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Claire and Bry's Aussie Adventure

Hi guys! Feel free to browse through our diary and leave us a message if you so wish. Its easier than sending countless emails! See you at xmas - if we come back!!!!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 05 December 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Arrived in Bangkok at last! It was so humid, even at 2.30 am when we stepped outside the airport. Our flight from Sydney was delayed by 2 and a half hours - our only major delay in the past 3 months. Pretty good going, even though we were jetlagged. Didn't really want to leave Australia, but we have some good memories (and photos!) and all things must come to an end. We'll see what these next 12 days bring......

Monday, 27 November 2006

Location: East Coast & Brisbane, Australia

We are now back in reality after hiring a painted campervan for the past week! Being able to go where we wanted whenever we wanted was good fun, but having no space started to drive us mad! Cooking, sleeping and driving in the van was interesting too, and we got bitten to death by mozzies - argh! The van was painted with The Who on each side - it was pretty cool. We did keep getting some funny looks from passers-by and The Who fans though. We did originally ask for the Star Wars one, complete with Darth Vader, but we didn't get it - boo! The girls that we were travelling with had a better van - a proper hippy van with flowers painted on (they nicknamed it Poppy)

We headed out to Australia Zoo on our first full day, but took a detour passed a place called, wait for it, Bald Knob! Oz zoo was excellent - it is a fabulously well maintained zoo and the animals are well looked after. We both fed some elephants, stroked koalas and a snake and saw the croc show at the Crocoseum! Was quite emotional to see khaki shirts hug up with condolance messasges for Terri and the kids. : - (

After the zoo, we headed up the coast to a place called Mooloolaba to be by the beach again, and it was a gorgeous beach. Caught the first 2 days of the cricket in a(n air-conditioned) surf club over looking the blue sea and white sand - bliss! We also headed further up the coast to Sunshine beach, which was just a pretty as Mooloolaba but the sea was deadly - HUGE waves and a strong current. We got dumped and nearly drowned a few times!

We had to sleep in a few dodgy rest stops too - we stayed in one for the first 2 nights that had pump-flush toilets that was really just a pit, and the next one, we found out from a local, is advertised on the internet as a drug-dealing site!!! Classy.

Headed back to Brissie early on Sunday morning to catch day 4 of the cricket. Had a fab day. Luckily we were sat in the shade all day beacuse it was absolutely baking. Was good to see England put on some decent cricket - shame Freddie got out so cheaply though. We were sat right above a small handful of the Barmy Army and some Aussies, and it was good to note that the Barmy Army outsang the Aussies every time. And the Aussies only had 1 song! PS The beer was only 2.3%!

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Went to watch Brisbane's football team, Queensland Roar FC, play Melbourne Victory on Friday night, and I have to say, I have seen better Sunday league football. It was rubbish and very American-ised - hence the crappy team names, lots of flag waving and dodgy tannoy announcements. The crowd had a tendency to shout "You're shit, ahhhhhhhhhhh" every time the Melbourne keeper took the goal-kick. Original. Some jobsworthy steward told the guys that we went to watch the footy with to take their England flag that they tied to the railings down because "it might offend somebody". Yeah, ok.

Anyway, the main event was last night at the rugby. Its amazing the amount of stick we got for wearing GB shirts - the Aussie can give it but can't take it though. The atmosphere was great outside the pub we were at before kick-off - there were more Brits than Aussies! And the British songs were fab. We had good seats at the game, pretty much on the try-line, although we were surrounded by Aussie because all the GB fans were spread out. Some guy in front of us was thrown out for throwing ice at this group of 4 Brits and there seemed to be a lot of scrappping in the ground. We did manage to meet Gery Hetherington and Ian Milward though!

Friday, 17 November 2006

Location: Brisbane, Australia

HAd a funny old time last night. Went to this backpacker pub for some grub and met these 2 guys from Warrington - had to do a doubl take coz one of them was the spitting image of my dad! Anyhoo, this pissed woman plonked herself down at a spare seat at our table, announing for all to hear that she is angry. With what, we were yet to find out. She kept punching Bry on the shoulder then declaring he was beautiful, before telling us that the reason she was angry was beacuse she was going to jail the next day!!! She then climbed on to the table and started gyrating and kicked glasses off the table. The manager tried to no avail to pull her down, so he called the police. 3 (!) cop cars rocked up and arrested her, but not before she pushed over a whole rack of beer glasses behind the bar! Hell fire, we attract some weirdos.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Finally arrived in Brisbane, and it will be good to be settled in one place again, even though it will be in the city. Just picked up our tickets for the rugger on Saturday! Yeah!

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Location: Hervey Bay, Australia

Had a proper thunderstorm last night! It was amazing! The rain was hammering down, fork lightning lit up the sky with real loud thunder claps. It was not like the piddly pretend-storms we have at home - it lasted for a good few hours and definately cooled the temperature down. Thank god.

Monday, 13 November 2006

Location: Hervey Bay, Australia

Arrived in Hervey Bay today - 1 day was definately enough in Bundaberg, and its so good to be by the beach again. Its pretty quite here but the beach is nice. Most people come here to do a tour to Fraser Island, which is one of the worlds largest sand-islands. Its seems a bit touristy for us and we won't have enough time to go there anyway.

Sunday, 12 November 2006

Location: Bundaberg, Australia

Arrived in Bundaberg via Greyhound today, the home of Bundaberg rum, officially the best drink in Australia. There's not really much here, except the rum factory as its pretty much a worker town. Lots of backpackers flock here to do fruit picking. Did the obligatory factory tour, which was pretty interesting, especially seeing the huge 50,000 litre vats where the rum is matured for 2 years. The smell was pretty strong though! Free sample of rums were included in the admission price - we had our money's worth! MMM!

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Location: Rockhampton, Australia

Happy 4 year anniversary to us!

Arrived in Rockhampton (Rocky to the locals) at 6.15 this morning after an 11 hour bus ride from Townsville, on which there was a woman who snored like a warthog with a cold. Good job we had ear plugs! 11 hours on a bus!! Look at the map - Townsville and Rocky are practically neighbours. Apparantly Rocky is a shit-hole but is the steak capital of Oz - can't wait to try one. We're checked into a hostel which is more like staying in an old lady's house - all frills, pink and pot pourri. Cosy though.

Thursday, 09 November 2006

Location: Townsville, Australia

Arrived in Townsville, which is about 4 hours south of Mission Beach and again travelled by bus. We were told that Townsville is basically a glorified military base where the men out number the women by 10 to 1 - eek! Only here for one night, thank god, because its so damn hot here and don't particularly fancy getting chased by men with crew cuts.

Monday, 06 November 2006

Location: Mission Beach, Australia

Our hostel is cool - its more like staying in someones house than a hostel, partly because it is a house (!) and the owners are pretty laid back. We were right about Mission Beach being quiet though. Managed to get tickets for the Great Britain v Australia Tri Nations game in Brisbane on the 18th November so watch out for us on TV! It does mean, that we're gonna have to cut our time short on the East Coast though - ah well.
Spent last night on the beach with a few drinkys, craking open coconuts and looking at the stars - ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, 05 November 2006

Location: Mission Beach, Australia

Left Cairns for Mission Beach, which is a small beach town about 2 hours south of Cairns. It was our first journey via the Greyhound bus - exciting! Don't think theres much to do in Misiion Beach so a chill-out by the sea will be cool. Oh yeah, Mission Beach is also rainforesty, and cassowarys live in the rainforest - hopefully we'll have no more close shaves with one!

Friday, 03 November 2006

Location: Cape Tribulation, Australia

Took a trip up to Cape Tribulation today - its one of the only places in the world where the rainforest meets the reef and parts of the rainforest hasn't changes since the time of the dinosaurs. Its so beautiful and peaceful up there. We stopped off at Alexandra Range lookout on the way up there (its a good few hundred metres above sea level) and the view was amazing - the rainforest really does meet the reef and the contrasting colours of the green trees, white sand and sparkling blue sea we gorgeous. We crossed the croc-infested Daintree River by ferry and later on did a river cruise and saw a massive male croc just swimming lazily down the river and a female resting in the mangroves. We also nearly died up here - theres a big, dangerous flightless bird called the Cassowary and everyone says to avoid it because if you get too close and it feels threatened by you, it will charge, jump at you and disembowel you with its sharp toenails! So anyway, we went on one of the hostels' recommended walks and what should we see but a cassowary preening itself on the beach. So we kept our distance and quietly took photos and it seemed completey non-plussed by us. But then this dickhead gang of Germans arrived shouting and squawking and started trotting up to it to take pictures. The bird then puffed itself up, lowered its head and charged at them! We were stood not so far away and backed off (they say not to run because it can out run you) and luckily there was a rubbish cart we could hide behind. The Germans were ssill stood there taking pictures even though the bird was only a few feet away, then they turned and ran towards where we were and of course the bird followed and started stalking chasing us round this bin! One of our friends got a picture of everyone hiding behind this bin. Looking back, it was scary at he time but now its funny!

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Location: Cairns, Australia

Went snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef today!! Its was amazing! Have never seen so many fish, and the closer to the reef you got the more fish you could see. They would just swim right past you head without a bye or leave - fab. We went to 2 different reefs; the fisrt one was called Michealmas Cay which also has a little island that is a bird-watchers paradise - 20,000 birds nest there and they were noisy little buggers! The second reef was called Hastings Reef and we saw 3 Nemo's and Bry spotted a turtle - he was so cute, just swimming along minding his own business. Was disappointed not to see dolphins or a reef shark though - that would have topped it all off. Haven't got many pics on here coz we bought an underwater camera, but when we get the film developed we will show you them. Really was an excellent day, and later that night after we got off the boat, we were still swaying!

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Location: Cairns, Australia

Arrived in Cairns this morning. Had a bit of a funny journey though. Had to be up at 4am to be at the airport by 6am to catch our flight to Cairns. Last night the clocks went forward 1 hour for daylight savings as its the first day of summer, so we adjusted them as per. Got to airport on time and caught our flight, but we found out on the plane that Queensland, where Cairns is, doesn't do daylight savings as the rest of Aus does, so we had to put our clocks back! Body clocks were all over the place.

Its so hot here up in far north Queensland! 29 degrees and 50% humidity at 9am this morning. Yowza! So nice to have some real sunshine at last : - )

Saturday, 28 October 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Last day in Sydney today - boo! Don't really want to leave here coz its a fab city. If we could take Circular Quay, complete with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, with us, then we would be happy. Really do not get tired of looking out over the harbour.

Friday, 27 October 2006

Location: Blue Mountains, Australia

Took a day trip out to the Blue Mountains which we were told is a must-see whilst in Sydney. It only took about 90 mins to get out there, having stopped at Sydney's Olympic Park on the way, and the scenery there is beautiful - again our pictures don't do it justice. They're set 800 metres about sea level and are called the Blue Mountains because the it is a eucalyptus rainforest and when the mountain dew evaporates, litlle droplets of eucalyptus oil are mixed with it and this creates a blue mist. It really was stunning. We went to one of the national parks in the mountain range and walked down 1000 steps to reach the bottom and when we reached the bottom, our legs were so shaky! Didn't fancy climbing the 1000 steps back to the top so took a ride on the scenic railway, which is one of the oldest working railways in the country. The track back up to the top is set at 52 degrees and it does feel like a vertical climb- very scary!

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Location: Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia

Took a trip out of the city to a place called Palm Beach where Home and Away is filmed!!! Its only about 90 mins out of the city so easy to get to. So excited coz we love H&A, and we lost it when we saw the Surf Club! The beach is lovely and quite but they must only shoot the outdoor and surf club scenes here because we couldn't see any of the houses. Boo. Didn't see any of the cast either. Double boo. Was well worth just to escape the bustle of the city.

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Went to Bondi today - the first day of sunshine we've had in Sydney so far! Heard different stories about Bondi, that the beach is overrated and full of posers and stuff but we really liked it. I imagined it the be like Muscle Beach in Miami, but its nothing like it (thank god). Its a relly chilled out beach, but you do get the posers and all the girls are skinny minnies! The rips are so strong though so you really have to be careful in the sea, but we had good fun diving around like lunatics throwing the frisbee.

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

All its done since we've been here is rain! Its not supposed to rain in Sydney!!!

Also are getting peed off with the flies over here. They're not like the big bluebottles we get at home but littler, faster and three times as annoying! No amount of swatting will get rid of them - you swat them away once and it returns, twice and it returns again, three times and it returns with a friend!! They try and get in your eyes, ears and mouth and up your nose. They made us thoroughly miserable today.

Monday, 16 October 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Were up and out of the hostel early today to be typical tourist and take piccies of the Harbour Bridge from beside the Opera House - the pics don't look very good because the weather was gloomy and drissly. Can't believe how big it is!

Had a wander to Darling Harbour then a spot of lunch in Chinatown - yum!

Sunday, 15 October 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Arrived in Sydney today. Saw a glimpse of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge on the way to the hostel - got v exctied!!

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Decided to have an easy day for our last day in Melbourne, so we had a stroll to Feberation Square which is chok-a-blok with art galleries, arty stuff and street performers. We were watching this English guy performing tricks and stuff when he decided he wanted audience members to join in. You guessed it, he picked Bry! And guess what he had to do? Dance around like a loon to 70s cheesy music complete with black afro. Gutted coz our digital camera ran out of battery but fear not, have got it all on video camera!

Friday, 13 October 2006

Location: Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Australia

Friday 13th - da da daaaaaaaaaaah!

Went on a tour to the Great Ocean Road - its one of the most scenic drives in the world and a must-do whilst in Oz. It links Adelaide to Melbourne, although most of the good stuff is nearer Melbourne. The scenery is specatular and our pics just don't do it justice. On one side of the road looks out over the cliffs into the Southern Ocean and rainforest and bush is on the other side.

We saw the 12 Apostles, the rock stars of the GOR - even though thay are just rocks in the ocean, they are stunning. We also went to a cove called 'Shipwreck Cove' because so many ships carrying British immigrants crashed there back in the day. Was creepy to check out the cemetary for the bodies they managed to recover.

We also managed to see the elusive echidna just minding his own business digging for ants - it was so cute! We love them - were so chuffed when we saw it. Also saw an abundence of koalas, kangaroos and handfed (or I should say were swarmed by) the gorgeous rosella birds - colourful parrot type creatures.

If anybody can remember the kids programme 'Round the Twist' shown on BBC1, we went to the lighthouse where the family lived and had our pic taken - sad I know! Also went to the beach where some of the film 'Point Break' with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze was shot. The sunset over the beach and bush was amazing.

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bloody hot today! 33 degrees by noon - and of all the days to hire a bicycle, we chose today. Was like a tomato after 20 mins! We cycled along the river Yarra (the river that flows through Melbourne) which was nice but not the prettiest cycling route in the world.

Melbourne must be the exercise capital of Australia - have never seen so many cyclists, joggers and powerwalkers along one route! Am sure some of them do this kinda stuff in there lunch hour as the ladies had dresses/trouser suits and trainers on! Crazy and distrubing. Can think of better things to do in my lunch hour.

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Went to the old Melbourne Gaol today - the place where Ned Kelly was hanged. Was really interesting and definately creepy. The gaol has long been closed down and is now open to the public and you are invited to walk through the gaol, enter some of the cells and read about he stories of some of the prisoners, including Ned Kelly He was a scallywag! Some of the prisoners death-masks were displayed in there cells, which was very weird. The cells are tiny stone rooms and absolutely freezing - if you stood in the middle of the cell are spread your arms you could touch both walls. Theres none of this namby-pamby stuff that lags get in England!! Was surprised that women were sent here too.

Really enjoyed it, and at $6, a bargain!

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From Simone
herrooo! = ) back home? how was your flight? i hope the weather isn't too bad in GB..!? i'm looking forward to hear from you..maybe you can send me some pics from thailand?! would be great! well...enjoy your family, friends, dog...and everything = ) XXX simone
From Alan Smith
Hello Claire and Bryan its been really lovely looking at your website, also claire i am very sorry that i never came back to leeds but i had to carry on playing for scum they pay very good money. Have a safe trip back
Love Smudger x
From Simone
Herrrooooooooo my crazy Halloween-Party Mates...! haha... Great website and awesome pics...though you've got no pic of me...! ; ) nah... it's alright...hope you enjoy your last days... can't wait to hear some stories of thailand! = ) take care...and don't let the bed bugs bite you! ; ) your austrian friend simone
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Hi Claire & Bry,

Long time no speak, I'm not sure if you'll even get this, ur probably home by now, u look like you are having a brill time, I am sooooooo jealous, anyway keep the photos coming if you are still out there and if your home keep in touch.

Love Sarah
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hi you 2 luks like u avin time of yor lives ope you both ok elle went to see santa ahhhhh we all send r luv and enjoy the book.
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Looks amazing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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hey guys,
love the pictures, your right pink is definately bryans colour.
love the camper van.
see ya soon
love lou
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hi guys how are you both photos are great, cant wait to see you both. will get xmas tree up for when you get home, wont be long now everthing ok here. see you soon love mumxxxxxxxxxxx
From Little Sis
That van haha mmm vintage! Sounds like your havin a goood time! Bet that woman was a sight an all waaaay! Cant wait to see ya
Love Boff x=x=x
From trig
alright guys, hows it going? i am jealous looking at the pictures on this page, everything looks amazing. you havent got arrested yet then ginge! ! ! i am starting to save now to go over next year. did you get in touch with ricky? i gave him your number. what date are you back? come on the poms in the cricket.. . . lets kick some aussie ass!. see you soon, trig
From mum x
lovely to speak to you yesterday - glad you enjoying it & keeping in touch. hope you ok with your sharrabang tourer!! lol
From mum & dad
belated happy anniversary to you both - glad you still enjoying yourselves - enjoy rugby match - lots of love xx
From Andy Matjaszek
Hi guys, just thought i would check in with you both. How has Aus been? from your logs it sounds like you have ha d a quality time, can't wait to see your pictures, have you seen any of those abbo's. You need to stay away from them Bry You'll get in trouble!!! Dicko and his missus are not out there so you need to give him a call. Hope your both ok and that you wicked time continues, take care love JEW
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hi guys thought i would write a qiuck note, been busy at work shop looks great we open on sat cant wait,been looking over photos very nice hope you are both well .where are you going next, well have to go now looking forward to hearing from you all our love xxxxxxxxxxx
From beck
Hello Bry and Claire,

Well I am so jealous!!! The pics are absolutely amazing, looks like you're having a fantastic time, why come back for christmas!!! I wouldn't!
U met the neighbours cool is that! Dr Karl looking very old though!

well keep having fun and i'll check back soon.

Beck, xxx
p.s liked the pic of bry the sea monster!
From Grandma Brenda
I bet this has suprised you. Keep intouch with your photos they're FAB.
Been told by your Dad your visiting a well known Stadium to see the Rugby.
Guess who's 'Green' with envy.
Take care of yourselves, love you lots. See you at Xmas / New year.
From Mauds
Trust you two to get chased by a bird! Silly buggers. lol xx
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all here lookin at photos prince has scratched the doors to pieces cause of fireworks,tigger still beautiful tim still losin weight,dad still drinkin beer,im still drinkin wine and mum is still short.tasha in blackpool with fella see you soonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From mum dad
hi bry and claire hope you are well,just been looking at your web site photos look great. we are all fine here having nice break has shop still closed ha ha daniel cant wait to see you both, he likes your bed. well have to go now love you lots see you soon x
From mum dad
just been looking on internet photos look great cant wait to see you both glad you are enjoying yourselves daniel has grown you will see a differance in him he loves your still not open having nice rest got to go now catch you later all our love bye x
From lou
gooday dingos,
love photos,ya better be back at xmas!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxx
From From Auntie Baggy
Hi big niecy 'n' bry
keep posting the piccies to the site it always makes the last hour of the workind day go by now the clocks have gone bak & its dark at 4!!!
From Auntie Judith and Un
Hiya claire and brian, lovely to read your diary hope your both well and having a wonderful time, pictures look gorgeous very jealous!! :) Danny's just on his way to one of your favourite past haunts (Elland Road) goin to see how rubbish they are by the way in case you dont know already chelsea scum are in charge now in the form of Dennis Wise!!!!!!! lots of love from us all take care xxxxx
From mum x
just thinking about you both & wondering where you are now - said you were going to cairns next - shark spotting on the coast maybe! - you both in the right place at the moment as weather turning here now - lots 'o' love xx
From Myers
Hey Guys!

Mauds gave me your web address, it's nice to read and see what you've been up to and it sounds like you're having an awesome time.

I'm well chuffed that you went to meet the neighbours cast. Amazing!

But for two folk visiting oz there’s a distinct lack of Rugby mentioned in your diary. Mental! hehe....

Anyhow you take care & carry on having the time of your lives.

Love Kate. xxx