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Ciz & iz in Asia

So, in less than 4 weeks we're off to the far East... If you want to keep track of us and see how and what we're up to, just check this site out every now and then and we will try to send home some of the flavor..

Hej pa er allihop! Om 4 veckor bar det antligen av till det efterlangtade Asien. Ciaran och jag kan knappt barga oss! Om ni vill halla koll pa var vi ar och vad vi har for oss sa ar det bara att checka in den har sidan. Vi forsoker att skriva sa ofta vi kan.

Diary Entries

Monday, 14 August 2006

Location: Seville, Spain

Hey ya all, were in Seville now after spending a week at the boom festival in Portugal. The boom festival was truly excellent. The music started off as psy trance for the first couple of days but as time went on got more progressive and it wasn't long before we were stomping our feet to some good old industrial techno. The beats just keep getting better. We saw a lot of live bands too, some of which were pretty cool. Lots of beats and lots of things to do. All over the place were crazy instillation's of alien plants which glowed different colours at night and sprayed out water vapour during the day. The night time visuals were amazing. Projections and illuminated instillation's everywhere while the main tent looked like some twisted circus oozing beams of light in all directions, intrepidly inviting us into the madness.
We were camped right on a lake with a beach which was a god send because during the day the temperature was 40 to 45 degrees which was just blowing us away. There were loads of talks on social and environmental issues and yoga and Qi gong workshops. I think the whole place just suited us down to the ground. There were loads of shows with fire jugglers and nutters with flame throwers which was a bit freaky cause I don't think there was any safety officers around, but the vibe was really good, I didn't once get any bad vibes or see and trouble probably because there was very little alcohol consumed at the event. There was loads of veggie and health food restaurants. I'm only disappointed it happens only every two years. ill definitely be back then.
We spend some time in lovely Lisbon soaking in the culture before hitching down the Algarves which is a total shit hole and to be avoided at all costs. The word overdeveloped sums it up completely. A start contrast to the lovely natural surroundings of the boom festival. We didn't spend to long there needless to say. I'm glad we got to see it because we were planning to do faro on the way back so its a lot of time saved in the long run. We are happily in Seville now catching up with my brother Emmett. Don't know where we will go next but probably start heading down to Morocco. Bye till then.

Wednesday, 02 August 2006

Location: Cavan-Dublin, Ireland

Hey, hey, the blog is back! We arrived in Ireland about 2 weeks ago and after a long and torturous 24 hours of hanging around airports and flying economy we finally got back. We have been spending our weeks in the countryside and have had our fill of ancient castles and Neolithical tombs and have been spending our weekends in Dublin catching up with our old and dear palls and have had more than our fill of Guinness and other assorted drinks. Unfortunately we left our photos down in Cavan but you can get your fill of the historical sites of Ireland at a later date.
So its back on the road again. Tomorrow we're off to Portugal for a lakeside hippie festival for a week and then down to the south coast of Spain and morocco for sun, sea and sangria. This ain't travelling, this is pure holiday, I want my sun tan back!

Monday, 05 June 2006

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Oh dear oh dear,
This is what happens when you stop travelling... I hope you're all well (if you're still reading this page that is ;-)). We're counting our days at work now, and the end might come sooner than we expected (we'll keep you all updated). Taipei in itself isn't bad though. We're improving our Chinese every day and Ciaran has started playing football (already been asked onto the national team) and I'm persuing my hidden tallants as an oilpainter.
As for our plans for the summer, it looks like we'll have to scrap our Hawaii and Toronto/NY plans as money just wouldn't be enough. Instead we're looking into going to the Boom festival in Portugal at the beginning of August and then travel around Portugal and Spain for a month or so until we're completely broke and then we'll come home (to Dublin that is). But plans are still in the air as we have to see how the job situation turns out here.

Anyhows, just a quicky to say hello to y'all and hopefully we'll have some more pics after this weekend - going to Taiwanese beachparty...

Love and peace to each and everyone of yous,
Liz & Ciaran xxx

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Hello everyone and a very belated Happy St Patrick's Day!
As you might have seen from the pics, we had a grand ol' time with Guiness and all - there's nothing like a little taste of home ;-)

Other than that, you may have figured out that we are out of the travelling loop - for a while anyway - hence the lack of continuos (and exciting) diary entries... Anyhow, what's new in the world of work work work, comparative adjectives and progressive tenses? Well, we're moving in with some Canadian friends this weekend, and will get a LANDLINE... if someone feels like foning us... (hint hint, and we have skype as well for those cyberkidz out there). And these days we fly around Taipei city on our racy little scooter, beeping in and out of traffic, swearing at cheeky taxi drivers and bully busdrivers. It's great fun and the city really feels so much smaller and accessible, only I haven't tried driving it yet, and probably won't - we all know what happens when Betzy gets behind the wheel... Instead I sit behind, like a proper biker beatch, and do my bit of backseat driving... hehe

When it comes to the bar scene here, it's okay if you're not looking for anything crazy... So, to cut it short, we're pretty disappointed with it by now. You get nice lounge bars, to sit and socialize in, that play decent tunes, but the prices are ridiculous and after you've gotten warmed up there, there's nowhere to go on to. All you get is stroppy hiphop clubs, filled with posers and bad music. Oh, how we miss our beloved friends spinning da records da whole nite true, keeping da beat pumpin' and our hearts tumpin'... But, we've heard of this club that was shut down and might be opening up in April again, so we're keeping our fingers crossed - I know, 1 club in the whole of Taipei! But we do have a cool music festival coming up next weekend, "Spring Scream", down the south end of Taiwan, and the lineup should be good so we're taking our dancing shoes and heading for the beach.

Well, I guess that's all for the mo. Hope you're all doing fine wherever you are. We miss you all loads and it'll be great to see you soon again!

Lots n lots of love n kisses,
Liz & Ciaran xxxx

Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Hallu guys,
Hope you´re all doin´well. We´re enjoying Taiwan´s National day and so day off work for us, but it´s pissing down outside, so a good day for home entertainment and Chinese homework;-)

Lately has been busy with work during the week and party during the weekend - yeah, I know, this is normal to y'al, but it's taken a while for us to get used to again. We've finally tried out Taipei's karaoke scene, and it's an experience in itself, but beware, if you go with the locals, you will have to fight to get the microphone out of their grip... You get your own hotelroom with room service and all for the whole evening and then you just rip it up. Never thought that karaoke would be my thang, but now I don't think it's that bad... Also went to some work do with Ciaran's crew (his boss is the maffioso man of the suburbs and is married to 4 wives...). This was just around Chinese New Year, so according to tradition the boss gives out red envelopes with money in (ah, don't you just love tradition some times!). Now, to get one of these you had to get to the karaoke machine and sing a song. Our first karaoke experience here, and quite different to the one last weekend... Anyhow, after so much whiskey we gave it a shot and got our fare share of the envelopes ;-)

Other than that, we're enjoying Taipei more and more and are finally getting our sweet behinds in gear to look for an apartment. Anto, friend from Ireland, is here now also, looking for a job and cooking delicious food for us to come home to after work. Great stuff!

So, till we meet again, keep in touch and stay well!
Lots of love to each and every one of you,
Liz & Ciaran xxx

P.s. Pics are on the way, really...

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Location: Taiwan

Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen
poor myself a cup of ambition
and yawnin' stretchin' tryin' to come alive
Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin'
Out on the streets the traffic starts jumpin'
It's folks like me on a job from 9 to 5....

Yep, that's us now... Phew, what a way to make a livin!

But better stories (and pics) are on the way ;-) Just wanted to send y'all some love and hope all is well wherever ye are!

Liz & Ciaran xxx

Friday, 03 February 2006

Location: Taiwan

Hey one and All.
Taiwan is starting to take a whole diffenent light for the two of us, every since we discovered what a kicking town tis is. On the surface it seems to be the uglist eyesore on the earth, (and the taiwanese are really helpfull but squre individuals), but once you get into living here u realise what a fun place is is to live. We have been hitting the night life a bit lately and there seems to be lots of great places to go. The bars are open all night every night which is a blessing, so there's plenty of night time adventures to be had. The only problem for us now is infiltrating some Taiwanese to hang out with (because they really are just like pokeamon, the cutest and squeekiest people alive) as for the most of the time we end up hanging out with other ex-pats (foriginers) and a lot of them seem to be here beacuse their running away from something else.....dum da dum dum. Strange characters in a foreign city. Then again you do meet a lot of weirdos on a Saturday night in Dublin (or London) and we do meet the sound ones here as well, so it proberally works out the same. I guess as our Chinese starts to get better Taiwanese oppurtunities will arrise.
We found a swiming pool down the road with a gym for really cheap so were getting stuck into swimming every day. Ahh, some real exercise at last. All these painfull months stuck on busses, planes and trains, how nice it is to give our arses a rest and flex some other muscles Really getting stuck in (iron and all) so we can gives yes all a wrestle when we get back.
Anto is coming over real soon to get involved in the teaching game with us. Anyone thinking of traveling to Asia? I would suggest going to Taiwan and working as an English teacher cause there's loads of jobs, that way you can make the money fast cause the cost of living is low.
So we will be looking to get an appartment together. It will be great to have our own place, but i do like living here at the hostel, Liz and I now are the only "lifers" left so we have the place nearly to ourselves and they do have free internet here, which remainds me, there is a web cam and mic here so any of you who want to meet up on messanger send us an e-mail an we can arrange a time and get it on, its tons of fun when you can see who your talkin to and it's fee, so get on to it now!!!
Ok, talk to you guys later.

Monday, 23 January 2006

Location: Taiwan

We got jobs! wuhu! I'm teaching kindergarten to elementary school which is a piece of em, cake and Liz is teaching little adolesent brats with attitude. Well not exactely, their all nerds here in Taiwan whose idea of a socail life is meeting their friends for online Dungenons and dragons, which consiquently I've managed to get into, so you could say I've manged to addapt to the culture and am fitting right in. We've just gone on a visa run to Thiland. Great place I would recommend it to anyone. We manged to buy pirate DVDs, see a kickboxing match ( a proper one, we weren't involved) and get to the beach and get our customary dose of sunburn, ….great! Lying on a tropical beach with the clear water and white sand we thought, hey! it's January and we're on a tropical beach with clear water and white sand. Deadly! Alas it was all over too soon and we had to get our white assses and pink to red rest of our bodies back to Taiwan where the weather is waiting to turn back to sunshine any day now. It's around 12 to 20 degrees and raining and some nights are cooold. Tropical island my ass. But the good news is I started work today so am on the pay roll so there will be plenty more oppurtunities to loaf around on beaches coming up.
Well thats it for now, hope you're all having a good one where ever ye may be and take care of yer wee selves.
Slan go foll.

Saturday, 07 January 2006

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Howdy y'all,

Hope this first week of the new year has come off to a good start! We had a good night of worldclass fireworks, glowsticks, cheap beer and free dance party in the Warner Village square, next to Taipei 101. Over a million people had come out to watch the spectacle (that lasted a whole minute and a half...), but at first we weren't really sure what was going on - everyone was scuffeling around, but not really having a good time. In fact, it didn't seem like they were even trying. There were stalls all over, but not a single one of them sold beer or any other type of adult beverage. We were puzzled to say the least. However, we were not willing to let this New Years slip through our fingers that easily, so we went to good ol' 7-11 for some cheapo beer for our spirits, and then off on adventures. And we didn't have to look very far. Just around the corner sweet beats were pumping out and the locals were getting down with it - BINGO! The whole scene was a bit surreal to our eyes though. People of ALL ages (5-65) were hanging around and the cinema by the square had turned in to some sort of flake out haven - it felt like being at some huge squat party, only the kids on the floor were eating pot noodle, drinking tea, playing cards or taking a nap while the cinema staff were serving popcorn, ripping tickets and trying to keep it clean and tidy... We had a great time though and danced the night away.

As for our life here in Taipei: Iz is working and Ciz is still on the hunt. We're looking to get our own place here for a few months, learn some Chinese at the university and then set sail for home when we think the winds are warm enough.

Peace and love to you all,
Ciaran & Liz xxx

Sunday, 25 December 2005

Location: Taipei, Taiwan


A quick note on this x-mas day to wish you all a jolly good time in this season of joy, chocolate, booze, food, food, chocolate and more food. We're staying put in Taiwanmex Guesthouse (our home since 3 weeks now) and are recovering from the crazy x-mas party we threw here yesterday. There were mashed spudds, homemade nutroast (believe it or not!!!), american egg nog, chicken for the non-veg and a lot of coctails... And it all took place outdoors on our little rooftop patio! Not bad for a x-mas away from home;-) Anyhow, I'm gonna get back to sipping my Baileys and watching cheezy movies now.

Sending you all our love,
Ciz n Iz xxx

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Hiya folks,
Still in Taipei, but working now, and it feels good havin some dough roll in rather than out... Luckily we had time for a quick sightseeing tour of the Island before we got bogged down with english grammar, speling and all that, and pics are on da way.
Got a car and drowe down (don't worry, Izzy wasn't driving) the east coast and saw some amazing ocean scenes from high up cliffs. Then headed inwards and through the mountains of Taiwan. Not the best time of the year as it was cold and cloudy through parts, but nonetheless stunning views. Wouldn't mind going back there come spring time. After the cold mountains we decided to pamper ourselves and heat our frozen limbs in one of the many hot springs. Smelly at first (loads of healthy sulphates in the water), but oh sooooooo relalalaxing! The following morning we'd had enough of cold mountains and headed down south of the Island. What a dfference! Time for short sleeves and sunglasses again, just the way we like it;-) The towns were pretty quiet, but I guess that all changes during summer season when I bet they turn in to surfers' paradise.
So, anyhow, that was our little quicky around the island and now we're back in the big town, making our big bucks... Or something like that. We'll tell you all about our x-mas celebrations (probably not nearly as wild as many of yours back home) and our new lives as professional english teachers...

Peace n love to y'all,
Ciz & Iz xxx

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From Brendy
Top class! Delighted to see KK making an appearance. Any noos?
Response: Good ol' Brendy, I'm glad you haven't given up on this one yet. Trip almost over so any noos I believe you'll be able to get first hand very very soon :-) xxx Liz & Ciaran
From julie
Saying hello from Dubai!!!!!!!!!!!Just spent 3 months doing a BC summer school.Can't wair to leave this construction site.
All sounds well with you guys .What's next?
Am into Macs now t......he only good thing about Dubai!
Response: Good to hear from you Julie, Dubai eh?! Where to next? Our trip is actually just finished, well, Ciaran's is already (home with the folks) and I'm heading over to Ireland on Sunday after short visit in Sweden. Will be nice to get our feet back on the greenest grass there is ;-) Stay well, xxx Liz & Ciaran
From Madeline
Hey, Ok so I've been horrible about following you two and didn't even realize you were back on the European continent. Anyway, I am in Shanghai for the rest of the week and was just checking in to see where you are. Maybe we can meet up closer to home then...
Response: Hope you enjoyed shanghai, a pretty crazy place if I remember right. We've just celebrated our friends on their wedding in Portugal, and are now making our way back to Sweden and then finally Dublin. Would be great to see you again soon! Lots of love to you from us both, xxx
From Mia
Quick hi,
summer is here and I'm off to watch Sweden-Trinidad with the Annas. But first I'm gonna rehears a bit. Don't know yet if I'll take the bike in to city... I've never done it probably not, need to fix the brakes first :)
Lots of kisses Mia
Response: Shame on the game... Hope we do better next time. Coming back to Europe end of July, will keep you posted.
Take it easy on da bike ;-)
Iz & Ciaran xxx
From Julie
Looks as if all is going well da poser!!!!!!!!!
Am still in SL doing some teaching at the BC for the next five weeks.
Keep smiling
ps how's the Skype?
Response: Hiya Julie,
Nice to hear you're still checking in on us! Unfortunately we're not so good at updating our page these days. But hold on, soon we'll be on the road again;-) Where to for you after SL?
Lots of love,
C&L xxx
From polizei
this is ze polizei frau germany. we have wanting to take your arrezt for the criminal achtung of illegal immigrantz. pleaze hand yourzelvs over without complaintz to your local polizei and we will not shoot you in ze face. thank you.
Response: Happy April 1st!
From lidia
happy b-lated birthday laa!! it looks like you had a good one. im glad you got a hold of some guinness (they taste foul where i am!)
Response: Cheers Lida, but theirs more to paddys day than drinking gunniess, in fact theirs a whole coctail of drinkd you can have. Hope you had a good one. Love C
From thomas
Heya Ciaran - happy Birthday and Happy St Patricks!!! It's probably all over there but I hope ye ahd a great time. Sorry for being offline for a while. I'm off for some pints of Guinness at the local. Lots of love to Elizabeth...can wait to see u lads soon.
Response: Nice one Thomas, hope your doing well and keeping yourselve out of mischief. Paddys day was a great laugh, we drank guinness to the wee hours of the morning. Be well and hope to see you sometime soon. Lots of love Ciaran
From MUM
Response: nice one.
From Henrik, the Singapor
Hey! I've uploaded the peacock pic at t.aspx?documentId=81&section=myim- agegalleries&userId=59051&imageId- =3426013&slideshow=3426016,342601- 5,3426014,3426013,3426012
or if the link doesn't work you can find it at under the alias Henwurst, blog entry "forsta helgen i taipei".
Response: Tackar sa mycket! Hope you enjoyed Taiwan and that you'll have a great time on your continued travels. Keep on checking in on our website and take care,
Ciaran and Liz xxx
From Julie
Knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Be very careful guys sound as if you're getting into this TEFL lark too qickly.Flat,good money, nice's all the start of the slippery slope into the gruesome world of TEFL that you'll never grt out of.
Hope all's as well as it sounds
Response: Thanks for the consern Julie, that's sweet, but really, no need - really... We're going back to studies and family/friends, there's only so much of little brats you can actually take before you start going insane. But no doubt, it is sweet and we're enjouying it to the fullest ;-)
Stay well and why not pop by if you're in the neighbourhood...?!
Ciaran & Liz xxx
From liidia
get so i can talk with you for free too! my computer doesnt approve with messsenger for some reason (dunno if it's having issues with Mr Gates or something...)
xx kram kram und puss
Response: Okay, so now we´ve got msn, skype and aol-aim or whatever it´s called... You should be able to find us somewhere out there ;-)
Lotsa love,
Iz & Ciaran xxxxxxx
From dymphna
Good to hear you have got a job . gives you lots of money to travel more. love to have a wee bite of that sun you have over there all is well here. say Hi to Elizabeth lots of love Dymphna
Response: Hiya Dymphna,
so nice to hear from you too! Yeah, it´s really great that Ciaran´s got a job now so we can finally start saving up again. He likes it too-teaching little brats how to speak properly ;-) Have seen o n the news that Europe is getting a fair share of snow, hope you're not too cold! Miss you loads!
Tons of hugs and kisses,
Liz & Ciaran xxxx
From lidia
bon voyage =)
Response: Tackar tackar! Back already, time went way too fast, but it was a nice break and hopefully we'll get to do it again in the not too far future. Looking forward to Chinese New Year that's comming up now. Cheerioo, Liz & Ciaran xxx
From Asger
Hey, you two... So, now I made to the land of the Japanese. I had to take a cab to the airport in Taipei though. Somehow I was terribly short on time, but I made it:)

Oh yeah, I forgot not only my hat in Taiwanmex but also my shampoo, #$&'!"+*}<>?"(

Well, tomorrow I`m heading to Tokyo for the last week of international tourism for this time. Any suggestions other than Yogi park or whatever it was called? Nikko looks nice...

I`ll shut up now and leave you to your cosy surroundings in Taipei.
Response: Hiya Asgar,
Hope you're enjoying Tokyo - saw on the news you've got snow! Quite some change to here huh?!!
We were wondering about your hat and have put it in a safe place, so if you want it sent on to Europe, just let us know ;-)
Nikko is cool, we were there in November, and it was freezing, so make sure to bring extra layers if you're headin' out. Also make sure to try the Japanese hotsprings (onsens), they'll warm you up!
All the best to you now, and happy touristing,
Liz & Ciaran xxx
From lidia
Here's a bunch of snowballs flying from across europe to hit you right in the face! Splash! Not that you need to chill out, just thought you missed the ol snow. You keep going on about that 101 building, well, my mountain beats it big time! On 2000m is my house n another 1000 to reach the top. tres cool.
Looking forward to seeing you soon,
puss puss
Response: Ouch! Right in da eye... Cheers for that! ;-) You're looking good in your skii outfit and mountains are looking tres cool indeed. Going to Bangkok for the weekend, visa running for the first time. Will be nice with a change in scenery and cheaper beer;-) Looking forward to seeing you soon too! Lots of luv, Siz & Ciz xxx
From Jake
Hi lads, just had a nice trip through china, japan & taiwan courtesy of yer website, great stuff.
Response: Hiya Jake,
Nice to hear from you man and glad to hear you enjoyed our site! We're lying low on the traveling for a while now, workin an'all, but it's getting close to a visa run, so there should be some nice pics and stories coming in from Hong Kong soon enough! Take it easy and lots of love from us,
Ciz & Iz xxx
From dymphna
hi ciaran, elizabeth. we had a good christmas. went for lots of walks, barry is doing well going to meetings. it was great having danny here , we had a quite new years eve. happy New Year to both of you , see you this year. love mum.
Response: happy new Year to u to. Hope yur both doing well and looking foread to seeing u hopefully sometime soon. Lots of love Ciaran and Elizabeth.
From julie
Hello guys,
Belated seasons greetings!!!!!!!!!!Ambackin Sri Lanka for a short time.Tip.Don't get sucked into the world of TEFL.Tis very easy to do.
Have a wonderful New Year.
Can't understand why your pages arenot in the top five.Love the diary entries
Response: Hiya Julie,
Lovely to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed Christmas and that the upcoming New Year will be a blast! How long are you staying in SL and where to next?
Lots of love from us both,
Ciz & Iz xxx
...And yes, we've wondered about the top 5 as well... c'mmon now, what's with that silly pic of your woman and some elephant??!!
From keith (not lindsay)
hi me again,
last day in work and doin nothin so thought i'd wish ya merry christmas and best wishes for new year. take care and talk to ya soon.
Response: Right back at ya!
Always nice with x-mas greetings (as not many people seem to remember what time of year it is here... What do you mean JC didn't make it to Taiwan?!!) Have a great one and some mulled wine on us;-)
Love, Ciz & Iz xxx
From Keith & Louise
hi liz we phoned to wish u happy birthday but u were in bed cos we phoned at some stoopid time but we left message with someone don't know if u got it so we're sending you this to say belated happy birthday!
(hello ciarán)
Response: Thanks a million guys! Got your message alright (Elizebeth: Louise Happy Birthday!)... Shame I missed your call, but maybe get yous during x-mas! Lots of love to you both
From Martina
Hi Ciaran & Liz,
You're lucky to be missing Christmas mania here! It was really great seeing you both in China. I've been doing some needling since I returned but mostly just hibernating. It's cold and dark! Taiwan looks cool. Have a brilliant time there.
Martina. x

Response: It's really the opposite here, you would hardly even know it's Christmas time at all, thank God it's on a Sunday so Liz can get a day off workie. We're having a small one with the two American's staying at our guest huse. We're making them Irish coffee and mulled wine and their making us egg nog (??????) Should be interesting. Have a great christmas and we'll see you sometime in the new year. Love, C & E.
From Mia
Happy B-day Siz!
Dad were about to call you last night around midnight but I convinced him that you wouldn't appriciate a phone call 6 in the morning. Even though it was to say CONGRATULATION!
We will celebrate in the snow! and the cold. Hope you're having a fab day! lots of love and we'll call you later today. puss o kram Mia
Response: Hiya Mia,
Thanks for stopping the early fonecall! I heard you rang as well, was busy celebrating by then I guess...
Puss & kram,
Iz xxx
From Anna
Ja, ma hon leva, ja, ma hon leva, ja ma hon leva uti hundrade ar!!!

Happy b-day to you, happy b-day to you, happy b-day dear Bettan, happy b-day to you!!!

Hurra, hurra, hura

Response: Tusen tack vannen! Had nice b-day with pizza, red wine, Hoogaarden, tequila, more beer... Mmmm..... Not so pretty the day after.
Lots of love xxx
From keith (not lindsay)
why is my mate johnny in one of your photos in tokyo?!? i am very much confused ...
oh yeah, hi! merry xmas! missin ya!
And a merry x-mas to you Keith who claims not to be Linsey. Hope your enjoying your time off work. While in Toyko we took the advice of Al Erskine and gave Jonny a buzz who in turn invited is to come along to his Sunday night jamming/improvisation session which may I say was an increadable amount of fun. Jonny has one hell of a good time hobby, and I thought Japan was just Karaoke.