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Hey everyone, finally worked out that the best way to get you all to see my pictures is to set this page up where you can all log on whenever you feel like it to see what i'm up to!

Photos - Click Below


Here i go!

Just a few random pics, taken me 30 mins to get these 12 on to the website and then i realised i'd selected some of the wrong ones!!! Oh well, at lease you can get an idea of what's going on!


Moving On And Meeting Friends

Here are a few more shots of me with tigers, (which should have been on the other page, oh well!) but here is where I met Lauren, Lottie and Andrew in Koh Samui.


Diving, Koh Phangan and Krabi

Unfortately I didn't get too many pics of Koh Tao, where I did the diving course, I kept wanting to wait till it stopped raining and it never did, so I only really got pictures of us on nights out! The last 2 on this page were when I'd met Mick (Scottish guy who Lauren and Lottie met in China) Mick was in a crazy accident in the taxi on the way to the airport in China, where he was going to fly to Thailand. He broke his back and was flown home for 7 weeks. But was feeling jealous of Lauren and Lottie's travelling emails, so came back to meet up with us in Krabi.


Lazing about in Krabi

Cos of rubbishy weather, I have most recently been lounging around, watching films, going out for a few drinks on the night and eating - hence the uninteresting pictures!


The End of an Era

Finally!! Managed to get these pics on here for you to see the last few bits of Thailand! From the cooking class in Krabi, through to Elephant riding, Bamboo Rafting and Ladies with long necks in Chiang Mai! Enjoy!


Life in Oz...

Wow, how different could life be? Unbelievable how opposite everything is here to Thailand! Took me a few days to adjust to not eating Thai food, the time difference, the Alcohol (no Thai Whiskey and Wine is actually available!) and above all the lifestyle! But what can I say, I absolutely love it here!! Especially when I think of the fact that its freezing cold back home and drizzly/grey etc!! And, well you can see by the pics, its not here!!!



Just a few pics so far have more to put on but haven't got them with me. Also, unfortunately, my memory card filled up real quick on new years eve so i didn't get many good pics of fireworks, but have been sent some so I'll put them on here when I figure out how to!!!

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From Daniel
Great Pic's Cints.. looks as tho your having a great time.. take care and but have lots of fun, wishing you all the very best

daniel x
Response: Ah thanks Daniel, Sorry, i only just figured out how to view these messages so only just read it!! Having loads of fun, hope you've had a great xmas! Happy New Year too.