolivia

Got off the overnight bus, having met three Swedish girls heading my same way, so we booked ourselves a three day salt plains tour ending in Chile.

Sunday, 23 April 2006

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Well straight back to La Paz from Cusco. Plan to buy a few things and then head south.

Saturday, 22 April 2006

Location: Cusco, Peru

Back to Cusco for a party with the crew from the treck. Awesome night out on the town. Once again visited Mama Africas and Up town, almost felt like a local !!
Also have booked my flight back to London. Leave Buenos Aires on the 10th May. Its all suddenly drawing to an end !!!

Friday, 21 April 2006

Location: Macchu Picchu, Peru

Well after 4 days of trecking through some absolutely amazing countryside, including one day hiking up to 4,600m past Salkantay Mountain, we arrived in Aguas Calientes. Then on friday morning got up at 4am, to head up the hill at 5. After an hour of climbing 1,707 stairs i reached the Picchu at 6am. It was just as amazing as I had expected. Great to be at the top for the sunrise too. Then after doing a tour, climbed what felt like another thousand stairs to the top of Waynu Picchu. I think this was definately the highlight !! Very pleased to have made it to this area in the end.

Friday, 14 April 2006

Location: Cuzco, Peru

Headed straight from La Paz to Cuzco at it was easter time and Lake Titicaca was going to be full of locals. Anyway got to Cuzco, booked in the Loki Hostel which was suggested and managed to have two massive benders in a row. Was great fun. Then managed to book myself a 5 day 'Salkantay' treck to Macchu Picchu.

Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Location: Coroico, Bolivia

After cruzing down the worlds most dangerous road on a pushie, i decided to stay a night at a beautiful little town down the bottom called Coroico. Was an amazing setting. Managed to almost miss the bus back to La Paz due to going for a walk too far. Tho jumped on a moving jeep flying past and just made it in time. Great fun all round !

Monday, 10 April 2006

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Just arrived this morning into La Paz after a successful 17 hour bus ride. Only one burst tire, otherwise very smooth sailing !
Will spend a few days around this area, including mountain biking down the most dangerous road and just checking out the area.
Great to be using my cold weather gear for a change.
Later all,

Saturday, 08 April 2006

Location: Samaipata, Bolivia

Did a cool walk for a day with a group. Crossed a flooding river about nine times, got washed away once, tho managed to survive. All in all it was a nice little town with a lovely setting, and a road to it from santa cruz which reminded me of the road to Mt G, so was nice.

Thursday, 06 April 2006

Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Will write more later, off to the jungle for a few days.

Sunday, 02 April 2006

Location: Pantanal, Brazil

Awesome spot, spent 5 days in the jungle/swamp land looking for birds and animals.
Great fun.
Will write more when i have time.

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Location: Bonito, Brazil

In Bonito at the moment, which is south of the Pantanal. Went snorkeling down an amazingly clear river yesterday with Brasco and a tour group. Was amazing swimming with the fish etc. Then checked out some macaws and have been seeing plenty of Toucans.
Tomorrow am off to the Pantanal for a few days and then into Bolivia.
Hope you are all well.

Thursday, 23 March 2006

Location: Campo Grande, Brazil

Hi all,
Finally managed to leave Floripa after a great two weeks. Now in western Brazil for a week before heading into Bolivia for a while. Will visit Bonito and the Pantanal before crossing the border.
Hope you are all well.

Thursday, 09 March 2006

Location: Barra da Lagoa, Florianopolis, Brazil

Will let you know more when i leave.

Monday, 06 March 2006

Location: Ilha Grande, Brazil

About 3 hrs south of Rio, and about an hour on a boat. This island is a tropical rainforest surrounded by white sandy beaches. Just what you imagine from Brazil. Very cool !!
Hope alls well with you all.

Thursday, 02 March 2006

Location: Rio, Argentina

Cococabanah beach !!
Impanema beach !!
Sugar Loaf !!
Christ the Redeemer !!
It was absolutely amazing, tho pretty bloody expensive to be honest !!!

Sunday, 26 February 2006

Location: Curiatiba, Argentina

Did the most amazing train trip in Brazil !!! would hate to see the others, this one wasn´t soooo special.

Saturday, 25 February 2006

Location: Puerto Iguacu, Argentina

Checked out the Iguaca Falls for a few days. As good as the Grand Canyon, if not better. If you get the chance go !!!
Photos to come...

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Location: Rosario, Argentina

Spent the weekend in Rosario. Has some weird beaches on the side of the River. Cool town tho. 7 girls to 1 guy apparently !!!

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

been here a few days, and planning to leave in a few.

will tell more later.

Monday, 06 February 2006

Location: Provincia de La Pampa/Bs As, Argentina

Hi all,
I'm now drawing to the end of what will probably be the first of two weeks at The Marabu, an estancia on the edge of La Pampa, it is extrememly flat country, tho hugely productive. Average rainfall is about 40 inchesa year and the water level is only about 4 metres below ground, so bore water is easily accessable if and when required. This place has a mixture of farming, grazing and a dairy, so has been very interesting. The farming ranges from Maize, Soya Beans, Sorghum, Wheat and alot of legumes and is farmed completely min-tillage. The family is also very into their polo, so three afternoons last week we went to another local farm with a polo pitch and watched some of the locals practice their polo, and then yesterday went to a Polo tournament about 2 hrs from here, which was followed by a rodeo, which altho only horses, was hugely entertaining. There has been plenty of bbq's, siesta's and the like going on, tho also a little work which is a change for me. Its been a great experience so far, and i have been lucky enough to have met some great local people who are very keen to show me how the area operates, so that has been great.
Next week I'm off to Buenos Aires, and then I really don't know.
Hope alls well at home and where ever you might be.

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Hi all,
In Mendoza at the moment, which is on the edge of the Andes and the wine capital of Argentina.
To summarize the town... The women are gorgeous, the wine is amazing, the meat is second to none, the party life is awesome, and the countryside is very like oz. So basically very hard to handle !!!! To be honest I would love to stay here for a while longer and so have been doing a little bit of research into the possibility of working here.
Anyway, next stop is some farming land between here and BA.
Hope you all have/had an excellent Australia Day !!
until next time,

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

Arrived after my epic 10 hrs in airports and in the air. Felt like crap after only one hrs sleep, couldn't miss Dukes of Hazard could I ???
Fell asleep on the couch of the backpackers hostel waiting to see if i could get a bed, success!! Booked my ticket to Mendoza and then got a funicular to a view point with awesome views over the whole city. Then walked home thru town. Not too bad, tho certainly not alot to see.

Monday, 16 January 2006

Location: Lima, Peru

Again, check out the photo's...

Sunday, 15 January 2006

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Have a look at the photo's...

Sunday, 15 January 2006

Location: Bogota, Colombia

Well Bogota turned out to be an absolutely beautiful, comfortable feeling, interesting city, with more of the friendly Colombians we encountered everywhere in the country.
We arrived on wednesday morning after a solid 14 hrs on the bus (i think). We managed to get thru the trip unscathed, altho brasco will prob remember it for all the wrong reasons. We almost didn't get a seat as the bus was over booked, tho some how they made room and all was well.
Arrived at the Platypus Hostel, and sat around for a few hours waiting to see if there would be room for us, all turned out well. Did nothing bar recover that arvo.
Then Thursday we visited the Salt Cathedral and Mine in Zipaquira. After about 90 minutes of bus travel, firstly thru the suburbs of Bogota, and then some lovely luch countryside to the north we arrived in a rather european feeling Zipa. I was expecting to come across a big open cut salt mine with a Cathedral a the back of it. Very incorrect. Instead we were soon 180m underground checking out a functional salt mine and an absolutely spectacular underground Cathedral. The pictures will better explain.
Friday i checked out the Botero Donacion. An awesome art gallery with alot of Botero, plus alot of other famous artists. Again the photo's will explain. Then we went to the Botanical Gardens for the arvo, followed by a visit up the a Church at the top of a hill which had an amazing view of the whole of Bogota.
Saturday, spent the morning at the gold museum which was great, then walked around the Simon Bolivar Square, then called into a Millitary Museum, followed by returning to the Botero Museum. Sat night we went out for one last Hoorah, and had a ball.
Then sunday, i spent the day packing up and got on my plane at 6pm to Santiago.

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Location: El Cabo, Tayrona Park, Colombia

HI all,
Just returned from 5 days, 4 nights on the coast about an hour north east of Santa Marta. Its an hour bus ride, then a 15 minute jeep ride and then about 90 minute walk to the spot we were going to stay, so even tho it was leading into the end of Colombian holidays and also coinciding with a long weekend, we thought that surely no one but us could be bothered with such a long walk. We were wrong. Got to the spot, and there was tents, hammocks and colombians everywhere. Luckily we still managed to hire a hammock for the night and hit the beach for a swim after the long walk. Was an absolutely beautiful beach setting, with beaches in every direction with only small points in between and heaps of big boulders all over the place. Hopefully the photo's will explain a bit better than i just did. Anyway great spot, and the people slowly started disapearing, so all in all after 5 days on the beach with nothing to do except read, sun bake, swim, play cards, talk, drink beer and rum, and sleep I am feeling very refreshed and ready to embark on the next part of the journey. Tonight I get on a bus to Bogota, a solid 16hrs of it. Can't wait, tho the Colombian buses are supposed to be great, so should be good, and in reality I need to get used to the bus travel as I have plenty ahead.
Will put a few photo's up, and will write more from either Bogota, or otherwise Mendoza.
Hope alls well where ever you are,

Wednesday, 04 January 2006

Location: Santa Marta, Colombia

Hi everyone,

Well I made it back safely from our 6 day hike into the Colombian forest. Something i didn't tell you before leaving Ma was the 2 years ago, 8 tourists got kidnapped doing the same hike and were only released after 104 days, same tour guide and everything. So there was always a small chance you weren't going to hear from me for a while. Any alls well.

Look forward to putting a few photo's on the net, tho to run you thru it quickly...

Jumped into a wide wheel based landcruiser 6 days ago and headed on our way. After about an hour on the highway we turned off, tooted the horn and a gate opened for us to enter onto a dodgy dirt road. All good i guess. The next part of the trip took about 80 minutes on some very washed out road. I was sitting in the back row on the passenger side, which meant close to the dirt wall. The car to say the least was all over the shop. The clutch was crap, and so old mate was revving the hell out of the car, and going no where. Then my side of the car started scrapping along the dirt. Pretty funny in retrospect, tho bloody scary at the same time. (that wasn't scrapping because he was driving too close, tho because the car was leaning over so much. Anyway got to the top of the hill relatively unscathed, and thought all was good. Came over a hill, ignition failed, brakes failed and we were hurtling down the road with 60 degree drops infornt and to the side. Luckily the driver starting steering to my side into the dirt and we pulled up with about 10metres to spare. Was a very lucky stop to be honest, and what was already a memorable drive, just got a whole lot more memorable. Anyway , oldmate lifted the bonet, jiggled a few things and then said all aboard, so with no other option that we did. After going thru a few para military checkpoints we were at the start of the walk. Had lunch, packs on the back and we were away. I think basically we did 20km each way and alot of up and down with the last day including 1200 stairs up. The walk in was over 3 days, and was really great. on the morning of the second day, we went to the local Cocain Factory !! All the local farmers basically survive by growing coca plants which aren't iliegal, and then turn it into a paste which is one step from being the famous white powder. they then sell it to the para military who look after the area, who then do the last step in the process and then it gets sold onto the traffickers. Was an amazing thing to witness. Anyway got to the lost city on the 30th, then spent the day of the 31st walking around the area which is the largest ancient site ever found in the america's and was only discovered 30 years ago. We had to cross heaps of rivers on the way, and also walk thru a few local indian villages which was awesome. Met a few of them and saw how they live. Then had a few rums and barely made new years. Walked back in 2 days, then back on the 4wd for the return trip. I was lucky enough to be put on the top of the thing, with another bloke, 4 sacks of potatoes, all the bags etc etc. Was scarier than the way up, to cut a long story short, tho something i will definately remember. Just hope the car trips get a litle less stressful from here on in.

Was awesome fun!!!

Lots of love to you all,


Sunday, 25 December 2005

Location: Cartagena, Colombia

lots of love to you all...

Friday, 23 December 2005

Location: Panama City, Panama

Well the trip is over. Or atleast the drive is. Have arrived in Panama City after 3 months and 21,000km of driving from Canada to Panama. Was awesome and altho a little expensive, something which i suggest you all do one day. To be honest tho i would put 6 months aside for it. Wish we could have spent more time everywhere, particularly down here. Checked out the Canal 2 days ago, which really is pretty impressive. Then yesterday we went to the caribean coast for a swim. The water is so warm, its amazing. Last night was a send off for Jordie. Been very very steady today. Not envious of his 24hrs of flying, tho a good home cooked meal wouldn´t go astray.
For Bert, Brasco and I, its to Cartagena Colombia tomorrow afternoon for Christmas. It looks to be like the Noosa of Qld, so should be a great place for Christmas. Charlotte Bigge (second cousin) will be in Cartagena too, so will be great to have some family there.
Then after xmas and new year in Cartagena I plan to head east along the coast firstly for a big 4 day electronic dance party. From there i think i will do a 6 day trek to a lost world and a mud volcanoe. Supposed to be amazing. Then I fly to Santiago, Chile, where I will begin a months traveling across Argentina and Brazil to arrive in Rio for Carnival at the end of February.

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica

Two nights in Monteverde! Did the famous zip lines, which was great fun, the highest was 170m and the longest 750m I think. Was awesome!!! Then had a very tranquil canopy walk. The canopy walk was about 3km and between 20 and 50 metres above ground. Great fun !!!!

Friday, 16 December 2005

Location: Tamorindo, Costa Rica

Just quickly in Tamarindo, the boys are selling there surf boards, and then we may spend a day here, or otherwise head to Monteverde to do a rainforest canopy tour. Then to Panama we go.

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Location: Bahia Majagual, Nicaragua

Spent a few days in Granada. To be honest was very like Antigua, tho still great to see, and the Lake really is massive. Unfortunately we got told the island on the lake really wasn't so special after all, so instead we headed straight to a beach called Bahia Majagual which is just north of San Juan Del Sur. It was a top spot, with a great surf break, and also an awesome campsite come backpackers with a bar and restaurant, and to top all that off it was overrun with swedish girls. An awesome place which i would definately suggest people visit. From there we headed south to the border.

Wednesday, 07 December 2005

Location: Roatan, Honduras

Here at the moment, just wanted to update the Map. Just quickly, have done a Scuba Course. So far have done 7 dives. 2 more and we will be PADI advanced scuba divers !!!

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From Lynne
Hi 'Uncle' Charlie
Congrats on your new niece. Have just been re-reading your SA diary - & amazing photos - great stuff. We are heading over there Nov 8 via Easter Island - 5 weeks in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina (looking forward to the red wine and meat!)
Lynne & Stuart
Response: your very lucky Lynne. What a great trip. If only i could be back there.
From sco
who gives a fark!
Response: you do sco.
From Gull
Wedding 16 March 07. Book your plane now!!
How bout putting some new photos up too!
Anyone would think you were busy or something.
Response: Bout bloody time you gave us a date mate. Will put it in my diary.
Just thinking its time for some photo's...
From Cheyne
Charlie brown its cheyne from floripa, whats happening. im in bali getting barreled off my head and yelling at scared little japanese surfers. Mate if you have any fotos from floripa can you please put them up here or send em to me. Thanks, cheyne
Response: hi mate, great to hear you terorising the jappa's. back to londo in a few weeks, so will send them thru to you mate.
From Mum & Dad
Boy - roll on the email after 'worst road in the world' - Kiwis think up some very risky thrills!
Happy Easter - hope you find a chocolate Easter Egg in Cuzco!
love from Mt Glorious, SE Qld, Australia - remember it? - about the same latitude as Salta, Argi......
Response: hi ma and pa,
most dangerous road was amazing, as was macchu picchu. got myself an egg for easter. not the same as hunting for it in the garden at Mt G tho. Hope to be in salta in about 5 days !!
From Neil
yo chief - so you finally managed to escape from the lopolas. just left Timbo and Davo in Tucuman, think they are heading to Salta for a day or two then hitting bolivia. let us know when you hit europe so we can catch up and I can hear some stories. later mate
Response: look forward to it mate. yeah finally got away from Floripa. Will have to update some photos of all the brazilian adventures at some stage.
look forward to heading to sweden at some stage mate to see what all the fuss is about.
From Steve Lien

have made up my mind and am heading to rio and then all the way up north to fortelaza...i think. Anyways thanks for the email and will def keep in touch.

Response: good to hear you made your mind up mate. look forward to catching up for an ale in London in a few months time.
From Marino (crazy man)
Hey charlie brown!!! Have you find a lot of Gatos in Amegino?,,,,call me when you arrive to Bs AS!! See ya!
Response: mate, i have been here for days. whats going on??
From AB
i take it that it took you a few months to work out the camera, the photo's from lost city onwards are best yet - love those bbq's. photo's always better to look at that your dribble...
Response: thanks for the encouraging words Pandy. ever improving is how i like to look at it tho.
From Mum
Great to check out progress, Carlos----!!!

Do you realise the photos you keep suggesting we look at are not available/there?? There must be more beauties by now.

Love from Mum Cafe's ..... !!!!!
Response: good work mother. yeah do realise that, tho the red wine and meat of argentina had been keeping me very occupied.
From A Boo
So being there is what it's all about, eh! Tell us anything you like 'cos not many of us have been there. No doubt we get the censored version, though. I know you'll never run out of words, Charlie, so I look forward to the next chapter...


Response: enough cheek from you aunt Boo. Hope you are keeping the new improved Hotel Coverdale spick and span for my return one day.
From monika
Happy New Year Charlie!!!
Response: and Happy New Year to you too Monika !!!
From Gull
All the best for xmas and ny mate and pass on my regards to the boys. Suck that belly in on the photos too mate!!!
Response: coming from you mate, that is very rich, you old soon to be married man. All the best mate and say hi to Floody from me.
From Cassie
you suck Chuck, I'm so jealous. Can't complain to much though I'm off to Hawaii for two weeks! Kiss the ground for me, Central America is the best place on earth.
Response: will do cassie. hawaii is cool. make sure you surf a Mal on Waikiki for me.
From monika
hola carlitos! its monika the girl u met in copan! this is a really nice page!.. but u need to put up some pictures from honduras!! =) so people can see what a beautiful country this is!
Response: cheers Monika, pitty we missed you in Tegusi, where were you? The pictures of Honduras are on there way don´t worry.
From Kingy
mate enjoy mexico - very different scenery from the national parks you've been looking at esp on the coast...

Looks like you are seeing a bit of wildlife, beavers, white whales, you're all over it....
Response: on the coast in mehico at the moment mate. absolutely beautiful. will be very hard to get back into the car to be honest.
From Meredith
your pictures are amazing!!!! I cannot find the San Diego ones but, I have been looking at all of them. Good times!
Response: great to hear from you mez. the San Diego ones are on there way, don't worry about that. all the best.
From Tim
Looks like you're not skimping on your food intake there on your travels fatkid - keep up the good work and enjoy every minute of it.
Will we see another postcard b4 Xmas?
Response: the postcards will just keep on coming, tho i seem to send them all about 2 weeks after leaving the joint, so expect a few with central american stamps on them. what else is news?
From Mum 30Oct05
Great - keeping track of you all. 3 PCs came this week: almost as good as the terrific photos yours & Don's. Off to Central USA area now --- steer clear of those hurricanes!!!! Just remember:- "Where Else; but Queensland" !!
Cheers to you all
love from
Mum & Dad
Response: good to hear the post cards are arriving. will be in mexico in about 2 hours. can't wait
From Lamond
What is going on fat boy. Just found your website. How is jack and cam. Great page keep it
Response: whats with the bad attitude fat kid. hows things in sunny melbourne? imagine you enjoyed the cup festivities??
From Butler
Keep up the good work; pleased to hear that you had a beer at the one and only Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. (The bar that almost got me licked out of the States)...

Take Care Boys
Response: good work mate, great to hear from you. hope the red centre is treating you well.
From Gull
Wet Dog,
Great reading mate. Like everyone else I am v jealous although will see you over there mid next year so don't be burnt out by then!!!
Update your photos too. Am keen to see Bert in his prostitute get up!!
Take care mate,
Response: working on the photo's for you mate. will see what i can do. well worth seeing too !!
Yo Chucka chuck....all system go on the trip by the sounds of it! Go you good thing. Have just arraived back in Austraia for 2 weeks...bit strange. It i bloody raining of you can believe the hell am I supposed to go back to London looking tanned and trim and beautiful (well, more beautiful)??
Keep up the good form.
Response: your idea for this to be on the web site. good work bridg. most aussies would be happy with the rain, bloody winging poms!
From Mum
Hello Charlie
You're keeping very busy. This diary/record will be a great way for you to trace names of places you visit. Who's with you now?
Graeme Connors [Aussie Golden Guitar singer/songwriter] coming to stay 22/10 so Thallons, Gardners, Joyces & 10 others are coming to enjoy concert Samford Valley and stay weekend - real Aussie stuff for you!
Have a wonderful trip.
love from Mum
Response: sounds like your getting on mother! good to hear your getting some famous people at the cottages! you better get him to leave a signed guitar for the pool room.
From Bops
Have a great time in the wild west, and don't miss any baseball matches. You seem to have "done" NY pretty thoroughly> Keep on the right side of the road ! All well here, cheers, Bops.
Response: great to hear from you Bops. Will try our hardest to keep on the right side of the road, til now its just been hard enough to keep on the road, too much to look at out the window. Great to hear things are well at home.